My First Orgasm


Although I’m now 40 years old, I can still remember my first sexual experience. I grew up in a strict religious home where sex was considered to be acceptable only if you were married. It was not really discussed. Of course, since an adolescent girl is not supposed to be getting married, she really should not be thinking about sex. I spent my high school years studying hard and getting into college.

After high school, I went to a religious college and continued following the strict teachings my parents had taught me. During my junior year (I was 19 at the time), I started dating a guy who was as inexperienced as I was. We went out for a long time before we even kissed.

Eventually we started to make out with our clothes on. One Sunday after church we went back to my dorm room (my roommate was gone for the weekend) and started to make out. I was on my back on the bed. (I was still wearing my dress from church and he still had his slacks and shirt on.) He lay on top of me as we kissed and hugged each other. I could tell that he was excited because I could feel his erection through my thin skirt. I started to feel real mushy “down there”. His erect pendik escort penis was pushing on my crotch while we kissed. I began to feel somewhat emotional, like a needy urgent feeling. I kissed back and stuck my tongue in his mouth. I could feel him grinding into me. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and I sucked hard on it. He pushed his tongue in and out in rhythm to his hip movements. Each time he slid his tongue into my mouth, I sucked it hard. It was like we were having intercourse with our mouths.

I liked the feeling of our crotches grinding together. I wrapped my legs around his waist and squeezed while he wiggled his bulge against my crotch. I was breathing hard. I felt like crying. While I sucked as hard as I could on his tongue, I all of a sudden felt my body start to shake. I buried my head on his shoulder and sobbed as waves of emotion and sexual tension spasmed through my body. I heard him groan as he exhaled deeply. A few minutes later he got up to go to work. I noticed a large wet spot on the front of his slacks like he had urinated. I knew then that we had both orgasmed together, not once touching skin on skin.

A few days maltepe escort later I wondered if I could make myself feel that way. I got a bottle of shampoo from the bathroom and held it over my panties against my crotch. I reclined on my back and spread my legs with my feet flat on the bed. I pushed up with my crotch and through my panties rubbed my clit into the bottle. I gyrated back and forth until I felt myself start to cum. I thought about the day with my boyfriend and the orgasm happened again.

A few weeks after my first orgasm, my boyfriend and I were at his apartment. I still was not ready to have sex or for him to see me naked. We once again started making out fully clothed. This time my boyfriend was lying on his back and I was on top. I was wearing a pleated skirt that came down to just above my knees and a pair of white cotton panties. I turned around and squatted over my boyfriend’s head facing toward his feet. My skirt covered his face. I put my weight on my knees and started to undo his jeans while I rubbed against his chin like I had the shampoo bottle. My hands were shaking. I had never seen or touched a penis before. I fumbled kartal escort with his zipper and put my left hand down his pants once I got the jeans open. By this time he was blowing through my panties directing warm air onto my pussy. I pulled out his penis and lightly blew air on it. I was still too nervous to put my mouth on it. I put my fingers gently around and felt it twitch or pulse as it seemed to get even more erect.

I wrapped my fingers around and began to slowly stroke up and down. He started to move his hips in response. I also started grinding my crotch into his face. I could feel his tongue pushing up through my now wet panties into my pussy. My clit was rubbing against his chin. I couldn’t seem to move my hips fast enough. I was frantic. I know I was gripping his cock with one hand and the bedspread with the other. I felt myself start to cum and squeezed my thighs together as hard as I could squeezing his head between my thighs. I know I must have been squeezing his cock hard too because as I relaxed my grip when I came I felt him spurt really hard. I heard his semen hit the ceiling. He must have cum for five or six good spurts.

Ever since that day, I have fantasized about me humping his face with his cock in my hand. This image always puts me over the edge. If I ever get impatient having an orgasm, I can always make myself cum while remembering my first introduction to sex.

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