My Favourite Teacher Pt. 02


Final day of non-uniform week and I had to impress, I spent all night searching through my new wardrobe to decide what to wear. It was lucky that my Dad had money and now I have plenty of money to spoil myself, hence the new wardrobe. In the end I decided on a shirt dress, it was a long white, baggy shirt with a thick black belt pulling my waist in. Of course I wore tights with it, I had to maintain some modesty but I ensured I wore a red and black lace bra which was entirely visible through the shirt. The once shy Jezzebelle who lacked confidence was gone and there was a woman in her place.

As I walked into school on the Friday morning I was giddy, all morning I had law then all afternoon music and I knew exactly what having music meant, Mr Alexander. I was on my best behaviour in law, sitting there listening to my teacher drone on and on before deciding I wanted to be naughty in the second half of the day. I didn’t have too many friends so they didn’t bother to question why I wasn’t going to eat lunch with them but instead I was going to go into the music department.


When she walked in I was given a new lease of life, she was so beautiful. The girl who cried on my shoulder was gone, she was transforming into a butterfly. What really caught my attention was her lips; they were bright red and sexy as hell. But then again, she was sexy as hell, when I first saw her I knew that that evening I would rip that shirt off of her and have all of her to myself. I told her yesterday before she left I would buy us lunch so she waltzed into my office and perched on the edge of my desk. “Hiya Sir, how are you today?”

“A lot better now you are here,” she bent down and gave me a kiss, her full red lips pressed against mine. “I need to ask you something later on… I need help at the parents evening.”

“It’s going to be a very good day by the time I go home.” Pausing for a moment to eye me up and down she then continued; “let me guess, you want me to help you? Well as you’re going to have to deal with the torture of meeting my Mother, of course I will help you. Anyway what do you think of my dress? I wore it just for you.”

I looked her up and down, the shirt only just covered her arse and pussy. It was baggy on her tits but the belt pulled it in to accentuate the fullness of her juicy pair. “It’s not really a dress is it?”

“But you like it,” I hadn’t noticed but she had flicked her shoes off before sitting down. Her bare toes were rubbing up and down on my cock which was hardening every moment she was here.

“Oh you really like it.”

“Stop teasing and eat your lunch, I went and brought it didn’t I?” I pushed the sandwich towards her as I took a bite of my own.

“Sir, I don’t really fancy carbohydrates at the moment, that’s what bread is right? I fancy protein.” She jumped off of her perch on my desk and pushed my chair backwards knelt just in front of my desk. “Looking at this more and more I really want my protein fix. You don’t mind do you?”

“We have class in twenty minutes Jezzebelle.”

She unzipped my trousers and button before pulling my hard cock out of my pants, “I can easily have it done in twenty minutes and you know that.” She began to rub her hands up and down my cock whilst I watched her lick her lips in anticipation. It was wonderful to see her come into her sexuality and find who she wanted to be and I was glad to be the one to help her through it.

Her tongue lightly touched the tip of my cock and I knew then she meant business, there was no turning back. I wondered how many blowjobs she had ever given because she was a natural at it, I know she was a virgin but I couldn’t help but wonder if that was in every way. She licked up and down my cock as if it were an ice pole before taking the whole thing in her mouth and sucking it like a lolly pop. It was wet, sloppy and wow. When she took it out of her mouth she blew a kiss to me whilst her hand continued to pump up and down, nice and slowly. Her mouths focus returned to my cock soon as she began to tease, her tongue flicking the sensitive tip before kissing it and circling her tongue around the end.


I was enjoying my time, I was giving Mr Alexander what he wanted whilst also getting very turned on, a new found discovery of mine being that giving oral was a massive turn on for me. When my mouth was wrapped around his cock we heard a knock at the door, “Mr Alexander are you free? I need some help.” I recognised the voice instantly, it was Lewis, a rival of mine in intellect, we both despised one another.

“Give me a minute to put some work away and i’ll be right with you Lewis.” Mr Alexander turned to me, I was still sucking his cock,

“you need to get out of here.”

“I can’t. One door remember.” I shuffled underneath his desk and pulled his chair towards me. “I’ll hide under here.” He grabbed ataşehir escort his cock and slipped it into his trousers before calling Lewis.

“Hi Sir, thanks for seeing me. I know we have class in a bit but I needed to check something with you first…” I blocked everything Lewis was saying out as I quietly unzipped my teachers trousers and continued to suck.

“Mhmm… Mmmm… Yes I see. No I understand. I know what you mean but a little more work… You know faster. Harder. But slow could work too… mhmmm…” He couldn’t get full sentences out properly anymore. I was beginning to enjoy this more and more. Looking up I could see his stomach muscles twitching underneath his shirt. His cock began to switch and I began to deep throat it and I knew he was about to cum. I was right, when Lewis was speaking to him there was an explosion and ropes of white cum sprayed right into my mouth which I gulped up readily. “Ok thank you Lewis, can you tell everyone I will be five minutes late, I just want to finish my sandwich.”

“Of course Sir. See you soon.” Lewis stood up and walked out of the room closing the door behind him.

“What the hell do you think you were doing?” Mr Alexander pushed his chair away from the desk and watched me crawl out.

“I was having my protein. I told you I needed it.”

“What if you had been caught?”

“Adds to the fun right?”

In one quick movement Mr Alexander was up and so was I, he turned me around and bent me over his desk before spanking me. “You’re a really naughty girl. A real slut aren’t you?”

“Yes Sir. Please fuck me Sir.”

It must have taken all of his self-control to utter the next few words, “we have to get to class. Later Jezzebelle.”


We never met on the Friday evening, my class was intent on keeping me away from her. I went and separated them all into pairs to do work and took Jezzebelle into my office. Each time we got into doing something the door knocked. I had her on my desk, making out with her and rubbing her pussy which was becoming increasingly wet when someone knocked, a student wanting help. The next time she had taken her tights off waiting for me, I managed to slip a finger to make sure she was nice and lubed for my cock but then someone else knocked. Finally I had her tits out suckling on them giving her pleasure while rubbing my own cock when someone else knocked. “I think we ought to give up for the day Jezzebelle. People are just going to interrupt.” She didn’t say a word when I walked back into the classroom to sort another student out but when I returned to my office she was gone. On my desk there was her tights folded up with a note on top ‘Fuck You.’

I debated about calling her over the weekend but decided against it; I only had her mobile number because of a school trip we went on a month or so again and didn’t know what she would think of me. So the weekend was an agonising wait to see if she was really pissed off at me or not. I couldn’t help but spend my free time thinking about the way she sucked my cock, it was amazing. The way she took all my cum in her mouth without making a noise with someone else in the room is something I will never ever forget.

When she walked into class on Monday morning she was back in school uniform, skin tight black trousers and her white shirt too tight for her breasts. Everything was hidden by her blazer which was still too big and her tie which she wore correctly, sixteen stripes and done up at the collar. She didn’t speak to me before class but merely took her seat with the boys and sat with her pad on her knee. The only inkling I got that she wasn’t too pissed off with me was the eye contact throughout the class, her eyes never left me once. I can’t deny they bore into me, so yeah, she still could have been pissed. When class was over she packed up her bag and walked out of the room without a single word leaving me standing at the piano without any idea what to do. Eventually I wandered into my office, only to find Jezzebelle sitting there. On my desk with no clothes on bar her underwear she was rubbing her clit, “took your time. You’re going to fuck me now Sir. Or I’m not going to help tonight for parents evening.”

My cock was swelling just looking at her and I really wanted to fuck her, “you think you can boss me around? I’m your teacher.”

“Yep, if you want help.”

“What if I’m too pissed off with you for thinking you can tell me what to do.”

She leant forward and grabbed my tie pulling me closer to her, “you’ll fuck me anyway.” Rubbing my cock she sat there confidently, “you have one hard cock right now and you need it relieved.”

I grabbed her hand away from my cock and her other quickly followed, “you don’t tell me what to do. I’m the teacher, you do what I tell you. Now, turn around.” Still holding one of her wrists avcılar escort I pushed her over my desk, her arse sticking up in the air. “Now when I let go, stay there.”

“Yes Sir,” she was panting with excitement, I watched her for a moment after I let go and saw her squirming.

I caressed her arse for a moment, it was so big and perfect. Quickly I pulled her knickers down and pushed them down to the floor. Looking back up at her I could see how wet her pussy was, it was glistening. I let my hand come down on her arse spanking her causing her to squeal, “now, are you going to tell me what to do again?” She didn’t answer so I did it again, and again, and again, and again, fifteen times before she answered me with what I wanted to hear, “no Sir.” Her arse was red raw now from where I had been spanking her, it was hard because my hand was still stinging. “Good girl Jezzebelle.” I pulled my cock out of my trousers which slid to the floor and probed her wetness with it, my cock rubbing up and down her pussy collecting her dripping wetness.

“Please Sir, don’t tease. Please.”

“You told me what to do Jezzebelle and bad girls get punished.” I placed my cock at the entrance to her hole and left it there knowing she could feel the tip placed in her entrance.

Leaning forward without pushing my cock in further I took her tits in my hand and began to rub her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. I could hear her whimpering for me, begging even. I needed it too so I let go of her nipples and grabbed her hips pulling her back onto my cock as hard as possible. Holding her there I muttered to her, “now be a good girl and stay quiet, I have class in a bit and don’t need anyone hearing ok?”

“Ok Sir.” I pulled my cock out and began thrusting into her as hard and fast as possible, when I felt her pussy twitching I knew she was about to cum so pulled out and left her there writhing on my desk. “Why did you stop asshole?!”

I brought my hand down on her arse again, “no need for nasty names. You’re not allowed to cum yet.”

“I deserve it after how you blew me off on Friday!” She contested.

“Hmmm…” Without warning my cock found her pussy hole again and rammed her.

“Fuuuuckkkk” She screamed out as I continued to punish her little pussy. Her pussy muscles began to contract as she called out, “I’m cumming Sir, I’m cumming. Fuck me. Harder Sir. Harder!” It was a beautiful feeling as I watched her completely collapse onto my desk.

“Stay there now. I’m going to cum.” I took my cock out of her pussy and began to rub my cock over her before finally exploding, my cock cumming all over her arse. I couldn’t help but say it, “you’re such a slut aren’t you. A dirty little slut.”

“Take a photo Sir. I want to see your cum all over me.” She really was a dirty slut, I took our my phone and took a picture of her, her arse sticking up in the air, her face and breasts squished onto the table.

“Now that’s done,” I pulled my trousers up and made myself look presentable. “Now that is done, I will see you at four o’clock tonight in the sports hall.”


He was there sitting at his table waiting for me in the large sports hall when I arrived, no one else was there yet all too busy being lazy. I’d left my blazer, tie and bag in the music department and had undone my shirt to reveal a nice amount of chest. “I need help making my table look nice.” I thought back to previous years, every table was beautiful, teachers made their subject look better in a hope that their students and parents would recommend them for the next year. At the moment Mr Alexander’s was a plain brown table with three chairs surrounding it.

“Kiss me first then I’ll think about it.”

He grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him, his hands squeezed my arse as I listened to his every word, “you are looking to be punished now aren’t you?”

“Maybe,” I wrapped my arms around his neck. “Or maybe I just need you. I have a high sex drive Sir and it needs to be satisfied.” He gave in and kissed me, as his lips touched mine he lifted me up letting me wrap my legs around his waist. He stumbled forwards and sat me on the table, his hard cock rubbing against my pussy, grinding on me as he continued to kiss me, make me his. When we heard footsteps he jumped backwards and that marked the end of our time together.

My Mum made me book the last four available appointments of the day so met me outside the school at 6:15pm. “Let’s get this over and done with then,” she muttered walking into the sports hall. First she met my psychology tutor, then English Literature, Law and then it was time for Mr Alexander. “What is it next?”

“It’s my music teacher Mum. Then we’re done. It should be nice and easy. I’m good at music.”

“Well they all seem to be fucking in love with you don’t they? Such a avrupa yakası escort fucking suck up you aren’t you?”

“Can we just do this?”

“Sure,” she shrugged, her face still as morose as ever.

Mr Alexander took my Mother’s hand as he stood .”Hello Misses Roache, I’m Mister Jonathon Alexander, Jezzebelle’s music teacher.”

I looked at my Mum whose face turned from annoyance to complete anger, she snatched her hand away from his and slapped him around the face. “YOU’RE THE BASTARD!”

“MUM!” I yelled at her pulling her backwards and away from Mr Alexander.

“He’s a bastard Jezzebelle! He is the reason your grandfather left me and my Mum all alone!”


“My maiden name is Alexander! How did you not remember Jezzebelle! My Dad left me and my Mum because he got some whore pregnant, they had a kid called Jonathon. He should be 25 by now and this man has my Dad’s facial features. This is my little brother Jezzebelle. He is a fucking bastard!” She pulled away from me and slapped him around the face again yelling all forms of profanities at him. Eventually I pulled her away and dragged her outside. “I FORBID you from doing music Jezzebelle.”

“I’m not stopping Mum, I’m good at it. I love it.”

“You do it, you don’t live with me. You come home tomorrow and get your stuff then that’s it. You’re out. So it’s me, your own flesh and blood or him, and your music.” She spat all of her words out at me before turning and walking away from me leaving me alone, standing outside the school gates not a clue what to do.


I knew my Father had left a wife and child behind to be with my Mother but I thought it was all amicable, a simple divorce then a new life. If her Mum was right, I was Jezzabelle’s uncle. Everyone in the sports hall was staring at me, my cheek red and I, just sitting there. I thought of Jezzebelle and what she must be feeling so took a walk back to my office, I needed to be away from the rest of the staff to think.

As I drew closer to the department I heard clashing and screaming so began to run. I reached the doorway just in time to see Jezzebelle throw a drumstick across the room hard enough to dent the wall of my demountable department. “Jezzebelle, stop.” I held her backwards as she went to pick up her saxophone.

She turned around to face me as her tears started, her whole body shaking with such a force I didn’t know what to do other than hold her.

“Mymumhaskickedme outimhomelessand idontknowwhattodo.”

“What did you say?” Her face was pressed into my chest, her makeup and tears staining my shirt, her words were muffled and I couldn’t understand her.

“My Mum gave me a choice, music or her. If I chose music, I have tomorrow to collect my things, I can’t live with her anymore. I don’t know what to do Mr Alexander.”

“What did you chose?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I chose music. My relationship with Mum has never been good and music is my everything.” She laced her fingers with mine and closed her eyes.

“Do you have any family you can stay with?”

“It was just me, my Mum and my Dad. So when Dad died it was just my Mum and I. Everyone else abandoned our side of the family. You’re my only family Sir…”

“Call me Jonathon, I’m your Uncle after all.”

She looked up at me and our eyes met each other’s for the first time since everything transpired. Her right hand released mine and she touched my cheek, the cheek her Mum had slapped. “She hurt you.”

“It’s nothing Jezzebelle, honestly. I’m worried about you at the moment.” I gave myself a minute to think as she rubbed my cheek, her eyes never leaving mine. “You have nowhere to live and I have somewhere to live. You can stay with me if you want.”

“Don’t you have a girlfriend Sir?” She stumbled over her words before correcting herself, “I mean… Jonathon.”

“I only said that to see if you really wanted it. I’m single Jezzebelle. The house is yours if you want it. We can take the day off of school tomorrow and move you in.”

She moved her hand round to my neck before pressing her lips against mine, “I would love to. Thank you so much.” Her lips touched mine again and she began to kiss me, my lips automatically parting making more room for hers and her tongue.

When the kiss broke off I had to ask. “So…err… what is going to happen between us? I mean I am your Uncle.”

She wiped the remains of her make up off with her shirt before answering me. “My Uncle is my teacher too, and they are both super hot and I want to fuck them both. My teacher is my Uncle by the smallest portion of blood ever, at least that’s what I am telling myself.”

“So you want to carry on with this?”

“I want to carry on. I want to live with you, have you teach me and fuck me senseless like you did earlier on. Can I have that Jonathon?”

“You can.” I lent down towards her and kissed her again, but not just her lips, her cheek, jaw, neck, everywhere she was sensitive before taking her hand. We were going back to my house, our house and we were going to do whatever we wanted. If that meant lots of fucking, then we would fuck to our hearts content.

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