My Awakening: Graduation Day

Big Cock

Sorry for the delay in posting anything new, but my current chapter is taking a little longer than expected, but it is coming along. The story is shorter than previous entries, but it had been intended to be a part of the next chapter. I decided rather to whet your appetites and deliver it sooner. I hope you enjoy it.

This is a continuation of my previous series. So it will be helpful to have read the previous stories beforehand. If you haven’t read them, they involved Hailey’s sexual awakening at the hands of her sister. It ended with a lesbian orgy with her sister’s friends. The following series took place during Hailey’s Spring Break and told of her continuing sexual awakening with her sister’s friends.

All characters depicted having sex are over 18.


After Spring Break, life went back to normal. I did have a couple sleepovers with Marissa and Olivia, also Naomi and Becky, but overall time was speeding through the school year. And I was anxious to get out of high school, once and for all. I’d seen the other side. Spending time with my sister’s (I still think of them as hers even though they were mine too) friends at their colleges, I could tell college was where I belonged. I was also giddy at the idea of rooming with my online friend, Hannah.

It took a while to get my nerves up to discus my collegiate decision with my parents. I eventually did, though. I had texted my sister to see if she was available for a phone call. On the night she had time and my parents were home for dinner, I set my phone down on speaker so I could tell my family where I was going to school. My sister was ecstatic. My mom was happy for me, but was saddened that I wasn’t going to be closer to home. My dad hugged me and told me how proud he was of me. I had suggested, to appease my mom, that since both Kaitlin and I were in California they could move their as well. I mean surely California needs nurses and accountants, right? But they told me I needed space away from them to expand my wings.

I did go to my Senior Prom. Paige set me up with her younger brother. It turns out he was gay, but wasn’t ready to come out of the closet. I couldn’t say I blamed him. There are still quite a few people that take issue with homosexuality, and I had seen some of the bullying done at my school. So the plan was to go to prom and hide his preference. Hopefully, I could act well enough to help him out. I finally got to wear the dress I got for the last prom. I went to Paige for hair and nails. She did highlight my hair with blonde streaks. Being a freshman, I wasn’t sure how Lucas was going to pick me up. I was surprised when I opened the door and saw a limo out front. I ushered Lucas into the house so mom and dad could meet him and take the requisite photos. We also had to make it to his house where his parents and Paige and James did the same thing. He had made reservations at a nice restaurant and after dinner we went to the dance. I had a great time with Lucas. We danced and talked. He even managed to give me a kiss, a simple peck on the cheek, when he walked me to my door that night. I flopped back on my bed rehashing the night. Sure, I might have wished for a different partner that night, but it had still been memorable. One of the best, in fact, in that school. That it came so late in my high school experience was a bummer, but it did come.

The wonderful and dreadful day came—Graduation. Wonderful because I could finally leave the halls of this high school. Dreadful because I was the valedictorian and, as is customary, had to speak in front of my peers. Kaitlin had shown up a couple days early. She would be laying on my bed, distracting herself in her magazines while I typed up my speech. She listened raptly at all of my variations. When I finally felt I had an adequate one written, I was exhausted. I flopped back on my bed. Kaitlin scooted over closer to me.

“My little sister, the valedictorian. Wow.” I smiled at her praise. She turned her head towards mine. “So you haven’t said anything about what your plans are for college.”

Taking a deep breath, “Well, a friend of mine—we met on World of Warcraft—is going to USC as well. So we decided to get a dorm together. I was looking at the course catalog and want to major in Game Design. Other than that, I don’t have any plans.”

“Oh.” I heard the hurt in her voice. “I was hoping, I don’t know…maybe, had you wanted to…that, y’know, you might want to…stay with me.”

“I do. But I’ve seen campus life and I want to experience it, too, for myself. I have someone I think can be my best friend and she wants to share a dorm. She even decided on USC because I did. I can’t really tell her that I’d rather share an apartment with my sister.”

She smiled at me. “You really have grown out of your shell, haven’t you? Well, at least we are close again and you can crash at my place any time. Speaking of which, I asked mom and dad for their permission. It’s early, I know, but my graduation present to you is a ticket to California.”

“Really?!?” beşiktaş anal yapan escort She nodded her head enthusiastically. I rolled over on top of her to give her a hug. She grabbed my head and planted a deep, passionate kiss on me. Our tongues were battling with each other, swirling in each other’s mouths. We were gasping for air when the kiss ended. I rolled back over and lay back looking at my ceiling.

Catching her breath, “It’s for one month. That way you can explore the area, hit the beach, maybe hit on your friend.” She winked at me.

“It’s not like that. I mean, I don’t even know if she’s, y’know, like that. But it would be nice to hang out with her while I’m down there.”

We talked some more about college life and plans for the summer. We talked until the wee hours of the morning, but never once broached the subject she was probably wanting to ask the most. What were my feelings for my sister. We didn’t fool around at home, except for that one kiss. Partly, because we didn’t want to get caught; I still had a couple days of classes and at night our parents were home. Partly, I think, she wanted to give me time to decide if I wanted to continue from Winter Break. That month she was home, she had been the one to instigate and push me out of my box. She had left telling me she needed to stay away so I could decide. Decide if I wanted her. So maybe she is waiting for me to initiate any further sexual interactions. But right now, I was just too busy thinking of the remainder of my high school tenure and graduation and the impending speech I had to make.

Graduation finally came. It was a boring affair, but I made it through my speech without mumbling or stumbling over my words. I even got a standing ovation from my classmates. Maybe because I was done. Maybe because they truly liked it. I don’t know and I didn’t question it. My family and friends—Naomi, Marissa, Paige, Olivia, James and Becky, even Randy—were in the audience cheering as well. Afterward, we all went to dinner. After much debate about how to split the check, my dad settled it by paying for everyone’s food.

We adjourned to my house where there was cake and ice cream. I was seated in the middle of the living room. My sister even placed a cheap plastic tiara on my head and a matching scepter in my hand. Behind me was a banner that read ‘Congratulations, Hailey.’ Mom, of course got a picture of me. Then, the girls got on their knees in front of me and the guys stood behind me. When I saw the picture, I laughed. It looked like, in my eyes, like the girls were my servants and the guys my bodyguards. Of course, it probably only looked that way because I knew what happened between all of us. My parents got into one picture with me. My sister joined for the next one. Finally, it was a picture with just the two of us.

After the pictures, I was handed present of present. I had so many presents. They ranged from practical, like towels, to clothes and jewelry, to keepsakes. Each of the girls had two gifts. One item would be clothes or towels or something useful like that. The other was an item that instantly reminded me of them. Just a little memento that I could recognize. Each gift I opened the memento would be packed on top of the other item in the box. Since each person was giving me the gifts individually, I would immediately hug them with tears streaming from my eyes. They were touching reminders that everyone here loved me. The guys, not knowing me as well as the girls, got me gift cards. My sister, got me a bikini. I had looked at her incredulously, but she shrugged her shoulders and told me I’d need one for the beach anyway.

When my parents came to give me their gifts, they had armfuls. They proceeded to give me gifts from family members that couldn’t make it. Mostly, they were gift cards. Then I got to my parents’ gifts. The first one was a Visa card. I was told that during college, on the first of every month $1000 would be placed into the account to be used how I wanted. This was on top of the meal plan and books. I had income, so to speak, I could use to go out or buy clothes. I was also given a laptop, mini refrigerator and microwave for the dorm.

After the gifts were opened, my parents stood up from their seat. “We thought it best to get a hotel room so you can enjoy your celebration without having to worry about disturbing us. Plus, your mother and I would like some alone time.” Mom smacked dad on the shoulder. Dad just grinned. I ran up and hugged him and mom. I thanked them, again, for the gifts. My parents, then, went to their room. We decided open our box of double-twelve dominoes and play a game of Chickenfoot. Mainly, we were biding our time until the parentals left. Plus, this gave us time afterward to make sure they stayed gone. So we went to the dining room table and started our game.

Emerging from their room, dad with his hands full with their overnight cases, mom said, “We are staying at the Hilton. If there is any problems, beşiktaş bdsm escort don’t hesitate to call. And, young lady, make sure the house is cleaned up before we get home.” My mom was always the one that set the guidelines. Dad was a lot more laid-back and easy going. He would still dish out the punishments as was warranted, though.

“Don’t worry. We won’t be back until 5 or 6 pm. Your mother wants to do some antiquing so it could be even later than that. Just make sure I still have a house standing so I have a place to store all of her purchases.” He gave a lop-sided grin. “I, or we rather, are very proud of you, Hailey. Of both of you. It will be hard to see you both gone out of our house, but…” Holding back tears, he couldn’t finish his sentence. Both Kaitlin and I ran up and gave him a hug. We pulled mom in for a family hug.

“Thank you, so much, for everything. Not just the gifts, but everything else as well.” I was quickly losing my own fight not to cry. Separating from each other, mom and I were drying our eyes.

“Okay, you two, scoot. We have a party to start.” She looked over at me. “I think the first thing we do is remove the back wall. It’d be so much easier to get to the backyard without that wall.”

“Ha ha, young lady. If there are walls missing, guess what. Tomorrow you start your career in construction. Okay, Lily, I guess that’s our cue to leave.” When they got to the front door, I thought I heard mom mutter something about her girls growing up too fast. But I was quickly yanked to the table, where we resumed our game. As the game ended, the guys got up and, congratulating me once again, left the house.

Naomi and Paige headed outside as well. When they returned, they had more gifts with them. Placing them on the table, I was instructed to open them up. The first one I opened was a schoolgirl outfit. I lifted it from the box and noticed the blouse would barely hide my breasts and the skirt wasn’t even long enough to cover my ass. I looked around and the girls were all giggling. “It’s a sex costume. For role-playing.” Naomi explained to me. I put it down and continued opening the gifts. I had accumulated more sex toys, lingerie and two sexy costumes, not including the schoolgirl. Once these gifts were opened, I was instructed to take the outfits and come out wearing one, my choice.

I went to my room and laid out the costumes, trying to decide on the schoolgirl, cheerleader or fairy. I decided to go with the schoolgirl look. I put on the ensemble and looked in the mirror. The blouse was the kind you tied between your breasts, but had a collar that buttoned at the throat. This left a huge hole from my collarbones around my chest leaving much of my breasts exposed. The set also included a zip-up tie which hung between my breasts. The plaid, pleated skirt was so short that, if not worn properly, my pussy would be exposed if I wore it too high or too low. Placed strategically, however, it would expose neither. At least for the short interim. I am sure walking in it would do nothing to hide what lay underneath. I also had white thigh-high stockings and cheap black shoes.

Walking out of my room and turning the corner, I noticed the table was cleared from the debris of my gifts and discarded wrapping paper. As soon as I emerged, all eyes were on me, lips were licked and a few gasps were heard. Let me tell you, nothing got me wetter than six sets of eyes looking at me like I was Little Red Riding Hood and they were wanting me to ride their Big Bad Wolves’ tongues. I had a devilish thought of getting that costume for myself. I sauntered over to them. I decided to get into this role-play and said, “I am so glad you were all able to meet me here together. Makes it easier for me to make this request.” I bit my lips as I tried to personify a shy, innocent schoolgirl. “As you all know, I am struggling in each of your classes. I was hoping you might…be willing…or rather…have some extra credit I might be able to do? I’ll do…anything…to help my grades.”

Smiling wickedly at me, Naomi spoke first, “Anything?” She looked at her cohorts, “Well, with the long hours I, personally, have to put in at this job, I haven’t had a chance to really enjoy anything…tasty.”

“Yeah, I too am a bit…peckish. It’s a good thing we have a…tasty, as you put it, morsel…right here in front of us.” Olivia mentioned, licking her lips. Was she recalling her Hailey split, that she called it, she finally got a few weeks ago? I shuddered thinking of all these tongues on me.

Marissa walked behind me and said, “I think we all agree to your…extra credit…as long as you stand by your claim to do…anything.” She was rubbing her hands on my ass. When she finished talking she smacked my ass, hard. The girls could all hear the smack. I jumped as this was not at all expected. “Why don’t you just sit on that table. Prepare to be feasted on.”

I eagerly sat on the table, my legs dangling. Becky and Olivia began to firmly but gently push beşiktaş elit escort me so I was lying on the table. Naomi and Paige were standing on either side of the table, awaiting my back’s landing on the table. They untied my blouse and each one took a side and peeled it off of my breasts. Ignoring the collar and tie, I soon had two mouths sucking, licking and nibbling on my exposed breasts.

Meanwhile, Becky and Olivia were pulling down my skirt. I had not put on any underwear as I felt it unnecessary. Marissa saw this and spoke up, “Oh you naughty girl, do you often come to school without panties on? Have you no decency?”

“I…I’m S-s-sor-r-ry, M-m-miss M-m-ma-mar-ris-sa.” I wanted to say more but I was gasping too much. The two mouths and the role-playing were having quite the effect on me.

Marissa looked at Becky and Olivia and instructed them to lift my legs over their shoulders. Passing a devious look between each other, they did so. Except since the instructions were left ambiguously, they placed my legs on their outside shoulder, thus opening my legs widely. Marissa began running her hands over my mound and slit. “Unfortunately, Hailey, we can not let your indiscretions go unpunished.” My eyes went wide as she quickly brought her hand down and spanked my ass with a loud crack. She then began stroking my slit again. I was getting so close, but she removed her hand. Again, another smack on my ass. She continued this until I could feel my butt cheeks burning, but my impending orgasm was denied me. Finally, she looked over at first Becky then Olivia and said, “Okay you two, I think her punishment is over.” She got out from between my legs, but no sooner had she vacated her spot that it was filled by the two girls with my legs still spread on their shoulders. I soon had two mouths and tongues fighting over my pussy.

I tried to get a view of everything that was going on, but my head wouldn’t cooperate with me. I would lift it up, but I would soon throw it back at the sensations flooding my body. Or it would just roll around on the table. It was during one of these moments that Marissa, grabbing my rolling head, held it firmly and said, “If you want to have your passing grades, you can’t just lie there. You have to work for it.” With that, she climbed onto the table and planted her pussy on my mouth. I eagerly started lapping at her slit and was soon tongue fucking her. I heard her say, “Kaitlin, it’s not fair to not let you just watch. Come here.” I heard a scraping noise behind me. Then, I felt a pair of feet on my shoulders. Finally, I felt Marissa lean forward. My curiosity piqued, I looked back as much as I could and saw my sister. She was slouched in a chair (the scraping noise must have been the chair being moved) and her ass was on the table (thus the feet on my shoulders). My vision was blocked when Marissa’s head went down on my sister’s pussy.

I have no idea how long this went on for, but I soon was licking up Marissa’s juices followed shortly by my own orgasm. Pussies and mouths changed, but I wasn’t let off the table until I had pleasured each one of the girls. As I pleasured one, I was also brought to orgasm. So, doing the math, I had had five orgasms before my sister’s turn came up. I was thirsty. My back was sore. I lay on the table as a glass of water and some pillows were fetched for me. During this intermission, my sister came up to me. “I’ve cum tonight already. If you aren’t ready to have sex with me, I’d understand. It’s been a while since Christmas and…” I silenced her with a kiss.

Pulling back, I looked in her eyes. “I don’t know what the future holds, but I want you now. If it becomes more, or if it eventually ends, I don’t care right now. For now, I want to do this.” She smiled at me. I leaned over when my glass of water came and drained it quickly. I shifted a bit to allow the pillows to be placed under me. Once I was in place, my sister climbed on to the table. This time was different, though. Rather than have all the peripheral attention placed on me, my sister mounted me in inverse. She was going to 69 with me. Before I had my vision blocked, I saw the girls head to the living room. Naomi was leading Paige and Becky while Marissa and Olivia were fumbling around the furniture too busy focusing on each other than where they were going. I saw them fall over the couch before all I could see was my sister’s pussy.

I started kissing and licking Kaitlin’s pussy. Small moans and little mews would escape her mouth, but then I felt her tongue on my well-used pussy. I moaned my arousal in her pussy and she in mine. Unlike my previous orgasms tonight, we took more time enjoying the moment as we used our mouths on each other. The goal was the same, for both of us to have an orgasm.

Kaitlin’s tongue worked slow magic on me, bringing little whimpers of delight out of my mouth. I had to take a break as I was enjoying her ministrations, but it wasn’t long before I was back licking my sister’s pussy. I paid equal attention to every inch of her most private place. I let my lips flutter and blow, kissing instead of penetrating her swollen lips. I pulled on them lightly, suckled on them and rolled them between my own lips. When I switched my attention to her clit, she laid feather soft kisses on mine. She gradually increased the pressure of the kisses until she suckled my clit into her mouth.

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