My Best Friend’s Dad Ch. 02


Authors advisory.

This is a follow on to the story I published a short while ago titled My Best Friend’s Dad.

It would be advisable to read that first, but if you do not wish to this should stand alone as a stirring erotic tale.

Both stories incidentally are true.


Sammi had dressed carefully. She wasn’t absolutely sure what she had in mind. After all, she had never seduced anyone before, but the possibility of seducing her best friend Sara’s dad was buzzing round her brain as she showered, did her hair then chose the clothing she was to wear to go to the divorced Mark’s house.

She was wearing a crisp, white cotton, button up the front blouse. It wasn’t tucked into the waist band of the blue denim, micro skirt that ended some nine inches above her knees. Having left the top three and bottom two buttons undone, she knew full well just how much flesh she was showing both above the blouse around her breasts and beneath the hem around her waist and tummy button. She hadn’t bothered with a bra, but had thrown on a long, mid-thigh length grey woollen cardigan that she wore undone..

She had a sort of plan, but deep down she didn’t expect to see it through. In the back of her mind was the idea of seducing him; well not physically doing that by grabbing his cock or anything like that. In her mind, it was more make herself so sexually appealing that he wouldn’t be able to resist her. Part of her felt that he fancied her. She had seen the look in his eyes that she’d seen with other boys and the one older man she’d been with. But she wasn’t sure, you never can be with men she thought. Mark might well fancy her and might imagine having sex with her, but would he take the risk? Would he try to fuck an eighteen year old, close friend of his daughter who knew his wife and many of his friends? There was a lot at risk. And on top of that he could well have a strong resolve, high morals in that area and maybe a distaste of fucking eighteen year old kids? But she was determined to put herself in the position to test him, although she didn’t feel she could make the first move, girls just don’t do that do they, at least not with a man old enough to be her father.

“I am sorry to do this Mark” she said as they stood opposite each other in the kitchen.

Mark felt so nervous. Other than fleeting moments when Sara had left room, he and Sammi had not been alone together.

“What’s the problem Sammi?” He asked as she slid the cardigan off and dropped it on a chair.

“They are rowing something terrible again.”

“Oh dear, I’m sorry” Mark said feeling giddy at seeing all the bare flesh.

In the flip flops and with the micro skirt her tanned legs seemed to go on for ever. He could see a slash of flesh round her waist, more on her chest and above her boobs where the blouse gaped and on her arms from the elbows down. Her golden, blonde hair looked perfect settling down onto the white cotton covering her shoulders and as she looked at Mark her blue eyes seemed to bore into him.

“Thanks Mark I just had to get away from him” Sammi said softly looking at where the zip on the top of the track suit was undone showing his thatch of dark but greying hairs on his chest. He was clearly not wearing anything under the top and that made Sammi wonder immediately if he was wearing anything under the trousers. The idea made her tingle. ‘Maybe I’ll find out soon’ she thought imagining sliding her hands down the front and finding his cock.

“By the way would you like a drink?”

“May I have wine like you have?”

He poured her a glass and walked her into the lounge.

“Can I get you anything to eat, perhaps some cheese and biscuits?”

“Mmm that would be lovely” Sammi said plopping down on the sofa where she had been fucked by Bill.

That made her think whether she would get to be fucked again on it smiling as the saying ‘lightning not striking twice in the same place crossed her mind’ as she added. “I haven’t eaten all day” looking at Mark’s new Microsoft Surface on the arm of the sofa.

Fixing the small meal in the kitchen, Mark could feel his cock hardening at the thought of being alone with Sammi. He doubted that anything would happen and deep down he probably didn’t want anything to happen as the repercussions could be truly awful. What he couldn’t make his mind up on was whether he would be able to resist the temptation if it was offered!

Rearranging his rampant cock and thanking his lucky stars that the tracky trousers were loose he carried the tray with the platter of cheese, plates, knives, biscuits, and grapes into the lounge. ‘Oh fuck’ he thought seeing Sammi sitting in the corner of the sofa. The front of the cotton blouse was gaping showing a deep cleavage and hinting strongly that she wasn’t wearing a bra. With her feet tucked up beneath her the stupidly, but wildly excitingly short skirt was almost up round her waist. Knowing that he was being ‘older man stupid’ that made him wonder whether she was wearing panties As escort ataşehir he placed the tray on the table he had to bend down and his eyes were at a level and angle where almost, but not quite they could confirm whether she was or not.

I’ll just get the wine he said returning to the kitchen almost in a hot sweat. ‘How the hell am I going to see this out without trying to fuck her?’ He asked himself picking up the bottle of Shiraz and two glasses. Back in the lounge he went to sit in a chair the other side of a coffee table to Sammi when he saw his Surface on the arm near her. Realising in a panic that he had left it on xhamster he unthinkingly leaned across the table and past Sammi to reach for it. Sammi seeing him leaning forward momentarily thought he was going to kiss her. She sat upright, which pushed her little tits up ready to receive his hands and mouth, but then saw that he was reaching for the tablet. ‘Bollocks’ she thought saying.

“Here let me” as she picked it up causing it to come out of migration. They both saw the image on the screen of pictures advertising a dozen or so porn videos. ‘So that’s how he gets his rocks off is it?’ She thought handing it to him. Sammi couldn’t help smiling at the guilty expression on his face, but admired his coolness when he also smiled and said.

“All in the pursuit of research you understand” he said taking the incriminating little computer.

“Of course” she smiled back.

They ate and drank in silence for a few minutes. Both were on tenterhooks and were looking for signs from the other. Signs that they might or signs that they wouldn’t. But of course none came and even if they had it was unlikely either would have had the confidence to accept them, just yet!

Mark was trying surreptitiously to look up Sammi’s skirt or down her top and was imagining himself undoing the remaining few buttons on her blouse or yanking her skirt up round her hips. At the same time she was still fantasising about sliding her hand inside his track trousers and grabbing his cock, the outline of which she thought she had seen as he leaned across the table. ‘He’s got a stiffy’ she thought, her pulse racing at the idea at what she had done to this so much older man.

“So you were saying about home.”

“Yes it’s got awful” she said looking very crestfallen.

“I don’t want to pry Sammi, but in what way?” Mark said feeling hugely sorry for her.

“That’s ok Mark” she replied looking at Mark and seeing the concern on his face. “They really row pretty much all the time, it’s getting violent.”

“What physically?”

“No violent wasn’t the correct word, perhaps aggressively. I don’t think he hits her, but they both get drunk and all hell breaks loose.”

“I see.”

“Do you Mark? I don’t think so, you and Eleanor were never like that” Sammi said mentioning Mark’s ex-wife who she had known since she and Sara started school.

“No that’s true.”

“But they are” Sammi went on as she felt the tears welling up. “And it then gets worse.”

“Oh Sammi please don’t” Mark said getting up and walking round the table. “I hate to see you like this. What is it?”

“I feel ashamed as if it’s my fault.”

“What is?”

“No Mark I can’t” she said feeling very upset, but also hugely excited as he sat beside her on the sofa.

Not thinking of the sexual connotations, he put his hand on her shoulder. The feel of his fingers through the thin cotton was like an electric shock to Sammi. ‘I don’t want your bloody hand there Mark I want it on my tits’ she thought slightly pressing back against Mark’s hand.

“Please tell me to mind my own business love, if you want” Mark said revelling in the feel of his daughter’s friend’s shoulder under his hand. He looked down and his gaze went inside the slightly gaping front of her blouse. He could see most of one breast almost to the nipple. His erection that had subsided as they had talked ‘reared its ugly head’ again. He so badly wanted to push his hand down her shirt and grab her little tit that he surprised himself when he didn’t do that.

“No it’s ok” Sammi said quietly looking at him and wondering whether that was lust in his eyes. “Ask whatever.”

“How does it get worse?”

Sammi had been half dreading, but half wanting this to be asked.

“He tries it on with me?”

“What sexually?”


“Oh shit and with Jan there?”

“Not right there, but yes in the house. I lock my door every night in case he comes in.”

“Has he tried?”

“Yes a couple of times he has come into my room when mum was downstairs.”

“And did anything happen?”

“No, but I feel terrible and dirty and ashamed. That’s why I now always lock it when I am changing or having a shower and always at night.”

“I’m so sorry” Mark said without thinking slipping his arm round her shoulders and cuddling her to him.

Her shoulder was squashed against his chest and the outside of their upper legs were pressed together. His hand was wrapped kadıköy escort round her upper arm, his fingertips almost, but not quite touching against the side of her breast. They both felt the tension of the heightened sexual atmosphere. His face was in her golden hair, she rested her head against his broad chest and neither spoke or did anything for a few moments.

‘Will he go further now?’ Sammi asked herself feeling safe and secure, yet highly aroused being in his strong arms. ‘Oh God I so want him to’ she mused adding as an afterthought. ‘I think.’

‘She’s showing no resistance’ Mark thought wondering if he should try something. She felt so small and vulnerable, but also so extremely desirable.

He could hardly believe how much he was lusting after an eighteen year old kid and couldn’t work out and was too worried to try to find out if she was looking at him and being in his arms as her best friend’s dad or as a potential lover? He hoped for the latter, but suspected the former was in her mind.

“Did anything happen today?” Mark asked loving the feel of her head against his chest and her leg on his.

“Yes, he tried to kiss me, he was pissed. That’s what made him do it.”

“I don’t think he would need to be pissed to want to do that Sammi” Mark said gallantly, yet thoughtlessly.

“No Mark?” Sammi whispered raising her face and looking into his eyes.

They stared at each other for a moment or two. It was as if they were like two boxers sparring with each other or like track cyclists hovering on the spot waiting for the other to make the first move.

“It was really bad this time, I think he’d taken some coke as well, they both snort it” she said in a whisper as she rested her hand on his leg just above his knee. It felt good and it sent a shockwave through his entire body.

His cock was rearing up his stomach unfettered by underwear inside his loose, tracky trousers.

“What a bastard he is, it must be so scary for you.”

“It is, may I stay here the night please Mark?”

‘Oh fucking hell’ Mark thought. ‘Her and me in the same house alone all night.’

His mind went into overdrive as he tried to work out his response. Bollocks why wasn’t Sara here? He knew he couldn’t send her home, but how the fuck could he sleep in the same house as her without trying something and probably making a fool of himself?

‘He’s going to say no, the bastard’ she thought. Then feeling excited wondered whether he was scared of being alone with her.

Mark tried hard to stop the inevitable, but by so doing just created other problems. Just as he had when he had opened the door he copped out.

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea Sammi.”

“Why not Mark?”

‘Oh bollocks why reply like that, why put me on the spot? He thought.

“Well er, um you know” he fumbled around trying to find a reasonable excuse.

Sammi saw the opportunity, her chance to put herself in the position where she was sort of showing out without being too obvious. A position where she could in a way indicate that she was up for it without being too overt. Looking up and staring right into his eyes she let that enigmatic smile creep onto her lips as she said.

“You can lock your door Mark, I promise to behave myself.”

That made him smile and broke the tension a little.

“That’s considerate of you Sammi” he said then again without thinking things through he added. “But then you always lock your door don’t you?”

“Not when I am here Mark” she said quietly her chin still resting on his chest.

Again neither said anything for a while. During the pregnant silence, they continued to stare at each other with Mark’s left arm round her shoulders his hand holding her left arm a short way down from her shoulder. Sammi’s slim body was turned so that her right shoulder was pressed against Mark’s chest just beneath his rib cage, her left hand was still resting on his left leg, but was now a little way up it. Her face was only a few inches from where the folds of the track trousers were still hiding his full erection. Where Sammi’s body was turned the thin cotton of her white blouse was stretched. It was more open at the top and Mark could see where the uppermost button was stretching the buttonhole; he could also see almost all of the side of one her little tits. Incongruously he found himself hoping that the cotton on the button wasn’t too strong and that the pressure would break it! No such luck of course he smiled in his mind, but not on his face.

‘Kiss me, kiss me you fucking idiot’ Sammi said to herself thinking it has to be up to him to start something, although oddly she knew that if she was with a boy she would willingly ‘take the bull by the horns’ and kiss him.

‘I’ll do it, she wants it’ Mark was thinking, but feeling shit scared in case he had read this wrong.

Alarm bells were ringing in each of their heads as the intense surges of excitement roared through their bodies. Something had to give.

“Well maltepe escort bayan neither of us will have to lock our doors tonight will we Sammi?” Mark said indicating that she could stay the night.

“You mean I can stay then?”

“Of course you can.”

After all the time they had both been having sexual thoughts about each other and thinking how, and whether they would dare try to initiate some sexual action it happened so easily.

“Thank you Mark” Sammi said turning so that the top half of her small body was facing his. She wriggled herself upwards going to kiss him on the cheek.

As she did that so he bent forward to receive the peck and put his right arm out to hold her shoulder. Due to her movement he missed that and instead just as her lips grazed his cheek his hand slid between the side of her body and her left arm, the palm of his hand slid alongside the side of her boob and rested there. At the same time, Sammi placed her left hand on his chest with her lower arm in a straight line downwards so that, completely by accident her elbow pressed against his erection. It took a moment of something like suspended animation for what they were both feeling to sink in.

‘Fuck he’s like a rock; Sammi thought as Mark gasped at the feelings on his hand from the softness of the side of her breast. In different ways and with different phrases rushing through their heads they were both thinking ‘who will blink first?’

‘Jesus she knows I’ve got a hard on, will that faze her?’ He was asking himself as her elbow moved away from his cock. ‘Was that a rejection, did she find a man over twenty five years her senior getting an erection because of her distasteful or perverted even?’ He asked himself half expecting her to stand up.

It didn’t come to that. Although her arm moved away Mark left his hand right where it was trapped between her arm and the side of her boob. Cleverly, though really fortuitously, he left it for her to make the decision. He was touching her very intimately, but in a way that if she didn’t want that then he hadn’t made an overt movement like grabbing hold of her tits or arse or kissing her full on the mouth! If he had got it wrong she could simply move her body, his hand would come away from her boob and everything could be assumed to be an accident and no face would be lost by either of them. Sammi realised that as well. Although very inexperienced when compared to Mark, she had been around enough boys to know that a hand touching a girl’s tits was no accident, well the touching may have been, but the leaving it there most certainly wasn’t. She recognised that the ‘ball was now firmly in her court.’ She knew she could easily wiggle her body and move it. Equally, she knew that just as easily she could make an overt gesture like dropping her hand on the lump of his erection that was now quite evident in his pants. She still wasn’t sure enough, though, that what Mark was doing was a clear sign that he wanted to go further and for her to start cock grabbing.

Looking up at him she said very softly. “You do realise what your hand is touching don’t you Mark?”

“Yes Sammi” he croaked thinking that he had blown it and that she was going to tell him to remove it.

The ‘yes Sammi’ thrilled her. She knew that it was one of the last pieces in the seduction jigsaw puzzle. A barrier had been crossed as they each had acknowledged, not only the intimacy of his touch, but also that it was an overt action. In fact, it was an intent on his part to leave it there and an acceptance from her for it to be there. He was showing clearly that he wanted to feel her breast and she was demonstrating equally clearly that she wanted him to do that.

Sammi’s heart seemed to beat so fast and her pulses raced as the realisation that at last, after all these weeks she was very near to going further with her friend’s dad. Mark’s excitement also increased enormously when his mind accepted that her not moving and her simple question of asking if he realised what his hand was touching were as good as absolute signs of her acceptance of his vague initiation; his request to be at least intimate with her had been accepted.

Looking right into his eyes Sammi took hold of Mark’s wrist. ‘Oh fuck I got it wrong’ he inwardly groaned as she pulled it out from between her arm and body. The look of disappointment on his face made her smile. It also bolstered her confidence and adventurousness for she knew that they had reached that point, which happens with all ‘seductions’ where the woman takes control. The man may be leading, dominating and believing he is the seducer, but in reality once his cock is hard he starts thinking with that and not his brain, whereas the female usually still has control of both her body and her mind and thus him.

She moved her hand so she was holding the back of his hand and not his wrist. Still staring at him with that engagingly sexy smile on her beautiful lips she pulled his hand and said in whisper. “Then you had better touch it properly hadn’t you Mark” as she placed his hand right on her left tit and squeezed.

“Oh God Sammi” Mark groaned as so much of what he had fantasised for weeks seemed to be coming true. The feel of her unfettered breast in his hand sent shudders of desire and sexual pleasure through him.

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