Ms. Smith (we all know at least one) A Tease N A H


Ms. Smith (we all know at least one) A Tease N A HEarlier today while I was doing my rounds, cleaning and clearing up parts of the hotels in the common areas. As well as checking up on a few VIP guests that checked into our hotel, I notice Smith walking seminude around the east lobby near the steam room and sauna. Sadly, nudity is not allowed in the common saunas is for hygiene purpose of courses. Ms. Smith is a very tall sexy beautiful gorgeous blond hair up to her shoulder, slightly just past her shoulders. Shes very slender but has perfect curves. She has a nice pair of tits both pierced perfect nipples shaped round pinkish nipples. She is perfectly even tan and the smoothest body I have ever seen on anyone. She’s a little up there on age but you would not be able to tell she’s a bit older. A lot older than I am, I am mid 30ish 35 to be on point if I recall correctly from her DL she is 50 or 51 somewhere around there, but a yummy 51 if I may say so. I am 5’2 and about 150 built I am a gym rat. (I really am, and that will always be a part of my stories. I love muscles, muscles are sexy. Where are my bodybuilders? Hey, you, body worship whores, come to worship me!!) I look very in shape, basically, I look like the type of female that can kick your ass, so don’t try me cause, chances are I can, and I will with a big smile on my face. I notice Ms. Smith seminude her pierced tits hanging out which immediately caught my attention and I had to follow her and see what she was up to. I somewhat discreetly follow her from a distance although for some strange reason I feel as if she knows I am following her. As follow her on to the sauna room shes in there with 2 males and she is going at it. With one I will name him Mr. Tattoo cause from what I am seeing his has tattoo in part of his body, the other will be named Mr. CleanCut since he has no tattoo and from the looks of it his “cut”. OH WOW! I think to myself, this is interested, it been a while since I have seen this. Now at this point, a normal person would most likely LEAVE! I am not normal, for whatever definition that may or may not be and if I did that, well I wouldn’t have a story now, would I? As I peeked in over the corner trying to get an eye full but without giving myself away, I see her strap Mr. Tattoo guy down and on the floor on all four she just goes at him while MrCut sits back off on the side watching her jerking himself to oblivion his hand mocking that of a fan motor in double speed mode. She is over Mr. Tattoo’s ass high up and she is putting a pounding on him as his on the floor banging on the floor begging her and screaming gibberish and speaking in tongue. Can’t really make out what he is saying I think is just pleasure screaming out. After what it seems like 10 full on minutes shes just drops him off to the side and pulls over Mr. Cut shovels her dick (strap on but I love saying dick, so enjoy) into his mouth and making him gag on it as he keeps jerking that hand of his by now he must have started a friction burn on that dick of his. She so takes him places him over on his back legs wade and goes at him pounding him just with the same intensity she did with the first one who is sub come on the floor with a stupid look over his face like his comatose of some kinda cum produce comatose. She goes thrusting in n out of Mr. Cut’s ass and drilling inside him. Her hair waving and her tits bouncing and a perfect Goddess in control type of look. A slave or sub would fall at their knees at the sight of this. I am peeking over the corner trying hard to keep my hands to myself. No, I mean my hands on the wall I am not touching myself, no not touching myself (I’m lying I am sssssooo touching myself in every way possible). It feels like an hour she goes back and forth between one and the other repeating the same tuzla escort intense cycle. Heat sweat building up at one point unnoticed to me she glances up to the mirror and looks directly at me. OH, FUCK cover is blown. I try hiding back over the corner only to peek over again, she winks at me.WAIT!!! DID SHE??? Nah no way there’s smoke from the steam building up and it’s kind of sweating I doubt she even saw me. I lean over and peek again. She winks again fucking the guy even harder knowing I’m watching her. Yeah! She knows I’m watching her! I should walk away now. (Fuck no, I like to watch) I take a few steps forward trying to reach to the door only to turn right back around and watch. Like a freak glue to my favorite porn with my favorite actresses (hello ladies, get freaky, thank you all, for your hard, hard work and devotion it really is appreciated). I am so caught up in the moment and from the look of it so is she. I guess she too has a thing for being watched. After a few more minutes the two males explode cumming and exploding all over the floor. She gets up and unstrap whisper something to each one of them and turns about. Just as she’s about to walk out the door I storm out. Not sure what she would do or say to me. She knew I followed and she knew I was watching the whole entire time. I ran into the employee’s shower only and in full uniform and all just dip myself into the shower. I NEEDED to COOL down!!!! Immediately change into my spare uniform and carry on with the rest of my assignment. The whole night here and there I would run into Ms. Smith and there was this discreet but very intense teasing. Where she would look at me and lick her lips a few times blow a kiss at me. One time she orders for a coffee and milk to be brought to her table, as I brought it up to her, she asked“So, Vanessa, is that hot enough for you?” she said tease fully. I blush not sure how to answer that since I am unsure as to what “that” is that she is refereeing to. I just smile and excuse myself as I walk away. From behind me, she said OH MY I LOVE THAT VIEW” I felt her eyes staring at me, or at my ass. I pop my cellphone on selfie mode over my shoulder and she waves straight at me letting me know she was indeed staring me down. I felt like prey, but I enjoy it. This teasing on and off went all for most of the day into late night. Suddenly, I finally get my break and I go to my unit that is assigned to me while I maintain the building complex during my hours of duty. In-house maintained can be overwhelming at times. I walk into the unit quickly undress and start my shower while opening a fruit salad I picked up earlier from the cafeteria. Soon the shower is nice and hot, I pop in the shower letting go of the towel undressing revealing my very well sculpted body half inked lean body as the water washes down on me. As I pour a whole bottle of soap on me I can’t help but the feeling as if I’m being watched. I rinse the soap out my eyes and slide open the glass door of the walk-in shower to peek over my bedroom. NO one there. Odd I know the feeling of being watching to know. I think I’m just pumped up from earlier. I rub myself down playing with the soap and slide the door halfway. Suddenly that feeling of being watched kicks in again. I slide the door open and no ones there. I swear I feel like paranoia. I finish up my shower trying to shake off the odd feeling I am getting off someone staring me down. As I towel around me and walk out right off the edge of the door. Standing perfectly well blended to the corner but a perfect view of my shower dressed in a short very short black mini skirt and black bra revealing the rest of her body her hair waving on her shoulders. Ms. SMITH!!! WHAT? HOW? WHY ARE YOU IN HERE?????? “Vanessa, you were watching me, I needed to watch you, for a change” tuzla escort bayan oh my you have such an amazing,” she said running her left hand over my green towel and undoing the knob as if falls down to my green paint toes on the floor. She looks me up and down her lips barely touching mines, as she licks my lower lips with her tongue. ‘body” she finished her sentence-finally. She knows how to tease just using her words, and lips, and tongue, and nails, her whole body in essences.“you were in a common area, I am in the privacy of my room” I try and explain in some odd off the wall explanation. “I am staying 3 rooms down from here.” She said walking past me, running her long nails down my back making me shiver at her touch. As she makes her way to the doorway, why don’t you come and join me instead, I am sure you will enjoy it” she said as she winks at me and leaves out the door. I feel violate and turned on at the same time. It’s not often I get to be the star of the show. I do my best work behind the cameras (I really do!) If she wanted a show all she had to do was ask. Without thinking about it I storm right out and behind her butt naked and all (I forgot the towel) and into her room. Her room is huge with a big, big bed in the center is in shades of black and silver with all kinds of different objects and sex toys all about. Her bed along looks like it can fit 4 people in it all at once. FREAK!!!! (so, turned on right now looking at her toys)Shes naked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH, MY GOD, I’m drooling. PAUSE I NEED A FEW MOMENTS TO RECOLLECT MYSELF She is totally naked on the bed, lying down long ways rubbing her nails over the bed, smiling like a huntress about to take on a prey. I feel a cold chill come over me and suddenly now is when I realize I am totally naked nipples hard as fuck (and I have very sensitive nipples too) Close the door behind lock it” and come to me” she ordersI kick the door with my foot and reach behind me and lock it on top not once taking my eyes off her, (I am not turning my back on her NOPE NOT HAPPENING.)“Ms. Smith” my voice barely there, “I don’t know what it is that you want from me, but” I start to speak, and she interrupts me “FUCK ME” she demands (ROLE REVERSAL!!!!! It’s in my nature to top, what you thought I was going to bottom, Bahahaha maybe in another story)PAUSE takes a few to let my mind come back, what was it that she said?“Excuse me,” I say, I heard her I just wanted her to say it, to make sure that’s what she said “FUCK ME!” she demands again taking about 3 different dildos and strap-on and places them over the edge of the bed closer to me. All huge from 9 to 12inches long. The shortest one the 9 inches is short but very thick. I look at them and look at her as she leans over the edge of the bed reaching over to me.“you want me to ???” I repeat I knew what she was asking or better demanding, I just like hearing her say itFUCK ME” (come on who don’t like hearing that?”)She reaches over to me, as I step forward to her, I am now standing directly in front her as she is sitting on the edge of the bed her legs spread and I’m in the middle of it. “here let me help you,” she said reaching over and taking the 9inch and strapping it inside me playing with my pussy as she inserts it inside meI’m standing there slightly confuse not sure what is going on, but I am not trying to fight it either. “I love fucking it comes naturally to me, is easy, but every now and then I need to be”FUCKED!!! I finished the sentences for her. As she now put the strap inside me and is tease fully stroking it while rubbing her hands and nails over to my tits pinching my nipples. I lean forward reaching down to her kissing her, perfect passion wet kiss as our lips both meet and we both seem to be leaning backward on to her bed, that seems to sink escort tuzla in with both our bodies. She presses her nails deep heavily down on my neck as I begin to grind my hips between hers and thrust inside letting the head of my strap on (ok I’m going to say dick but ya all know it was my strap-on). Find her pussy as it begins to push inside her, and it spreads her open as it slides inside her. I’m pushing inside, her pussy opening with each sliding in and out, her lips sucking on my dick as it goes inside her. She moans a few times pressing her nails over my neck and rubbing them down my back stretching me as she bites my neck and I’m kissing her on her neck. I thrust deeper pinning her against her bed stand and push in some very deep thrusting that makes the whole bed shake. She starts to scream and moan her body trying to in sync with mines as our bodies become one syncing in the perfect motion. I thrust back and she, she thrust right back at me not letting me pull my dick out of her but giving me enough space to push deeper inside her each thrust shakes the bed. She starts taking a hold of her the overbed stand holding as I start to go fast on her going in and out in and out in and out just fucking her with no break no pause changing the pace and speeding varying the motion. Going from short fast stroking to deep long stroking forcing her to guess which or what am I going to do next. Her face filled with lust and pleasure overtaking her body. Her pussy dripping as her wetness coming down rushing her legs soaking the bed. I reach overtaking those long legs of her and bring them up locking them over my hips as I place my left hand deep inside her pussy finding that sweet spot of her and rubbing it only to hold it tight. Holding that spot putting pressure on it, as I reach over and pick up the other strap on the 12inch and exchange it. I slide the head of it inside slowly moving my hand out and sliding the long dick inside her. Pushing it deep inside only about 9inches of it goes in She’s panting and moaning and screaming’ her nails scratching that backboard of the bed stand. Reach up over and under her. MS Smith you may want to hold on TIGHT! I say suddenly lifting her hip high up her legs locked up around me sliding the dick from a high position and lowering down to drop stroking her from a very long long long deep stroking making it seems even longer each time I lift up her pussy slides out the head when I lower down it slide all 12inch to the balls as her pussy is taking it now welcomely it, takes every long deep stroke like it’s been carving it.Shes screaming “OH FUCK OH FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK” over and repeatedly. Her body changing all different color from a tan bronze to a bright red from the slamming of my body up against her. Her tits slamming down with mines our nipples rubbing up on each other. I keep this long deep explosive stroking up into her body just goes limp from pleasure and drops down on the bed. I soon follow her’s and slide in my dick deep inside her grinding her. Massaging her pussy from inside letting the head of my dick massage her pussy walls she gives out some simple soft moaning. Caressing my back and slightly biting my ears and licking my neck. Kissing me. I slow down after breaking a long hard sweat, must have been hours we were stroking, thrusting and grinding each other my body is sub come and I built up a heavy sweat her bed is soaked from sweat and cum all over, when I looked over it appeals as if I used up all her strap-on. In mid-session, I kept swapping out and starting the whole cycle. She was so overcome with pleasure she not once stopped me. She let me keep going no matter how long or hard I was giving it to her, each time it made her cum exploding in a waterfall of cum all over the bed. I slightly kiss her exhaling.She whispers in my ear.“See Vanessa, I knew you would be a good fuck for them to learn from,” she said as she turns n winks at a few of her male lovers that were all just sitting there the whole time just watching us.

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