My Indian Mom’s Sexcapades Ch. 04


Author’s Note: All characters in this work are fictional and bear no resemblance or relation to any individuals living or dead. All characters are above 18 years of age.

This is the continuation of the previous stories. Read my previous stories in this series to get the context.


Mom has been fucked by two of her friends tonight. I was still wondering why she put the make up again. She is looking beautiful like a girl waiting for her boyfriend at the cafe. Her red lipstick is too dark and looking as if inviting to put a cock in her mouth. Her hair is not in a pony, but it is flowing from left to right as a wave. She put the eyeliner in a wave fashion extending the eyes. It looked like she is make up ready for an acting set. she create a new look for her face.

Few minutes later, I saw the door opened. This time, it was not like sneaking in. It was like someone intentionally coming to the room. The person turned the fluorescent light on and closed the door. The room is lit very bright now and I can see like seeing in a day light.

It is my mom’s cousin sister Bharu. What is she doing here? She came towards mom and mom got up. Both hugged each other. It didn’t looked like sisterly hug. Bharu was wearing a saree and has good make up done. My mind is thinking whether they are sneaking out and going somewhere for the partying. The hug was continuing and I can see mom and Bharu are fondling each other. They are exploring each others body as if they are feeling it for first time. Bharu removed the pallu of her Saree and dropped it on the floor. Mom kept her head on Bharu’s cleavage and started light kisses. Bharu was trying to remove mom’s camisole top. Both of them started undressing each other. Mom and Bharu are naked now.

Mom is looking like a goddess. Bharu is little chubby with an ass bigger than Mom. She has big breasts. She must be measuring 36D-30-38. beşiktaş türbanlı escort They started giggling and touching each other. Mom put some music on her phone. It was low volume not to disturb others. They started dancing to the music. This looked like a slumber party. They danced for two songs. Bhanu showed signs of tiredness. Mom opened one of her bag. She pulled a bottle of whisky, some sodas and some stuff in a box. Mom poured whisky & soda in two glasses. Mom gave one glass to Bharu, they both cheered and took a sip. In the next sip, they took a gulp and poured into each others mouth one after another.

Mom pulled some things and inserted a ball like thing into Bharu’s pussy. Her pussy is also clean shaved but has some dark complexion. Mom pussy looked like a virgin pussy without a trace of hair or darkness. Mom gave one to Bharu and she inserted into mom’s pussy. In addition, they were having some small remote like device in their hands. Later i discovered, it was vibrating egg. I guess each of them controlling the egg in other’s pussy. They started dancing to the music again. At times, they were twisting their bodies. Both were talking to each other, sometimes spray some drops of alcohol on other’s breasts and lick it. This went on for some time and I saw Bharu is stiffening her body and holding mom to gain support to avoid falling. Bharu did few jerks of her body and collapsed in front of mom. While on the floor, Bharu was fiddling with the remote. I see the same stiffening and jerking happening to Mom too. She too collapsed on the floor next to Bharu.

After few minutes, they both got up, removed the vibrating egg and finished another glass of drink. Both have finished their third glass of whisky. They both got into the bed. Mom is now on the top and Bharu is laying on her back. They got into 69 position and started licking beşiktaş ucuz escort each other’s pussy. This seemed felt like a long time. I looked at my watch. It is 12 midnight. They must be together for good one hour. They stopped after good amount of pussy licking. i wish i was able to see how they lick each other.

They both got up, poured a drink and finished another drink. Mom pulled a dildo from her bag and strapped on to her. it was like wearing an undergarment and looked very realistic cock. The dildo must be like 12inches long and very thick. Mom took Bharu to the bed. Bharu laid on the bed on her back. Mom climbed on top of her and started kissing and squeezing Bharu’s breasts. Mom was behaving like a man today. Mom was pinching and squeezing Bharu’s nipples. Mom took her dildo closer to Bharu’s mouth and Bharu started sucking it like a real cock. After a couple of minutes of sucking dildo, mom pulled it out. Mom spread the legs of Bharu and inserted the dildo in Bharu’s pussy. Mom slowly started fucking like a man. She fucked Bharu for a good 10minutes. Mom looked like a very aggressive animal when she was fucking. Bharu was holding her legs and spreading wide and murmering something. Mom said something and they both got off the bed.

They both poured another glass of drink and started drinking. They were doing some chit chat and giggling. Bharu was feeling the dildo/cock attached to mom and mom was feeling the Bharu’s thighs. They finished the drink. Bharu stood in a doggy style just like the way mom stood for getting fucked by Arnav. Mom went near Bharu and slapped on her ass. Bharu jerked in pain. Mom pulled her closer and inserted the dildo into Bharu’s cunt. It slipped so quickly. Bharu might be real wet. Mom started fucking Bharu real hard. It felt like she is repeating the same way she was fucked by Arnav. She is fucking beşiktaş üniversiteli escort as if she has to rush and finish. After 5 minutes of fucking, mom pulled the dildo out and took it near the Bharu’s face. The dildo started spurting white liquid similar to the real cock. I am surprised to see whether such things exist. Mom let the cum spray on the face of Bharu. I didn’t understand why. Mom swallowed all the cum of Gokul and Arnav. But she sprayed on the face of Bharu. Once the spraying of cum complete, Mom lifted Bharu and they both started licking the cum off. After they licked each other faces, they wiped their faces with a towel. They said something to each other, giggled together and was cheering with happiness.

They turned off the light and both slept together naked under the sheets.

My cock was become hard again. I masturbated and released. This time I don’t have the guilt but surprised on what is going on. I knew my mom as a very straight forward person. I am coming to terms on what she is and wondering what else I don’t know of her. I looked at the watch and it is 1AM. I don’t know when I slept, but I woke up by 6AM. I looked towards mom and i can see that both of them still sleeping in the bed.

I got up, freshened up myself and had the breakfast. I saw Gokul and Arnav leaving. They waved good bye to me. Bharu was there for another day. Mom and Bharu repeated their ordeal another day. The next day was not so festive. No Music, No dancing, No alcohol. They just licked each other’s pussy and mom fucked Bharu.

The next 3 days went by without much happening. I used to be awake looking at mom to see something will happen. Nothing happened and mom was enjoying herself away from her busy life. She did some gardening during the day and met some of the neighbors.

On the third day of evening, Mom told me that she is going to the farm. We have a farm house with mango plantations. It is very huge. She want to check the property. I was never interested in going there. She didn’t ask me to come. My mind is curious to know if there is something there. So, I decided to go there by myself next morning.

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