My First Dorm Ch. 05


Hello again, it’s me Holly. I’m relaying these memories of my fictional first college experiences, and I have to say that what happened after the mall, is probably the worst thing that Ashlyn ever did to me. Fortunately it’s fiction, or the consequences of that day would haunt me even today.

The day after the mall incident was Sunday and I spent the whole day naked. Megan slept in our dorm room, as she often does, and she slept in my bed. I only left the dorm to use the bathroom a few times Sunday and I went naked EVERY time. They ordered food, and made me pay the delivery guy naked. After being so wantonly displayed in the mall parking lot I had succumbed somewhat to my fate. When the delivery guy got to the dorm room, there was a knock at the door. Ashlyn had insisted that I try to make her come before the food arrived and my face was buried in her pussy. She had been in the middle of her orgasm, grunting and holding the back of my head tight to her groin.

“Get the food Holly.” Ashlyn said releasing her fingers from my chestnut hair. I shakily got to my feet and walked over to the door, tiny streams of Ashlyn’s juices were trickling down my chin over my C-cup breasts.

“Where’s the money?” I asked as I put my hand on the doorknob.

“On my desk, make sure you open the door wide.” Ashlyn said as she and Megan pulled my covers over their naked bodies. I picked up the money and opened the door all the way. There stood a mid twenties guy, he was pretty attractive, his eyes were about the size of saucers as he took in the sight of my naked body. He was dumbfounded clearly.

“That’ll be twelve fifty.” I remember him finally managing to say. I handed him Ashlyn’s ten and five dollar bills.

“Thanks keep the change.” I said and took the food from his trembling hands. As I did a girl from the dorm walked by in the hall and shot me a dirty ‘you’re such a slut’ look. Word was getting around of how Ashlyn and Megan used me, and my naked body in the halls was a common enough sight that even those that didn’t have a pretty good idea what was going on had probably seen me naked somewhere. Like I said in my other stories it wasn’t a very big campus. I closed the door leaving the delivery driver to trip over his own hard-on walking down the hall.

As the door shut Ashlyn and Megan tossed off the covers. Their bodies were so different. Megan was close to six feet tall, definitely in the five ten range, she had enormous freckle covered D-cup boobs, and a thick mane of red hair above and below the navel. Ashlyn was very petite, despite her small frame her breasts were pretty close to being a c-cup, she had dark black hair that she kept short, maybe even a little unevenly messy, but it suited her, and her pubic hair was trimmed into a short neat little landing strip above her pussy. I wished I could say the same for my own, Ashlyn had insisted that I let it grow a little so it hung out of my panties, which are all bikini cut. When I put her thongs on, it hangs out in a huge bushy mess. She likes how ridiculous it looks to have the tiny panties trying to cover my thick bush.

The next morning we all had classes. I woke up naked with my covers bunched around me. Megan’s arm was draped across my buttocks. Ashlyn had climbed up onto her bunk at some point during the night. My face felt a little stiff and my jaw was sore from hours of eating both of them out. I grabbed a towel and headed for the showers. When I got back, Megan and Ashlyn were awake. Ashlyn was sitting on the tope bunk with a pair of panties against her pussy. Her legs were open and she was rubbing the panties against herself and then pushing them slightly into her then rubbing some more. When I took my towel off she tossed them at me.

“Here Holly.” Ashlyn said as I caught the noticeably saturated thongs. “Here are your panties for the day.” I knew better than to show any disdain, as last time I had complained about having to wear her dirty crotch covers I had found myself in the recreation room being spanked in front of a bunch of guys. (See part three) I bent over and stepped into her size one thong, I’m a size three and they grew tighter as I slid them up my hips. They were purple and sheer. I carefully stretched them over my hips until they settled snugly over my crotch. They were a little bigger than her normal thongs, and actually had a T-back. They were still tight, and didn’t cover much of my pubic hair. I could feel the dampness against my pussy and asshole, she had really soaked them, it was almost like putting on a slightly damp swimsuit. I could smell her sex wafting off of them, but like I said I was used to it.

They completed my outfit for the day with tiny shorts. Which were also Ashlyn’s, so I couldn’t button them. One of my sweatshirts completed the outfit. Which thankfully hung over the zipper of the shorts. The zipper that over the course of the day would work itself down every twenty minutes or so. Thank god the shorts were too tight to fall off.

For the first few weeks, I had been appalled by Megan şirinevler türbanlı escort and Ashlyn’s outright control over me. Even though I was revolted by the things they had made me do, I felt powerless to stop them. Don’t get me wrong I knew that as Ashlyn displayed me publicly or Megan fondled my breasts, or either of them probed my depths with their fingers, it felt good, that was the problem. My body betrayed my mind, by this point I was pretty much a slave to their whims, there wasn’t much they could do that I wouldn’t enjoy so I let them direct me. That was until the Saturday after the mall incident.

Early Saturday morning the phone rang. I was completely naked, and Ashlyn had the vibrator she had just purchased stuffed deeply and firmly into my ass.

“Get the phone Holly.” Ashlyn said. I rolled over Megan to get off my bed. The vibrator was on low and buzzed in my rectum. Megan reached between my legs as I stood to make sure it wouldn’t fall out. The two steps to the phone were uncomfortable with such an intrusion in my ass, I stepped awkwardly, almost cowboyishly to the desk.

“Hello.” I said with a note of breathlessness in my voice.

“Holly!” My mother’s voice! “It’s mom, your dad and I are on our way up. We should be there in about a half hour.”

“Hi mom.” I said trying to control my voice. Megan still had her hand on the vibrator, and she turned it up, she and Ashlyn laughed quietly, as the buzzing became higher pitched, and louder too. I groaned a little as the shockwaves hummed through my abdomen.

“Are you alright Holly?” My mom asked.

“I’m alright, I tried to reach the phone from my bed and had to really stretch.” I said.

“That’s great.” Mom said, “We’ll call you when we get to school, maybe you can meet us in the cafeteria for some breakfast.” Megan pushed hard on the eight-inch vibrator sending it pretty deep up my bum, I grunted again.

“Yeah, that’ll work just great mom see you then.” I said my breath was beginning to hitch.

“What’s that buzzing sound?” My mom asked.

“I don’t know, it’s coming from the room next door, but I gotta’ grab a shower so I’ll see you when you get here.” I said.

“Ok!” Mom said. “See you soon.”

“See you bye.” I said and hung up the phone.

“Is your mom coming up?” Ashlyn asked as Megan slowly pumped the vibrator in and out of my ass. I put my hands on the desk and spread my legs to accommodate the intrusion better.

“Yes.” I grunted. “They’re gonna’ be here in about a half hour.” I added. Megan withdrew the vibrator from my ass, which suddenly felt very hollow and stretched out.

“Then I guess you’d better go shower.” Megan said. I gathered a towel and wrapping it around myself I hurried out of the dorm room with my little shower bag.

In the shower I suddenly realized, that I had no bras, Ashlyn would surely make me wear her panties, and I wasn’t sure if I had any conservative clothing clean. My parents were coming to the school that I was often paraded around naked, what was I going to do!!!! I finished my shower as quickly as I could and throwing my hair in the hair towel from my bag I wrapped my towel around me and hurried back to the dorm. Ashlyn and Megan were still lounging on my bed, Ashlyn was lazily fingering Megan, her slim little fingertips topped in black nail polish slipped in and out of Megan’s pussy starkly contrasted by the Irish girl’s pale skin and red pubic hair.

As Ashlyn saw me she dug two fingers deeply into Megan who opened her legs a little wider. I watched in horror as the tiniest thong Ashlyn owned appeared from within Megan’s pussy. Ashlyn slowly drew the black material out of Megan finally it sprang loose with an elastic twang.

“Here Holly.” Ashlyn said holding the totally soiled panties out to me. “A special pair for your parent’s visit.” She said. I took the panties they were soaked and slimy from being so far inside Megan.

“Ashlyn?” I asked as I pulled the tiny thongs over my naked hips.

“Yes Holly?” Ashlyn said her eyes were fixed greedily on my body.

“My parents are coming today, do you think I can wear a bra?” I asked.

“You could if I hadn’t thrown them away weeks ago.” Ashlyn said. The panties were on and were so tight so small, and had a crotch so narrow that they embedded themselves instantly between my lips, I might as well have worn nothing. To make matters worse, my asshole was still so loose, that I could feel the tiny string against an inner part of my rectum.

“There are none left?” I asked dismayed.

“None at all.” Ashlyn said. She stood up and came over to me. She pinched a nipple and tugged on it, bending over to flick it with her tongue. I moaned. I love it when she plays with my breasts. “What’s the matter Holly?” She asked between licks. “Afraid of Mommy and Daddy seeing your nipples?” While she licked and sucked on my breasts, Megan began going through my dresser. The phone rang and Megan quickly grabbed it.

“Hello.” şirinevler ucuz escort Megan said….”No this is Megan, I’m Holly’s friend.”….”Oh ok, I’ll let her know, she’s doing her hair now.” Megan said, she grinned wickedly. Then she handed Ashlyn a white tank top. Ashlyn tugged it over my head and I reflexively stuck my arms through the armholes. It was a little snug, and although not sheer enough to see the color of my nipples through it, after the attention Ashlyn had just given me along with the saliva still clinging to my nipples, I looked in the mirror and could see the distinct shape of each of my nipples through the shirt, areola and all.

“No.” I said sadly as Megan handed Ashlyn a skirt. Ashlyn held it out and I stepped into it. She pulled it up and zipped it. It was black and came to just above my knee. It was loose and flowing, and only quasi-matched the tank top, which ended just above my navel, showing the tiny button shape off nicely.

“You look darling.” Ashlyn said. Ashlyn took out her blow dryer and teased my hair slightly while blow-drying it, and with a quick squirt of spray gel, left it to sit nicely almost fully dry. “Better not keep Mommy and Daddy waiting.” Ashlyn said, she reached under my skirt and lightly pinched my buttocks, then handed me my purse as Megan opened the door.

“They said they’d be outside the caf.” Megan said.

“We’re gonna’ grab a shower and get dressed, maybe we’ll see you and your parents later.” Ashlyn cooed as I walked out the door.

All my will power was gone. Every idea that what was going on was alright was gone. I trudged towards the elevator, and knew that my parents would be sitting on the bench just outside the elevator doors, a few feet from the cafeteria. What would I tell them? Would they notice my nipples beaming as hard as they were through the tank top? The elevator doors opened and I stepped out.

“Holly!” My mom said, she got up off the bench and gave me a big hug. Maybe it was how self conscious I was of my chest, maybe it was all the lesbian sex I’d had in the past month or so, but I distinctly felt my mother’s breasts as they pressed against my own chest. I hugged her back and as soon as she released me my dad hugged me. He was taller than me and lifted me right up onto my tiptoes as he pressed his barrel chest against my body, I had already noticed with mom’s hug and carried on the charade feeling my nipples pressing firmly against his hard chest. He set me down.

“Hi hon.” My dad said. “How about some breakfast?” I looked at him watching for any sign that his attention was on my chest. His hair the same brown as mine was combed neatly on his head, his full beard had just begun to gray ever so slightly. For an instant I thought his eyes flicked downwards.

“That sounds great.” I said. “I’m starved.” I turned away from him towards my mom. I really was hungry, Ashlyn and Megan had woken up early and there had been a lot of sex the night before too. My mom was so pretty, her hair was a honey brown, almost dirty blond color, I had been noticing girls and women more, now that I was at the very least bi-sexual and I couldn’t help but notice how good shape my mother was in. She was in her early forties and really kept herself up well. She looked at me, and I knew instantly that she saw the shirt! She saw my nipples. For a split second a disdainful look flashed in her eyes, there was some kind of disapproval, but she said nothing and walked through the door as I held it open.

The cafeteria has a decent breakfast if you don’t mind waiting, but then again, it’s pretty hard to mess up bacon and eggs. We sat at one of the large tables, and drank orange juice and coffee. My mind wandered to how Ashlyn and Megan had stripped me almost naked in this very room, and masturbated me in front of two guys. Despite the company I was in, I felt myself get a little moist at the thought.

We talked about classes, and a bunch of other things. My mom asked if I was seeing anyone, I said no. My dad asked how the professors were and I asked a whole bunch of things about back home. I noticed my dad glancing in my direction a few times, and realized that he was looking at my chest. A little burst of color came to my cheeks as I realized that I was built pretty similar to my mom, and I wondered what he was thinking seeing my nipples, which were still very hard, peeking through my shirt.

“We’d love to see your dorm!” My mom said as we were wrapping up our breakfast. My heart stopped beating in my chest. I though of Ashlyn and Megan, it had been about a half hour, maybe more, they were probably done showering, but they would still be in the room, dressing and getting ready. What would they do? I couldn’t tell my parents that they couldn’t see my dorm though, what would I use as an excuse.

“Sure.” I finally said. My lack of enthusiasm hung in the air, and I felt I had to cover it somehow. “I’ll just have to make sure my room mate is dressed before you come in.” I said.

“Was she şişli escort the one I talked to on the phone?” My dad asked. “She seemed very nice.”

“Oh.” I stammered. “No that was Megan, she’s always around. Sometimes I think she rents her dorm out or something. She a friend.”

“Oh.” My mom said.

“Well shall we.” My dad said standing and gathering the tray and various plates to set at the dish counter.

“Sure!” I said trying to add confidence to my voice. It sounded cheesy and fake, at least to me.

A few nervous moments later we were in the elevator. Then it stopped and we got off on my floor. I scanned nervously for Ashlyn or Megan saw neither. When I got to the room I knocked on the door, there was no answer so I got my key out and went in. They weren’t there!

“This is my dorm.” I said as I walked in, frantically I set my purse on top of the vibrator, which Megan had left on the desk. There were clothes and underclothes scattered about, it was pretty messy all in all.

“Very college.” My mother said.

“Definitely not a guys room.” My dad said stepping over Megan’s little see-through panties on the floor. I blushed.

“Those aren’t mine.” I laughed stupidly.

“Maybe we should go somewhere or something?” I said hoping to be gone before they got back. The doorknob began to turn….too late I thought as my eyes slid shut waiting for whatever was about to happen.

Ashlyn then Megan walked in wearing just towels. Megan’s towel was so short it barely covered her bum. Ashlyn let the door close behind her and I could see her eyes surveying the scene before her, she looked both of my parents up from top to bottom. My father’s breath drew in with a hitch as the two college girls stood before him in only towels.

“Oh I’m sorry.” My mother said. “We’ll head out now.”

“Don’t be silly.” Ashlyn said. “I’m Ashlyn, Holly’s roommate, this is Megan, our best friend in the whole world.” Ashlyn stuck her hand out.

“I’m Sarah, this is my husband Hank.” (Are there any names out there that don’t sound stupid in these stories?) My mother said and shook Ashlyn’s hand, Ashlyn then shook my dad’s hand. I swear he turned white, having to touch the half naked girl. I could tell Ashlyn was enjoying it, and that scared me.

“We’ll grab some clothes and get changed in the shower room, I’m so happy I got the chance to meet you.” Ashlyn said. She looked at both of them and taking in how they stood, she stepped forward and they kind of parted to make way for her. She stopped in front of her wardrobe and looked at Megan making sure she was in front of the door. “Holly.” Ashlyn said. “You’re breaking our deal.” She used a mocking fake whiny voice. My heart froze, my stomach knotted itself, and my knees went weak.

“What deal?” My mother asked, almost like it was on cue.

“Well.” Ashlyn said walking over to me. My entire body felt like stone. “We made a pact with Holly, at the start of the semester.” Ashlyn said. She now stood between my father and I. “That any time Holly was in the dorm, she would take her clothes off as soon as she came in the door.” My parents’ eyes swung to me for verification. I was frozen completely unable to move or talk, my parents were flabbergasted.

Ashlyn reached down and unzipped the skirt. Horror struck me as it fell from my body to lie in a pile at my feet. Then Ashlyn grabbed hold of my tank top and pulled the back over my head then slid it down my lifeless arms dropping it too at my feet. My breasts shook for a second having been freed from the shirt. I felt more exposed right at that moment than anything they had done to me yet. Ashlyn reached down and grasped the panties, which didn’t really cover anything anyway. She began tugging them down having to kneel as she did so. She looked up at my father as she knelt, carefully gauging his reaction. I looked from my mother to him, all of their eyes were riveted to me.

“Oh god….” I said quietly, as Ashlyn tugged the panties to my ankles I stepped out of them, now completely naked in front of my parents.

“Holly?” My mother asked. It seemed to be the only thing she could muster. Ashlyn quickly re-took the stage, she had a natural force of will, and I could see her wielding it expertly as the scene unfolded before my helpless eyes.

“Well now Hank.” Ashlyn said. “Something about this little scene has gotten a reaction out of you.” She reached out and traced a finger over his crotch, I like everyone in the room was watching her and even I could see the erection straining my father’s pants. My father jumped, but didn’t stop her, and seemingly couldn’t say anything. The disbelief and shock at the situation was Ashlyn’s principal ammunition she was moving quickly making sure that she pushed the situation before anyone had the chance to question it.

“As long as Holly’s naked, we might as well just get dressed here.” Ashlyn said slipping her towel off. My parent’s eyes rushed to her body in disbelief, as she patted herself dry. “God Holly, you look so hot right now.” Ashlyn said, she stepped up and grabbed my right breast. Behind my parents Megan was drying off, all of her body now also exposed, I moaned unwillingly as Ashlyn began to pinch and roll my nipple expertly. She moved to the other nipple and repeated the procedure leaving both sensitive and hard. Then she turned back to my father.

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