My Harem of Older Men Ch. 03


It was hard to believe that 2 weeks had passed so quickly and today Saturday, I was expecting my Dad to return from his long business trip to Japan.

I think he had said that he would be travelling about 24 hours altogether to get back home, including his stopover and changing airplanes on the west coast so I figured he would be tired when he got home.

It was mid afternoon when Karen and I had just got back into the swimming pool when my Dad suddenly appeared at the patio doors. I jumped up and waved then paddled to the edge and jumped out. I grabbed a towel to cover my naked body and ran to meet him, I was so happy to see him that I threw myself into his open arms.

Karen slowly climbed out of the pool and covered herself before she joined us on the patio.

“I’ve missed you Daddy, it seems like you’ve been away for months and months. You remember my girlfriend Karen, right.” I told him as I turned to Karen.

“Well it seems like you have enjoyed the pool, it’s a good job I had it installed before I left. But you need to put a few clothes on, I have some presents for you.” Dad said.

“Oh Dad, don’t be such a Meanie, I’ll be back in the pool in a few minutes. No one can see us back here.”

“I can.” He said with a grin.

“So, you’ve seen it all before. Anyway I don’t like tan lines.” I told him as I smiled.

“Whatever. But come see what I’ve got you. Sorry I didn’t bring you anything Karen.”

“That’s okay Mr. B.” Karen said as we walked into the kitchen.

Dad handed me a slim boxed package with a small card written in Japanese but signed by my Dad.

“It says ‘A special gift for my beautiful 19 year old daughter’. But open it and see if you like it.”

I hastily opened the wrapping and was left with a slim white box with more Japanese writing. My nails made short work of the tape that held it closed and when I opened it I peeled back the tissue paper then I just said, ‘WOW’ as I looked at the most beautiful silk Kimono robe that I had ever seen.

“Oh, I must try this on.” I said as I took it out of the box and handed Karen my towel then wrapped the Kimono around me.

“Daddy, this is beautiful, thank you.” I said as I kissed him fully on the mouth.

“In the bottom of the box is instructions on how to wrap it the traditional way. In Japan today, a Japanese woman usually owns only one kimono typically a furosode kimono, which is worn for the coming of age ceremony on her 19th birthday. I have another gift box for you that has the ‘Obi’, that’s the proper sash for gathering and closing the Kimono. I also have a few more miscellaneous gifts that you can open later at your leisure.” He said.

“Oh I just love this, thank you again Daddy. Did you have a good trip?”

“Yes, it was okay, but we worked just about everyday. I spent two days in China and two days in Malaysia the rest in Japan.”

“I’ll bet you are tired Dad, can I fix you anything to eat?”

“No, I’m fine I ate and slept on the plane. I just need to relax and unwind for a while.”

“Well come and lay out on the patio on one of the loungers Dad and watch us swim, or come in and join us.”

“I may take a quick dip, but not bloody naked, haha.”

“Okay, well I’m going to take this off and get back to the pool, join us when you can.” I said and took off my Kimono and folded it neatly then walked bare arsed outside with Karen who also took the opportunity to shed her towel.

“Well we broke the ice with the naked bit and your Dad didn’t seem to mind, right. Next you will be shaving your pussy bald to match mine.” Karen said as she laughed.

“Good idea Karen, that sounds like a job you could do for me, haha.”

“Mmmm, just tell me when, Sue.”

We played and frolicked in the pool and then swam a few lengths as Dad watched from the patio and then he finally joined us in the pool. But I did notice the growing bulge in his swim shorts before he entered the pool and Karen did too.

“I think your Dad is getting a hard on, why don’t you find an excuse to leave for a while.” She whispered in my ear and I thought to myself I could slip down and see Mr. Worthington, I know he is home today.

“Dad, can I borrow the car, I need to drop off a job application and get some basic groceries, we’re out of milk and bread. Don’t worry I’ve still got money and Karen can stay here until I get back.”

“Sure, the keys are on the table but please put some clothes on, don’t go like that, haha.”

“Good idea, Dad, thanks for the advice.” I said as I kissed him and pushed my breasts into his chest then slowly climbed out of the pool and threw a towel over my shoulder as I walked away.


Fifteen minutes later I was bent over the couch at Mr. Worthington’s house being rammed by his 8-inch stick of dynamite and on the brink of a wonderful orgasm.

“Oh god Sue, you have a gorgeous arse. Oooooh god hurry, hurry up and cum, I’m hanging on for dear life and I can’t holdback much longer.”

“Faster, slap my ass cheeks, oooooooh yesss, yesssss, I’m beşiktaş anal yapan escort cummin, oooooooh I’m so in love with your big thick throbbing penis Mr. Worthington.”

“Mmmmm yesss Sue, any second, nearly. Yesssss sweetheart, oh yesssss move your arse faster, drain me baby.” He cried out as he pumped me hard and deep.

“That was very nice Mr. Worthington, thank you. I must steal one of Karen’s panty liners so that I don’t leak through my panties then I’ll give you time to recharge while I go and pickup groceries. I’ll pop back for another quickie when I’m done shopping.”

“Wonderful, Sue, but if you leak it may well be your own juices, I’ve cum twice this morning with Karen. I think that when YOU cum you produce twice as much as Karen. God, that’s such a wonderful erotic sight when you cum, in seconds I can see it coating my cock and every time I push, it bubbles out of you. Hey, do you think Karen will be successful with your dad?”

“She is very persuasive and Dad already had a hard on, haha.”

“Well I’m sure we’ll find out all the fine details later, haha.”

“Right, well I better get the groceries that was my excuse for going out.” I said before I left.


I went through the grocery store like a whirlwind and was back at Mr. Worthington’s house in about 25 minutes with a wet pussy that had only just gotten warmed up.

“Let me take your panties off and then sit back on the couch.” He said and moments later he had them off and was lifting my legs over his shoulders so that he could bury his mouth all over my pussy.

He licked and sucked until I was writhing on the couch and my ass was hovering and thrusting into his face as I finally orgasmed and spat cum onto his face.

“Geez you are so HOT today, Sue.” Mr. Worthington said as he knelt closer and slipped his hard penis deep inside me. I moved my butt rapidly and we collided with every thrust until he reached his climax and unloaded his weapon.

“Mmmm that was so good.” I said as I let my head fallback.

“Today, I think it would take 3 men to satisfy you, haha.”

“Maybe its because I was teasing Dad with my naked body and then later I could see he was stimulated.”

“Yes, it probably is that. I hate to say it but maybe you should get back and then you can question Karen and rescue your Dad.”

“Yes, I think you’re right and when I get home a dip in the pool should get rid of the evident flowing from my pussy.” I said as I got ready to leave for home.


Amazingly both Dad and Karen were still in the swimming pool but Karen did wink to me when Dad wasn’t looking. I went back into the kitchen and put the groceries away and then stripped off and walked slowly to the pool knowing that Dads eyes were following my every step.

“Gee, you guys will look like prunes, being in the water this long.” I said jokingly and they both smiled.

“Well I did get out once for a pee.” Karen said.

“Oh I’m glad to hear that, haha.” I said as I swam towards Dad and kissed him then asked if he was relaxed now from his trip.

“Yes, I’m much more relaxed sweetheart, Karen kept me busy with the beach ball. But I think I’ll get out for a while and have a lay down on the bed until suppertime.”

“Okay Dad, just yell if you need anything, its great to have you back.”

After Dad had gone in the house Karen was buzzing around me with a huge smile on her face.

“You were right, he did have a hard on when you left. Shall we say, I accidentally felt it and remarked on its beautiful size then I stroked it and lowered his swim shorts and he fucked me in the pool with real gusto as if he hadn’t fucked in years. About 15 minutes later he was stood on the steps so his waist was outta the water and that’s when I sucked him off and swallowed while he played with my tits and watched out to make sure you weren’t back.” Karen said.

“Wow, you vixen.” I said as I smiled.

“Mmmm swapping Dads is a great idea, right?” Karen said as she laughed.

“Yeah, but we better keep quiet about this in the house.” I said as we splashed each other and got to a spot where we could finger each other.

“Let’s go in the pump house and fuck around?” Karen said.

“Yesss, lets go I’m still hot and horny, but I wish you had stayed outta the water so I could have tasted my Dads cum juices.” I told her.

“Mmmm it was yummy.” She said as we climbed outta the pool and dried off partially before we went inside the pump house.

“Sit back in that chair and put your legs over the arms.” I said as I quickly knelt on a towel and attacked her pussy with my tongue.

“Ooooooh god no one can do that like you Sue, not even my dad. Keep going baby, fuck me with your tongue, ooooooh fuck it’s so nice, hold my tits and twist my nipples, ooooooh yeah. More, more, faster, almost baby, suck my clit harder. Oooooooooh my god, keep going, keep going, almost, almost, almost, oooooh baby yesssss, fucking yesssss.” She cried out as she orgasmed beşiktaş bdsm escort and held my head in a vice like grip. “Ooooooh Sue, I’ve got more, finger fuck me and suck hard on my nipples, please baby, please. Oooooooh fuck yesss, give me three fingers, faster, suck my nipples harder and pull.” She cried out and it just made me even hornier to see her so hot and know that she had had my Dads penis in her pussy and mouth.

She was again on the brink of orgasm and I felt that way myself so I started to masturbate myself while I continued finger fucking her and sucking her tits.

“Oooooooh Sue, I’m cummin again baby, hurry, finish me off.” She cried and we both wailed out loud as we both orgasmed together.

Neither of us had heard the door partially open a crack.


After we had come down off our orgasmic high we both went into the pool and swam a few lengths, then we got out and dried off and went back to the house.

Karen decided that she would go home and have supper with her Dad so I got on with making a chicken stir-fry and rice for Dad and myself.

Everything was just about cooked so I went straight into his bedroom to check on Dad and he was laid on the top of the bed naked apart from his shorts, which were around his ankles. His hand was holding a towel at the front between his legs so I couldn’t see anything else. I shook his shoulder, which startled him and told him that supper was ready in a few minutes and then I left and grinned all the way back to the kitchen.

“I just made a light supper, incase you weren’t too hungry, Dad.” I said when he came into the kitchen.

“Oh that’s fine Sue, I must have fallen asleep, sorry.”

“Well I did knock, Dad. I figured you would be decent, haha.”

“Hmmm, well I almost was, haha, except for my bare arse.”

“Its no problem Dad, nice arse though.” I said and laughed.

“Thank you, but not as nice as yours.”

“Oh I don’t know. Hey why don’t you have a swim with me after supper, we can skinny dip, Karen has gone home.”

“I don’t think we should be doing things like that.”

“Why not Dad, it’s perfectly natural, I have been to a few nude beaches you know. People in nudist camps and on nude beaches do that all the time. Are you shy?”

“No, I’m not really shy, it’s just that I have never considered doing that kind of thing in front of my daughter, but I’ll think about it.”

“Good, now eat up while its warm. It’s only on weekends that we manage to eat together.”

“Yes, we don’t get to spend much time together, do we.” He said.

“Not really Dad and I think we should.”


After supper I did the dishes and then we sat on the patio and chatted about his business trip for a while before changing the conversation back to the new pool.

“I think the pool was a great idea, Dad. I’m getting lots of enjoyment out of it and exercise.”

“Yes I see that and I like swimming too, but it’s been so long. I only ever managed to swim when we were on vacation and only if your Mom had nothing else planned for me.”

“There’s no reason now why you can’t have an early morning swim and an evening swim everyday, Dad.”

“That’s true, if I make the time.”

“So lets make the time now and have an evening swim. Okay?”

“Sure, why not. But I’m not…” He said and I cut him off.

“Dad, you’ll make me feel bad if you don’t. I’ve seen it before you know.”


“Several times in the past, by accident of course. So just do it and let’s get to the swimming part.”

“Do you undress here or in the pump house?”


“Oh, I thought I saw you and Karen going to the pump house.”

“There’s extra towels in there.”

“Tell me sweetheart, are you having a relationship with Karen?”

“Why do you ask, Dad?”

“To be honest, I walked over to the pump house this afternoon, but I turned back after peeking through the door. It looked like you didn’t want to be disturbed.”

“Oops. Were you disappointed in me, Dad?”

“No sweetheart, I could never be disappointed with you. To be honest, I found it very erotic.”

“So that’s when you went back to bed and… You know what, with your shorts down to your ankles and a towel in hand?”

“Do I have to admit to something like that, especially when my own daughter was involved?”

“Dad, I am bi-sexual, but what you did was perfectly natural, all men do it and girls do it too. I’m not judging you in anyway Dad. Let’s go and enjoy the pool together.”

I undressed in my bedroom and wrapped a towel around me and brought an extra towel for Dad and pushed him into his bedroom to undress. He came out wearing a towel so I took him by the hand and we walked out to the pool.

“You can’t go in with the towel on, Dad, haha.” I said as I dropped my towel and turned to face him. “Let me help you.” I said as I slowly removed the towel from his body.

“Dad, why are you so shy, you should be proud of your manliness.” I beşiktaş elit escort said as I looked down and smiled.

“You have such a way with words, sweetheart.” He said as he turned and slipped into the water.

We swam up and down the pool and stopped a few times to chat about various things. I noticed in time that he had become more relaxed and wasn’t trying to cover himself so much.

“Do you like diving into the pool, Dad?” I asked.

“Yes, I used to dive in school when I was a boy and got a silver medal.”

“Lets do a few dives into the deep end then, Dad.” I said as we swam towards the deep end of the pool.

I climbed out and Dad followed then I positioned myself and dived in first so that hopefully I could surface first and watch Dad. He barely made a splash and surfaced further down the pool.

“Wow, that was good, Dad. You should have gotten Gold, haha.”

“It’s the technique really, how to keep your arms and legs together and position your hands. Then you need enough spring in your feet to get yourself positioned for a good entry.”

“Can you help me improve, Dad?”

“Sure, get out again and I’ll show you.”

We stood side by side and he told me to raise my arms, then he stood behind me and adjusted my arms and shoulders. He pushed my knees together and told me to bring my feet in then he ran his hand down my back.

“Now you need to be at the edge with your big toes almost touching. Straighten your back, take a breath and hold out your chest, lift your head and look straight ahead. When you enter the water, let your fingers slice through the water and keep your feet together. Ok go ahead.”

“Much better.” He yelled as I surfaced and then I watched as he dived in and realized that his penis had grown somewhat.

“One more time Dad.” I said as I climbed out again and he followed.

He stood behind me again and pulled back gently on my shoulders and pushed in on my lower back, then he ran his hands down the outside of my legs to close them tightly together. He reached around to lift and straighten my arms and I felt his penis brush past my butt. I automatically moved back for just a split second and smiled to myself.

“Okay, you’re ready.” He said and I made the best dive that I had ever made.

“Excellent, that was much better.” He said as I surfaced again.

“Great, stay there, I’ll try one more time.”

Again he stood behind me and eased back gently on my shoulders then pushed in gently on my lower back. His hands ran down the outside of my legs to close them tightly together. He reached around to lift and straighten my arms and this time his penis didn’t just brush past my butt it pressed against my butt cheeks.

I put one hand behind me and grasped his stiffening penis then I turned fully around and kissed him on the lips.

“Dad, do you know why I went to the pump house with Karen? It was after she told me about what you two did and I was so jealous that it made me so damn hot and horny, to know that some other girl had had my Dad before me.” I said softly as both my hands caressed his genitals.

He wrapped his arms around me and our bodies pressed tightly together as we continued kissing more passionately.

“I’m sorry you had to find out, but she was throwing herself on me and it’s been so long since I had sex, I’m only human sweetheart.”

“Dad, you don’t have to go without sex, I want you in the worst way. I can look after all of your needs, you don’t have to go in your bedroom and jack off.”

“Oh sweetheart I’ve never really looked on you that way, if I have I’ve gone out of the way until the feeling passed.”

“Let’s go back to the house.” I said as I took his hand and scooped up a towel with the other hand.

“You still have an erection Daddy and my pussy is getting so wet. It’s time to feel your little girls body like you’ve never done before and make her feel good.” I said as we embraced after we had been inside a few minutes.

“It’s no longer a little girls body, it’s the body of a beautiful young woman.”

“Then feel it, it’s all yours Daddy.” I said as his hands stroked down my back and rested on my bottom.

“Oh sweetheart, you are so beautiful.” He said as he eased me close to him and his hard penis made a dent in my belly.

“Take me Daddy please, make love to me, fill me with your love juices and make me cum. Please Daddy.”

He swept me up into his arms and carried me to his bedroom and then laid me down on his bed. He leaned forward and kissed me tenderly as his hand gently massaged my breast.

I stroked his head and ran my fingers through his hair as I looked deeply into his eyes before his mouth went down over my right nipple. I arched my back and lifted my bottom off the bed as I experienced wonderful sensations from his mouth work.

His tongue swirled around my breasts and then slowly licked a line down past my belly. I opened my legs wide and lifted my knees then arched my back again when his tongue found my inflamed clit. My hands desperately sought out his balls and his penis, which I stroked lightly until I got closer with my mouth.

I licked the underside of his balls and gently pressed my open lips against them until he wriggled around and then I could reach his hard penis.

I licked up and down the shaft and around his balls as best I could while he drove my clit insane.

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