Mrs Harrison Ch. 05


“Come on in Jenny, I’m Ruth, Suzie’s mother.” Ruth smiled as she held the door open for Jenny. She looked on as Jenny turned and waved to the person in the car that had dropped her off. Ruth waved as well as Jenny turned back and walked into the house. Ruth closed the door behind her and looked at Jenny as the young woman was looking around her house. “I take it that was your mother Jenny?”

“Yes Mrs. Talbert, that was my mother.” Jenny said, feeling slightly nervous and wondering where Suzie was. She looked over at her friend’s mother and thought that she and her own mother could probably both share the same clothes, both being about the same height and dimensions though Jenny thought maybe Suzie’s mother was slightly heavier…with accompanying larger breasts.

‘Ah Jenny, call me Ruth…I feel like an old woman if you call me Mrs., Suzie will be down in a second, I had her clean her room up. She may not mind the place being messy, but I didn’t want you having to sleep in there with her dirty clothes and such all over the room.” Ruth told her with a smile as she walked past her and stepped down into the living room. “Come in, have a seat. Want anything to drink?” Ruth offered as she noticed Jenny looking lost.

“Um yeah, ok.” Jenny said as she took a seat on the edge of the sofa. Ruth chuckled.

“Relax sweetie, I’m not gonna bite ya.” Ruth smiled heavily as she went into the kitchen and quickly returned with a glass and handed it to Jenny. “Soda ok?”

“That’s fine Mrs…uhh…Ruth.” Jenny said as she took the drink from the older woman. Ruth laughed in a friendly way.

“Let me see if she’s almost done.” Ruth stated as she started walking toward the stairs to her daughter’s room. Ruth ascended the stairs and knocked on her daughter’s door and waited for her to open it. She fought to do nothing more then smile as she looked at her daughter. “Jenny is here and I’m sorry…but I think I’m scaring her witless honey.” Ruth said as her daughter smiled at her mother’s statement. Suzie left her room and followed her mother back down stairs.

“She’s just kinda shy mom and lets admit it…you are a bit scary.” Suzie said teasingly to her mother, causing Ruth to laugh openly as they stepped into the living room. They both looked at Jenny and saw she had caught some of the conversation. “Hey Jenny, was my mom being a butt?” Suzie asked her friend jokingly. Ruth playfully smacked her daughter on the ass as she walked by her and took a seat on the sofa near Jenny.

“See what I get for raising a smartass child Jenny.” Ruth said as she looked at Jenny.

“And I get it from where mom?” Suzie replied with raised eyebrow as she looked at her mother and friend. Jenny saw they were both playing and she chuckled softly, her face slightly flushed.

“Ok Suzie we’ve embarrassed her enough. Jenny, have you already eaten, or are you hungry?” Ruth asked as she got up from the couch, ready to fix her daughters friend supper if need be, but Jenny shook her head.

“No…Ruth, I ate before I left.” Jenny said as she looked up at her.

“Well I was waiting on my sorry husband Gerald to get home before fixing supper; he is working late tonight so me and Suzie haven’t eaten yet. But…I think I’m gonna call him and tell him to pick up something before he gets home.” Ruth said and walked over to a table and picked up a phone and began to dial just as her husband opened the door. “Well talk about piss poor timing…”

“Ok…So what did I do this time?” Gerald said as he closed the door behind him. Jenny saw he was very tall, though much skinnier then his wife. He took off his jacket and hung it up next to the door.

“Aw nothing sugar, you’re just in time to go back out and get supper…maybe get a little something to relax us girls as well.” Ruth told her husband as she smirked at her husband.

“Relax…as in a bottle for us and…?” Gerald said in way of question as he looked at his daughter and the unknown girl sitting on the couch. Ruth grinned at him.

“Jenny this is my husband Gerald. Jenny, is your mother strict?” Ruth asked Jenny, taking her by surprise and she gave the older woman a dumbfounded look.

“Ya mom, Mrs. Harrison is strict.” Suzie stated as she looked at her mother then to her friend. Jenny shrugged at her friend, still not understanding what was being asked really.

“Jenny have you ever had alcohol?” Ruth asked looking at her daughter’s friend. Jenny finally understand.

“A few times Ruth, at holidays, but usually only a glass of wine. Last New years I had a few glasses…though mommy only gave me one, I…I snuck the rest.” Jenny stated, feeling slightly embarrassed by the admission. Ruth looked at her smiling, an impish look in her eyes as she glanced at her daughter.

“Your mommy? Jenny, I was going to get Suzie a pack or two of wine coolers for tonight, I thought you two could share…unless you wanted your own?” Ruth said and Jenny wasn’t really sure if she was asking her or what. “Only as long as it’s our secret and you don’t tell your parents, ok?”

“No halkalı otele gelen escort I can share, though I’ve never really had wine coolers. I take it they taste like wine?” Jenny asked, feeling a bit rustic.

“Don’t worry, you’ll like it. Mom gets me some at times.” Suzie told her as she sat down next to her friend.

“Not too often, but me and your father wanted to watch a movie tonight so after you eat you girls can hang out upstairs ok.” Ruth stated as she looked at her daughter, causing Suzie to grin to at her friend.

“They like to watch movies on the big screen we have down here…” Suzie told her friend, a smirk on her lips. A soft clearing of her mother’s throat stopped her from saying more. “And they like privacy when they do.” Suzie finished and she grinned even more when her friend gave her a puzzled look.

“Ah I forgot its movie night.” Gerald said as he looked at his wife.

“Shouldn’t you be getting some food and spirits?” Ruth stated to her husband playfully.

“Only if I get a kiss first.” Gerald said as he walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her off her feet, kissing her. After a few seconds he moved his hands and gripped her ass, squeezing her cheeks.

“Get outta here you perv…doing that in front of guests” Ruth chuckled as she pushed her husband away and toward the door. He laughed as he left the house. Suzie reached over and tapped on Jenny’s arm.

“Wanna go hang out in my room till the delivery boy gets back with the booze?” Suzie asked her with a smirk.

“Yeah sure” Jenny replied as she took Suzie’s hand helping her up, and followed her to the stairs.

“Mom, just give a yell up when dad gets back, ok?” Suzie asked as she looked at her mother as she walked past her.

“Yeah sure, anything for my princess.” Ruth replied with a sarcastic smile as she walked into the kitchen. Both of the girl continued to Suzie’s room as they heard her mother tinkering around the kitchen. Suzie closed the door after they both entered.

“Well those are my parents.” Suzie said as she smiled and rolled her eyes at her friend. Jenny giggled slightly as she looked at Suzie and took a seat on the end of Suzie’s bed.

“I liked them; they were nice…least what I saw of them. Mine can be more strict…well usually.” Jenny amended as she spoke, thinking of the past two days.

“Yeah your mom sure can be, she’s a real hard case.” Suzie said, thinking of the other day and other times since that year had started. “Do you wonder if your mom has it out for you?” She asked playfully as she sat down close to her friend. Jenny chuckled, but shook her head.

“I would have said yes but for recently.” Jenny replied with a grin as she looked at Suzie.

“Why, what changed?” Suzie asked as she stared at her. Jenny hesitated as she pointedly remembered that she wasn’t supposed to talk about…things.

“Umm…nothing. We just talked about it… at home.” Jenny offered up lamely to her friend and shrugged. Suzie nodded, figuring Jenny didn’t want to talk about her mom ragging on her at school so thought to change the subject.

“Well, we shouldn’t be disturbed later…after we eat, mom and dad are gonna be watching their movies and shouldn’t hear, well…any noises that we might want to make, like they would if they were in their room.” Suzie said, a wicked grin on her face, causing Jenny to blush and giggle.

“Like what kind of noises?” Jenny asked, an innocent look on her face, trying not to laugh.

“Nothing much, just us making out.” Suzie said with a shrug, and then started chuckling softly as she leaned nearer her friend. She could she Jenny starting to breath much harder now.

“Making out? I’m shocked!” Jenny gasped out, a smile covering her lips as she leaned back as Suzie drew closer.

“You should be…” Was all Suzie said as her body jumped the rest of the gap between them, her lips meeting Jenny’s as they both lay back on Suzie’s bed. Jenny wrapped her arms around the girl on top of her, moaning as she felt Suzie’s tongue invading her mouth. Her tongue danced with Suzie’s and Jenny felt a hand as it started to massage one of her breasts. Jenny clenched her arms tighter around Suzie, lightly scratching her fingers across the others back. Suzie broke the kiss, panting as she looked down at her. “I’m not rushing you am I?” Suzie panted softly as she looked between them.

“No, I’m fine with it, I’m not nervous like I was the last time we talked about it.” Jenny replied and lowered her hands on Suzie, gripping her friends ass to illustrate the point. Suzie smiled back at her.

“Good.” Suzie moaned out as she instantly lowered her lips and again continued what she has stopped. Jenny continued to squeeze the black girl’s ass as she felt a hand at her jeans that unbuttoned them and then forcing the zipper apart as the hand slid inside the garment. Jenny gave a guttural moan as she felt her friends hand as it slid down into her pubic hair and kept slowly going deeper halkalı rus escort into her jeans.

“Shit, just take them off!” Jenny whispered urgently as she broke the kiss briefly. Suzie grinned and nodded and sat up as she used both hands to lower Jenny’s pants as Jenny lifted her butt off the bed. Jenny took that opportunity to lower her panties herself, causing Suzie to chuckle. Suzie started to move down to take the pants off or remove Jenny’s shoes, but Jenny leaned up and grabbed her friend, pulling her back down. “Screw it, just leave them on!” She panted out softly to her friend.

“Ok.” Was all Suzie could say before she felt Jenny bring their lips together again. Suzie moved her hand up and cupped the top of Jenny’s mound, covering her public hair, causing Jenny to moan as she pushed her hips toward the hand. Jenny then pushed Suzie away, causing Suzie to give her a confused look. Jenny flashed a wicked smile as she took her hand and placed it on the back of her friends head, pushing down. Suzie flashed back a wicked smile in return as she picked up on the idea. Jenny placed her shoes on the bed and spread her knees wider, fully exposing herself to Suzie. Suzie kissed her head down Jenny’s body, slowing at the bottom of Jenny’s tummy, flicking her tongue over her friend’s pubic hair, eliciting a laugh from Jenny.

“Don’t be a tease, just get there already.” Jenny groaned out, bouncing her knees softly back and forth, opening herself even further. Suzie chuckled.

“Impatient little minks aren’t you.” Suzie muttered softly as she moved her head down further. “Damn…you are soaked!” She exclaimed as she saw her friend’s hair matted with moisture. Suzie breathed in. “MMM…smells good.” Suzie announced playfully, then lowered her mouth to Jenny’s wet slit and began to ever softly tongue it. Jenny moaned even more as she lowered her hands and softly gripped Suzie’s hair, intertwining her fingers amongst her friends black curls. Suzie took it as a sign she liked it a lot and began tonguing her pussy harder, pressing her tongue between the lips folds.

“Oh my god Suzie!” Jenny hissed out as she felt her clit and pussy beginning to throb with the licking. She started to grate her hips into her friends mouth, her whole body responding to the stimulation. She felt Suzie’s hand as she brushed the inside of her thigh and felt two of her friend’s fingers as she brought them to the entrance to her slit. Jenny moaned more as she felt them enter her, but as they reached a few inches in a sharp pain shot through her abdomen. “AHHHHHHH!” Jenny cried out as her body shot forward away from Suzie’s fingers and tongue.

“Oh my God…what happened?” Suzie asked quickly, wondering what she had done to hurt her friend. Jenny looked a bit stunned for a second the sighed.

“I must still be sore from…” Jenny started to explain then became quiet, remembering she wasn’t supposed to talk about the past two days. She froze up in hesitation, thinking of what to tell Suzie as her friend looked at her expectantly.

“Sore from what…why are you sore? Wait…I didn’t feel your hymen, I thought you said you still had it.” Suzie asked Jenny and when Jenny hesitated even more and just stared at her, Suzie knew something was up. “You had sex recently! Oh my God who did you fuck?” Suzie asked excitedly, though Jenny could see a smile on Suzie’s face, Jenny wasn’t happy she had found out, and it showed on Jenny’s face. “I’m not mad you finally got some dick, I can tell you I’ve liked it the times I’ve done it. Why are you almost crying…JENNY! Did you get raped or something?” Suzie asked in growing concern as her friend continued her silence and sullen look. At that question Jenny shook her head vigorously.

“No, no, no…I didn’t get raped…it’s just…” Jenny started to say, and then stopped, still unsure of what to tell her. Suzie looked at her in total confusion.

“Then what? If you weren’t raped, did you have sex?” Suzie asked quietly now, still concerned, but know easily that her friend was hiding something important. Jenny looked to be about to answer when the door knocked and they could hear Suzie’s mother.

“Hey guys, the food and booze are here. Suzie come on down and eat.” Ruth announced, and then they could hear for a second as she walked back down the hall. Suzie looked back at her friend as they had both looked back at the door at the knock. She could see her friend was unsure still…about what Suzie still had no idea, though she still wondered if she hadn’t been raped or something.

“Jenny, are you gonna tell me…?” Suzie asked, almost half pleading, wanting to know half from curiosity and half from concern about what happened to her friend…now lover. Jenny saw the concern, among other things in her friends face and voice and nodded at her.

“I’ll tell you, but later. It’s…complicated and it’s going to take awhile. Ok…I’ll tell you after we get back up here, I can’t let your parents hear what I tell you. You have to promise…PROMISE to keep it a secret.” halkalı türbanlı escort Jenny told her friend, a stern and serious look on her face. Suzie felt a bit stunned, wondering what secret her friend had.

“I promise, I won’t tell them or anyone.” Suzie said still baffled and wondering unbearably what Jenny had to tell her. Suzie pulled Jenny up and they both hugged, with Suzie still thinking something horrible might have happened to Jenny and Jenny just sighed thinking she had a little more time to figure out what to tell her friend. They kissed softly as they separated and looked at each other for a second. “Come on, before mom comes back up wondering why were taking so long.” Suzie said softly as they both got off the bed, pulling up and straightening their clothes before Suzie unlocked the door and they both started out of her room. Jenny gave Suzie a hesitate look at the top of the stairs and Suzie took and squeezed her hand. “I promised…I won’t tell anyone.” Suzie replied to what she took as Jenny’s look. Jenny just gave her a big smile, which was in fact her main worry…what she had to say later.

“Ok guys, the food is here in the kitchen. Jenny I wasn’t sure what you liked and I knew you had done eaten but I had Gerald get fish and chicken as well as rolls and coleslaw, so take your pick if you’re hungry. Suzie, you know the drill…oh girls…the booze is in the fridge if you want some to go with your food.” Ruth said in a hurry, a smile on her face as she walked past them, her plate fixed and she was on her way to sit at the table.

Suzie helped get plates and utensils from the various cabinets and when Jenny only grabbed a tiny amount of food, Suzie called her back then started to pile food onto her plate. Jenny pulled her plate back when she saw her friend meant to keep loading her plate, faking mock indignation at her friend’s action.

“You trying to fatten me up like a Christmas turkey?” Jenny teased as she stood by and watched Suzie pile onto her own plate. Suzie flashed her a grin.

“Turkey? Well I might be eating you later if that was an offer.” Suzie said with a giggle. Jenny laughed at her friend and blushed. Suzie opened the fridge and grabbed two of the wine coolers for them both, and Jenny followed her into the dining room where Ruth and Gerald were already seated and starting to eat. Suzie placed her plate next to her mothers and Jenny sat the other side of Suzie. Both sat down and Suzie opened one drink and handed it to Jenny, and after tasting it Jenny smiled, thinking it tasted better then normal wine.

“Yummy, thank you Ruth, Gerald for getting the coolers for us?” Jenny said as she looked up. Suzie chuckled slightly and her parents smiled.

“Your welcome Jenny…we usually don’t get thanked too much by our offspring here when we do special things for her.” Ruth said teasingly as she looked at her daughter. Suzie rolled her eyes at her mother.

“Right mom.” Suzie said sarcastically, but with a slight grin on her lips. Ruth laughed and leaned over and kissed her daughter on the head atop her hair, then stopped as she sniffed the air. She sat back up and was fighting down a huge smile.

“Make sure Suzie you don’t eat too much tonight, I think you’ve already had a fair portion of fish already.” Ruth said with a wicked grin on her face as she looked from her daughter to Jenny. Jenny saw Suzie almost choke on the food in her mouth and it took a full second before she understood the joke, but as both Ruth and her husband glanced at her, both grinning, the intent of the statement hit her. Jenny quickly found that that her face had grown quite flushed and she just looked down at the table, aghast.

“Oh my God Mom! I can’t believe you said that!” Suzie cried out as her face as well burned with embarrassment. Her mother smiled still as she looked at her.

“Oh come on Suzie…it wouldn’t be the first time we have heard the walls shake after you brought a boy home…you’re not exactly quiet you know.” Ruth said as she looked at her fuming daughter then at the mortified Jenny. She sighed as she frowned slightly then.

“Ruth…” Was all Gerald said looking at his wife, not wanting to say much for fear of making a fire into a conflagration.

“Ok…Suzie, Jenny…I apologize. Whatever you two do while alone isn’t my…our, business. Sweetie I’m sorry.” Ruth said as she looked at her daughter, her voice questioning. Suzie just shook her head and rolled her eyes, but bit back any remarks as she didn’t want to ruin Jenny’s stay that night.

“Mom, that was very rude.” Suzie said, trying to act more of an adult…least more then her mother seemed to at times. Ruth lifted her eyebrows at her daughter.

“Yes it was and I said I was sorry, so let’s just leave it at that…ok?” Ruth asked her daughter, though the words were said in a very final tone that told her daughter to drop it.

“Fine.” Was all Suzie said as she forced herself to start eating again, she glanced at Jenny, who had again finally looked up from her plate and for a second their eyes meet and Suzie shook her head slightly and again rolled her eyes. Jenny thought she understood the meaning. Jenny sighed softly as she picked through her food not really eating much, all the while listening to the others eating, though she made sure to down her wine cooler. No one said much until Ruth finished hers and got up stretching, then grabbing her plate.

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