My Full Body Fuck

Asa Akira

My lover, D, and I have been together almost two years, and our sex life is the best part of our relationship. We make no pretenses about it, and we accept the fact that we will probably never proceed to the next step — that of a permanent commitment. We remain together for the pure fun and pleasure of sex.

D will do anything I want in bed (or many times out of bed…). I need simply to ask him, and he will comply. He is very adventurous and creative and has taught me to enjoy kinky things I never thought I would try.

My birthday was approaching, and D asked me what I would like. This time, I wanted to come up with something unique, sexually. Previously, we would “do” certain acts for each other, such as dressing up, role playing, spanking, dildo play, etc. Romance was not a big part of our sex life; fucking was the main attraction. This time I wanted to challenge D. He is a wonderful lover, very attentive to my pleasure as well as his own. He loves pussy, so I get to have my favorite act performed regularly.

I told D that for my birthday, I wanted a Full Body Fuck. He raised his eyebrows in question and asked what I meant. I did not explain it to him. I told him to use his imagination and come up with something that would take at least an hour to satisfy me sexually. He grinned his charming little grin, and I knew he had already started planning.

The night of my birthday, I arrived at D’s house with much anticipation. I had taken a long, hot bath and felt very relaxed. I had prepped myself for an evening of sex: shaved my legs, trimmed my pussy, and I put on my sexiest underwear — D’s favorite. I knocked on the door lightly and went in. He stood there smiling. In one hand, he had a long-stemmed red rose, and in the other, a bottle of my favorite wine, totally out of character. Excitedly, I went to him and gave him a very romantic kiss. He told me to sit down, as he poured each of us a glass of wine.

He sat next to me on the couch and took one of my hands in his. He began softly stroking my fingers, and taking each one into his mouth, sucking on them, all the while staring into my eyes. I took a sip of wine, and the warmth ran into my chest and down to my groin….or was it what D was doing that caused this sensation? He leaned over and whispered in my ear that I looked beautiful. The warm breath on my ear sent goose bumps over my entire body. He began to nibble at my ear, then lightly kissed my neck, slightly sucking and licking, down to my shoulder blade.

I thought I was going to cum immediately. As I began breathing harder, D bent over and began kissing me, licking my bottom lip, sticking his tongue in my mouth slightly, gently rubbing his lips over mine. He pulled away and looked me in the eyes and said, “Happy Birthday Baby.”

He asked me to undress, leaving only my bra and panties on, ataşehir escort bayan and to sit back on the couch and make myself comfortable. Slowly, I took off my shoes and my dress, revealing only my white lace thong and see-through bra, my large erect nipples now pushing at the material. I could see D’s approval, as he devoured me with his eyes. I was so hot at this point, and he had barely touched me. I sat on the couch, and D kneeled on the floor in front of me, looking up into my eyes. He took one of my feet in his hands, massaging it, first the ankle, then the arch, then each toe. He took my toes, one by one, in his mouth and started sucking gently on them. This was driving me wild…he had never done this before, and I loved it. He began his ascent up my calf, kissing, making little flicking movements with his hot tongue, purring as he did so. As he reached my thighs, I could feel my panties getting extremely wet, anticipating his touch and tongue as he moved closer to his goal…

As he neared my thighs, I could feel my legs begin to quiver. He slowly parted my legs, watching me squirm under his touch. He began to lick and nibble at the inside of my thighs, and instinctively, I grabbed the back of his head, wanting to direct him to my pussy. But, he removed my hands and smiled at me, with a knowing look, devilish and teasing. He continued licking so gently at the soft skin on my upper thigh. I felt my clit begin to tingle and my pussy was so hot, I am sure he could feel and smell the heated passion between my legs. As he neared my throbbing pussy, I felt myself pushing my hips up to meet his mouth, but he retracted, leaving me sexually frustrated.

I lay back and relaxed, going with the moment. He continued his exploration. He licked my panty line, slightly pushing aside the material,making me moan with sexual frustration. He darted his tongue all around, never actually touching, but merely brushing my soft pubic hair with his tongue, as if a butterfly had landed for a split second on me, then flew away. He nibbled at my clit gently through my wet undies. I knew D felt and smelled my excitement, and he continued to hold back, driving me wild.

Just when I thought he would take me orally, he withdrew. He positioned himself upright between my legs, and deftly unhooked my bra, moving towards my full breasts, nipples tautly erect in anticipation. He rolled his face between by breasts, cupping them in his soft hands, kneading them, squeezing them, softly slapping them. He began licking my nipples very lightly, then with more force, as he started sucking and biting at them. He nursed them as if I was his mother, giving him the milk of life, moaning softly as he did so. I reached around the back of his head and stroked his hair, and pulled him into me.

After several minutes of satisfying himself escort kadıöy at my breasts, he gently lay me down on the couch and lowered himself on top of me. I could feel his hard cock against my stomach, and I wanted to strip him of his clothes and pull him into my wet pussy. As I reached down to stroke him, he pushed my hand away. He whispered, “Not yet baby.”

He continued kissing my mouth, my neck and my breasts, moving down again, flicking his tongue over my belly, swirling it in my navel, and proceeding down to my mound. He again began to lick me through the now soaking crotch of my panties, greedily sucking and biting at my engorged clit. When I didn’t think I could take it any more, he eased my panties down and removed them. He stared at my exposed pussy, moaning with delight as he looked into my eyes, telling me how he enjoyed the sight of my beautiful cunt.

D began slowly exploring my pussy, as if he had never seen it before. He caressed my pussy lips gently and lovingly,sucking them gently into his mouth. He licked my clit with his warm, wet tongue, sending waves of pleasure through my body. He slowly circled my clit with his finger, rubbing my wetness around its hood, then moving it down along my slit, so wet and silky. He put more of my juices on his finger and softly circled my asshole as I writhed with pleasure. I wanted to call it off and tell him to just fuck me, but I knew it would spoil his plan. As if he read my mind, yet again, he began to lick me with his hot, wet tongue.

The touch of his tongue on my pussy again sent shock waves through me, and I had an orgasm that seemed to come from my toes. As I felt myself cum, he pushed his mouth into my pussy, drinking in my nectar. His tongue, now rigid, was pushing into me, fucking my hot and wet hole, and I responded by pushing my hips into his face. He kept saying, “easy baby, easy,” but I couldn’t stop. Finally, both exhausted from the effort, we fell away from each other, D lying his head on my stomach, still heaving from the excitement. As we lay there, totally absorbed in each other, I thought how wonderful D was to play into my little fantasy. I felt wonderful, and totally fulfilled. I was about to get up and get dressed, when D said he wasn’t finished. I was amazed…what did he have in mind?

“I believe you asked for a full body fuck…. We are only halfway there, my love.” I couldn’t believe my fortune. I was already fully satisfied. But, apparently D had other ideas…. He told me to go into the bedroom and lie down. I rose from the couch, walking on unsteady legs towards the bedroom, savoring the feelings coursing through my body and very conscious of D’s eyes on me. I lay down on his big bed, on my back, and waited for him to come to me, anxious for the next step.

D entered the bedroom, his cock at full attention as he maltepe escort approached me. He never had a problem getting erect, but it was usually with a little help from me. This time, there was no doubt that he was totally prepared for his next step, and needed no help. As he approached the bed, he was stroking his cock, so full and thick and engorged, and I couldn’t wait for him to lie down with me. I wanted him in me, thrusting his beautiful cock in my ready pussy, fucking like there was no tomorrow. As he climbed onto the bed, he told me to turn over on my stomach….I obeyed his directive. He got on the bed behind me, grabbed my hips and lifted my ass up towards his cock. With my ass in the air, and my pussy fully exposed, D began to lick me, his tongue fucking my cunt and licking my clit from behind. He proceeded down my slit towards my anus, and using my juices as lube, he tongue fucked my ass. It felt so good, and I wanted to scream out for him to fuck me. He pulled my ass towards him and with one hand rubbing my clit, he used his other to push his hard cock into my gaping pussy.

He started fucking me slowly and gently, developing a sensual rhythm, then started thrusting harder and harder, slamming into me, his balls slapping against my ass with each thrust. I was on the verge of cumming again, when he pulled out, and started licking my pussy, drinking in my juices…his face covered with them as he buried it into me. Pulling away, he fingered me, getting his fingers wet again then rubbed them on my anus, getting my hole wet. He spit on me, adding more lube, then he began pressing the head of his cock into me, just a little, testing me and teasing me. As he slowly pressed his hard cock into my ass, I let myself relax so I could take him into me. As he passed the sphincter muscle, so gently and slowly, I felt the sudden pop and splurge as his hard cock entered my ass.

There was little pain as I allowed him into my sacred place, pushing myself against him with such pleasure. We fucked this way for several minutes, and I found myself getting close to orgasm, as D kept saying how tight my ass was and how good it felt, his breathing becoming more heavy. He was stroking me slowly and smoothly and he was hitting every hot spot with each thrust. I felt the fullness of him in me, touching my G spot, so close to my pussy…I thought I was going to explode…

As if knowing this, D began thrusting a little harder, and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I screamed that I was going to cum, which in turn made D let go, and we came together in a noisy frenzy that left us both totally consumed in passion and lust and love. I lowered myself down, with D still in me, as he collapsed on my back. We stayed in this position for several minutes, resuming normal breathing and enjoying the natural ebbing of our bodies and minds, neither of us wanting to remove ourselves from this communion.

After we came down from our sexual high, D finally removed himself from me, and took me in his arms, kissing me deeply and softly, and said, “Happy Birthday Baby.” It was the best birthday gift I ever had…so far…

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