MY GAYIEST (S)EXPERINCE EVERIt happened to me sometime this week, with one of the finest women I`ve ever had. Milf, but a little bit younger than me, happy mother of a c***d, but with a great body and a pussy tight as hell. That was a “wow!” for me. I mean, after giving birth to a c***d, many women become more fat, or at least the pussy is not the same.This particular one I had just llloves the cock. She sucked me, and altough she couldn`t get it all the way `til the throat (this made me feel very proud about my cock), she sucked it very good. I had to stop her, because I almost cumed, and I wanted to fuck her too.I had her in all positions. First, her on top, then me on top, then, at her request, I fucked her doggystyle. While me on top, she was kissing, licking and sucking my neck and my ear. This usually makes me go cccrazy. I was pumping desperately in her pussy, back and forth, all the tuzla ukraynalı escort way in, everytime almost reaping off my tight foreskin that y`all feminine hotties (and not only) `round here like so much. I was pumping hard and fast in her. One time I thought we broke the bed. She told me that`s ok and that i should continue to fuck her. The faster and harder I was pumping in her, the more she wanted it. I could see it on her face, and with her moaning and gasping, I felt she was begging me to do faster and harder…I almost made her climb on the walls. She is a very sensual, but in the same time, cock hungry woman.I admit though, it was kind of exhausting to please her. Got all sweat. While fucking her from the back, my sweat drops were linking heavily on her body. She has a tatoo on her has, that made me fuck her like a lunatic; very sexy. Her ass, i mean. Sorry, tuzla rus escort I remember now everything and I get horny again…Well, the fun part comes now, at the finish. It was my gayest (s)experience ever. And it was with a woman, imagine that… I wanted her to finish me while sucking my cock. I was really exhausted, no matter how hot it was to see and feel her so lusting for my cock inside her pussy. So, she sucked my cock a little bit more. Then, I wanted her to kiss and lick my neck and ear a little bit more. But when she got down with her mouth to my right nipple, and started to suck it, kiss it and lick it like it was a cock or something…that was irresistible to me, so I started to moan and gasp: “I`m cuming! I`m cuming…!”She went down with her mouth all the way to my cockhead and I was pretty sure she will slurp and swallow my cum. But….no. Just when the escort bayan cum was exploding from my throbbing cock…she pointed my cockhead, using just her fingertips (with a very smooth and easy gesture), in a different direction from her mouth and face…in the direction of MY mouth and face! So, I cumed almost half of my own load on my own face. It almost hit my mouth too. I was sooo close to taste my own cum. Some of the load hit the corner of my mouth. If I would wanted, I could taste some with the tip of my tongue. That`s how close it was. I had cum also on my cheek, forehead, some of the load hit on my left arm too…Only my hair escaped. But hers, didn`t. I cum hard, sprayingly and piss alike. I was one of its victims though.In the end, we both started to laugh like we were retards, although in the first seconds after, i was kind of shoked. I`ve never cumed on my own face before. While I was cleaning my arm and face with a wet tissue, she was cleaning my cock and balls of cum, very gently and careful (like a mom), paying more attention to the cockhead, so much that my still hard cock was throbbing and almost wanted to get inside her again.And…that`s it.

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