Mum, Dad, , Sons Came Too


Darren and I were 18 years old when our eyes were opened sex-wise. Let me tell you a little about my family. Mum and Dad didn’t get married until they were in their early thirties – Darren and I being twins arrived a couple of years later. We appeared to have a normal family upbringing. Dad was an engineer who kept himself fit by playing a lot of squash. He was a tall man around 6’3” and weighing in at nearly 200lbs without too much fat on him. Mum was a housewife with a part time job. Being nearly 50 she wasn’t as trim as in her younger days but she still had a reasonable figure. She was around 5’6” tall with short, dark hair and laughing green eyes that still had a twinkle in them. Neither Mum nor Dad had any hang-ups over their bodies. On the odd occasions that Darren or I caught them in a state of undress they made no big deal about it. They never flaunted their bodies at us – until our 18th birthday that is!

Before that we had both been introduced to the charms of the female flesh through illicit school liaisons. As far as that was concerned we were no different from any other teenage boys.

It started out like any other birthday. At breakfast Mum and Dad gave us each a present. It was a small box and we were told not to open it until we had eaten our evening meal. We both naturally sneaked a look inside and found that we each had been given a black leather posing pouch! I spent all day at college wondering if that was all we were going to get.

In the evening we all sat down to one of Mum’s special meals. We were allowed some wine with the meal and, coupled, with the beer beforehand, made me feel a little lightheaded. Mum was wearing a new dress that did nothing to hide her figure. Dad made no attempt to hide the fact that he still fancied her by taking every opportunity to touch her breasts or pat her bum.

After dinner we all settled in the lounge – Mum and Dad on the sofa – Darren and me in the easy chairs. Dad poured us a glass of brandy each that made me feel even warmer than I already was.

Suddenly şirinevler türbanlı escort Mum said. “It’s time for you to open your presents. Go and have a look at what I bought you and then come down and show us what you look like in them”. Darren and I went off upstairs to our rooms. I felt a bit self-conscious knowing that I would be parading in front of my parents with just a posing pouch on. However the feel of the soft leather embracing my cock and balls felt good and the feel of the elastic rubbing against my anus was peculiarly exciting! My cock started to get hard at the thought of showing myself to my Mum and Dad.

Darren came into my room and I quickly realised that he felt exactly the same as me. His cock, although not hard, was poking out of the top of his pouch. He somehow managed to stuff it all back inside the leather and we went downstairs to model our presents.

As we walked into the lounge we got the shock of our lives. Mum came walking out of the kitchen. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! All she was wearing was a tiny black leather bikini! The halter neck bra barely covered the middle of each rather large breast and the bikini bottom was exactly the same as ours – no more than a black leather thong. Mum said. “What do you think of your presents boys?” With that she walked past us giving us a view of her arse cheeks divided by the black elastic of the thong. She deliberately wiggled her arse before sitting down next to Dad.

That was the next surprise. Dad had also changed and was wearing exactly the same as us – a black leather thong that was obviously straining to contain his cock. Dad said. “We know that you must have had some experience of sex. Mum and I enjoy many different aspects of sex and we thought that we would introduce you to a few of them as a special part of your birthday present.” Whilst dad was speaking Mum had laid her hand on top of his thong and was stroking his ever-hardening cock. My prick was now standing up through şirinevler ucuz escort the top of my pouch and, looking at Darren, his cock was doing the same. Dad said. “It seems we have your complete attention. Why don’t you get rid of those thongs and show us what you have got?”

Darren and I looked at each other and, after a moment’s hesitation, we both grinned and dropped our posing pouches to the floor. Both our cocks sprang to attention – Darren’s looking so much better than mine because it was so much bigger. Mum said. “My god you are both really beautiful – so well built. You are nearly as big as your father.” With that she pulled away Dad’s thong to reveal a cock that must have been 2 or 3 inches bigger than Darren’s. It had been cut and so the head looked like a ripe, red apple on top of a thick brown truck. I could see that Dad’s cock was already leaking pre-cum and he hadn’t even touched it yet! Darren was already starting to pull at his knob exposing his bell-end to everyone’s gaze. I did likewise. Mum said. “I know you like sucking each others cocks. Why don’t you give Dad and I a show?”

Darren was straight away down on his knees and immediately engulfed my dick with his mouth. I put my hands on the back of his head and started to fuck his face with my 6” of hard cock meat. Given the situation I found myself in it didn’t take me long before I started to feel my balls contract and to feel the cum start rising up my shaft. I pulled Darren’s head away just as I jetted the first wave of cum all over his face. I don’t know how many times my dick pumped spunk onto his face but it started to drip off his nose and chin onto his chest.

I collapsed into an easy chair and opened my eyes to see Mum kneeling next to Darren and licking my cum off his face and chest. He was sporting a raging hard-on and Mum slowly lowered her head down his chest and belly and gently took his cock into her mouth. Just that movement was enough for Darren to cry out and shoot cum into the air şişli escort and onto Mum’s face and hair.

Dad then got up off the sofa, knelt behind Mum and undid her bikini bra. It fell away revealing her beautiful, large tits. They sagged a bit but were topped by large brown nipples that were standing out proudly to attention. Freed from the bikini Mum pushed her tits together and mashed them around Darren’s softening tool bringing him to attention once more. She stood up right in front of Darren who was still kneeling and pulling at his cock with his hands. She pushed her leather-covered cunt directly into Darren’s face and slowly pulled the thong down to reveal a smooth, shaven pussy. I could see her cunt lips all red and glistening with moisture. Mum said to Darren. “There it is honey. Lick it for Mummy.” Darren needed no encouragement. He pressed his face into her pussy mound and started to lick at her cunt lips. Mum threw back her head, her eyes tightly shut and moaning came from her lips. My cock was rock hard again looking at this incredible scene. Dad positioned himself alongside Mum with his monster cock pointing skywards. Seeing this Mum bent over and took the head of his dick in her mouth using both her hands to work the shaft. Dad looked over at me and, seeing that I was ready for action, gestured me to get behind Mum and start to fuck her.

I said. “I don’t think I ought to.” With that Mum took one of her hands away from Dad’s prick and pointed at her pussy lips that were being licked and sucked by Darren. With that I slid up behind her and positioned the head of my cock at the entrance to her hot and extremely wet vagina. I felt Darren’s lips on my cock starting to push it into Mum’s pussy. Suddenly I surged forward and buried my cock up to the hilt inside her. This situation was so incredibly erotic that it didn’t take very long for all of us to climax. We didn’t cum together naturally but I could feel my cock being milked by mum’s cunt muscles and my jets of spunk pulsing deep inside her. I looked over Mum’s back when Dad bellowed and let fly jets of sperm from his cock high into the air all of which landed on Mum and Darren. We all collapsed in a heap on the floor and took a while to recover.

This was the start of a new relationship between all of us. I’ll save more adventures involving Dad, Mum, Darren and me for another time.

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