My first Glory Hole experience


My first Glory Hole experienceHello again :)It’s taken a bit longer to jot this down after my first story, but better late than never I suppose!So, after I’d worked out that I was bisexual following my beach experience, it opened up a whole new world of sexual possibilities for me. I can’t speak for other guys, but my teens and twenties were one long marathon wankathon. My sex drive was through the roof, and even having a nubile girlfriend wasn’t enough to satisfy me.I used to go fishing when I was younger. It was a great way to get outdoors, was very relaxing and also meant that I was often away in the car with a tent and a sleeping bag for a weekend. It was on one of these trips I discovered what a glory hole was – and quite the experience it was too!I was heading up towards the NW of Scotland, as there’s lots of great fishing spots in the lochs that dot the landscape up there. I’d stopped off en-route, to go for a loo break and to go and get something to eat. The little town that I stopped in was pretty quiet early that morning, and there was a decent sized carpark near the public toilets.I locked the car and headed to the loo. Now, I’d never ever considered doing something horny in a public loo before, but this morning was going to be a real initiation for me.I went in to the toilet, and as you’d expect there were some bakırköy escort cubicles in addition to the urinals. I went in to the stall that was farthest away, and sat down to do my business. Back in those days, toilet partition walls were not reinforced with metal (I assume that’s to stop people putting more glory holes in them!), and for any American readers, the stall walls are much taller than the ones you tend to have, and sometimes they go all the way to the floor and roof. This one was like that – a sealed little cubicle.As I was sitting on the loo I noticed there was a hole in the wall. It was about the size of a loo roll holder. I remember being pretty surprised, and that suprised feeling was almost instantly followed by a feeling of lust. I guessed straight away what that hole was used for, and I bent forward to look through in to the cubicle next door. (My heart is beating faster as I write this, just as it did back then).I wasn’t too close to the hole, so it was a relatively narrow field of view in to the stall next door – but that didn’t matter, because I could clearly see the guy next door sitting on the loo, trousers and underwear at his ankles, wanking his hard cock!I recoiled back in surprise. Whilst I’d hoped I might get a nice voyeur view of a cock, I didn’t beşiktaş escort expect to be seeing someone playing with themselves quite so blatantly. My own cock began to stiffen, at the thought of what was going on next door.The guy had seen my eye hovering away from the glory hole, and so he moved forward to look at me. I was a bit taken aback by this, as he put his eye right up against the hole. Then he whispered through the hole “Let me see”. Those words sent another ripple of excitement through me, and I stood up and showed him my now rock hard cock. I stroked it a few times, moving closer to the hole to let him see it close up. “Nice!” he said.What happened next was the final nail in my hetero coffin – he pushed his erection right through the glory hole and in to my stall! My mouth must have been hanging open by that point. It was impossible for me not to reach out and grab that hard shaft. It throbbed in my shaking sweaty hand, and I gently pulled his foreskin up and down while my heart was pounding. What on earth was I doing in a public loo – this was crazy!!Thankfully, due to the early hour, there weren’t many people about, and I don’t remember anyone entering the loo while his cock was basically in my face. My libido got the better of me and I started to wank that big beylikdüzü escort hard cock properly, gripping it tightly in my hand. I have absolutely no idea for how long I did that, as I was mesmerised by the gorgeous sight of a big fat prick in front of me.Eventually, without much warning, he came, spurting a glorious high jet of cum in to my cubicle, and very nearly all over my face. I sat there, transfixed, as the cum pulsed out of him, on to the floor, over my hand. His cock started to soften a little as the cum stopped flowing, and he withdrew it back through the hole. “Now you” he whispered.I wasn’t quite ready to stick my cock through the glory hole, so instead I wanked off on my side of the partition, watching him watching me. It was so incredibly horny that I can’t have lasted more than a minute before I shot my own load high in to the air, against the cubical wall, and on to the ground to mix with his own jizz.I was spent, and excited, and terrified, and disgusted, and elated – all at the same time. My fellow glory holer whispered “Thanks!”, and with that he was gone. I stayed a bit longer to clean myself up and compose myself, so I never saw what he looked like. He may well have watched me leave, but I hurried to my car and drove off, hungry and satisfied at the same time.You’ll be pleased to know that wasn’t my last experience of milking a cock through a glory hole, or indeed of milking a nice hard cock to release a big jet of cum. But to this day I love a good glory hole video clip – gay, bi or straight – and I regularly search xHamster to see if any new ones have been added.Hope you all enjoy – now I’m off to wank to a GH video!

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