My Landlord’s Daughter Ch. 01


Hey everyone, I’ve not written a lot before so feedback is welcomed. The story below is my first idea for a series, based loosely on something that happened to me.

All characters mentioned are over 18.

I felt my eyes slowly open, blurry to the world around me, taking in my modest surroundings. I was 26 and still sleeping in a single bed – at 6’3 this meant waking up every morning with a bad back, crumpled into a bed too small for me. I pulled my blanket up closer to my face and groaned, feeling the cold air for the first time. I really needed to find a new apartment, what girls would want to come home with me if this was the bed awaiting them..

My love life was almost as meager as my current living situation. When I was at university I had been really quite successful, bedding a different girl at least every couple of weeks.. my mind wandered over some of them, and as I did so I felt my cock start to stiffen. I started to slowly stroke it as I remembered Rachel, a short petite girl with tiny breasts but the most perfect ass. I thought about the time she had worn a short skirt and thong for me, flashing me all night just to wind me up, then finally when they had got home – removing it in front of my face as I sat on the edge of the bed. I felt myself reach the point of no return, grabbing a tissue from the side quickly I came hard into it. ‘I need to find myself a girl.. NOW’, I thought to myself.

The past few years just hadn’t presented me with the opportunities, I was now working for a small firm nearly around the clock. The rest of the team were all much older, apart from Emily, who was 24 but had a boyfriend. She wasn’t my usual type, but she was sweet. We flirted occasionally at work and at the monthly staff drinks, but that was more out of mutual boredom than desire. Occasionally I liked to see how far I could push it, but by the end of the night she would always leave before anything could actually happen, and go home to her boyfriend.

I absentmindedly sipped my morning coffee, burning my mouth and swearing. I heard my landlady stirring upstairs and rolled my eyes – there was nothing I wanted less than to deal with her this morning. She was an old plump woman with a face like a slapped arse, who constantly complained about everything, including my ‘late nights’ where I would get home from work at 9:30. As I quickly ate my toast and downed my coffee, trying to get out of her way before she got downstairs, I vowed to myself to move to a new apartment.

On the train to work I started flicking through spare rooms in apartments in the city. I’d been making solid money now for a couple of years and could afford to spend a bit more than I was currently spending.. ‘This is more like it!’ I thought as I moved the sliding scale up, and more apartments popped up. There were apartments with balconies, en suites, and king sized beds.. I felt like a new day had dawned. There were two that caught my eye, both in the center of the city quite near work, one had a balcony, one had an en suite. I brought up the landlord information, the first apartment was to share with 4 other people.. even with a balcony, I wasn’t sure I could go back to sharing with that many people, fighting over space in the fridge. The second apartment was a live in landlord, whose daughter was currently living there while she was at university.. lewd thoughts ran through my mind before realising I hadn’t even seen this daughter.. and if I made a move on her, the landlord would almost certainly kick me out! I filled in the relevant information and sent a request, imagining the en suite all the way to work.

‘What are you smiling about’ I heard as I sat at my work computer, I spun on my chair to see Emily standing at her desk behind mine, she was bending slightly to get a look at my computer screen which gave me a fantastic view of the top curve of her breasts. She always dressed formally for work, but occasionally a top button would be undone and I would get a quick glimpse of a lacy bra and soft skin.

‘Oh I’ve just put in an offer to rent a flat, and it looks perfect’ I answered her, pulling my eyes back up to meet hers.

‘Oh let’s have a look!’ she said, and came round her desk, leaning over next to me.

I flicked through the images and she softly cooed as each image revealed a different angle of the flat.

‘It looks great, and I love a walk in shower’ she said, the latter part of the sentence more quietly.

I was left with the image of her in a walk in shower, before snapping myself back to the present moment.

It was later in the day when my phone pinged in my pocket, eagerly pulling it out I saw it was a reply to my inquiry.

‘Hi Jamie, your application looks good, if you want to come and see the flat, I’m free to show you round this evening. Dave.’

‘YES’ I silently fist pumped.

‘Hi Dave, sounds great, I can be there for 6pm? Jamie’

‘See you then. Dave’

I made my way from work, enjoying the route much more than my usual pendik escort commute. I arrived at the apartment block, it was beautiful and modern, instantly I imagined inviting girls back here compared to my current hovel.

Dave buzzed me in and I went up in the lift to the 9th floor. Dave met me at the lift and we shook hands, he was about 50 and a huge man, at least 6’4 and built like a brick shithouse. We walked through the apartment, it was immaculate and really nicely decorated. So this would be your room he said, opening a door right at the end of the corridor. It was perfect, nice big memory foam mattress on a wooden framed bed, plenty of storage, lots of light, and a gorgeous en suite with walk in shower.

‘So I’m at the other end of the apartment, then it’s the lounge/kitchen, then next to your room is Lily’s.’

The set up was perfect, Dave’s room was so far away from mine it might as well be in another apartment, I would imagine he never even came down this corridor.

‘Dave this looks perfect, I would love to take it’

We shook hands and worked out the finer details of the move in dates and deposit.

Two long weeks later I was hot and sweaty carrying cardboard boxes from a rented van into the building. I had taken great pleasure leaving my apartment for the last time, knowing I was moving on to bigger and better things. Dave kindly helped me move the bigger boxes into the lift, and we shared a lift journey heavily breathing.

‘Oh Lily’s here, so you can meet her’ he said as the lift pinged, announcing our arrival at the 9th floor. We started shifting the boxes from the lift to the apartment as I tussled my hair to keep the sweat out of my eyes.

There was a noise from the corridor behind me and I turned to see who I could only imagine was Lily. She was the definition of cute, about 5’2, very petite, wearing gym gear. Her face was so pretty, little elf like features with bright green eyes, and dark wavy hair.

I tried to play it cool by going for a word half way between ‘Hey’ and ‘Hello’… ‘Heylo’. Silently cursing myself I composed myself and said ‘you must be Lily’.

‘Yeah hey, and you must be Jamie’ she replied, smiling at me. Her body was phenomenal, the hint of medium sized pert breasts, and a tight round ass.

Dave came out of the room behind me, ‘Oh good you’ve met, Lily’s at university here in the city studying English, turned 19 last month. Lily, Jamie works in finance and is going to be living here for a while! I thought it might be nice to have a beer tonight so we can get to know each other, shall we say Lounge at 7pm?’

‘Sounds great’ I said

‘Sure dad’ Lily chirped.

As Dave and Lily went down the hall, I walked in to my room and leaned against the wall, ‘Fuck’ I thought, ‘I want my Landlord’s daughter.’

Drinks were great with Dave and Lily that evening, I got to find out a lot more about them. Dave traveled a lot, and the only rule when he was away was no parties.

‘Fine by me’ I said ‘to be honest I don’t know a lot of people in the city, I’m not sure I would be able to fill a party!’

Lily had changed since her trip to the gym, and was now in a big t shirt and pair of denim shorts. Every now and then she would move on the sofa and I would see more of her legs, trying not to stare but practically salivating on the inside.

‘Have you got a girlfriend Jamie’ Dave asked as we opened a second beer.

‘No, I’m single’ I said ‘I haven’t really been looking for anyone until lately.’

‘Well you’re welcome to entertain a date here when I’m away’ he laughed, hitting my shoulder jovially.

‘Dad, gross’ Lily said.

I laughed ‘Thanks, I’ll bear that in mind.’

We turned in for the night and I collapsed on my bed, tired out from carrying all the boxes. Through the wall I heard the faint sound of a shower, Lily must be having a shower before bed. The thought of her naked body just on the other side of the wall caused my cock to harden, I started slowly stroking it imagining her under the hot soapy water, trying to guess if she had little pink nipples or brown ones. I imagined her on her knees in front of me, those pretty eyes looking up at me, and came hard into a tissue.

I woke up an hour later, it was dark outside and I regretted not getting ready for bed when I had come into my room. I slowly stripped off and grabbed my toothbrush. Just before I clicked the button to start it, my ears tuned into the softest sound.. was it a toothbrush too? No it wasn’t quite the same sound. I realised the sound was coming through the wall from Lily’s room, I practically ran to the wall and pressed my ear against it, she was in her room not the bathroom this time. I tried to hone in on the sound before it hit me, it was a vibrator.

As soon as I realised, my cock shot up, throbbing almost painfully. I pressed my ear to the wall and listened, Lily was making tiny moaning sounds, barely perceptible. I pictured her on her bed, her legs spread with a vibrator maltepe escort on her clit, and started to stroke my cock again. The moans started to intensify, she must be getting close. The buzzing sound got higher pitched and I guessed she must have turned it up just in time to cum. Sure enough moments later there was a small cry out, followed by lots of little moans, then silence. The cry out was too much for me and I sprayed my cum all over the floor in front of me, rope after rope imagining I was deep in Lily’s pussy.

Several days went by, I went to work each morning, and got home each night, spending every night listening out for a repeat performance, but I was disappointed – perhaps it had been a one time thing. On Saturday, however, everything changed. I had spent the day with a friend, watching football and drinking beer. I came home to crash out, but as I came in the front door Lily was just coming out of her room.

‘Oh hey’ I said, trying to sound sober but failing dismally.

‘Hey yourself’ she said, her lips curling into a smile as she realised I was half cut. ‘And have you had a good day?’

‘Yeah not bad, had a couple of beers, not many though. How was yours?’

‘You don’t want to know’ she half laughed, rolling her eyes.

‘No no I really do!’ I insisted. Frankly all I wanted was to keep her talking to me.

‘You do?’ She asked, looking at me up and down. ‘Fine come and have a beer with me and I’ll tell you’ and with that she walked down the corridor towards the lounge.

I followed, barely able to take my eyes off her ass – it was literally perfect. She was wearing a pair of shorts again, but this time with a sleeveless top tucked in. The shorts perfectly cased her ass, it was curvy and round, but at the same time so tight and toned.

She passed me a beer and sat on the sofa opposite me. ‘Your dad in?’ I said looking around.

‘No he’ll be late tonight, he’s working.’

‘Oh ok’ I said ‘So tell me whats up.’

‘Urghh it’s nothing really’ she said, rolling her head back in frustration ‘Basically I’ve been seeing this guy, and I was supposed to be at his again tonight but he’s just told me he’s also been seeing someone else… and now they’re deciding to be exclusive.’

‘Damnnn I’m sorry, that sucks.’ I replied, trying so hard not to look at her legs. ‘were you guys serious?’

‘No not at all, but it was just nice to have someone to… you know…’ she broke off, blushing.

‘Yeah I get that, trust me it’s been a while for me.’ I said, and instantly regretted.

‘Oh really.. handsome guy like you.. I thought you’d have girls queuing up for you.’

I felt my cock stir knowing she had thought about me like that. ‘Unfortunately not, I don’t really have time to date.’

Just as the tension in the room had started to build I heard the front door. My heart sank, and my cock instantly gave up hope of anything further happening. Dave came into the lounge, greeting us both, after clearly finishing work early.

We all chatted for a while before I retired to my bedroom. The ceiling light was giving me a headache so I turned it off and lay there in the darkness. I heard Lily coming down the corridor and heard her go into her room, as she did so something lit up behind my wardrobe. I wondered if I had left something plugged in and stood up to investigate. I peered behind the wardrobe and instead saw something much more interesting, a crack of light.. it was coming through the wall.

Since I hadn’t put any of my clothes in the wardrobe yet it was still quite light, and didn’t take too much effort to shift it 6 inches to the left. There was a small hole above a power socket, just below my eyeline – it looked like it had been left by an electrician. I pressed my face against the wall and had to stifle a gasp, there was a full view of Lily’s bedroom, with the foot of her beautiful wooden bed facing me. It had 4 corner posts, but luckily no foot board, which means I could see the whole mattress. Lily was laying on her back, playing on her phone. I had a momentary panic that if she looked up she would see me, but the hole was so small, and as long as I kept my light off there would be no light to give me away.

I watched her for about 15 minutes before she got up, stretching next to the bed and yawning she pulled her sleeveless top off over her head, revealing a sexy black lacy bra, she really had been expecting to see her friend with benefits tonight.. My heart raced as she reached behind her and unhooked it, sliding it down her arms then turning to face my wall. Her breasts were nothing short of perfection, 32C if I had to guess, pert and juicy with small pink nipples. She surprised me as she grabbed one, massaging it then letting it go, clearly missing the touch she was waiting for tonight. My cock had never been harder, I started stroking it, imagining it was my hand caressing her.

She unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down her smooth legs, revealing a matching black lacy thong. kartal escort I had to do everything in my power to stop myself from groaning. She bent over to pick up her pajamas giving me an incredible view of her ass, it was even better than in my imagination, with a sweep from her lower back, out to a round perky ass, each cheek like a peach, then down to a tiny shelf, before sweeping down her legs. I longed to reach out and touch it, squeeze it and hear her moans. Having picked up her pajamas she walked out of shot, and a moment later I heard the bathroom fan go on. 5 minutes later she was back wearing a big t shirt, and a small pair of panties that I could only glimpse when she bent over. She pulled back the covers and got into bed, flipping the lights off. I waited for 5 minutes to see if anything else was going to happen, but could hear the deep breaths of someone falling asleep.

I pulled back from the wall reeling from what I’d seen. I very quietly moved the wardrobe back to cover the hole and lay on the bed.. I started to stroke my cock again remembering what I’d seen, and before long I was cumming so hard, covering my chest and abs in hot cum.

The next day I’d just got back from the gym, I was sweaty and felt great. I practically bounded into the apartment nearly knocking Lily over, who was walking from the kitchen to her room with a cup of tea.

‘Oh my god I’m so sorry’ I said as I stabilised her, holding her upper arms to stop her from falling.

‘No problem!’ she said laughing, ‘oh damn my tea though’ she exclaimed as I realised most of the cup had ended up on the floor. She turned to go back to the kitchen but I stopped her.

‘No no let me mop it up, it was my fault! I’ll bring you a cup of tea to make up for it’ I said, overly apologetic.

She giggled, ‘Fine I’ll let you, after all.. it was your fault’ she flashed me a smile and went into her room.

I ran to the kitchen getting kitchen roll and flicking the kettle on, telling Dave I’d just spilt something outside but I was dealing with it. After I’d mopped up the spillage and made a new tea I walked down the corridor to Lily’s room. Just before knocking a thought hit me.. I wondered what she was doing in there..

Silently I walked past her bedroom door to my own, putting the tea down on the side I slowly moved the wardrobe. Peering through the hole in the wall I saw her in her towel, she must be about to shower.. interesting that knowing I’m about to knock on her door she’s got undressed though..

I walked back down the corridor and knocked on her door, ‘Piping hot tea, in a mug this time rather than on the floor’ I said.

‘Hold on just coming’ she said.

A minute later she opened the door, clutching the towel to her body. The towel was slightly too short, meaning I could see right up to her upper leg, just tantalisingly below her crotch.

She was blushing, and avoiding my eye contact. I wondered again why she had chosen to get undressed so quickly, when she was expecting my visit to bring her tea.

‘Thanks’ she said, taking the mug from me.

As she reached out for it the towel fell away slightly from her breasts, and I got the quickest flash of nipple before she gasped and clamped the towel back to her body.

‘Oh my god sorry’ she said, going even more red. Before I could answer she shut the door quickly.

My cock was rock hard as I practically sprinted the few meters to my door. I ran to the wardrobe, moving it out the way and looking through my peeping hole eagerly. I was not disappointing, and had to stop myself from gasping too loudly, giving myself away.

Lily was lying on her back on the bed, the towel discarded on the floor next to her. She had her legs spread, giving me a perfect view of her pussy, it was soft and hairless, and even from this distance I could tell it was wet and a bit puffy. She had her eyes closed and her hand between her legs, rubbing her clit as her back arched, making small moaning noises. Her other hand ran up her body and squeezed her breast, pinching her nipple, which caused her to cry out with a long ‘yessss’.

She looked like she was about to cum, getting faster and faster, her fingers almost a blur against her tight wet pussy. My cock felt the hardest it had ever been, throbbing as I stroked it, watching my 19 year old fantasy as she bucked and squirmed. Just before she came she started to whisper to herself, turning herself on with dirty talk.

‘Yes, god yes just like that, fuck me, fuck my pussy baby.. mm god cum in me, cum in me..’

Then, quite suddenly she started to stand up.. I wondered why she would stop just before cumming, and I hoped she wasn’t going to carry on in the bathroom where I couldn’t see her.

She shuffled to the end of her bed and my jaw dropped, she had retrieved a small bottle of lube, and poured a tiny bit onto the bed post. It was dark smooth varnished wood, about 4 or 5″ long with an undulating, almost ribbed shape, it looked perfect for her. She spread the lube over it, then standing and facing away from me with one foot on the floor and the other on the bed she started to lower herself down onto it.. I had the perfect view of her her tight, fit ass and her tight pussy slowly stretching to accommodate it.

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