Mum’s Dementia Ch. 01

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Jack was sitting on the balcony of his Penthouse; he was sipping a Chablis as he watched the sun disappear into the sea. He had a fantastic sea view. Jack was forty, single but active. He had a law and an accountancy degree. For ten years, he had worked in the City as a high powered trader. He had made millions. He had an extensive property portfolio which enabled him to live very comfortably. Six months ago, his parents had separated; Jack’s mum, Jill, had asked Jack if she could live with him. She told him that she wash and cook for him. She had beautiful foresight; she even said that she would be very discreet when he was entertaining ladies.

Jack was so happy as his mum was an excellent cook and housekeeper. Jack had many valuable antiques in his apartment; it would have worried him if an outsider was involved in cleaning them. Mum then joined him on the balcony; mum loved her wine too. They then sat and talked there and finished the bottle. Jack got a shock as mum couldn’t remember where they had lunch last Sunday. She also seemed a little confused about what day it was. Jack thought that it might have been the wine as they had finished two bottles between them that evening.

They were both going to bed early. Jack phoned Bill, his doctor; he told him what had happened and asked if mum could have dementia. Bill replied, “Jack, I’m seeing a patient in your apartment block at nine tomorrow morning. I should be with you say nine-ten, make me a cup of tea but make sure I have got the chance to have an informal chat with your mum. I’ll say that I wanted to talk with you about the surgery that I rent from you.”

Jack was pleased that he had phoned Bill. Bill arrived at five past nine. They all sat in the kitchen drinking tea which mum had made. Fate played its hand, Jack’s phone rang, it was a wrong number, but it allowed Bill to have a long chat with mum. Fifteen minutes later, Jack heard Bill moving; Jack went into the kitchen then Bill said, “That was wonderful; Jill and I had a great chat. Jill hasn’t had a Medical for over five years. She is going to come to the surgery at twelve. Jack, I’ll talk to you later about the other surgery; thanks so much for the tea.”

After he had left, mum said, “Bill is a first-class doctor, silly me hasn’t had a Medical for so long. He’s going to give me a full medical at twelve; I had better have a bath now, so I’m bright and shiny for it.”

Jack was relieved when mum said this; she still knew what she was doing. Mum went for her Medical; she came home an hour and a half later. She was delighted. She told Jack that she had her blood taken and every test imaginable. Mum was happy that she had gone. Mum needed to go to the butcher for this evenings meal. Five minutes after she left Jack’s mobile rang, it was Bill, he said, “Jack, canlı bahis your mum’s very healthy but she’s got early dementia, can you come to the surgery as I have got a few papers which can give you advice. My best advice is to change her diet and make sure that she has plenty of exercise.”

“Bill, thank you, I’ll come now. Can I cope, or would it be better if I put her in a care home?”

“Jack, that’s why I want you to read these papers. If you put her into a care home, she’ll be dead within two years. She’s lucky to have you. Physically she is in excellent condition for a sixty-five-year-old. She’s a body that a fifty-year-old would love. Come now, and I can spend some time with you.”

Jack went immediately to Bill’s surgery. Bill spent forty-five minutes telling him what to expect. Mum’s short term memory was going apart from things she really liked. Bill told him if she took her clothes off or walked around in her underwear, then not telling her off but telling her she would look lovely in a dressing gown. Then Bill said, “Your mum lost her little dog over a year ago; she misses the affection she had with her dog. Jack, try and give your mum as much affection as you can. I think that her little dog was a big thing in her life, she misses that.”

Bill told Jack to expect his mum sometimes to use vulgar language or talk dirty. She may even want to masturbate in front of you. Never get angry when she does these things, as that will make her worse. Tell her it’s better if she does it in the privacy of her bedroom. Bill also warned him that she might become very sexually active but not chastise or be angry with her. Allow her to do it in the privacy of her bedroom. Bill then said, “Jack, as I said, your mum has a wonderful body, she was also wearing some very erotic lingerie, I complimented on how good she looked. She then told me that she hoped that she would still be able to give a man pleasure one day. Jack, you must be careful that she doesn’t start to kiss and touch strangers sexually as that could be a big problem.”

Jack was shocked. He then asked, “How do I react if mum comes on heavy to me?”

“That will probably happen. If you feel that it’s because she loves you, then that’s good. If it’s just for sex, then that’s not so good. Jack, your mother, is in the twilight of her life. You’re all she’s got. There’s the incest question to be asked. I’ve experienced many cases like this. I believe that if it’s consensual, then you can give your mum a great end to her life. I know a woman of eighty-four who still has regular sex with her son. He’s in his sixties; I now need to give him viagra sothat he can keep her satisfied.”

Bill finished by saying that mum’s hygiene needed to be watched. She must keep herself clean and shower at least three times a week. Bill told Jack to give mum as much affection as he could. To hug and cuddle her at every opportunity. To kiss as often as he could. To make her feel bahis siteleri wanted and loved. If mum ever did something wrong, never discipline her. To do that would make mum so depressive. Jack thanked Bill then left.

There was a wine bar close to Bill’s surgery. Jack went in and studied the information sheets Bill had given him. They were very comprehensive; Jack still Googled a couple of things. Jack was so happy that he’d phoned Bill last night. Jack loved his mum throughout his life; she’d been wonderful to him, she’d always put him first. Jack would look after her for as long as he could. Then he would employ staff to live in the Penthouse to look after her. He would spend every penny he had to do this. Now he would go home and hug and kiss her at every opportunity.

Jack got home, mum wasn’t there, but he checked his phone, he had a message from mum it read, “I phoned the butcher, I’ve bought three full filets of beef, they were on special and have been hung on the bone for four weeks. He is going to Vacuum Pack them, two eight-ounce filets in each pack; the freezer will be full. I also got a session at the beauty salon. I was a bit embarrassed at Dr Bill’s this morning. I’ll be home around five. Pity, it’s such a shit day, or we could have had a barbecue tonight. Be a darling and peel the potatoes for me. All my love, mum xx.”

Jack had a tear in his eye as he started to peel the potatoes. When mum came home, the potatoes were peeled, the mushrooms and onions were also ready. Mum was impressed; Jack was standing beside her as she put god knows how many Vacuum Packs in the freezer. She hugged Jack; he hugged her back. They were looking into each other’s eyes when mum said, “I’m glad Dr Bill came this morning. I will go every year now. He told me to eat more vegetables. I want to be healthy. When do you want to eat, darling? I didn’t have any lunch today.”

“Let’s eat now, mum; I am glad that it went well. You are looking beautiful.”

Their mouths met, mum’s tongue was swirling inside Jack’s mouth, they had never tongue kissed before, Jack was enjoying it. Mum said, “You open the wine, darling, and I’ll get started though you have done all the preparative work. Let mummy give you a big kiss for that.”

This time as they kissed, mum was pulling Jack so close to her. Mum’s tongue once again was deep inside Jack’s mouth. Jack could feel the weight of mum’s massive melons on his chest. He also felt her pushing her pussy against his leg. They kissed for several minutes. It all seemed so natural. Mum said, “Do you like how I kiss Jack? I love to kiss and cuddle. It is very important for me. I’ve missed not doing it for years now. It feels so good when we kiss.”

As Jack got the wine, he thought that mum couldn’t have said that better. He felt the same way. They generally chatted as mum fried the steaks. Mum’s coordination was excellent; Jack was starting to think what a dreadful affliction dementia bahis şirketleri was. Mum had changed into a top and leggings before she started cooking. She had an apron on. Her massive tits were jiggling as she moved. Jack, who usually would be watching television, was sitting in the kitchen sipping wine and talking to her.

Then mum said, “Jack, Dr Bill is an excellent doctor. He checked my prostate. It is over ten years since that was done. It’s crucial to have that done. I couldn’t believe it as he slid his finger up my ass. He was wearing surgical gloves and had lubed his finger. Everything was good. Then he slid a finger up my pussy. I was so wet. He kept both fingers in for around a minute, checking everything that he could. Everything was perfect. I enjoyed what he was doing. Don’t ask why my pussy was wet. He had been feeling my tits for five minutes before he checked my prostate.”

Jack couldn’t help himself; he started to laugh, then mum started laughing too. Jack said, “Mum, I love your style. Please always be as honest with me. I will always be honest with you.”

Mum came over and hugged Jack. They tongue kissed then she turned the steaks. Mum then said, “I got so embarrassed when I stripped naked. My pussy was just a big hairy mess. It looked disgusting. I had let it go to the dogs. Nobody is looking at or even interested in my pussy. When I left the doctors, I went to the beauty salon. They shaved my pussy for me. It feels so much better now. Jack, could you find out what the best men’s flexible headed razor is and get me one with some extra blades? I could use yours if you allowed me?”

Mum had such a beautiful look on her face, as he went to top up their glasses, he hugged her, they tongue kissed again, but this time Jack was feeling mum’s massive left tit. They kissed lovingly. Mum was pushing her pussy hard against Jack’s leg, then Jack said, “Mum, I’ve no problem with that. You can use my razor, the foam that I use has no alcohol in it, and there’s also Aloe Vera in it. That should help keep everything soft and smooth.”

It was so relaxed and natural. Mum then kissed Jack passionately, then said, “Thank you for allowing me that. It says so much. I would do the same for you. Jack, I like it soft on the outside, but I love something hard inside.”

As they kissed, Jack knew that he could look after his mum. He must find ways to slow down her dementia. They then ate, the steaks melted in their mouths. Jack said, “Mum, these steaks are delicious. We have plenty of room in the freezer. We should buy some more. How is that butchers sausages?”

“Jack, great minds think alike, I was thinking the same today, but I didn’t buy any. I will phone in the morning; I’ll buy their sirloins and T-bone as well as their sausages. The steaks are beautiful.”

It was too cold to sit on the balcony. Before they went into the lounge, mum said, “Jack, when we’re alone in the house, I’d like to dress a bit more casually. I like to wear lingerie, today I bought some gorgeous lingerie. I also bought some beautiful negligees, is it ok if I put one on when we sit in the lounge? They are see-through, but I feel so comfortable in them.”

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