Mum Seen In Action


Hi my names Candy and this is an account of a situation I found myself in about three weeks ago. I am eighteen years old and I was at home during my Christmas vacation from college. I was doing a temporary job at the local post office. I had gone in for my shift at 9.00a.m but the boss asked if I could come back at 3.00p.m to do an extended shift on extra pay. I agreed, as I required the extra money. I cycled home and arrived at about 9.30a.m. There were two cars in our driveway, one I recognised as my godmother Sarah’s car but the other was strange to me. I parked my bike at the back and came in through the kitchen door. I could hear voices in the living room.

I heard Sarah say “It’s convenient both Candy and John (my father) being out so you can use your own place.”

“Yes I feel more comfortable here,” replied Grace, my mum.

I was intrigued as to what was going on. I moved quietly closer to the lounge door. It was partly open and I could see a good looking man, about 35 – 40 years old sitting on the sofa, his image reflected in a mirror on the living room wall. I listened closely to the ensuing conversation and couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Before we go any further Peter has a few questions that he needs to ask you Grace. He needs to confirm that you are comfortable with the arrangements” said Sarah.

Peter, the good-looking man then asked mum “Grace, can you tell me why I am here?”

“You’re here to fuck me, play with me and make me cum.”

“And what are you going to do?” Added Peter.

“I’m going to suck your cock, let you cum in my mouth and swallow.”

“I intend to do you bareback, are you comfortable with all that?” Questioned Peter.

“I’m a little nervous but very much looking forward to everything.”

“Good! I’m going to enjoy seeing more of and playing with that petite MILF figure of yours” said Peter.

Sarah then spoke and said “You will not be disappointed Grace. I know that Peter hasn’t cum for ten days his balls are full and he tastes good”…………. ” At this point Grace I must ask you, as it is your first appointment, would you like me to stay with you or leave you in private?”

“I would like you to stay,” said mum “If Peter doesn’t mind.”

“Not at all” said Peter “I don’t mind being watched, Sarah has seen and experienced it before.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and seeing and was unable to take my eyes off the mirror.

“Come over here Grace and sit with me, Sarah can watch and advise from over there,” said Peter.

My mother came into view in the mirror. Black dress, above the knee, and black stockings or tights. She sat down next to Peter.

“Relax and enjoy,” he said to mum gently stroking her neck with his hand pulling her mouth slowly towards his. There lips met and they were deep kissing for a long time, eventually they parted.

“Mmmmmm very nice, your mouth is warm wet and inviting and that tongue will play havoc with my cock later I hope,” said Peter. “Stand up so that I can slowly undress you, I want to see your petite little body in all its glory. I’m going to enjoy stripping you.”

Mum stood up and Peter stood behind her. Peter ran his hands under mums dress and stroked her buttocks.

“Very nice, hold-ups and a thong,” he said.

He then began to slide the straps off her shoulders, he slid the zip down her back and slowly the black dress was in a mass around mum’s ankles. She stepped out of it and was now standing in black thong, bra and hold-ups.

Peter slowly undid the clips at the back pushed the straps gently and the bra joined the dress on the floor. Peter’s hands reached round and cupped each breast and he said, “What wonderful little tits you’ve got with sensitive little nipples, they’re hard already.”

His hands moved down her body, his thumbs catching in the waistband of her thong slowly lowering it to join the rest of her garments on the floor, as she stepped out of them.

“Grace turn round so I can see you properly,” instructed Peter and mum obeyed him immediately. “Your tits look even better than they feel and you have a lovely bushy unshaven pussy and you’re a natural blonde. I haven’t had an unshaven or not heavily trimmed cunt for a long time. I’m going to enjoy this.”

This was incredible. Here was my 36 year old mother standing completely naked in front of my Godmother and more importantly Peter, a complete stranger. What was weirder was that I was rooted to the spot transfixed by the image in the mirror and I was enjoying this voyeurism sarıyer escort in a way.

“Grace would you like to help me out of my clothes” said Peter.

Mum needed no further request and soon had Peter standing facing her in only his pants.

“Why don’t you kneel down, remove my pants and give me a suck?”

Mum complied and soon had his pants by his ankles, revealing an exceptionally large, un-cut cock.

“It’s gorgeous, It’s so big,” said mum.

“You can get it to nine inches long and seven inches round if you play with it properly,” said Sarah from across the room “And he knows how to use it.”

Mum took hold of the large flaccid object rolled the skin back revealing a very large purple head. She extended her tongue and began to slowly lick the helmet in front of her. She was enjoying it. “Mmmmmm tastes very good I want it in my mouth,” said mum as she allowed the head into her mouth. She managed a good few inches as she sucked and tasted him for quite a number of minutes.

“I think Peter should fuck your mouth now,” came Sarah’s voice once more.

Peter caught hold of mum’s head and slowly eased his cock in deeper and deeper not allowing her to come of it, pushing with his cock and pulling her head on to it. She soon eased herself off his meat coughing and spluttering, Peter had choked her but had not got his cock all the way in. He repeated this several times before setting up a rhythmic action, in and out, not going as deep but fucking her mouth non the less.

Mum again released his cock from her mouth and gently pulled his skin up and down with her hand. She held the skin back with one hand, once again exposing his head, and slowly worked her other hand from base upwards, gently squeezing, until a small amount of shiny fluid emerged from the tip, she poked out her tongue and licked and tasted the pre-cum she had made him produce. She repeated this four or five times, she was good at this and was clearly enjoying the tasting she was undertaking.

“Wow Grace you’re quite a cock sucker. I’ll want more later, but now I want to sample some of your attractive looking pussy,” said Peter as he removed his cock from mum’s mouth. “Sit here,” he said as he stood mum up and positioned her sitting on the edge of the sofa. Lifting her legs and pushing them back either side of her head he lowered himself to kneel in front of her, looking at her exposed and vulnerable pussy. “Sarah tells me that your cunt hasn’t been seeing much action lately”

“No it’s quite true, John has reduced his intimacy towards me even when I try and initiate it. It’s been about three months since anything and then John only fingered me and I jacked him off, he stopped then and didn’t make me climax.”

“That’s not good is it? Has there been anyone else?”

“No, that’s how you’re here. I was talking to Sarah, as close friends do, and she told me she could help as she has a group of men whom she arranges to service ladies needs.”

“Do you play with yourself? And when was the last cum you had?”

“I do, not very frequently and I’ve not cum for over three weeks,”

“Don’t worry,” said Peter “Your pussy is very attractive and I intend to fill it many times, make it very wet and get you to cum lots.”

With that he placed his hands either side of her pussy and slowly pulled her open. I was still able to see due to the angle of the mirror.

“Nice and pink and already moist, I think someone is quite horny already. I must have a taste,” said Peter as he lowered his mouth and began using his tongue to lick along the whole length of mum’s openness but avoiding contact with her clit. He repeated his actions, many times, obviously enjoying what he could taste and eliciting small moans of pleasure from mum. He then placed both thumbs either side of mum’s clit, pulling gently sideways. “Good that little button is free from its hood,” said Peter as he began licking, sucking and biting on mums exposed clit. Mums breathing became shallower and the volume of her moans intensified as Peter took her over the edge in a long drawn out climax. “I think you needed that,” said Peter. “Especially if the quantity of your juice is anything to go by. Amazing! And so good to taste.”

They both fell silent for a moment.

Peter was the first to speak “O.K lets have you kneeling on the sofa facing the back. I want to examine the inside of that little wet cunt of yours.”

Mum got up and into her new position with her bum in the air. Peter stood behind her and slowly ran sefaköy escort the fingers of his right hand between her legs and along her pussy. He expertly guided his middle finger into mums waiting hole and went all the way in. “Nice and moist and tight” said Peter “Ready to be opened wide by a large cock. Do you want it Grace?”

“Of course! It’s been so long”

“I want my cock good and hard to fill you right up. Would you do the honours Sarah?” Peter enquired.

“It would be a pleasure,” said Sarah

Peter began slowly sliding his finger in and out of mum’s pussy. Sarah came forward, knelt down and took Peters cock in her mouth. It wasn’t long before her sucking and jacking had the desired effect.

“Your ready now,” said Sarah removing the cock from her mouth.

“Open up your pussy for me Grace, hold it open,” said Peter. Mum placed both hands behind her and did as requested. Peter placed his swollen head at mums open entrance and slowly his nine inches of fat engorged cock began to enter my mother. It slowly eased its way all in “There I said Id fill you,” said Peter.

“Ohhhhhh! It feels good Peter but don’t stop, please Fuck Me!”

Peter began a slow process of sliding his long cock out of mums pussy then pushing it back in whilst holding on to her hips. Gradually he maintained the length of his strokes but increased the pace. As he did so mum was moaning longer and louder until she screamed “Don’t stop I’m cumming Aghhhhhhhhhhhh.” Another intense orgasm went through her body as Peter made her climax once again.

Peter didn’t stop. Leaving his cock inside he pulled mums feet backwards forcing her into a standing position, feet apart, with her upper body face down on the sofa. He really began to work his cock quickly and deep in and out of mum’s pussy. He gained the same effect, mums moaning increasing as again she was made to cum by this strangers cock.

Peter slipped his cock out stood mum up facing him and without saying anything pushed down on her shoulders. Mum knew what was required as she lowered herself to her knees, took Peters cock in her mouth and began sucking.

“O.K I want to give it to you,” said Peter. He removed his cock and with his hand began jacking his meat. Mum waited, head slightly back, mouth open and tongue out. She didn’t wait long as Peter placed the head and tip of his cock on mums tongue and with a loud sigh deposited four large loads of white cream onto mums tongue and into her mouth. Mum rolled the cream around her mouth and then swallowed every drop.

“I’ve waited a long time for that. Peter you taste wonderful”

“That was a really big load, you certainly enjoyed it” said Sarah from across the room.

“Grace I haven’t finished with you yet” said Peter “Suck my cock, keep it hard”.

Once again mum had Peters cock in her mouth sucking out any remaining cum and getting him fully hard again.

Whilst removing his cock Peter said, “Come here and sit on my cock.” He sat on the sofa. Mum got up and stood facing him. She moved closer and stood legs apart either side of his legs. She knelt on the sofa either side of his thighs. She raised herself up, getting hold of Peter’s hard cock, positioning it at her entrance and slowly lowered herself and her pussy down its full length until she was resting on his large hairy balls.

“Grace that feels so good. Do you like having your pussy filled?”

“As I have said it’s been a long time but I am loving it and your cock really does go deep and fills me completely,” mum replied. “Peter will you play with my boobs whilst I fuck you?”

“It will be a pleasure,” said Peter and he began to fondle, suck and squeeze mums breasts and nipples whilst she began to raise and lower herself along Peters erect cock. She was obviously enjoying Peter’s attention and her movements on his cock and continued like this for some time. She then began her deep breathing again and increased her pace before generating another climax.

“That was fantastic Grace, you’ve really wet my cock and balls with your cum juice,” said Peter. “Stay on my cock but turn and face away from me and fuck me some more.”

Mum swivelled round on Peters cock and placed her feet on the ground.

“You can get longer strokes, go deeper and I can play with your pussy and clit as well as those little tits of yours like this,” said Peter.

“Peter your insatiable, but I’m enjoying it. Sarah is he always as randy and horny as this?”

“Yes he always performs well,” she replied.

Again silivri escort mum worked Peters cock in and out whilst receiving intense pleasure from his attentions to her boobs, pussy and clit. It wasn’t as long this time before mum was producing another quantity of cum as she climaxed once again.

“I want you to make me cum again,” said Peter. Mum raised herself off Peters cock, lay down on the sofa her head in Peters lap and began giving him a long slow cock sucking session with the inevitable result of Peter cumming deep inside her mouth and mum dispatching this load to join the previous one in her stomach.

They lay like this for some time not saying anything. I think they were both done in; it had been quite an energetic morning.

Sarah broke the silence. “You lucky pair, you both seem to have enjoyed a pleasurable and rewarding fuck. I think Grace fucks very well and she obviously enjoys taking cock. Do you think some of the rest of the team would enjoy giving it to her?”

“She really does love it and responds well, I would recommend her to the rest,” replied Peter.

“I have enjoyed myself, I haven’t been fucked like that for a long time, thank you Peter. I would like to do it again. I can’t guarantee cumming in the same quantity, there was a lot built up this time,” mum chipped in.

“Would you consider having two gentlemen together, I think you’d be good. She could take it couldn’t she Peter?” said Sarah.

“I’m sure she could,” said Peter “Especially if that little bum of hers was on offer as well. I’d love to be one of the pair.”

“Its something I’d like to consider,” said mum.

I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed and heard and more surprises were on the way.

“Have you given any more consideration to what we discussed the other day Grace” said Sarah “Grace has got a very pretty daughter Candy who is actually my Godchild. I asked Grace if she would consider the idea of getting Candy fucked and joining our group. We don’t have enough young ones and Candy is only 18. I have got Louise my daughter involved and she enjoys it immensely. It prevents here having to find one night stands for her enjoyment”

“I can’t say, it would be up to Candy, I’m sure shed enjoy it and I would have no objection,” said mum “But you would have to approach her Sarah”

“I think I might do that then soon,” said Sarah “Do you two need to get dressed and refreshed”

“I’ll show Peter to the shower and well join you later.”

With that Mum and Peter collected their clothes from on the floor and went up stairs.

What happened next was a total surprise and a shock. Sarah came into the kitchen where I was standing. I couldn’t get away. She came in and was as surprised as me.

“Hello Candy, you gave me a shock standing there. Aren’t you supposed to be at work?”

“I am but my shift has changed.”

“How long have you been home?” Sarah enquired.

I decided I had to be honest. I had always been close and discussed many things with Sarah.

“Long enough,” I replied.

“How longs enough,” said Sarah.

“I have been here since Peter asked mum his initial questions.”

“So you have heard everything.”

“I heard and could see everything that happened on the sofa as a reflection in the wall mirror.”

Sarah was very calm and straightforward “You have watched your mum being fucked by Peter, he has a wonderful cock doesn’t he? He filled and satisfied your mum well. She enjoys taking cock its obvious and she took two large loads off Peter, she’s a real spunk bunny isn’t she? And she swallowed the lot.”

“Yes I witnessed everything and mum really enjoyed herself.”

“I’m pretty sure she’s not finished yet as one of Peters turn on’s is to fuck in the shower and he’s probably doing her right now and she should get another load of his cream to taste and swallow. Once they finish they will be coming downstairs what do you want to do? You could stay and we explain it all to mum and Peter. If you are interested in what I was saying about becoming part of the group you could wait outside for Peter to leave, arrive and ask your mum who it was who was leaving and I could take over and introduce the subject and mum would never need to know about your voyeuristic treat today,” said Sarah

“I am interested in being part of the group and your suggestion is fine,” I said.

“Good, you and mum may get to be fucked together, the boys will enjoy the idea of a mother and daughter at the same time, one has enjoyed me and Louise already.”

I waited outside and eventually the deed was done. I am now a part of Sarah’s group and it will make vacations all the more interesting. Perhaps I might get a call before going back to college.

p.s Mum was taken in the shower and had a third load, including a golden shower.

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