Mrs. Smith {Part IV}


Mrs. Smith {Part IV}Mackenzie:I spanked him until my hand hurt and then I told him to get up, figuring I had taught him a lesson. But when he stood up and I saw him totally erect, I couldn’t believe my eyes.”Oh my god” I said disgustedly, “You enjoyed that? What’s wrong with you. I’m more than twice your age””I’m sorry. I know its not right but I think you’re beautiful””That settles it. I can’t live my life worrying if my shades are down, to be afraid to even hang my laundry outside. I’m going to have to tell your mom what you’ve done and maybe shell get you some help. I can’t live next door to a pervert”I got my cell phone and despite his pleading I scanned down to her name in my contact list and went to hit call.”Please don’t call her” He begged. ” I’ll do anything”“It’s too late for that. She has to know how perverted you are.”Suddenly he grabbed my hand.”Fine, call her. But if you do, everybody will know how perverted you are also””Me? What kind of lies do you think you could make up about me that people would believe?””It won’t be lies. I’ll tell all my friends what you did with your boyfriend last night”Shocked, I said, “How do you know about that?””Cause I saw you. Not only that but I recorded it.” “You little bastard. You go erase that right now “No way, if I do then there’s nothing to stop you from telling my mom. Let’s just call a truce””A truce? You saw me naked””Yeah, and you saw me naked””Big deal, what’s worse, you saw me masturbate””And you saw me. The way I see it, you’re one up cause you spanked me””Which you obviously enjoyed. What do you expect me to do, let you spank me?””That would be fun, but I’ll settle for seeing what you have on under that robe””I don’t have anything on under this.””That’s what I figured. Open it and well be even”He had me at his mercy for the moment. Until I could get that erased I had no choice. Besides, he’d already seen me naked on the computer. I slowly undid the robes sash and let it fall open. His eyes widened and kept switching from my tits to my mound””You’re beautiful” he said.”Nonsense, I’m old” I said, closing the robe””Not to me”Suddenly the bell rang and Sally called out that it was her. He quickly got dressed and I let her in.”Hi, ” she said, ” figured since Ponte was here helping you with your computer I’d have coffee with you”I looked over at Ponte and mouthed, “Fine, truce”He smiled and mouthed back, “For now”Ponte:Christ, mom sure did know how to fucking ruin something.“Let me go get dressed, you know where the coffee pot is Sally.” Ms. Smiths said as she scooted up stairs to change while mom went in the kitchen to make the coffee.“Pokey honey come in and sit down” mom called from the kitchen. I did not know how to tell her that I could not ‘sit down’ cause my ass was on fire from the spanking that I got from Mackenzie just before she came in.“Sure” I said walking in trying to think of someway to get rid of mom so we could get back to what we were doing before she had to stick her damn nose in this. As I settled into the chair I tried not to grimace as my ass touched the chair. It was a dull pain, but it was still there. Finally, Mackenzie came down. The pain in my ass was starting to die down, but seeing her in a skirt and top made the dullness creep up from my ass to my cock. I was getting hard just thinking about her. GOD DAMNIT, right in front of my mom this is not fucking cool. I scooted up under the table.“Mack” my mom started. “You look great. I’ve always wanted to know your secret to keeping so young.”By now the coffee was done brewing and Ms. Smith turned to me and said “Ponte honey get your mother and me some coffee”.Thankfully, I was under the table so I could pull my erection up and trap it in the waist band of my shorts. I got up and went over the coffee pot and poured up 3 cups and half walked half scooted back to the table and set them down. Settling into my chair the pain in my ass came alive again and I had to squirm a little make sure that I found the spot where it would not hurt.They take about a lot of bs before mom finally said why she was here. “Mack, I need to ask you a favor”“Sure, what is it?”“I got an opportunity to do some research and teach a second summer term course out of state, could you watch Pokey while I’m gone?”“Christ, mom, I’m 18 I can take care of myself” I shot out quickly.“Pokey, what has gotten into you? I know you can, I would just feel better if someone would watch over you.”“I would be honored to take care of him.” Ms. Smith replied.“Fine, it is settled then. I’ll let you two get back to fixing her computer.” Mom said as she got up and kissed me on the cheek and headed toward the door. “I’ll get a taxi to the airport in a few hours, I’ll be back in 3 months, be a good boy.”Ms. Smith got up and walked my mom to the door. They were talking, I’m not sure what about, but I knew it could not be about what I had on her and what she had on me.Mackenzie came back shortly smiling. “You do need to be watched you little pervert. Get your perverted ass upstairs right now.”Mackenzie:”All right pervert” I said, “as soon as your mom leaves for her trip, we are going to your house and erase what you taped me doing””No way, then there will be nothing to stop you from telling my mom””I can also make your life hell for the next 3 months. Now are you going to erase it or am I going to have to spank bahis siteleri you again?”He seemed to think it over and then said, “Let’s compromise. I’ll be willing to erase it little by little. I can erase the ending where you cry out and orgasm all over your hand, but only if you do something for me””Like what?””I’m still hard from the spanking. Masturbate me and in turn I’ll erase the ending””You want me to jerk you off?” I said shocked”Yeah, what’s the big deal?”In fact it wasn’t a big deal. I’d lost count of the number of men in my life I’d jerked off. I’d done a lot worse with men I didn’t even like if it got me what I wanted. But if I made like it was a big deal, it would keep him happy. I needed that tape erased, especially the ending. If anyone saw it I’d be mortified.”Okay you bastard. I’ll do it but you better keep your word afterwards””I promise””Okay, get those pants off.” I went and got some tissues and by the time I got back he was sitting on the edge of the bed bottomless, his young dick sticking straight out.I sat down beside him and he lay back. I took his erection in my hand. My hands were dry so I worked up some saliva and spit on the head of his dick, rubbing it on his shaft. I felt his dick twitching so I knew he never had anyone do that before and I knew this would be a quick hand job. I spit on him again and sure enough, after about a minute he was telling me to get the tissue ready. Stroking his now glistening dick, I watched as he emptied into the tissue. He seemed embarrassed that he came so fast.”I guess you haven’t been with many girls” I said”Sure I have, dozens in fact””No, you haven’t but that’s okay. In fact that explains why you’re so hung up on me. Believe me, once you start having sex regularly with girls your own age, you’ll find I’m nothing special. Now get dressed and let’s go erase that part of the tape and then you can get clothes to bring to my house.”We went and he ran the video of me. I was mortified, knowing that if anyone saw it I’d be a laughing stock. I tried to get him to erase the whole thing but he only would do the end, which at least was the most embarrassing part.He went to pack his clothes and I heard him on his cell phone to one of his buddies.”Don’t worry, I can definitely sneak out. My bedrooms not even close to hers. We can get some beers and go to the park”Not letting him know I was on to his plan we went back to my place. After dinner I went and changed into respectable pajamas, even leaving my bra on underneath since I now had a pervert in the house.We watched a movie and then faked being sleepy and said he was going to bed.”Yeah, I guess I’ll turn in too.” I followed him up the stairs but when he went to go into his room I grabbed his arm.”Nice try, but I’m onto your plan. You’re sleeping in my bed where I can keep an eye on you”He put up a mild protest but knew he had no choice. He lay on his side of the bed and I waited till he fell asleep before I allowed myself to sleep.Sometime during the night I woke up to the feeling of his fingers slipping beneath the waistband of my panties. I couldn’t believe it. I decided to keep making believe I was asleep until he touched me down there and then I’d wake up and catch him. That way I’d have one more thing to hold over his head and I could get more of the tape erased.But as his fingers glided over my patch of pubic hair, I thought what would be the harm if I made like I was asleep just a bit longer. Not that I’d let him get too far but it had been a while since I was touched down there and the anticipation was making me moist. He fumbles around a bit but finally found my clit, rubbing it and feeling it harden under his touch.I was a bit disappointed when he pulled his hand away but then I felt him slipping my pjs and panties down off my hips. I could feel his breath on me and I knew he was studying my pussy. I almost laughed when I heard him sniffing, trying to take in my scent but then I almost jumped when his tongue gave me a quick lick. He pulled my panties back up much to my disappointment but then he slid his hand back under them. I spread my legs a bit to give him better access and when I felt him cup my mound I grew wetter still. Tentatively he slipped a finger inside me, my walls quickly surrounding his finger. He slowly began fingering me, the slow pace feeling erotic. I knew I should stop him now but I was too far gone. He picked up the pace a bit and I felt my orgasm building. I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning when I came, drenching his fingers.He took his hand out and lay back down. Through squinted eyes I smiled as I watched him sniffing his fingers. He gave it a tentative lick but obviously liked the taste for he then began sucking his finger.I closed my eyes and went back to sleep, having the best sleep I’d had in weeks.Ponte:When I woke up the next morning I gave my fingers a sniff. Her aroma was still on them and my cock got hard again. I rolled over to see if she was there, but she had already gotten up and was downstairs.“Morning, pervert, I called in sick just to keep an eye on you today”.“What”“Don’t what me. If you can get into my computer, who knows what else you could do while I was away at work”.“Look, it was just that one thing”“Sure, it was”“And besides we took care of that. You know the deal and all.”“Oh yeah, your deal the deal canlı bahis where you got jerked off and all I got was a sticky hand and some of my dignity back.”I wanted to tell her that I also got a sticky hand, well fingers, but that might not be the best course of action at this moment.“Well, we could always grant you more of your dignity back.”“You could also learn better negotiating tactics, pervert.” She shot back. “I’m not going to keep jerking off some k** just so he can brag about it to his friends.”“I’m not bragging about it.”“You should be with girls your own age.”“I don’t want to be with them. I want to be with you.”‘Be honest now, how many have you actually slept with.”“I said dozens didn’t I”“And you’re a shitty liar”“OK, don’t laugh, but I have only been with one.”“ONE” she bust out laughing, well giggling. “That explains a lot, look I’m not just going to jack you off, but I do need that WHOLE video you made gone. If you are not going to do it out of the goodness of your own heart, I’ll have to work with you on this. Now, go up stairs and wait for me.”I’m not going to lie the laugh stung a little bit, but what was I to do. My mom sheltered me so much. She wanted me to be just like her and in some form or fashion dad. They both were straight A students in high school and got 1600’s on their SAT’s. She wanted me to be prof like her and dad, and to go to the best schools.My only experience was with Joan in AP English. She had no business being in there, but her dad pulled some strings (gave a lot of money to the school) and she was in there. Dumb as a brick but she needed the grade. I agreed to do all of her homework and as a reward for the A I got her she jerked me off. I could not in my right mind tell Ms. Smith that I’ve never actually slept with a woman or a girl.I had watched enough porn to kind of guess what you do, but other than that I was lost. I went back upstairs and sat on the bed waiting for her. She finally came up dressed the same as she was down stairs.“For 2 minutes of deletion I’m going to teach you something. So, go on delete the next two minutes of your fifthly little video.”Not knowing what she might have in store for me I went to my laptop and pulled up the video. I got to the end as she stood over my shoulder watching me select exactly 120 seconds of video and deleted it. Sending the ones and zeros that used to be her massaging her breasts into the nether world.“Good boy” she said. Now get over on the bed.I got on the bed and she came over next to me. “I want you to touch me and please me” she said.“I’m not sure I follow.”She took my hand and placed it on her thigh. I got the hint and went straight to her mound. She gave my hand a slap.“Don’t be so goddamn quick.” She said as she took my hand and placed her back on her thigh. “It might be better if you got down on the floor” she said laying back.I did as she asked and started to just trace my fingers up and down her thighs and calfs. I would lightly brush by her pussy but did not want to get another slap. Every time I would brush by it her hips would move against it. I guess that meant I was doing a good job. On the last pass by her pussy she moaned slightly. I took that as an invitation to stay a little longer there. I rubbed her through her pajama bottoms feeling a wet spot.“You feel that, that means you are doing a good job”. She said half in gasps and moans. “Take my bottoms off now”.That did not take me long to ‘follow’. I reached up and got hold of her waist band and pulled her pajama bottoms and panties off in one motion. There was her pussy in full view of me. Better than last night. I could actually see what I was doing and what it looked like, and it looked wonderful.I slowly reached out and touched her again. She jerked a little so I pulled my fingers back. “No, no, you’re doing good.” She said in encouraging words. So I reached back out and touched her again. Her hips moved up and then down. I could not only feel her wetness but also see it. I cautiously slid a finger in.I could feel her pussy walls grabbing on to my finger as the wetness increased. She reached down and grabbed my hand and said. “I want to show you something”. She guided it up to her clit and pressed my index finger on it. “You feel that, you need to pay attention to that as well”.Not wanting to disappoint her I did as she asked. I used one hand to slide into her wetness and the other to play with her hard clit. Soon she was moaning loudly and half saying “fuckkkk, don’t stop” and “shit”. Keeping up with her hips was hard enough she was fucking my fingers on her own. It was amazing, I did not know what was going on here, but I liked it.Then it all happened at once. I felt her tighten even more on my hand and then a flow of wetness. “OH GOD” she moaned as she came on my hand. “You did good for a first timer” she said as she sat up.“Now you should know what pussy smells like and tastes like. Smell your fingers, and lick them clean.”I did as she asked. The smell was heady and made my cock even harder than it was when I was finger fucking her. The taste was delicious and almost made me want to lick her.“That was your first lesson, pervert.” she said pulling up her pajama bottoms and striding out of the room.Mackenzie:I knew it was wrong to let him finger me but I was tired of using my own hands to get myself off. Besides, güvenilir bahis it got more of the tape erased. I went and showered and then got dressed, figuring he and I could go to lunch and then do some grocery shopping. Living alone I never had a large amount of food in the house.Just then my doorbell rang. Ponte asked if he should get it but first I peeked out my window to see who it was. I was shocked when I saw it was my boss tom. Not knowing why he was here, and knowing that he knew I lived alone, I was a bit scared so I told Ponte to go hang out in his bedroom and that id call him if I needed him.I opened the door and said, “Hi Tom, what brings you here?””You picked a bad day to call in sick. I have some bad news. Upper management said I had to let either you or amy go. And considering how our date went the other night, and knowing amy will be grateful to me for keeping her, I’m afraid I’m going to have to let you go””Oh my god, can’t we talk about this? I can’t be out of work.””Sure” he said, ” I’m a reasonable man. On our date you refused to take me in your mouth. Maybe you might think about reconsidering that””What are you saying? If I blow you I get to keep my job?””That’s what I’m saying”I really needed my job. I didn’t want to take him to my bedroom for fear that he’d want more. So hoping that Ponte wouldn’t come in, I sank to my knees and took him out. I gave him one of my best blowjobs, sucking and licking, massaging his balls, even taking his sack in my mouth. When he finally came in my mouth and I swallowed I said, “so I still have a job, right?””Yep, it’s yours. Of course I will expect you to show your gratitude each week, and not just with a blow job.After he left Ponte came out and found me on the couch crying.”What’s wrong?””My boss is making me have sex with him to keep my job””Wow, why don’t you turn him in, charge him with sexual harassment””I wish I could, but who would take my word for it?”Maybe they don’t have to” he said and went to his computer, hit a few buttons and turned the screen towards me. On it was the full scene of what just happened, including audio.”If you show him this” Ponte said, “I don’t think hell bother you anymore”I smiled and said, “You got that right. I might even ask for a raise. I don’t know how you did that but you’re a genius. I don’t know how to thank you”He was silent for a moment but then said, ” I do. How about you do to me what you just did to him”Ponte:“What!” she said “I’m already getting blackmailed by my boss, now you, you little shit”.“Tisk, tisk, such a mouth you’ve got for someone who is in a really compromising position.”She reached for the laptop and I just jerked it away. “Look, Ms. Smith, I would love to help, but if I’m going to help you, you’re going to have to help me. Don’t do it and I’ll delete this and you’ll have no evidence.”“Can’t you just do this one little thing for me.” she said looking at me with her deep eyes.“Can’t you just do this one little thing for me.” I shot back. Thinking of her just dropping to her knees and going to town was making my pajamas stand up a little.“Ponte, PLEASE just give me the video and I promise I won’t tell your mom.”“We already worked that out, but you just made me want to up the ante on this. I’ll give you the video, you’ll get back at your boss, and you won’t tell me my mom.” I said looking at her and down at the growing bulge in my pants. “You just need to do one thing.”“FINE” she huffed “just not in here”.When she consented my cock got even harder. I walked out of the living room and into the kitchen. She followed behind me into the kitchen and watched me set the laptop down on the counter. I turned my back to it and just looked at her.“Ok, take your dick out” she said.“No! When I said I wanted what he got I meant I wanted exactly what he got. You took his cock out, you take mine out.”If looks could kill I would have been dead a thousand times over. After what seemed like an hour she walked over to me and got on her knees and pulled down my pajamas freeing my cock from the confines.Reaching out she started to stroke it slowly with one hand and then began rubbing my balls with the other. My erection was in full swing now when she leaned forward and replaced her hand with her mouth.“OH FUCK” I moaned when she slid my cock deep into her mouth. Just as soon as it was in she backed off again and began stroking me with her hand. The next time she leaned forward she stuck her tongue out and started at my sack and slowly liked up to the head of my cock. Reaching the head she took me back into her mouth.She slowly began moving her head up and down on my cock taking it all the way to the back and then sliding out. With each moment I groaned in pleasure. This was more amazing than I could even imagine. She began picking up her pace and I could feel my orgasm building. She must have sensed it too because she took me back out of her mouth and began licking and sucking my balls.“OH Shit” I moaned “I need to cum”. She took me back into her mouth and began massaging my balls. That is when it happened, my toes curled a little and then I began shooting my cum into her mouth. A little started to drip out of her cheek and down on to her chin. When she took me out of her mouth she swallowed down my cum and wiped the dribble of her chin and licked her finger clean.We just stayed for a moment not knowing what to say. I reached behind me and grabbed my laptop and sent her the video. “You got the video.”“Good, now go shower you pervert, we’ve got to get some shopping done today.” She said getting up off her knees.

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