My Erotic Story


My fascination was always led towards women. Women and the way they move. Women and the way each touch that I feel by them can torch up a fire all through my skin. I have always felt that when it came to my sex life no one will be able to satisfy it other than a woman. My life, up until I finished my last year in high school, consisted of me going into all girl school. I met many girls there that shared the same feelings as me, but these girls were shunned away from the school’s student body because of what they are. And I, I shunned away from the idea of ever having a relationship with another woman. But one thing I realized was that my hunger was growing each day. The only thing that kept me sane after all these years of torment were my wild fantasies. Sex with three women, women in chains, torturing oneself to the point of an orgasm, my list went on and on. I could not help the fact that I felt this way and at some point I realized that I couldn’t take it anymore.

My life took a turn one day during my graduation party with a group of friends. We decided to celebrate and get drunk at the famed Sans Michelle Restaurant/Bar near our school. Having excused myself to go to the bathroom for I was feeling very nauseated, I dropped into a conversation between two women. The two were identical to one another, probably twins I thought to myself, both women looked very sexy and they knew it. One was wearing a slick, strapless black dress while the other wore a skirt that clung to her voluptuous thighs and a blouse that accentuated her breasts and slim body. Many women would probably look like sluts in those outfits but these girls pulled it off.

Having stumbled into the bathroom, surprised to see that someone was actually in the bathroom, I walked awkwardly to the farthest stall embarrassed. At first it was quiet but than they began to giggle, I felt my head heating up at my embarrassment. Silence filled the room; although I didn’t hear the girls leave. Interested, I tidied myself up and opened the door to find the twins standing right in front of me. Their eyes seemed to yearn for something, and I soon realized that the two had something in mind and I was their target.

The girl in the strapless dress spoke first, “hi, my name is Leah and this is my sister Rose” I suddenly felt afraid, and soon realized I had no where to run, I was backed up into a corner with no escape.

The other girl, Rose, spoke next “You see, we were kinda hoping you’ll do us a favor. We are in need of someone to help us with something and in return we would help them too. And you see, that someone would need to fit a certain description and luckily we saw you come in with you group of friends and coincidentally you fit perfectly. So what do you think?”

Leah leant towards me, seeing that I felt hesitant; she reached my face and kissed me softly. My entire body fluttered as I felt her soft lips on mine, just as I had always imagined. She stopped and lingered for a bit staring illegal bahis closely at my face. Rose suddenly pulled her back, wanting to have her share but she knew that they had me. I felt hypnotized; as if I would do anything that they asked me only to feel those lips on me again.

“So, what do you say?”

I felt as if I had no choice, slowly I nodded, agreeing to whatever hardship they would throw in front of me in the near future.

“Great!” Rose exclaimed. “I knew we could count on you…you would do just perfectly!”

“All you need to do is just free yourself for the entire weekend including today. Tell whomever that you have to do something important and that you will be away for that duration. You can say that you and a certain friend decided to go to her cottage and that you will be back first thing on Monday. You will not need to bring any clothes or provisions we will provide you with everything. It’s still a bit early, so you can go home and inform your parents and we will come and pick you up from your house. Agreed?”

I gave them a worried look.

“Oh, don’t worry…you will enjoy every second of it”

“Okay. Great. We are guessing that you have no ride home since you came with your friends…we can handle that.” They gave each other a satisfied look.

Meanwhile, I felt as dumbstruck as ever and just nodded, agreeing to their plans. The girls just laughed at me, giggling and calling me a silly goose.

Having finally finished high school I was 18 and I was free to do whatever I wanted, my parents trusted me fully and knew that I would never do anything foolish. Although to them I still seemed young they allowed me to go off with my “friend” to the cottage.

After I arrived home I fell on my bed just fantasizing and processing everything that has happened and what may follow throughout the next few days. Waking up from my reverie, I heard a car honk outside my window. Looking at the clock I noticed that it just struck 8…they came. Sighing I got my things, said my goodbyes and got into a black buggy stationed right in front of my house where I found Rose and Leah waiting patiently for me.

They eyed me and gave each other a satisfied look.

And so our journey began as we passed our time sharing stories, mostly about Leah and Rose rather than me. They wanted to make sure that I fully understood who I was dealing with. As I mentioned before they were both twins and had always relied on each other to fulfill their lustrous desires with one another. Although I felt scared by the unknown I was lured in by their talk, I felt so turned on just listening to all that they had endured together and what they had done. I started to enjoy my talk with them feeling as if I had known them my entire life.

Finally we had reached the last gas station in our journey before reaching the cottage.

“Rose… I need a little relief before we arrive at the cottage. Lily…do you mind if you drive illegal bahis siteleri the car until we reach the cottage, cause I’m feeling a little tired.”

I felt a little unsure. “Ummm…I don’t really know the way…”

“Oh, don’t worry all you have to do is drive straight from here on, we won’t have to turn anywhere else.”

Having agreed, we set off once again.

Leah and Rose both sat in the back seat although there wasn’t much space they insisted. As I drove through the empty road, a sweet smelling scent suddenly filled up the car, which was not there before. Even though the windows were open I knew that it did not come from outside the car, but right from it. Puzzled, I looked in the car’s mirror to check where it might have come from. I was surprised to see both sisters laying one on top of the other. Rose, on top, was kissing Leah while fingering her continuously. The two sisters were lost in their own world of pleasure. I drove gaping at what I was seeing, Leah noticed me watching them but all she did was smile right at me and continued to enjoy her little adventure.

As much as I needed to keep my eyes on the road I couldn’t help but sneak a few glances at what they were doing. I started to feel all worked up as Rose went under Leah’s shirt and grabbed her breasts, she started sucking them playing with her nipples and bighting onto them. Leah began moaning, at first slowly but than it gradually grew louder as she reached her orgasm. As the two sisters laid one on top of the other satisfied I felt dumbstruck at the entire scene I just witnessed. At first my voice was a little hoarse but finally I managed to announce our arrival.

The cottage in itself was beautiful to look at. It seemed to be well guarded from any on lookers that might lurk outside. It was fully decorated from the gardens on the outside to the woodsy-feeling one might get when they enter the house.

The sisters stumbled out of the car feeling refreshed from the drive and began walking towards the house’s entrance expecting me to follow.

“Okay, Lily, this is the cottage we are staying at. In it you will find the room you will sleep in and the clothes you must wear. All we want you to do right now is take a shower, refresh yourself and then you can go to sleep. We will awake you in the morning.”

While Leah left to take care of some arrangements, Rose showed me to my room which was situated at the farthest end of the cottage. It wasn’t very decorative but seemed comfortable enough for my taste.

At first I got into the bathroom, which was dimly lit. Everything in the bathroom was made out of marble, the floors, counter and so on. Having taken off my clothes, I looked at myself in the mirror in front of me; I wasn’t as beautiful as the sisters, but I had my share of qualities, I have perfectly shaped, perky breasts which I had always been proud of and a fit body which took me a lot of time and effort to keep.

I turned on the warm canlı bahis siteleri water and entered the tub, only to find a flat screen TV right in front of me. I was startled when it suddenly turned on; and Rose and Leah appeared on the screen.

“Both me and Rose, want you to have fun during your stay. So here are a few complimentary videos for you to enjoy before you go off to sleep. The screen flicked again, and now I was staring at two women, both dressed as nurses, I suddenly had a notion as to where this video was heading and I enjoyed every second. After the girls had their share of fun, I decided that I must finish my bath and head to my bed for I felt very tired.

I stripped myself of the towel surrounding my body, I walked towards my bed to find a piece of lingerie that Leah and Rose had left for me to wear. It had consisted of a top fully made of light yellow lace that fit me flawlessly accentuating my breasts; having taken off my bra my nipples were perfectly seeable. The underwear was of the same fabric as the top, it had a strip of string which cut right through up to my ass causing it to rub against me every second I made a move. Looking at the mirror I sincerely believed I have never looked sexier.

Time passed and I got bored so I decided to lie down on the bed and rest.

I woke up suddenly feeling something go up my leg, opening my eyes I awoke to find Leah rubbing her hand up my leg as she bore her eyes straight into mine giving me a naughty smile. The wave of excitement I got from the touch was as if every nerve in my body responded to the touch. Soon I saw Rose, who was fully naked; she came up to me and gave me an innocent kiss on my neck. She mounted on top of me and continued kissing me until she reached my lips. At first it was a slow kiss, than as I felt her soft lips on mine I parted my lips and let her tongue slip in as the kiss grew to be more passionate. Meanwhile Leah started to lick my inner thigh reaching to my thong. She took the string and pushed it farther into me, as I felt a jolt going through my body as the string cut deeply. Putting the string aside she began licking my vaginal area and shortly started running her tongue in and out triggering my body to react to her every stroke.

Rose tore our kiss and began moving downward to my breasts licking around one breast than moving to the other. She noticed my nipples reacting to each touch, moving her tongue she began biting onto my nipples sucking every inch of it with all her might. Suddenly I reached the height of my excitement I allowed every exhilarating feeling to take over as I lost myself in pure bliss.

“Hmmm…Rose you have to taste her” Leah spoke in a muffled voice.

Interested Rose left my breasts and moved down maneuvering her tongue in the same way as Leah, licking up every single drop of my cum. I was feeling heavenly, and I knew that this was just the start to a most interesting weekend. All three of us were spent after hours of a heavenly experience. At last, we laid down together sleeping on the bed naked, caressing one another through the long hours of the night.


Please leave any comments so that I can make my next story better than ever : )

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