My Adventures with The Annes Ch. 10


Loving Nanny Ruth

Nanny Ruth is my Maternal Grandmother.

I suppose, in today’s parlance Granddad/Dad Bob Martins would be known as a ‘Babe Magnet’. He had absolutely no problem ‘pulling’ the girls. Having ‘pulled’ he didn’t play fast and loose with the young ladies affections either but stayed true to all of them. For their part they opened their hearts to his, their legs to his cock and their wombs to his seed. None of his women married. All remained true to him, his memory and his growing family.

It is known that five women bore him children, initially. It is widely believed that others, while happily accepting his cock, bore him no children. It is suggested that others, outside the immediate area also bore Bob Martins’s children. On Bob’s death it was found that he had made extensive provisions to support and sustain his burgeoning family in the form of trusts and legacy’s. The five ladies, his original(?) conquests are constantly trying to find other women that succumbed to his charms, that they might also benefit from his legacy. Nanny Ruth was one of the ladies leading the search.

Bob Martins also made full provision for those of his children that he also made pregnant. My Mother, Anne’s Mother and Sally’s Mother being but three of them. To his credit he also made full provision for any sons his ladies might bear and their off spring. As you will understand Bob Martins was a wealthy man, a successful businessman as well as successful womaniser. All his businesses passed into trusts, managed by the five original ‘wives’ of his harem, for that is precisely how they saw themselves. The wives or concubines of a polygamous man. They accompanied him, jointly or severally, to functions, galas or on business trips, taking it in turns to look after the growing families as necessary.

Nanny Ruth is my maternal Grandmother. My maternal Grandfather was, as you know Bob Martins who was also my father, as you also know. This was entirely due to my Mother, in common with all her known half-sisters, wishing to bear her Father’s child. Mum was, apparently, a late starter with regards bearing her Father’s child as she had hoped to bear her brother’s child. Unfortunately he died before she was able to become pregnant. Her Father, with her Mother’s active participation, helped in bringing this desire to a happy conclusion. He consoled her nightly after her brother’s death. Sadly I never knew Bob Martins in the capacity of Father or Grandfather as he died shortly after I was born. I now understand that I owe Nanny Ruth a great debt of gratitude and understand more clearly why she has taken such interest in my development over the years.

Nanny Ruth lived on the other side of town in Martins Crescent. A very nice Crescent containing only six, large, detached houses. The houses faced north with a large, crescent shaped expanse of grass between the Crescent and the main road. Along the side adjacent to the main road was a tall hedge of yew which gave the houses both privacy and significantly reduced noise levels from the main road. Although, as a child, I always thought it neat to have a whole road named after me it was only very recently that I had realised the true significance. Nanny Ruth lived in number 2. Julie’s mum, Nanny Angela, lived in number 5 with Mary in number 3. Carol in 4 and Catherine in number 6. Number 1 was the family HQ where the harem ruled the roost.

According to the company papers number 1. is for a woman called Valerie, if she is ever found and wishes to use it. In that event the top floor of the large office block in the town was to be used as the HQ. If Valerie’s off spring were to be located then they should receive the same treatment as the offspring of the other wives.

Bob Martins had tried to cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s.

### ### ###

Nanny Ruth didn’t look like anybody’s Grandmother. Much less a Grandmother with an eighteen year old grandson. She still turned heads wherever she went. She turned heads at Saturday’s rugby match and she looked particularly stunning whenever she joined the family outings to the local lido.

When I was young she was just another lady member of the family in a bikini like my Mother and Aunt Julie. Cousin Sally was ‘just a girl’. Even when the hormones started to pump around my body with a vengeance and I started to regret that Sally was my older cousin, Nanny Ruth, Mother and Aunt Julie remained Nanny Ruth, Mother and Aunt Julie, for a little longer.

As you will now understand, all that has changed with my understanding of my true relationships with the afore mentioned ladies. Before rescuing Anne from the pouring rain I’d had only one attempt at fucking a girl and that was a total failure. Since fucking Anne, the love of my life, I’ve fucked a further four women. Anne’s Mother, my own Mother, my Aunt Julie and her daughter Sally. All of which are absolutely fantastic! At a meeting with the above ladies I discovered that, not only had I been enjoyably zeytinburnu escort fucking my family members but to a girl/lady they were all my half-sisters.

This was later confirmed by my Father, who was not my father but my half-brother and Uncle Henry, who is, as you’ve probably worked out, also my half-brother. Both my (half) brothers welcomed me into the new understanding and I had the strongest feeling that they would also welcome my help with ‘looking after’ the female members of our extended family. A task with which I was only too happy to give all the help they required.

At the rugby match on the previous Saturday Nanny Ruth had claimed she had a problem with her bedside light and asked that I ‘pop round and take a look at it’. Traditionally any problems that Nanny Ruth had, were dealt with by Dave (Dad) or Henry (Uncle). If it was a big job then both would attend. Mum sent me round with a twinkle in her eye and the information that Nanny Ruth liked the job done properly and never rushed. She scheduled three quarters of a day. I set out early, freshly scrubbed after my night with Anne and Anne-too, and a spring in my step.

“Hello Martin, you’re early.” she greeted as she swung the door open inviting me in. For appearances sake I’d arrived in the company van, not my old, battered previously owned company van, and had carried my tool box up the driveway.

Nanny Ruth had obviously been up some time, she looked fabulous, fuckable, despite only wearing her housecoat. Her short housecoat. Her short, unbuttoned housecoat. As the door closed her other hand let go the sides of her housecoat allowing it to swing open.

Nanny Ruth still had a figure and what a figure! Legs to die for, they just went on and on even without the heels. ‘Probably where I got my height from’, I thought briefly as my eyes focused on her smooth, swollen cunt. Her labia were extended affording me plenty to suck and nibble before I pushed my cock deep inside. Her belly still had a good tone and her luscious tits didn’t suffer very much from the effects of gravity. I did some swift calculations. Nanny Ruth was in her mid fifties maybe. Certainly not yet in her sixties. Her body was that of a fit woman in her early forties, oldest. I looked up to her face after probably too long drinking in her body and imagining it underneath me, on top of me and crying out for more of me. She was smiling at me.

“Will I do?” she asked smiling happily, “fuckable?”

I looked up at the clock – nearly nine o’clock. My next appointment was at three. Six hours! I wondered happily if I’d still be alive then.

“Very! Not sure about the housecoat though.” I said for devilment.

She shook her shoulders in a practised way and the light covering slipped silently to the floor. OMG! WOW! My GrandMother, naked, was a work of art from her flowing silver blonde hair to her red fuck-me heels. I just hoped I wasn’t gawping open mouthed and drooling from both corners.

“Hummm, would you mind…” I stumbled to a halt.

How do you ask your naked Grandmother to do a slow pirouette? Just the thought of the thought made me smile. Your Grandmother is standing in front of you wearing nothing but fuck-me red heels and a cum-hither smile and you worry about asking her to turn slowly so you can enjoy all of her? You could ask her to do anything and she probably would. My cock, which had been growing all the way to Nanny Ruth’s house was now making a serious tent in my overalls.

“Do a little turn?” she suggested.

“Err, yes please, I’d love to see all of you, just as you are, if you wouldn’t mind?”

“When you’re wearing as much as I am, young man, I’d particularly like to see what’s causing that!” she said looking blatantly at my crotch.

One thing I was rapidly learning about the women in my family, they didn’t mince their words.

My overalls were clean, washed only that weekend in preparation for my first job Monday morning. Underneath my pants, my only other clothing, were also clean, of course, although I felt sure that there was more than a little wetness exactly where the tip of my cock was pushing hard against the cotton.

I’d stripped before enough beautiful women, of my own family, not to be in the least bit bashful and unbuttoned my overalls as quickly as I could without seeming to rush. In no time I was down to my waist. I kicked off my shoes and worked the tight overalls off my shoulders and down my arms.

“I’ll do the rest,” said Nanny Ruth stepping forward and kneeling at my feet.

“This is how I was introduced to Bob’s cock,” she said with a contented smile.

“What? Kneeling at his feet or naked?” I asked interestedly.

“Yes,” she responded happily. “It was a sunny spring Saturday. I was walking down the High Street when a sporty white, open topped car pulled into the kerb ahead of me. The passenger door swung open just as I reached the back of the car.

“Fancy joining me for aksaray escort a picnic?” asked the driver.

“I looked straight at him. He was stocky, wide. Light linen trousers, sports jacket and a hounds-tooth flat cap. He was swarthy, handsome and looked dangerous, interestingly dangerous. I knew who he was, Bob Martins, local entrepreneur, successful businessman and rich. It was the early fifties, there weren’t many cars about in those days. To have a car you had to have money. To have a sporty little car you had to have money to spare. It wasn’t the money that attracted me at all. It was his eyes. There were stripping me naked in the High Street! I loved it! I climbed in beside him.

“Where are we going?” I asked casually.

“Somewhere very quiet, so I can get to know you better,” he replied with a wicked grin.

“Most other girls would have demanded to be let out at that point. I wasn’t most other girls, I’d had lots of cock and knew exactly what he was expecting. I was old enough and happy enough to give him anything and everything he wanted, and more!

I was wearing practical shoes, little heals. A light summery skirt and a white blouse, opaque enough to only show the slightest trace of the bra underneath. Normally I’d have been wearing stockings. Men like to see that strip of bare flesh between stocking top and panties when the wind blows a skirt up, but it was too hot for stockings and suspenders and not a breath of wind to be had.

“Sounds like fun,” I told him, stretching my legs out I relaxed back into the seat.

“The town was much smaller then, more like a big village with ideas above its station. We were soon on the country lanes. He drove quite slowly for a sports car and reached over to try and raise the hem of my skirt so he could see more of my legs. I waited until he’d moved it up just above my knees then took hold of his hand and put it firmly back on the steering wheel. He looked at me with a grumpy grin. A sort of ‘how dare you?’ look. I smiled back at him, raised my bum off the seat and pulled my skirt up, under my bum at the back and resting on my tummy at the front. His grumpy grin instantly turned into a beautiful smile as he stroked the full length of my leg from knee to … I relaxed and enjoyed. The roads were very quiet. We didn’t see any other cars.

“Take your bra off for me?”

“It was half way between a suggestion and an instruction. Either way I didn’t even think of hesitating and started to undo my buttons slowly. Now I know I could have taken it off by unhooking it and sliding the straps out of the arms of my blouse but where was the fun in that? He wanted to see my tits and I had no problem with that at all. I watched him watching me and went slower. With all the buttons undone I spent time working the bottom out of the waistband of my skirt. Prolonging his agony deliberately. With everything free I took my blouse off completely. Sat beside him wearing only my bra up top and everything up to my panties fully displayed down below. Leaning forward I unfastened my bra, letting the back straps dangle down the side of my tits then sat back. I slid my arms out of the shoulder straps. By then Bob was driving at a walking pace. My bra was only held in place because it was a perfect fit. I took hold of each side and teased him by covering my tits with my arm and hand as I removed it. With it fully off I exposed my aching tits and erect nipples fully for him to enjoy.

“Where shall I put it?” I asked conversationally.

“I still hadn’t put my blouse back on, not even over my shoulders.”

“In the glove box,” he said pointing to the little latch in the dashboard, “but don’t forget it!”

“I opened the glove box and discovered a pair of frilly panties already in there. He didn’t bat an eyelid.”

“See,” he said, “that’s what happens when you forget to get dressed afterwards.”

” I didn’t bother to ask ‘after what?'” I knew.

I put my bra in with the panties, lifted my bum off the seat again and slid my panties down my legs and off. I put them in the glove box along with the other pair.”

“Don’t forget to remind me to put them on afterwards,” I told him.

“I didn’t put my blouse back on, just held it on my lap so I could cover up if another car appeared on the road. I didn’t want to cause an accident.

He pulled into a little parking place beside a five bar gate. It was chained shut with a rusty padlock, didn’t look as if it had been opened since the previous century. Beside the five bar gate was a footpath gate. He leapt out of the car and was opening my door only moments later. He helped me out, his eyes feasting on my naked breasts. I loved it! I didn’t even worry about listening for approaching cars. He reached over to the back seats and pulled out an old, grey ex army blanket with red stitching all around the edge. He passed it to me. I put my blouse over my arm and the blanket on top of it. He then passed me a bag, it was ataköy escort full of straw with a bottle neck sticking up and the bottoms of two glasses. He passed that to me as well. I took it in my other hand. He led me towards the little gate, opened it and offered me though courteously.

I stopped on the other side while he refastened the little gate. He stepped up behind me. There was the sound of a zip being unzipped and my skirt slid to the ground. I stepped out of it. He picked it up, took the bag from my hand and handed me my skirt to carry. Then he took the blanket and pointed down the pathway. He walked behind me watching my naked body enjoying the summer sunshine. I wriggled my hips invitingly. My cunt was dripping with anticipation and excitement, my tits were aching for his touch.

There was a field of crops on one side, on the other a wood. At a junction he called me to stop. He walked passed and patted my naked bum.

“I’ll lead from here,” he said turning to face me.

He didn’t move just stood and looked at my naked body. I could see his cock, hard and pressing against the front of his trousers. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. He led me into the wood, just a little way to a large beech tree. He went behind the thick trunk. I followed. There was an area beneath the big boughs that had obviously been swept clear of beech nuts and twigs. He’d clearly been here before and I wondered if it was where the other lacy panties were forgotten. He put the basket down then, with an easy flick of his wrists the blanket unfolded and he lowered it to the clear ground then tidied the corners. Taking my skirt and blouse he folded them neatly, placed them tidily at the corner of the blanket and stepped into the centre. He looked at me. I needed no instructions I stepped onto the blanket and knelt at his feet.”

Nanny Ruth looked up into my eyes with a smile that suggested many happy memories from that time on. She undid the last button on my overalls and began to work the material down to the floor while being careful not to dislodge my pants. I lifted my feet obediently when instructed only too aware of the massive boner that was trying to reach my belly button and freedom from the constricting pants. Nanny Ruth stared at my crotch and ran a finger tip up the underside of my cock.

“You’re leaking,” she observed.

“And who’s fault is that?” I asked reasonably.

“Mine,” she responded delightedly. “Glad to see I can still make a young man hard.” she added.

I was expecting her to peel off my pants and lead me to her bedroom, or somewhere but she did nothing of the sort. Nanny Ruth leant forward, pushing her face against my pants. She breathed deeply and sighed contentedly.

“Ahhh! Such sweet memories,” she murmured.

She began to nibble my thickness all the way up to the wetness and stopped.

“Seems such a waste to ignore this beautiful nectar,” she said and started to lick the glistening pre-cum off my pants.

Sucking the cotton covered head into her mouth she encouraged more pre-cum to leak. It felt incredible. I rested my hands tenderly on her head, unsure if that is what she wanted. She did and was soon happily accepting my assistance in forcing the cotton covered cock head into her mouth.

My Grandmother was giving me a blow-job like no other I’d ever had! She took a short breather while continuing to stroke my cock expertly.

“Don’t hold back on me Martin. I want you to cum in your pants then I’ll suck it through and leave some sticky mess so my Daughter knows what a naughty young man you’ve been!”

I fucked her face while she gobbled my cock and very quickly she had her wish. Spunk poured out of my cock and totally ruined my pants. She laughed and set about the task of cleaning everything up and making me even harder in the process. When she was satisfied that she’d drawn most of my spunk through the cotton of my underpants she turned the top down, exposing my cock and the sticky mess that she had missed.

“Waste not, want not,” she said happily and set about finishing the job.

I tried not to twitch too much when her mouth somehow missed my pants and sucked on my cock head which happened more often than not until she had finished to her own satisfaction.

“Now,” she announced, “let’s see what you’ve got that excites your sisters so.”

Placing her mouth over my knob end she started to work my underpants down and off.

“That’s better,” she said sitting back on her heels, “let’s have a good look at you.”

She smiled a little then nodded before reaching out with her left hand and taking hold of my cock at its very root. She worked her fist down ensuring that she hadn’t missed so much as a millimetre. Leaning forward she lightly brushed her lips across the helmet. My cock twitched. She chuckled and leaned back again. She placed her right hand on top of her left, again working it down to ensure there was no gap between the fingers, then wrapped her fingers around the shaft as much as she could. This time she went to great pains to ensure that my cock was hard into the palm of her hand and her fingers were fully extended. She looked at the gap between her fingers and at the exposed cock sticking out above her hands. She smiled again and nodded.

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