My Aunt Is Very Sexy


My father’s aunt Jeanne and I are lovers.

She is 72 and I am 18. How we became lovers is an interesting story.

She is the only member of my father’s family that lives near us. We see her all the time. She is a neat lady, cute and funny. She doesn’t look at all her actual age. She can always be found in her garden in the backyard, puttering around in shorts and a halter. I have always been sad that no men her age ever seem to be around. She claims that men her age aren’t much use to her.

I spend a lot of time at her house helping with chores, gardening or repairing. We painted her bedroom over the course of a few days. We had dragged every bit of furniture out into the living room, to make way for the work. She had gone out to get lunch, one afternoon and I was taking a break on the living room sofa. There was a box of photo albums next to me and I started thumbing through them. Upon finishing the fourth album, I looked into the bottom of the box and saw a shoebox hidden at the bottom of the stack. I uncovered it and pulled it out.

I got the shock of my life when I opened it. Inside were photos of Jeanne completely nude in various poses. I was immediately terrified of having found them but was also very turned on. She was beautiful! I continued through them noticing that they covered the many years of her life; some when she was quite young; some taken quite recently. In every one, I was dazzled by her beauty. Even now she had a gorgeous form; smallish breasts, with just a hint of sag; a beautiful bottom; a very small trimmed patch of pubic hair; a lean, sensuous back. I was erect immediately.

At the middle of her collection, there were shots of her and another man. I knew from other photos that this was not her husband of 38 years. I didn’t recognize him but noticed that he was endowed like some fertility god, with what must have been a 10″ penis. There were shots of her astride him, sucking on his cock and taking him from behind. She looked so hot! There were also shots of her making love with another woman. They kissed each other tits, and 69’d. There was even a close up shot of her eating this woman’s pussy. Incredible!

I could resist taking the box to the bathroom and jerking off. As I was just about to come, I heard the front door close. bağdat caddesi escort

“Jason? I’m back.” she called. ‘Oh shit!’ I thought I’m totally busted. I had a mental flash of the condition I had left her box of photo albums on the floor. I was frantically trying to get the photos back into the box, when I heard her at the door. “Are you in there?” she asked.

“Yeah. I’ll be right there,” I was trying to stuff my erection back into my shorts.

There was a long silence before she asked,

“Have you got my photos in there?”

“Photos?” I asked weakly. Totally fucking busted! Again another long pause.

“My nudes?”

“Um,” was all I could think to say.

I couldn’t stay in there forever. Slowly I turned the knob and opened the door. She was standing there looking at the box in my hand. She took it gently from me, then looked me in the eye.

“Lunch is ready,” she said calmly. I stared blankly for a second.

“Aunt Jeanne, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to…I was just…,” silence.

“I’m not mad,” she said softly, “I just don’t want them leaving this house. I’m not ashamed of being nude. I love being nude, as you can probably tell. The naked body is a beautiful thing. I just don’t think most people would really understand. I hope that you can help me keep my secret between us.”

“Oh yeah. Of course” I stammered. “I won’t tell anyone…” my voice trailed off as I noticed her staring at my erection.

“Did you like them?” she asked unnecessarily.

“Oh, you are so beautiful!” I gushed. “I love them!”

“So it would appear.” She whispered at my straining cock. “Come. Let’s eat.”

She said those last few words in such a way as to almost make me come in my pants on the spot.

Over lunch she told me about how he came to having so many photos of herself in sexual positions. Her husband had been an avid photographer. He was the one who had first photographed her in the nude. She enjoyed being the muse and after a few years had begun to pose for other photographers. The man in the photos was a close friends of theirs for many years. She loved making love with him, and her husband loved watching and taking pictures. The had been on vacation in Hawaii one year bahçelievler escort when they met the woman in the photos. Over the course of ten years as close friends they made love to each other often. Only very rarely, though, would she consent to being photographed.

“It’s been years since I’ve been photographed. After Ben died, I just lost the desire. Also, not having someone to take the pictures makes it tough.”

“God! I would love to take pictures like that,” I told her.

“Well, maybe we can work something out,” she whispered to me.

I almost came again, just from the idea that she was considering posing for me. I was taking photography in High School, but was getting bad reviews from my fellow students. They would die if I had a portfolio of nudes.

The subject was dropped for a few days. On the weekend she was taking me to the botanical gardens in S.B. as a thank you for helping her around the house. She wore a cute sun dress as we drove her convertible North.

“Did you bring your camera?” she asked.

“I always have my camera”

“Would you take my picture?”

“Sure.” I replied and then noticed her eyeing me suggestively. “What kind of picture?” I asked.

“What kind would you like?” I hesitated a moment. “Would you take me nude?”

I could only nod. “I would like that. Very much.” She said smiling.

She pulled off of the highway and drove far up into the hills. We parked and she told me that she wanted to visit a special place. She used to come here years ago.

We hiked through the hills a ways and came upon a small hot springs that fed a small pool.

“I have always loved it here.” She said as she dropped her bag and began disrobing.

I stood there stunned and watched as she efficiently stripped completely nude.

“Well, whip it out for me.” My mind was a blank. Did she mean…? “Your camera?” she chided.

“Oh yeah. Of course.”

I pulled out my Nikon and began shooting her. She was lovely! We spent about 20 minutes with me shooting and her playing and posing for me. I was painfully erect the whole time. She mentioned so several times.

“I want to shoot you too.” She told me. “Let me see you nude.”

I stripped slowly, self-consciously. bahçeşehir escort She spent a long time looking me up and down, gazing at my cock.

“Beautiful! I could just eat you up.” She said.

She took my camera and began snapping shots of me. She told me to lay back a bit, which forced my cock straight up in the air. I had begun to soften a bit.

“This is perfect, but I want you totally hard like before” she told me as she moved closer and began softly stroking my penis. “You have a glorious penis, Jason. So big and full. Yes, get hard, sweetie.” She bent and kissed the tip. “Can I suck on you, sweetie?” I simply nodded. “Mmm, yes. It’s been years since I had a cock in my mouth.”

She gave me the most incredible head ever. I hadn’t been blown before then, and I realize that with passing time the memory makes the experience seem better, but it truly was the most passionate and fabulous blow job ever.

“Oh sweetie! I love sucking you!” She would stop and photograph me and then suck me some more. “Let it go baby. Fill my mouth with your sweet come. Shoot it in me, sweetie!” I did. I let go a load of cum like I never have before or since. She made the sexiest surprised sound as my load filled her mouth to overflowing. She gulped and swallowed heroically, though.

“God!! What a sexy load!” she gasped, after finally allowing my cock to plop free of her velvet mouth. “Sweetie, you come like a horse!” she was panting. “What wonderful, tasty come!” She continued to gently stroke me as if she were afraid to let go lest she never get my cock back. I was perfectly speechless. “It was good wasn’t it?” she grinned at me, with a wide cummy grin. I simply nodded.

“Fuck!” was all I could manage.

“Maybe.” She said quietly. “Just maybe.”

We soaked for awhile, as I recuperated. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Her soft tits bobbed in and out of the water. She just lay there watching me watching her tits.

“You like them?” she asked. I nodded. “Come. Come sit with me” I slid over next to her. “Have you ever touched a woman’s breasts before?” I shook my head. “Come around in front of me.” She took my hands and placed them on her tits. I gently explored, squeezing and caressing them. “Mmm hmm.” She moaned. She grasped my penis, which was hard again already. “Such a handsome penis, you have. You have quite a big cock.”

We stayed like that for awhile. I could have stayed like that for hours. Her hands were soft and sexy as they stroked my erection. “Kiss them.” She said. I leaned in and drew a nipple into my mouth. “Mmmmm, yes! Ohhh that’s good!”

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