My Aussie Fantasy


They’ve known each other for some time now. Despite the fact that she lives in the United States & he lives in Australia. Worlds apart, they’ve connected. It was like magic, & it seamed like so long ago, yet at other times, it seams like only yesterday she made that first hesitant first contact. Now, she’s on her way across the globe to meet him, face to face. What a meeting it will be. She feels like a schoolgirl experiencing her first crush, but this is much more intense then that. She wonders what he’ll think of her, her looks, her voice, and her feelings for him.

Her flight arrives, on time for a change, & she gathers her things, & prepares to leave the plane. Walking down the gang plank, she sees him, he’s even more handsome then his photo, which she’d clutched tight to her breast through the entire flight, he’s so casino oyna masculine looking it takes her breath away. As if she couldn’t be any more nervous, her knees start to tremble. Just as she’s ready to lose her balance, he catches her. Before she can say a word, he kisses her sweetly, ever so passionately. What lips, they’re just as she dreamed they would be. His arms still around her, they walk to retrieve her luggage, & then proceed to his car. He tells her he has some wonderful plans for their time together. She doesn’t bother to ask what, she knows, anything he’s planned will be made very special.

After first relaxing ride through the beautiful countryside, they arrive at his home. She knew it would be wonderful, just like him. He leads her inside, taking her hand, he shows her around. They come to the bedroom slot oyna where she’ll be staying. She tries to hide her disappointment but he sees the look on her face before she can hide it and says he wasn’t sure if she’d be more comfortable in here, or in his room. He didn’t want her to feel pressured. She says he’s very thoughtful, but where would he prefer her to sleep?

He takes her into his powerful arms, he brings them one by one, to his hungry mouth.

She can’t stand the agony any longer. She slowly starts to remove her blouse, she watches his face for a reaction, and his eyes are very approving. He slips his arms around her waist, pulling her to him. After a very lingering kiss, he removes her remaining clothing. Thus, she stands before him, naked, she slowly spreads her fingers over it. Putting her lips canlı casino siteleri to the tender spot between his pecks, she slips her tongue out to taste him.

Being this close to him she can catch a faint scent of his cologne. How wonderful he smells. While her lips & tongue search over his chest, her hands begin to undo his pants. She can feel his desire for her grow. When she is finished, he steps out of them. Standing before her in nothing but his black, silk boxers. She is amazed at his beautiful body, all she wants to do is explore every inch, with her tongue, & she starts to do just that. She searches out his hands, & starts to suck on his fingers, one by one, to show him what is yet to come. She proceeds to his chest once again, down his abs, to his stomach. She continues to search out the rest of his body with her mouth.

She finds his groin, he shoots hot cum into her awaiting, mouth.

My question to you is, “Did she spit, or swallow

(In all reality, I would take a nice hot shower before hand, would you care to join me?)

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