My Camera Loving Sister


During my senior year at college, I transferred to a school only an hour away from home. I lived on campus but would come home on some weekends. Especially when I needed to do laundry or wanted to steal some food from my parents. My eighteen year old sister was beginning to give my parents all kinds of trouble. I had to admit I wasn’t shocked. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall, has a great athletic figure to go with really nice tits. I have to admit I have jerked off thinking about my sister many times.

My parents called to tell me that they were going out of town for the upcoming weekend. They pleaded with me to please come home so that I could keep an eye on my sister. They were scared she would try to throw a party while they were away. I reluctantly agreed to come home and baby sit my sister.

Around Thursday I got a call from my sister, she was totally annoyed that I was coming home for the weekend. I could tell in her voice that she had thought she would have the run of the house. I told her tough luck. I was coming home and I didn’t want to deal with any of her shit. She said fine and hung up.

Friday came around and I left for my parents house after my last class. I arrived home around 6 pm. My parents were already gone and my sister was out. She had left a note saying she was going to a party and would be home late. I threw in some laundry and put on the TV. After a few hours of flipping through the channels, I was getting bored. I was also getting horny.

I went upstairs to my sisters room to see if she had any porn. I checked her room, lifting the mattress, in the closet and in her drawers. No porn. I didn’t think she would have any but I was getting desperate. I was about to leave when I noticed her laptop computer and a bunch of disc’s next to it. I loaded beylikdüzü escort up her computer and tried the first few disc’s, nothing of any interest. When I got to the last disc in the pile I didn’t expect much but threw it in anyway. Wow was I shocked!

On this disc, I was watching a homemade movie of my sister being fucked by some guy. I was pissed at first and wanted to kill this guy but after a few moments my dick started getting hard. My sister looked so damn hot. She was sitting on top of this guy riding his cock. Her tits were bouncing up and down. I had never actually seen her tits before, they were amazing. After a few moments the guy turned her around and was fucking her from behind. My sister kept looking into the camera and smiling. I recognized that this was her room. After a few more moments she turned the guy on to his back and began sucking his dick. The guy must have cum because he collapsed. My sister again looked at the camera and smiled showing her mouth full of cum then swallowed and showed her empty mouth.

My dick was so hard after watching my sister get fucked and swallow cum. It was weird, she seemed to know about the camera but the guy never once looked at it. I don’t think he had any idea she was filming them. I searched her room and found her camera. It was hidden in a tissue box facing the bed. I was so horny I pulled out my dick, hit play again and jerked off while watching my sister get fucked, I really enjoyed the cum swallow It was weird because it seemed like she was looking at me when she swallowed as I jerked off. I shot a monster load.

I went back downstairs and fell into the couch. I must have fallen asleep. I was awakened by a noise at the door. I got up and went to the door. I saw two beyoğlu escort girls running to a car in the driveway and then the car peeled out. I was about to go back to the couch when I noticed a body on the porch floor. I opened the door and saw my sister lying on the floor. She reeked of alcohol and smoke. I shook her but she barely stirred. I picked her up and carried her inside to the couch. She was wasted. Her eyes were rolling back in her head and she was out cold. Her friends must have dumped her on the doorstep.

I sat her up and she vomited all over her shirt and pants. I grabbed a towel and cleaned her up. But wow did she stink of puke. I began to take off her vomit stained shirt and pants. The smell was making me sick. I threw her dirty clothes in a bag. When I walked back in I saw my sister on the couch wearing a sheer see through bra and matching panties. My dick sprang to life. I stood there and stared, she was fucking hot. Flashes of the movie ran through my head and terrible thoughts of taking advantage of her began to run through my head. The more I looked at her the harder my dick got.

I reached out and touched her breasts, they felt firm and round. I placed one hand between her legs and stroked her pussy over her panties. I picked her up and carried her upstairs. She was totally out cold. I laid her on the bed. I turned her onto her stomach and undid her bra. I slowly pulled it off. I then placed my hands on her thighs and pulled off her panties in one motion. She did not stir. I was going to fuck her I didn’t care that she was my sister. All I saw was a fucking hot naked girl in front of me. I was so horny. I spread her legs and crawled between her legs. I pulled open her vagina and slowly licked her sweet pink pussy. I lifted bomonti escort her legs up and brought her knees to her chest, I continues licking and sucking her pussy, I ran my tongue over every inch of her pussy. I thought of her hidden camera. I got up and set her camera on record. I went to my old room and got out an old Jason Halloween mask. I put it on and went back to her room.

She had turned over to her back. I pulled off my clothes and turned on the camera. I climbed on top of her, my back was to the camera so I pulled up the mask and began sucking and squeezing her tits. I couldn’t believe what I was doing but I could not stop. I pulled down the mask and faced the camera. I pulled her limp body into full view of the camera. I straddled her and rested my dick against her pussy. I began rubbing my wet cock into her. She quickly loosened up and my cock slid into her. I picked up the camera and filmed my cock going in and out of her cunt. I brought the camera up to her passed out body and zoomed out. I wanted her to see what was happening to her limp body.

I slid in and out until I could take no more. I unleashed a flood of cum into her pussy. My dick kept pulsing as I shot load after load into her. I grabbed the camera and filmed my dick slowly pulling out of her. I zoomed in on her pussy and the cum beginning to seep out of her. I stuck my finger in her cunt and pulled out a ton of cum. I had it all on film. I used my fingers to scoop up the cum and I filmed myself rubbing it all over her tits. I then leaned over and kissed her on the lips with the mask on. I turned once more to the camera and tucked her into bed.

My sister never woke while I was fucking her. I turned on her computer and made my self a copy of my movie. I place the original on top of her discs. I couldn’t wait for her to put this one in and see herself getting fucked while she was passed out. I was hoping that the mask would freak her out and that she would not suspect me. I took my copy and went off to be totally satisfied. As I lay in bed I began to think about fucking her again.

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