Mutual Feelings Ch. 03


Nyssa started at the sound of something hitting the bathroom window. She had no idea how long she’d been there, Dean outside the door trying to convince her to come out. But she hadn’t been able to face him, not after what they had done. Fantasizing had been one thing, but the reality of it had just plain overwhelmed her and when he had told her he’d forgotten to use a condom her brain had gone into overdrive and she’d locked herself away… and then she’d done something which she wasn’t so sure was the right thing…

Flinging a wary look at the bathroom door she walked over to the window and dragged it open, then after sucking in a heavy breath she looked poked her head out the small window and searched the grounds dark grounds beneath her house until she saw a flash of blond.

“Luke?” She called, keeping her voice as low as possible, even though she was pretty sure Dean wouldn’t hear through the buffer of the shower head, she didn’t want to take the chance of being overheard.

“Hey, can you climb down?” Was the hushed reply that she heard.

Nyssa looked down at the pipes…hell she’d done this when she was a kid but she was a hell of a lot bigger now and the pipes might not be able to take her weight. She glanced back at the door. It was either down the pipes or out that door. Where Dean was still waiting for her.

Making up her mind she turned back to the window. “I’m coming.”

“Just be careful.”

It was trickier than she remembered, not to mention the damn robe always got in the way but she managed to climb down and thank her god that the pipes had held strong.

As she dropped down she fell straight into Luke’s arms and she jerked in shock at the unexpected feel of his hands on the lower back of her thighs as her robe rode up and he was forced to hold tight to her. She threaded her arms around his neck and caught her breath as he slid her down the length of his body until her feet touched the cool grass. Wordlessly, Nyssa looked up at his shadowed face and found herself breathless… and it wasn’t from the climb down.

“Wanna go?”

She nodded wordlessly and with one last look at the window of the house she allowed Luke to lead her away from the house.

* * *

She was sitting on one of Luke’s kitchen stools at the counter, her hands wrapped around a warm mug of hot chocolate. She’d had a shower and Luke had leant her a t-shirt and some sweats, both of which hung ucuz escort off her small slender frame. Luke was leaning against the counter, watching her quietly.

“Thank you Luke…” she spoke in normal tones for the first time since arriving at his place, “for helping me out.”

“I told you that any time you needed anything then all you had to do was call.” He murmured, lifting his shoulders in an elegant shrug that brushed away her gratitude. “Are you okay? You seemed pretty shaken up on the phone and then when I saw you, you didn’t seem any better.” He said quietly.

Nyssa felt herself tense and she made herself meet his steady blue gaze. “I – I panicked that’s all… confused, I felt…confused too.” She stuttered, lowering her gaze once more as images of her legs wrapped around her brother’s lean hard body filtered into her mind… his mouth on her breasts… his thickness thrusting inside her as he urged to ride him hard… Nyssa shook her head to block out the wayward thoughts, knowing well that thinking about it now was only going to make things worse.

“Why were you confused? Was it because I kissed you and Dean didn’t like it?”

Nyssa shook her head and felt her cheeks turn bright red. She’d never been a good liar. “No, no. That wasn’t it.”

“Then what is it?” He asked, a frown of confusion marring his attractive features. “What happened?”

Nyssa took in a deep shuddering breath as her hands tightened around her mug. “Dean… that is, Dean and I… we…” her eyes focused on her white knuckled hands and she took in another deep breath, “Dean was angry and so was I. He called me a slut or something,” she waved a dismissive hand as she couldn’t be bothered to dredge up the details now, “anyway I shouted at him, he shouted at me and then when I got home I went up to my room.” She sighed and looked up at Luke again. “Dean came after me.”

Luke looked puzzled when she didn’t elaborate and Nyssa had to strive to hold his gaze… and then saw understanding dawn as his eyes widened and his mouth fell open in shock. “You…?”

Her cheeks flaming and her eyes filling with tears Nyssa looked away and took a hurried gulp of the hot chocolate. She brushed her hair back with a shaking hand as she waited for his disgust.

“God Nyssa – he didn’t… force you did he?” he choked out.

Startled Nyssa snapped her eyes back to his face in an instant. “No! He ümraniye escort wouldn’t do that Luke!” She protested.

“Then… you were willing…”

Nyssa shook her head in confusion. “It all happened so fast Luke. It was like everything just started to build up and build up, it was all anger and insults and then suddenly he kissed me and I… I couldn’t,” she faltered and tried again, “I couldn’t…” she trailed of again and with a weary sigh she met his stunned gaze and told him the truth. “It was Dean.” She said with an almost imperceptible shrug.

Luke stare at her for a while and then he looked away and turned from her, bracing his arms on the counter, his head hanging low.

As she saw his reaction she felt her throat clog up with the threat of oncoming tears. “I’m sorry,” she choked on a sob, her hands tightening another inch on the mug, “you said I could come to you if I – I n-needed… so I -” she stopped when the tears started overflowing, she probably shouldn’t have come here, “if you want I c-can g-go. Really, I shouldn’t have -“

“No.” The short sharp word had her head snapping back. She watched warily as he strode around the counter and came to stand before her, taking her shoulders in his strong hands. “I said you could come to me didn’t I? Well your good here, I want you to stay here until I get this sorted out.”

Her eyes widened in shock “What?” She gasped.

“I understand why you gave in, it’s only natural when you’ve had an attraction that deep for Dean for so long. But you and him – it’s not right.” His grip on her shoulders softened. “I know how you feel about him and I understand that, especially after the talk we had but…” he sighed, he caught her chin and tilted it up so that her tear filled eyes were focused on him, “it would be extremely rough on you – this relationship.”

Nyssa pushed his hands away and stood up, placing the mug on the counter and looking around blindly at the kitchen. “I know that – I do Luke but…he’s the only one I’ve ever had feelings for, and they are strong feelings. I’ve told you about this, you know just how it is for me.”

Luke took a step closer to her and this time his hands settled on her waist, drawing her close against him. “You felt something for me earlier in the night didn’t you?” He came closer still. “You kissed me back Nyssa, and not in a joking way, you weren’t humouring me. You were pressed üniversiteli öğrenci escort tight against me, your arms around my neck… You were enjoying the kiss as much as I was, you wanted more just as I did. Am I wrong?”

The confusion inside her was clear on her face. What he was saying was true but all it did was confuse her further. Hearing this and recognising that what he was saying was true wasn’t helping her current state of mind much.

“Luke I -” she was cut off by his fingers sealing her lips softly. Her eyes flicked up to his face and her breath caught at the warmth she saw there. It was all for her… A frisson of excitement ran through her as she recalled their New Year’s kiss and her lips parted involuntarily.

“Think about it, hmm?” He murmured and then, he lowered his tall head and kissed her, right beneath her left ear, his tongue tracing lightly the outer shell of her ear and earning a gasp from her. She shivered slightly, her body going pliant against his even as he pulled her closer and moulded her slight curves to his leanness. She felt a soft kiss on top of her head and she couldn’t resist wrapping her arms around his narrow waist.

Seeking the warmth of reassurance amidst the chaos in her mind, Nyssa tipped her head back and glanced at him from beneath lowered lashes. “Okay.” She whispered, and then when he lowered his mouth to hers – she shoved away the taste of her brother’s mouth, her brother’s kiss and allowed herself to experience what she had experienced at the beginning of the new year, when things hadn’t been so complicated and she would’ve had a decent chance with this wonderful guy.

Dean hadn’t used a condom and she hadn’t told Luke about that… Luke picked her up, locking her legs behind him… but even as her body responded her mind wept for the fact that Luke was not her brother… and Dean was the guy she could never have…


Dean stood breathing heavily, his eyes narrowed in anger as he stared at the empty bathroom, splinters of wood all over the place and the door hanging precariously by two one hinge. The pulse of sound coming from the water as it rushed down from the shower head matched the beat of his heart as disbelief rapidly merged with anger.

It seemed that the start to the New Year’s wasn’t about to get any better.

To be continued…

(Hi, hope you weren’t disappointed by this latest part of the story but this is where I need your help. I like Dean and I like Luke so I’m not sure who she’ll end up with. So I’m putting it to a vote – so if you write a comment don’t forget to mention who you’re in favour of lolol and then I’ll write the last parts according to who you guys have chosen. Thanx for reading… Alicexxx)

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