My Brother My Lover Ch. 07


WOW! That was so good. MY brother had just gave me my first real cock fucking. No, I wasn’t a pure virgin since I lost my cherry when I was a younger person. I used toys and sometimes even a hair brush to make myself cum. But until this morning, after mom went to work, my brother Bobby took my real cherry. He was the first to use his cock and enter my pussy and make me cum and it was so damn good.

WOW! I just laid there looking into my brother’s face and smiling. I was still rocking with the aftershock of the many orgasms I had received just a few minutes ago.

Actually, I had no words but to say it was better than anything I could have imagine. My pussy hurt a little but the warm feeling in my body was more than taking care of the small pain.

After Bobby had finished fucking me and I had finished cumming from his amazing cock inside me, he had rolled over and now we just laid there facing each other. His eyes were closed and he had this very satisfying smile on his face. I watched him as he sighed and finally opened his eyes and looked at me.

I smiled back at him and kissed him. “WOW! That was so much better than I expected Bobby.” I told him.

“Yea sis that was amazing. I’m glad we did it and I’m even more glad you liked it. So, does that mean we can do it again?” He replied.

As we lay on our sides, I reached down between us and took his cock, covered with the condom, in my hand. It felt wet and slimy and soft. I started to giggle a little.

When he asked me what I was laughing at, I told him: “I think this is the first time I have ever touched your cock when it wasn’t hard. I mean sure it was soft in your jeans and shorts at first when I started rubbing it there, but this is the first time I have touched it directly when it wasn’t hard. I was beginning to think you never got soft. Here let me take this rubber off and look at it.”

I sat up now and looked own at my brother’s soft wet cock. I used my fingers to pull the cum well in the tip of the rubber and slipper it off the head of his cock making sure not to drip his cum everywhere. His cock was all wet and slippery too, since it was covered with his cum. I put my hand around and under the soft shaft and smiled as I held it up and examined it.

“Yep, it’s the first time I have ever seen you soft Bobby!” I told him.

“Well you really drained me Mary.” He said.

I moved around and held it in the palm of my hand. It fit perfectly about 3 or 4 inches long and thin now. I used my other hand to reach under and cup his balls. They felt smaller too.

His cock head had this dark pink color and while soft it felt rubbery. There was no hardness to his cock at all. The skin under the head had lots of fold which looked like wrinkles. And, the shaft seemed to have no hardness to it either. Bobby’s cock was completely deflated.

I smiled thinking I had done that to him and it. My pussy had taken his hardness and I had drained him. My pussy had won the first fucking!

I smiled down at him as he just laid there hands behind his head letting me play with his used up deflated cock. “Was it worth it Bobby?” I asked him.

“Damn right! It was fantastic sis, you are so damn hot. So when are we going to do it again Mary. I want to try a bunch of things and different positions with you.” He asked.

I didn’t answer him right away. I was still enjoying his cock. otele gelen escort How it felt and how it looked, even how it smelled covered with his cum.

I took my fingers covered with his cum and put it to my nose. I smelled his cum and then I tasted it putting my fingers in my mouth.Bobby moaned when he saw me cleaning my fingers. “Damn sis that looks so hot. How do I taste.” He asked.

I took a finger and put it toward his mouth. He put his hand over his mouth and I told him it was his lost. I sucked my fingers clean.

His cock looked so different soft. It wasn’t scary at all like when he was throbbing hard It looked…..cute now. Yes that’s the word, cute. I cuddled it and softly stroked it and rolled his balls around in my hand. It was so much fun! And

I was learning about guys too. My brother just laid back and let me explore his cock and balls, it seemed like for as long as I wanted to do it.

Finally I told him I needed a shower. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and stood up slowly teasing him. I looked back at him and he smiled as he looked at my nude body. “You sure are beautiful Mary. Damn you have a fine ass!” He told me.

I giggled and lifted my tits at him as I walked away swing my ass like some sexy whore. My brother busted out laughing.

When I got into the bathroom I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a bunch of suck marks all over my breasts. My brother had marked me good. “Damn it Bobby, if mom sees these marks she’ll go nuts.” I yelled at him.

I turned on the water and when it get warm I stepped into the shower. The water felt really good and I closed my eyes and let it warm me and wash over me. Reaching between my legs now I bathed my red pussy and began to think of how far I had come in my sexual training today.

I couldn’t have imagined doing this with anyone 6 months ago, especially my bother. Bu now that we had gone all the way I was glad I had finally done it. Bobby was a good teacher and lover. He was gentle when I wanted him to be gentle. And, he did me hard when I needed hard.

I smiled thinking of how we had started off slowly and then as both of our passion had grown we began to fuck more, faster and harder slamming into each other our lust driving us on at the end. Then we were fucking hard like two animals until we had both reached our climax.

God it was so damn hot and so damn good. I know I wanted to do it again that was for sure. And I knew my brother wanted to do it again too.

As I stood there eyes closed and thinking of my brother’s cock fucking me I felt the shower curtain open and he stepped into the shower with me.

Immediately we reached for each other. Locking together I felt his cock begin to rise again now and he began to lick and suck my tits as his hand reached between my legs. “I want to fuck you again Mary. Now!! I want to fuck you a million times more.” He whispered in my ears as he held me and rubbed against me.

I let my head fall back and he kissed my neck and as I arched back more his mouth came over my right nipple and he sucked like a mad man. God I love his mouth on my tits!

My brother’s passion and his cock were up again. I lifted his head and kissed him as his fingers played with my pussy. I want that too Bobby but let’s finish washing and go back into the bedroom. I want to be in bed when pendik escort you fuck me again!

We hurried and washed, dried even quicker. But, when Bobby knelt in front of me and pulled my pussy to his mouth I could resist it. We stayed like that a little while him loving my wet pussy with his mouth. I mean what girl would pull away from a guy who wanted to eat her pussy? Surely not this girl.

As I got closer to an orgasm, Bobby seem to know it and he stood up and took my hand. We almost ran back to bed. He jumped on it and laid back, his big cock was one again hard and sticking up in the air like it was calling to me.

I smile as I came to him crawling on the bed like some animal towards him. I crawled up his body and he positioned me over his cock. As I straddled his thighs Bobby said: “Ride me this time Mary. Get on top and put me in and ride me. Fuck me Mary, this time you fuck me!”

It felt nasty and sexy and when I lowered my body down over his cock and the big head entered me again it felt wonderful, as I settled further and further down him.

In this position, I soon found out, I had all the control. I would be the one to fuck him easy or hard, slow or fast. I smiled down as I felt him now fully inside me. I pushed down and he felt even deeper than before. OH GOD! It was unbelievable. I started to move up and down, gently and slowly.

“OH Fuck sis that feels amazing.” Bobby said as he reached for my breast.

He cupped them as I worked my body higher on his cock shaft and then down lowering as I started taking him fully into my love hole. I closed my eyes and rode him up and down, up and down, up and down feeling my passion and lust building very fast.

Again and again I rode his swollen cock rocking my pelvis back and forth as I moved up and down on him. He pulled on my tits and played with them as I fucked my brother harder now.

“Bend down Mary, let me suck those fantastic tits.” He said.

I bent forward and his mouth captured a nipple. As he began to suck I slammed down on his hard cock shoving it deep into my cunt. Yea it was a cunt now. And all I could think of was cumming and making my brother cum too.

“Suck harder.” I hissed at him.

Bobby took the other nipple and sucked it as his fingers pulled on the nipple not in his mouth. I fucking love that! I pushed as much tit into his mouth as I could get as I rode him faster and faster and faster.

Rocking and humping on his hard thick wet cock shaft, my pussy was being stretched and it began leaking my wetness all over his cock, balls and some was running down his ass crack. I was leaking like never before. MY pussy loved his cock.

And then it was here! I throw my head back “OH FUCK BOBBY!” I almost screamed it as I climaxed on his dick.

It felt like my body floating as my cunt squeezed his cock shaft and I pushed down as far as I could go taking his cock as deep as I could get it.

And then Bobby began rubbing my clit with two fingers as I rocked back and forth on his cock cumming and cumming and cumming. I climaxed again, and then again and it seemd like shock waves were running over my body everywhere. The orgasms were unbelievable.

When it was over I felt on top of him and laid there. His hard shaft was still up inside me and I realized he hadn’t cum yet. I moaned as I also realized he wasn’t rus escort wearing a rubber. My brother wrapped his arms around my back and began to thrust his big cock up into me now.

Hard wasn’t the word, he was slamming it up into my cum dripping hole. My cum was leaking all around his shaft lubricating it and making it feel so good.

Faster he pumped up lifting us both off the mattress each time. I hung on to him as he rammed up and up and up pumping into my hole. It felt completely wonderful. So much so that I didn’t tell him to stop. I don’t think he would have stopped even if I wanted him to, which I didn’t. He was like a machine. He wasn’t wearing a rubber and he was fucking me like hell. He couldn’t last much longer.

Again and again and again he gave me all of his cock. On and on and on it went pumping deep inside my body. Over and over and over again Bobby didn’t stop! He was fucking me like someone gone crazy.

And then he was there!

He arched up and held us both off the mattress his strong arms wrapped tightly around me, holding me down on top of him. His hard cock buried as deep as he could get it.

I could only moan as I felt it. His cum was pumping out of his cock and into my unprotected cunt. Bobby was filling me. He was giving me all of his love, lust, passion and seed and I fucking loved it.

We sort of hung in the air as he reached the height of his orgasm. I was being breed and he was giving me every ounce of his love and cum! “OH BOBBY.” I moaned in his ear.

And, just as fast as it started it was over. He slowly lowered us back on the bed and we just laid there panting and trying to catch our breath.

We held each other and kissed and kissed and kissed. When we broke the kiss he looked into my eyes and said: “I forgot the damn rubber Mary. Oh GOD babe what the hell can I do?”

There wasn’t anything he could do. I told him we would have to stop and get to the drug store and buy a morning after pill right away.

He smiled and said: “Well as long as we did it once why not do it again Mary? I mean we could play some more and then go out and get it.”

He kissed me and I didn’t resist I kissed him back. And we were at it again. My brother and I made slow love to each other.

This time I was under him and he was gentle and easy and loving, very loving. We both worked on each other slowly. I didn’t care if I was sucking his cock with his cum on it. And, Bobby didn’t care if he was licking his own cum from my wet cunt hole.

We made love, passionate and slow and very lovingly love to each other as the day went bye.

When we were both ready He entered me again and slowly fucked me into a two more mind blowing orgasms.

It was the slow loving that did it. I reached a level I didn’t know was possible.

All the other times we had made each other cum was nothing like this time. Bobby gave me love this time. I arched so much and lifted up so high my butt and back and cunt would be sort for a couple days.

As my body gave him back the same love he gave me. We made love for a long, long time.

Finally Bobby told me he was going to cum, he couldn’t hold it back any longer. I held him and whispered that I wanted to feel him explode inside me again.

Then when I kissed him hard he moaned into my mouth and began pumping his seed into me one last time.

He held my legs back on his shoulders and his hands were under my ass lifting me as I held him as tight as I could. “Oh Mary! Oh God baby.” he said into my ear.

Holding his cock as deep as he could get it, I felt his warm thick cum splashing the walls and the insides of my vagina. It was glorious.

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