My 21st Birthday Wish Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Open Invitation

After he had serviced me so well with his mouth, I felt it only fair to invite Peter to take me first. He knelt between my knees; I took hold of his tool and guided him into my welcoming pussy. He wasted no time and sunk himself all the way, paused a while then started off pumping slowly but soon speeded up. I could feel his urgency rapidly building and it wasn’t long before he thrust as far as he could and I felt his tool ejaculating his sperm into my depths.

Poor guy must have been on the boil after that session with his mouth but he had given me an explosive orgasm so I forgave him his urgency. But I needed more now, so as soon as he got up, I beckoned his twin. Paul had been in the background all the way: he hesitated almost shyly. Holding my arms out to him I said, “Love me, Paul. Just come and love me.”

He needed no further encouragement and settled himself between my spread legs and entered me enthusiastically but before he started pumping he took a hold of my breasts and began to suckle on my nipple. I pressed his head closer and my body tingled with this extra stimulation as he filled his mouth with my sensitive flesh.

Meanwhile, Matthew had been slowly stroking his erection: he got down near my face and offered his tool to my mouth. The head was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum and glistening in the dim light. I took hold of the proffered hard meat and licked it clean, pulling back the foreskin to expose the head. I sank my mouth around it, feeling the contours of the pulsing veins. As I was working with my tongue and lips, I was running my hand up and down the slick shaft and tenderly cupping and tugging on his testicles.

By now Paul had overcome any inhibitions he may have felt and his tool, penetrating me to the hilt and pulling almost all the way out before plunging to my depths again. Matt took a gentle hold on my head and started fucking my face. I felt so loved as these two wonderful pricks filled my pussy and mouth, with my breasts being mauled and teased, all combining to stoke up the fires in my belly again.

With a groan Paul increased the rhythm of his strokes, straining to pump his seed deep within my womb as my body arched to meet him. Matt, too, seemed near to climax so I sank my mouth down his yabancı escort tool as much as I could – I wanted to take him into my throat but our bodies were at the wrong angle so I contented myself with matching his movements, taking as much as I could, revelling in the sensations as two rampant pricks deposited their loads almost simultaneously.

I kept Matt’s sperm in my mouth, savouring the slippery texture then partially sat up and opened my mouth to show my trophy to them all, some of it dribbled out the corner of my mouth. “Stay like that!” cried Peter as he came over and kissed me, thrusting his tongue deep inside, duelling with my tongue as we fought for the last drop, passing the growing ball back and forth. I don’t know what Peter was feeling but to me the action sharing the sperm of one of my brothers with another was just so deliciously wicked.

We eventually broke our kiss and, as we parted, we both licked our lips at exactly the same time. We smiled and then started chuckling. I was suddenly overcome by a fit of the giggles: I don’t know what was so funny but every time I looked at Peter, he licked his lips and we’d both collapse in a heap again.

It took me a few minutes to get over it and then I noticed Mark. He was kneeling with the rest of my boys, holding that prodigious piece of manflesh in my direction with a hopeful look in his eye. Poor lad must have been feeling a little left-out, but I had saved the best for last and now I felt I could take on that monster. But I was going to be in charge on this one.

I stood up noticing the covers below me had a large wet patch and feeling another wet trickle running down my thigh. I drained my glass and poured another, taking a quick swig from that, too.

“Right,” I said, turning to face Mark, “we do this my way. Mark, on your back and hold that … that thing ready for me.” I knelt over him, swinging my breasts in his face, tracing a nipple over his lips until he took the bait and sucked it in. I didn’t care that my buttocks were totally open to the other boys’ gazes. I reached down and took charge of his tool and he moved his hands to my waist. I knelt up a little and felt the hard lump nudging at my pussy. I shuddered involuntarily and then pushed back a little, yeni escort wanting to get it inside me. Oh god, it was so big, stretching me to the edge of pain and beyond.

“It’s too much,” one half of my mind was screaming while the other half was plucking up the courage. My breath was coming in short pants as I pushed back again, forcing a hiss through my gritted teeth. Taking a few seconds to get used to the measure if it, I reached back to feel how much was left and almost wished I hadn’t. But I inched further back slowly until I felt his pubic bone nudge into mine. I had it all!

Sitting upright, with a grunt I impaled myself completely and held still for a while, feeling every inch of it as the head pressed hard against my womb, hurting me just a little, but nice kind of pain. I felt his prick twitch. “Mark, don’t you dare move an inch and if you come before I tell you, I’ll tan your bare arse.” He looked up at me and saw I was dead serious. His head dropped back and his face became a picture of concentration – he told me later he was trying to think of eating kippers and icecream: think of anything but the pressures of my pussy squeezing his prick.

Whatever, he gave me the breathing space I needed before I was confident enough to lift myself up a little then sink back down, savouring the fullness as I started moving up and down, each stroke getting bigger than the last until I was rising until the head was almost out before plunging down again. I was almost ‘there’ when Mark suddenly groaned, “Mary, please …”

“NOW …” I called to him, “Yes, yes, YES!” I felt that huge tool pulsing inside me – enough to send me over the top again as he grabbed my hips and rammed me down and himself up. Jeez, I’d never felt so full, so fucked, so heavenly until he eventually flopped back, spent. It took me a while to recover and I felt sad as his tool began to wilt inside me and all too soon it finally slid out leaving me feeling empty. I slid my body down his and took the softening flesh into my mouth to clean him off, tasting myself on him and the combined sperm of the three boys who had taken me.

I was then a little surprised to feel a mouth on my pussy, lapping at the mixture dripping from my pussy. Without looking, I just knew that would yenibosna escort be Peter. Carefully, tenderly but thoroughly he cleaned me out down there as I was trying to coax his brother back to life with every trick of my mouth I knew and was rewarded by that flaccid tool once again starting to harden up. My boys were all young men in their prime and with a willing – nay, eager – young woman ready to take them all on again.

For the rest of the evening they did exactly what I had asked them earlier. They all fucked me and fucked me and fucked me, everywhere and anywhere. Nothing was sacred to them and by the time they were all completely spent my body, face and hair were covered in their secretions, my nipples felt red-raw and my tits ached where Mark, at my urgent insistence in lust, had slapped them. My mouth, my lips were tender, my pussy was sore and ‘flapping’, even my breasts had been fucked and my anus was on fire after having taken them all in that place several times.

Yes, even Mark: I was on top of Paul with Peter’s cock in my mouth and Matt was getting ready to come all over my breasts as I was masturbating him when I felt Mark nudging at my back passage. I was already well-lubricated back there but it hurt. God how it hurt as he slowly but inexorably pushed all the way in but my cries were gagged by Peter so all I could do was hang on until the pain subsided and I could revel in having conquered that monster.

I was constantly floating in a Saturnalian trance and I don’t know what time it was that the boys helped me to the bathroom. Matt came into the shower with me and oh, so gently, soaped and washed me clean. The Twins tenderly patted me dry with soft, warm towels and Mark carefully dusted me with talc. I lifted my arms for them to slip my nightdress over my head, flinching a little as even that light material brushed over my tortured nipples then they led me to my bed and pulled the covers up.

I looked at the four of them, still naked and saw nothing but love in their eyes. “Thank you, all of you, for the best Birthday Party a girl could ever have. I love you all.”

Matt smiled back at me. “Thank you, Mary, for being the loveliest sister …” his smile turned to a grin, “and the sexiest Mum in the world.” He came and kissed me. “Good night, Mary; good night, Mum.”

They all kissed me in turn and each one called me Mum, their greatest accolade. I turned onto my side as they made for the door; my final thought was of 21 candles on a cake and the wish I made: that our family would continue to grow close and loving.

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