My Grandma, The Cum Dump Ch. 01-02


WARNING: This story contains the following: incest, non-consensual, elder abuse.

This is a complete work of fiction. Any resemblance to any real person, living or dead, is pure coincidence and unintended. Enjoy.


My name is James and I am a pervert. I have spent the last month on my current project. I have turned an 86 year old, Catholic, mother of two, grandmother of four, into a complete and total cum dump. She is a small woman, some would call her petite; she’s roughly 5′ 2″ tall, 95lbs, with short brown hair and saggy B cup breasts with perky long nipples. Her legs are in excellent shape for her age except for a few stray varicose veins and she has a small tight round ass. As sexy as this granny is, there is only one real reason why I chose to make her my cum slut: she is my maternal grandmother.

Part 1.

Several years ago my grandma, Allison, had a stroke and was hospitalized for a short period. Not long afterword she sold her house and moved into an apartment complex for seniors that was connected to an assisted living facility. Over time, Allison became less and less aware of what was going on around her, and eventually she had to be moved into the assisted living section of the complex. In conjunction with her mental decline, most of the family slowly stopped visiting her. The main reason for this was that most of the family had moved out of town and/or out of state. The only family that still lives in the same city as my grandma is my 19 year old cousin and myself. I would make a point to visit her every other month or so to check zeytinburnu escort up on her. Every time I visited she would be less and less aware and eventually was reduced to a silent stare most of the time.

It was a Sunday evening and the two of us were sitting on her bed watching TV. We were watching something on HBO. I got up to use the bathroom and when I came back the show had changed to one of those graphic sex documentaries. At first I thought that I should change the channel, but it didn’t seem that it bothered my grandma at all, so I left it on. At least it was better than game showers or any of that other brainless crap that they have everyone there watch.

After fifteen minutes or so, I started to get a big hard on that made my pants bulge a lot. Soon after, during a particularly graphic scene involving swingers at some resort, I felt my grandmothers hand brushing against my leg. I didn’t think anything of it at first because she would usually indiscriminately grab at things around her until I looked down and saw that her other hand was lightly rubbing at the crotch of her sweat pants. I was surprised and aroused to see her rubbing herself so I let her hand wander on my leg as I watched her. After a few moments she was rubbing and squeezing my seven inch cock through my pants. The scene was surreal. I was not only watching porno with my moms’ mom, but she was basically jerking me off through my pants.

I decided that I was going to take this a step further. I got up, locked the door, and got fully naked except for my socks. aksaray escort I got some lotion from her bathroom and I sat back down next to her and guided her free hand back to my stiff member. She ran her fingers up and down my shaft and then gripped it at the base and lightly started to jerk me off dry. I squirted some lotion on my cock to get it nice and slippery for her to stroke. I noticed that as she started to stroke my cock faster and faster, she also started to rub at her cunt more vigorously. I decided that I shouldn’t have all the fun and I reached down and undid her pants so she could access her hairy old pussy. As soon as I did this the pungent odor of her sex filled the room and I could hear how wet her fingers and cunt were.

After another ten minutes, her sweat pants were soaking wet and I could tell by her breathing that she was getting close to climax. Suddenly she began to moan and whimper, her legs went rigid and she squeezed my cock hard, making me shoot my cum load all over the floor and TV. We were both cumming at the same time; covering both of my grandmas little hands with hot, wet, cum.

Afterwards I wiped up all of my cum off of the floor and TV and then I got dressed. While I was doing all of that, my grandma was sitting there licking her fingers clean. Going back and forth between her two cum covered hands, sampling her own juices as well as her grandsons. When she was finished cleaning her hands I leaned over and tied the string on her pants just as it had been and I noticed that her whole crotch and ass were all ataköy escort wet with her juices so I called one of the nurses and told them that my grandmother had wet herself and needed new clothing and bed sheets. As I was leaving, a big round Mexican girl in her early twenties came in to attend to my grandma. I thanked her and left, wondering if she would notice that it wasn’t piss that had soaked my grandmas pants and bed spread…

Part 2.

For the next month I couldn’t think about anything but how hot and kinky it was get let my little old grandmother stroke my cock until it squirted, and then watch her lick up gobs of cum off her fingers. I would fantasize about it all day and night, I would even have dreams about it. Slowly I developed a lustful obsession with her and I decided that I would turn that sweet little old lady into my personal cumslut.

The first thing to do would be to get her a whole new wardrobe befitting a sloppy old whore like her. I went out to the mall and bought her the sluttiest of the sluttiest outfits that I could find. I got her a ton of clothing that was meant for young girls such as brightly colored tights of various colors, tiny little skirts, short shorts, halter tops, and basically anything that would show off her legs, tits, and ass. I also got her all new underwear at the Victoria’s Secret, mostly thong panties.

I was so excited about all the new clothing that I got for my grandma that I went straight from the mall to my grandmas. When I got there she was in the main recreation area with a lot of the other residents. I said a brief “hello” and went up to her room to drop off her new clothes. I put all of her nice old lady clothing into a big bag and took it with me so that there would be nothing for her to wear except all the slutty outfits that I brought for her.


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