My Daughter, Taylor Ch. 02



In part one David and Karen’s 29 year old daughter, Taylor moves back in with them while her divorce is finalized. David eventually lures Taylor into his bed. They are both scared to death Karen will find out about them.

My name is David and my wife’s name is Karen. We have been married for a little over thirty years. We have two children; Jason 31 and Taylor 29. For the last 8 years we have been “empty nesters”. In part one of this story, I told you about how I lured my daughter Taylor into my bed. Our daughter Taylor decided to divorce her husband of 6 years and to move back in with us until the divorce is final. We didn’t see it as a problem because we live in a nice two story home with 4 bedrooms. The master bedroom is on the first floor and the other 3 bedrooms are on the second floor.

The one designated as the guest bedroom is the largest with its own private bath. That’s the one we let Taylor move into, because it was originally hers before she got married. The other two bedrooms are smaller and are connected by a common bath. I use one room as my office/computer room. The other is just an extra bedroom. Up until 2 years ago I slept down stairs with Karen, but my snoring got so loud she begged me to start sleeping upstairs so she could get some restful sleep. So I reluctantly moved upstairs to the extra bedroom.

After sleeping in the room next to Taylor, and listening to her use her vibrator to masturbate, I began to think of her in a sexual way. That’s when I decided to take her into my bed. I was rarely ever having sex with Karen now, so I substituted Taylor for Karen. I knew our new sexual relationship was wrong, but I didn’t really feel any guilt until I noticed how close Taylor and Karen had become since she moved back in. They had become like the sisters that neither of them had while growing up. They shopped together, often spending hours perusing all the shops in the local malls. They had special TV shows they watched together and generally enjoyed each other’s company. They were no longer just mother and daughter, they bakırköy escort were best friends.

I would often hear them giggling and carrying on like teenage girlfriends. They even went on a diet together and bragged about who was losing the most weight. I even heard them arguing who was sexier looking in her clothes. A couple of times they came to me to model their newly purchased outfits and ask who had the better figure. Karen once turned around wiggling her butt and asked me who had the nicest rear end of the two. I couldn’t help but blush. I think both of them were now really seeing themselves as BFFs rather than mother and daughter.

One day they were kidding each other about who was still chubby and who wasn’t. Karen reached out and pinched a roll of fat around Taylor’s waist. She said to Taylor that these love handles need to go, girlfriend. Taylor reaches over and pinches one of Karen’s nipples and told her she would look much better in her clothes if she lost a little weight in her big boobs. I was shocked, but neither Karen nor Taylor seems to think anything about it. It was a bit of a turn on for me, the start of a new fantasy.

I found it amusing to listen to their banter, but felt uneasy about what would happen to their beautiful new friendship if Karen ever found out about mine and Taylor’s sexual escapades. I suggested to Taylor we should stop sneaking around having our sexual affair. As much as I enjoyed sex with her it was best we stop. Taylor wouldn’t hear of it. She told me that she enjoyed our special relationship just as much as she enjoyed her new sisterly relationship with her mother. I agreed to guardedly continue, but cautioned her be careful not to give anything away by any actions between us. Karen never showed any signs of suspecting anything.

There was only one time that I came close to creating suspicion. Taylor was at the kitchen sink peeling potatoes for dinner. I walked up behind her and reached over her to get a cup from the cabinet. Without thinking, I blew my hot breath on her neck. başakşehir escort She giggled and playfully reached back and squeezed my cock. I gasped and quickly looked over at Karen, who was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper. She didn’t appear to have noticed. I breathed a sigh of relief and moved on to pour myself a cup of coffee.

It was late Friday afternoon, the start of a three day weekend. Monday is Memorial Day. Taylor is watching TV in the den and I am sipping a cup of coffee in the kitchen. Karen breezes through den clutching her purse and announces she is off to run a few errands. Taylor and I wish her luck on her shopping trip. I watch from the window as her disappears down the street.

Taylor meets me coming out of the kitchen, takes my hand and leads me down the hall to Karen’s bedroom. We quickly undress and climb onto Karen’s bed. It has been days since Taylor and I have had sex. We were both horny as hell. Taylor pushes me onto my back and mount me cowgirl style. As she sits upright working her hips forward and backward, rubbing our pubic bones together, I squeeze and fondle her breast. Taylor’s pace picks up and I can tell by the contractions of her vagina that she is on the verge of her first orgasm. Suddenly I hear a loud shriek, followed by “Oh my God!” I look up and see Karen standing in the doorway with her hand over her mouth.

I push Taylor off of me and scramble out of bed just as Karen turns and races down the hall. She is out the kitchen door into the garage before I could overtake her. I stood there naked, watching her car turn out of the driveway and disappear down the street. Taylor and I got dressed and pondered how we are going to possibly fix this dreadful mistake. Karen didn’t return home until late that night. When she did, she wouldn’t say a word to Taylor or me. She took a shower and went to straight to bed. The next morning at breakfast she ignored me and Taylor. We both tried to apologize and Karen treated us like we were not even there. We received this silent treatment bebek escort for three days.

On the third day Taylor and I were watching TV in the den when Karen entered and stood in the middle of the room. She looked first to me and then to Taylor and then said, “How could you?” Taylor and I got up and cautiously approached her. There was a terrible hurt in her eyes.

“How could you?” she repeated. “How could either of you possibly think of doing this without at least inviting me to join you?” It took a moment for it to register with Taylor and me as to what she had just said. Taylor and I looked at each other with incredulous expressions. Karen held her open arms out to us and we rushed into them. We hugged each other for several minutes then Karen kissed me passionately on the lips before turning to Taylor and kissing her passionately on the lips.

Once they broke from their kiss, Karen led us both down the hall to her bedroom. It took less than a minute for us to disrobe and leap into bed. Taylor settled in the middle between Karen and me. Karen lay to her left, sucking her left nipple and I, in turn, lay on her right, devoured her right nipple. Taylor had her eyes shut and was moaning and rocking her hips. I looked down and saw that in addition to sucking her nipple, Karen was fucking her pussy with two fingers.

Taylor reached out and grabbed my hard cock and began squeezing it. She pulled it up to her mouth and started methodically sucking the head into her mouth. It only took a couple of minutes before Taylor’s first orgasm swept through her like a tidal wave. As Taylor started to come down from her orgasm, Karen move down and captured her clit with her mouth. She flicked it a few time with her tongue before sucking it into her mouth and started alternately sucking and chewing on it. Taylor launched into her second orgasm. Her body shook and trembled as her body quickly covered with light sweat.

Before I could get anywhere near an orgasm, Karen mounted Taylor in the 69 position and they both began to lick and suck each other to ecstasy. I rolled over on my side and watched the most exciting sex scene, between mother and daughter, I could ever have imagined. I figured they had a lot of lost time to make up for.

Now our nightly routine is to watch a movie in the den, then retreat to Karen’s bedroom for our new good night ritual.

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