My Cousin My Keeper


In February of 2016 my aunt and uncle went out of town for two weeks as a twenty five year wedding anniversary vacation. They had two kids still living at home and asked me to house sit and keep them out of trouble. The older girl was 18 at the time and basically self-reliant and could have cared for her younger sibling, but my aunt thought it was a better idea to have someone older there just in case. I had just turned 27 and was more than happy to watch two teenagers for half of a month in the hopes it would quash the maternal desires I had been having.

My first night with them was a Monday. I took Nate, their son, to basketball practice and left Maria, their daughter at home for a few hours. When Nate and I got back I brought pizza, they both did homework, and went to bed. I waited an hour or so and went to my aunt and uncle’s bedroom with my laptop in hand and shut the door. I waited another twenty minutes just scrolling Facebook and Twitter before deciding they were both asleep and that I could get my nightly release. I plugged headphones into my laptop and set it beside me as I watched a heavy S&M scene where a man beat and then fucked a blonde woman who looked a lot like me. About halfway through the video I paused it and grabbed my vibrator and an 8 inch pink dildo from my bag. I put my headphones back in got on all fours and resumed the movie. I rubbed my clit for another few minutes as the man continued to slap, spank and degrade the woman. Eventually he put his cock in her mouth and started throat fucking her. I did the same with my dildo. I gagged myself until my mascara began to run just like the woman on the screen. When he moved to fuck her I moved the dildo against my open cunt and teased myself relentlessly. When he finally entered I plunged the dildo into my self and started fucking myself as fast as I could. After a few more minutes I couldn’t take it and I thrust my head into my aunt’s pillow and screamed my orgasm into it. I laid with my ass in the air, dildo still inside of me, face buried in the pillow for a few minutes until my body forced the dildo out of me. It was the strongest orgasm I had in months because I had been forced to wait for it all day.

The next two days passed in the same way. I made sure both kids got to school then I went to work. I grabbed food on the way home, hung out with them, and then they went to bed. After they went to bed I would stay up until I was sure I could go fuck myself senseless and then I would drift off to sleep.

Thursday progressed fairly normally up until I got on all fours while masturbating. While on all fours and getting ready to grab the dildo to start fucking myself I felt a hand grab the back of my hair tightly and yank. I let out a Yelp in pain and in return a cold hand slapped my pussy. The hand reached around and pulled out my earbuds. My breathing was becoming quick and labored from the pain and fear.

“You’re such a pervert.” Maria said.

I could pick her voice out of any room.

“What are you doing? Let me go this instant.” I feebly said.

“No. I’m going to keep you right like this for a bit. And even when I let you physically go I’m still going to keep a hold on you.” Maria whispered right into my ear. She continued “I was snooping in your computer Monday when you took Nate to practice. I found all of your videos.”

There were a lot of videos. At 27 I was constantly aroused. I had a particular penchant for BDSM and was a total submissive. I loved woman on woman of man on woman. Anything with pain and domination made me wet.

“I opened and skimmed a lot of them. You like being the dirty little whore who gets used don’t you?” She asked.

“Maria let me go right…” I started to yell as her hand grabbed my left breast and scratched the entire thing.

“Ow ow ow stop that hurts.” I cried.

Maria kept going. She didn’t care.

“You’re going to obey me. And if I have to treat you like one of those sluts in the movies to make that happen I will.” She continued talking “after I saw your collection of smut I knew you wouldn’t be able to keep your hands out of your pants. So I took mom and dad’s old nanny cam and watched you the last three nights. I learned that you follow a pattern. And that your pattern is easy to follow. So tonight I waited and waited and when I knew you’d be on your knees I came in.” As she said this She thrust the dildo inside of me and I let out a half moan half shriek from the pleasure and pain.

“Please stop.” I begged.

She told me to lay on my back and slightly let up the grip on my hair. I tried to stand up and as I did Maria punched me ucuz escort in the side causing me to double over. She then pushed me into my back. This was the first time I had seen her since she came into the room. She was completely naked and absolutely beautiful. Maria was two inches shorter than me, and stood 5′ 6″. She was thin and had wonderful petite breasts, her A cups to my DD cups created quite the image as she leaned over me. She kissed my lips for a moment before leaning back and spitting in my face.

“Do what I tell you to so I don’t have to hit you again.” She said as I fought back tears of pain and shame.

Maria sat on my chest and I could see her bare pussy inches from me. She moved my hands over my head and then slid forward so her knees pinned my arms. I grimaced in pain.

“You’re going to eat me out. And when I have come twice I’ll get off of you and you won’t be in pain anymore.” She said right before moving her cunt over my mouth and nose.

I lapped at her pussy and alternated between licking and sucking on her clit as she bucked on top of me. Every once in a while she would lift up to let me get a big breath of air. Then she would drop back down and pull my hair urging me deeper into her. After several minutes she rose and told me if I didn’t make her cum soon she would beat my pussy until I made her cum. I couldn’t do it and soon her hand started slapping hard against me. Between the pain from my side and the lack of air and pain in my crotch I started crying. This sent Maria over the edge and I felt her body tremble as she came.

Maria climbed off of me and left the room. I moved my hand down to the dildo which was still inside of me and began slowly fucking myself. After a few minutes I came.

The next morning I threw on sweats and a shirt to make breakfast. Maria came down first. On her way past me she grabbed my ass and whispered “how’s my favorite slut?”

I didn’t respond. Maria moved her hand up my shirt played with my nipples under it. I tried to push her back but she again clawed my tit and pulled my hair back.

“Just because it’s daytime doesn’t mean you don’t have to follow my orders.” She said.

I fought back tears and continued making breakfast.

“Today I want you to call both of us in sick. Take Nate to school so I don’t have to and come right back home.” She growled into my ear.

“No, Maria I can’t I…” I was cut off by her hand running down to my pussy and pulling on the skin surrounding it hard.

“Yes you can. And when we are alone it’s Mistress, got it?”

I nodded agreement to afraid of how badly I had to cry to speak.

“Good slut.” She said.

I dished her food out, and then took Nate to school. When I came home Maria told me to wear what she had laid out for me. I went upstairs and saw a skirt that was too short and a shirt that was too tight. They belonged to my aunt who was five foot even and had a much smaller chest than I did. There was no panties and no bra.

I turned and Maria was behind me. I asked why no panties and she told me it was so she could finger me any time she wanted today. I dressed and let a few tears shed when I looked in the mirror and realized how exposed I was. My ass was almost hanging out. My stomach was exposed and my tits were totally visible.

Maria drove me around that day. Anytime we were in the car she was touching me.

First we went to a sex store. I was forced to buy a remote controlled vibrating butt plug, a hitachi wand, and a strap on cock.

Maria then drove us to a rest stop twenty minutes outside of town. The whole time she kept circling my clit with her thumb and I was so desperate to cum I would have done literally anything she said. At the rest stop Maria slipped the fake cock on over her tight jeans. She had me lay my body across the trunk and the metal was so cold it felt like it was going to burn me. The cold February air made my whole body numb and when Maria grabbed the back of my hair for leverage it moved the cold on my neck made me shake uncontrollably.

Maria lifted my skirt and slid her cock in. She slowly fucked me from behind and the whole time whispered to me that she owned my cunt and my ass and my big whore tits. She then reached under my shirt and pulled my breasts out and let them sit on the cold metal. The pain of that much cold on me was too much and I started to cry. As I did she slapped my ass and said to shut up. She told me that if anyone happened along right now she would give them a free shot at me.

Eventually a business traveler stopped. He watched from his ümraniye escort car until Maria beckoned him over. Her cock slid out of me and she told me to get on my knees. She told him that I would suck both of their cocks. His was just average. It was nice enough and I was glad to be off the metal of the car. He was close to coming when Maria told him to cum on my face or my tits. He opted for the former and shot his load right across my cheek.

I cleaned his cock off and when he drove off Maria used her fake cock to rub his cum into my hair and then slid it off.

“On all fours right now.” She barked.

I complied and as I did Maria walked to the front of the car and retrieved the butt plug. She lubed me and it up and slid it into me. I shrieked as she did. I had never had my asshole played with and it hurt. The plug was definitely not just for beginners.

We got in the car and drove home. All the while Maria would play with the remote control on the vibrator. Between that and the earlier fucking I was begging to come at this point. She wouldn’t let me.

When we went inside Maria went to the garage and came back with some rope. She Hogtied me on the floor and walked away for a few minutes. She came back with the hitachi wand and set it on my pussy and turned it on. At the same time she turned the vibrator in the plug to its random setting so it randomly went off. Maria stood in front of me and placed her right foot in front of my mouth.

“Suck my big toe.” She calmly said.

I hesitated at first and when I did Maria brought a leather belt down a cross my ass. I yelped in pain and then immediately started sucking.

“Elizabeth you’re such a slut. And I still have a whole week where I can make you all mine.” She said with a sadistic and scary smile on her face.

Eventually Maria changed feet and presented her left one. As I sucked on her left toe the anal vibrations hit the most intense level and I started screaming around Maria’s toe that I was about to come. She hit me five times with the belt and then turned off both vibrators. I immediately started crying.

“Please Mistress. Please I need to cum so badly please let me. It hurts so much not to be able to. Please. Please I’ll do anything.” I begged. I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth but they felt so good.

Maria removed the anal vibrator, relubed it and forcefully stuck it back in. Then she turned both onto their lowest settings.

“Once I have cum from that tongue of yours I’ll consider letting you cum.” She said “but, it’s now 2:45 and you have to leave here at 3:05 to pick up Nate. If We haven’t both cum by then, then you won’t get to cum until we are alone again tomorrow.”

She let both vibrators roar on. She sat in front of me and I ate her until 3pm. She finally came. But then she said it was too late for me to cum. I was told to change into appropriate attire and I would get a chance tomorrow.

That night after Nate was asleep I ate Maria out again. I was beginning to love her juices. After she came she tied me to the bed and went to her own room.

In the morning she did not disturb me and instead she drove Nate to his basketball practice. He had plans after and so I knew we would be alone until at least 5pm.

When she came back she wasn’t alone. The little bitch had called a guy who I hooked up with regularly and he had met her at the house. She untied me and told me to make us all breakfast. The whole time I cooked she was stroking his absolutely perfect cock. Johnny was the single most dominate guy I knew and even he was being subservient to my deviant cousin.

After we all ate she tied me up again. After tying my arms she laid me in my back and got on all fours right above me. I reached up and flicked her clit with my tongue. In return she punch my cunt.

“No! You’re just watching for now.” She said.

Johnny climbed behind her so I could see his cock and balls and I could only watch as he fucked her tight pussy. For twenty minutes he fucked her until finally he came inside of her. Immediately after he did his cock was forced into my throat and I was made to clean it entirely. After he was satisfied she sat back and pushed his seed into my mouth.

“Thank you mistress.” I said as I struggled to breath.

I was untied and made to fix lunch. After lunch we again went through the process. She got his cock and I got their leftovers.

Johnny left after their second fuck. Maria came over to me and removed the butt plug again. She then half drug half led me through the house by my hair üniversiteli öğrenci escort all the way to my uncle’s study. In the study Maria again made me give her multiple orgasms. First by sucking at her pussy. Then licking her asshole.

After her third orgasm she said it was my turn for a reward. She left and returned with her strap on cock. She throat fucked me with it, until my mascara began to run. Then she aimed it at my asshole and put the tip in just barely when her phone went off. It was Nate. He needed a ride home now.

“Too bad Lizzy. Now you’ll have to wait again.” She laughed.

That night I was again tied to my bed after eating her out. The next day we spent with our grandparents. She left the plug in me and edged me all day.

Monday at work I wore no bra or panties only the plug and a shorter than normal dress. The men tore me apart with their eyes. And honestly, I wouldn’t have stopped any of them from fucking me.

The rest of the week continued just like that. I would make her cum. I would get close to cumming. I would never actually cum. On Thursday I finally did.

At 10:30 Maria laid me across the coffee table and tied me to it. Both my ass and my cunt were exposed. She then sat on an ottoman in front of me and told me to make her cum. I licked at her pussy and could tell she was fighting the orgasm. I sucked on her clit and gently nibbled on it. As I did she turned the vibrations on the butt plug up to maximum and I moaned a thank you into her as I ate her out. Finally she grabbed my hair in both hands and started bucking against me and I felt her lose the fight and come. She screamed as she did and was louder than I had ever heard her before.

She got in front of me and kissed me. She drove her tongue into my mouth and we made out with me tied to the coffee table.

“Oh that was very good.” She said. “That deserves a reward.”

I smiled at her. First she removed my plug. I whimpered as the vibrations exited me. Then she set the hitachi against my cunt and turned it on. I rubbed against it and moaned. Then she stepped in front of me and showed me a new toy. She had gotten a sheath for the strap on and I could tell she was going to fuck both of my holes at once. She throat fucked me for a few minutes with one cock and then moved behind me. I felt lube drip against my ass and I started wiggling with impatience.

Finally she plunged into me. It had been almost a week since I had a cock in my pussy and I was aching for it. It had been a full week since my last orgasm and I was so greedy for this one I couldn’t contain myself. Then Maria set next to my head a timer. It had 10 minutes on it and was counting down. I was told I couldn’t come until it hit zero. If I did then I would receive a punishment proportionate to the time left.

Maria was really good with her cock. She knew how to grind and move to make me want to come. And she was trying to force the orgasm sooner so she could punish me. After five minutes I couldn’t take it. I came. All of the sudden I felt the unmistakable feeling of steel. Maria scratched five tallies into my back. She kept fucking and said nothing. I came again. And again. And finally a fourth time. Each orgasm was followed by a blade mark. Finally the timer went off. Maria climbed off of me.

She then proceeded to abuse me until I almost passed out. First she took a cane to my feet and legs. I took fifteen lashes to each foot and fifteen to each thigh. Then she took a paddle and fifteen swats to each ass cheek. By the time the last one came I was bawling. Then a flogger and she hit my back thirty times. She untied me and put my on my knees. I knew it wasn’t done.

The process repeated on my front. Until she reached my chest. Then she let loose a flurry of blasts with the flogger. My chest was literally bruising as she kept hitting. Finally she shoved me back to the ground and positioned her self between my legs. The cocks again entered both holes. This time it wasn’t rough. It was gentle and smooth. She kissed me as she fucked me and when I came she took her cocks off and held me.

On Sunday my aunt and uncle returned. I said my goodbyes to them inside. But Maria followed me to my car.

“I hope you know I want to repeat some of this again.” She said. She was holding my hand as she said it.

“Yes Mistress.” I replied.

“Good girl. Make me a key to your place. I can make things all kinds of interesting.” As she said this her fingers gripped my throat and she gave me another long kiss.

“Oh and one more thing. I have something else for you. Meet me at your place at 8:30 tomorrow. Have the key by then.”

The next night when she came over she ate me out for the first time. After I came she stood me up and locked a chastity belt onto me.

“I own you bitch. Totally and completely. Nothing enters my cunt without my permission.” With that she took her key and left.

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