My First Day at Work


It was a long time ago — my first day at work. The usual routine — going around the office, getting introduced to people, smiling that false smile till my jaws ached, and fighting that familiar feeling of being smothered by the mundaneness of it all. Until I met Lakshmi, that is.

She was not someone you would call strikingly beautiful. She had a good figure, her top bulged at the right places, and her booty called out for attention. More than her physical attributes, it was her attitude that got me. Before even the pleasantries were exchanged, she popped the question, “So, have you had sex before?”

I had seen the ring on her finger. I knew this question was one of those meant to flummox a newbie. I played along, not on the lines she expected though.

“Are you proposing an after?” I replied.

It took a while to register. She shook the cobwebs in her brain, and replied in the negative. From the resounding laughter of those around, I got the feeling that this was the first time someone had given this woman a repartee for her retorts. I could see in her eyes a glint of desire. Or may be it was my over-active imagination. Either way, I decided to take some action.

Fridays are days meant for clearing up pending work for the week. The office is usually half empty by afternoon. Perfect. I walk into her cabin, and for a while we make small talk. When I was certain there was only pendik escort one direction in which we both wanted the conversation to go, I chipped “How long have you been divorced?”

“You asked people about me? Were you thinking about me all this while?” she quipped.

“Nope. Did not have to ask. I noticed the ring on your finger — you wear it to keep men off. It is not the only thing I noticed, by the way.” I said with a gleam in my eye.

“I am sure. But humour me. What else did you notice?” she chided.

“Well,” I began “you had on lace underwear on that fateful day. Today, you have on a thong.”

Her eyes popped out, “What?!! How do you know that?”

“Women’s underwear is my speciality.” I explained.

She was quiet. I had no idea what she was thinking. But I knew she had bitten the bait. Suddenly I said, “Take me out to coffee.”

“Coffee?” she was surprised.

“For now” I said “But make it interesting. Take me someplace I would not expect you to take me. Or may be that is where I would exactly expect you to take me?”

“Grab your things” she said with a smile “Let’s go!”

“Umm, my things?” I asked with a mock laugh and pointed between my legs “those things?”

Unfazed, she said “Are you still taking things into your hands? We need to do something about that. Tsk tsk.”

We got into her car. When we reached our destination, I maltepe escort knew it was the right place — the kind I would not expect her to take me to, and exactly the kind I would expect her to take me to. Her home.

“Coffee or tea?” she asked.

“You” I smiled.

She came close and put her tongue in my mouth, snogging me passionately. As suddenly as she started, she stopped “Mr. Smarty Pants, your options are either coffee or tea. I am the snack that goes with it.”

“Does that mean I only get to nibble? I was in the mood to completely devour.” I said.

She opened her mouth to say something. I did not let her. My mouth closed in on hers, my hands grabbing her ass and pulling her towards me tight. We kissed till we were breathless. I could feel her erect nipples jutting out through the fabric of her top against my chest. With one swift expert motion, I put my hand inside her top and unclasped her bra.

Soon we were naked. I took a moment to breathe in her body. Wheatish, not the artificial tan. Natural tan colour that only a few are blessed with. Lovely breasts. Not too big, not too small. Just the right size of handful. Her belly was slightly protruding; giving way to her love mound that was bereft of all hair. I like a woman who shaves down there. Shows respect for the person giving her cunnilingus. Her thighs were soft, yet strong. Her back was gorgeous, kartal escort smooth.

Her ass, undoubtedly, was her best asset. It begged to be spanked. I did just that — two hard whacks across the cheeks. She screamed as the pain tore through her. Then moaned as that pain turned to pleasure.

I bent her over, and in one fluid motion entered her from behind. She gasped as her vulva stretched to accommodate me. I am not very big, at least not as big as her gasp made it appear.

“Motherfucker,” she moaned “How big is that thing?”

“Seven and a half,” I replied matter-of-factly.

“Thank God they still make them that big!” she said between moans.

I started pumping her harder, faster. Pulled her face towards me and kissed her on her mouth. Caressed her breasts, and started massaging her clitoris as my cock banged her pussy. She was close. I could sense it. I gave her two more whacks on her luscious behind. That sent her over the edge. Her orgasm hit her in waves, each wave bigger than the next. Spent, she collapsed on the sofa.

I was not done. I put my cock in her mouth. She seemed repulsed at first, almost as if telling me that sucking a cock was beneath her. I held her head in my hands and started mouth-fucking her. We developed a steady rhythm. Her eyes closed. She was enjoying it now. Then it happened. My orgasm shot through, I discharged in her mouth. Her eyes bulged out as her throat swallowed my juices. Then the doorbell rang.

“That must be Poonam,” she said and went towards the door, still naked.

“Poonam?” I called out after her.

“Surely, the more the merrier!” she said embracing Poonam.

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