My First

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I had always had a crush on Jessica. I remember the first time I saw her, she sat across from me in our Spanish class, in her cutoff blue jean shorts and pink spaghetti strap top. She had long, straight brown hair, perfect skin, beautiful, perky breasts, and these long gorgeous legs that always seemed to draw the attention of every male in the room. We took an immediate liking to each other, as we flirted everyday in class until one day she passed me a note that said “I’ll be at your house at midnight.” I looked up after reading the message as she smiled at me and placed one foot between my legs, against my crotch, and massaged my cock through my pants.

That night, I waited on our back porch for her, in my old bathrobe and slippers. I heard her coming up the porch staircase, my heart jumping at every step she took. She was wearing the same shorts and top she was wearing the first time I saw her, only this time she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She approached me and kissed me on the lips, snaking her velvet-like tongue between and around my lips as her hands expertly caressed my robed chest and stomach. I responded by gently brushing my hands up and down her firm body and around her waist, stopping for a brief moment to take her ass in my hands and squeeze ever so gently. She pushed back and told me that good things come to those who wait, and took one of my fingers in her mouth and sucked it eagerly, drawing her tongue around and over the tip.

I led her to the basement of my home, where I had set up a sofa bed and several assorted items, casino siteleri mainly fruits and other things like that. Without saying a word, she turned off the lights and instructed me to strip and sit on the edge of the bed. I did so, while she did the same, and when we were both nude, with nothing to hide from each other, she laid me on the bed on my stomach. Then she began to give me the most wonderful massage I have ever had in my life, slowly and gently rubbing the day’s tension out of every muscle in my body. After about fifteen minutes of this, she instructed me to lay on my back. I did so, and she began to massage my chest, legs, and stomach while never once touching my hard cock or balls. When she finished massaging my front, I almost came when she ever so gently rubbed the tips of her fingers across the head of my throbbing dick. She smiled and began to ever so slowly move one hand across my cock while holding my balls in the other. I came so close to cumming several times, only to have her remove her hands and smile down at me while the feeling subsided, then begin anew each time.

Finally, when she decided I had had enough, she bent down and ever so gently blew on the head of my rock-hard cock. I felt her breath around my penis, cooling the pre-cum I had accumulated all over it. I gasped and almost came again as I felt her warm breath encompass my throbbing cock, when she finally touched the base of my cock with her tongue. She wrapped her tonuge around my shaft, licking every drop of pre-cum off. When she got to my head, she ever slot oyna so gently wrapped her lips around it and slowly started to suck every last drop of pre-cum out of my cock.

When she finished, she quickly nibbled at my head, which only drew me to higher levels of passion than I could ever imagine. Then she slowly started to take my shaft into her mouth, stopping when my head hit the back of her throat. She then began to bob her head up and down slowly, as if to coax me into cumming but not quite letting me cum until she was ready for me to.

I was in ecstasy, and I moved my hands up and down her gorgeous nude body as she sucked my dick ever so slowly. She began to moan as I massaged her pert, firm breasts, only stopping to pinch her nipples once each. This made her suck my cock a little faster, and I traced my hands up and down her body even more in response. I snaked my hands down her body until I reached her beautiful, sparse brown bush where I rested my hands for only a moment, while she continued to suck my cock and massage my balls. I then reached one hand down between her thighs and found her dripping, hot, tight pussy ready for me to make her cum. I traced one finger around her lips, while my other hand went back up and continued to stroke her firm breasts and erect nipples. She moaned and slowed her sucking, she wanted to cum before I did, and I was ready to give her anything she wanted.

I continued to finger her lips with my index finger and little finger while my middle two found her clit and began to rub it up and down to the canlı casino siteleri rythm of her sucking. Her moaning became louder as she started to suck my cock harder and deeper than before. I continued to massage her clit and breasts, stopping to give her tits a hard pinch every once in a while. Finally, I sunk my middle two fingers in her tight cunt as she moaned louder than ever and almost bit my cock in her orgasm. I felt her pussy contract around my fingers and her hot juices explode around my hand while she couldn’t help but hold onto my cock with her mouth like it was a life preserver. When her orgasm was finished, she turned all her attention to my cock as she began to suck it and massage my balls, as if to coax every drop of cum out of them.

I finally got to cum, and I exploded in her mouth, shooting my wad deep into her mouth as she squeezed my balls to make sure she got every drop. She swallowed everything I shot into her, then looked up at my exhausted but happy face. I couldn’t help but smile, she had saliva, pre-cum, and cum all around her mouth from sucking my cock.

She took the hand I had used to bring her to orgasm, and brought it to her face. She licked every drop of her own juices off of my hand, then finished mine off her face. She then laid down beside me, our naked, sweaty bodies together and we kissed for the longest time, tasting each other’s juices from out mouths. When we finished, she stood up and turned the light on, revealing her gorgeous, nude body to me for the first time since we met. She slowly put her clothes on in front of me, looked at me, and said “see ya in class tomorrow, lover.”

She left and we haven’t made love since, only going so far as to flirt and share the occasional knowing look at each other in Spanish class.

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