My Life’s Best Discovery


In my 26 years of existence, I’ve learned that there is a fetish for nearly everything. Some are small innocent little things, like the feel of a woman’s hair, and range all the way up to pain, blood, and even outright murder I guess. I put my own fetish somewhere in the middle. Of course, some people have more than one fetish, and one of those people just so happens to be me. I love incest! Love to read about it, see it, and even participate in it. I also like the smell of a good looking female’s ass, and absolutely love to smell their odorous farts! And because I like the smell so dearly, I also like the taste of their shit a little too, though not as much as I like the smell. Keeping these fetishes of mine in mind, I’m happy to say that I’ve experienced all of them, and in the words that follow below, I’ll translate as best as I can how each of my fetishes were acted out…

When I was 17 and finally stumbled into puberty, I discovered a whole new world around me, ranging from emotions, sensations, and the people near to me. I loved the feeling of anxiety from being overly horny! Loved the feel of a good jerk-off session! And last but not least, I loved the site of a beautiful ass on a good looking woman!

It wasn’t till I was 18, when I discovered I didn’t have to resort to magazines anymore for my only source of jerk-off material. I had the real thing walking around right there in my own house! It was my mom. I hadn’t even taken notice of her until the first really warm day of summer that came a few months after my 18th birthday. That’s when my life got a whole lot better…

Coming down stairs and into the kitchen for some morning breakfast, I still had on the black spandex shorts I’d gone to bed in the night before. I loved the feeling of my cock rubbing against the soft silky material and consequently I wore no underwear with them whenever I had them on. This morning was no exception.

Coming into the kitchen, I saw that my mom was getting the stuff around for a big breakfast for us both. She and I were the only two people in the household. I was an only child, and my dad had died in a car wreck when I was 10. We were still living quite comfortably on the money he’d left us in his will, so my mom didn’t have to work at all yet. I knew that some day the money would run out and she would be forced to get a job to support us, but I didn’t think that was going to be any time soon. Mom did a pretty good job at conserving the money he’d left us.

I vaguely took notice of the short silk robe she was wearing as I said good morning to her and gave her a hug. “What’s for breakfast?” I asked, putting my arm around her as I stood beside her.

“Eggs, bacon, and fried potatoes,” she stated, then gave me a peck on the cheek. “Sound good?”

“Sounds really good!” I said, and heard my stomach rumble its agreement as well.

Mom giggled and looked down at my flat, washboard stomach and exclaimed, “Well keep your shorts on! It won’t be long!”

It didn’t dawn on me until she’d looked away, that she’d looked down at my stomach for a little longer than had been necessary. Perplexed, I turned away and went to the refrigerator for a glass of milk and looked down at myself as I went, wondering what it was that had caused her to look for so long. As far as I could tell, there was nothing at all different about my appearance. Then I was brought up short when I noticed the significant bulge I was producing in my shorts from still having a half erect morning-wood. Had she been looking at my swollen cock instead on my stomach? I didn’t know, but to me, that was the only thing that really stood out! My best friend had once said that I had the biggest cock he’d ever seen. Well, I knew it wasn’t as big as those porn star guys, but I also knew that I wasn’t small either. My friend and I had measured are erections once, and where he turned up with having a four and a half inch wood, I came up with almost seven and a half. And comparing myself with the other boys at school when we were down in the locker room changing, I knew I had a pretty big dick for my age.

Confused, but intrigued at the same time for some reason, I took my milk to the table and sat down. Not knowing why, I looked my mom up and down as she busied herself making breakfast. She was around the same height as I was, which put her around 5′ 6″. And giving her a good hard look, I discovered for the first time just how attractive she really was! I felt a little guilty when I felt my cock start to swell even more as I kept staring at her barely concealed form. But then, there was never any harm in just looking, right? For a woman of 32 she was looking pretty damn good in my book! I’d always known she was good looking, but I never noticed until now just how sexy she was too. And she was! As she moved around in front of the counter preparing breakfast, I could tell she wasn’t wearing any bra underneath her robe. I could see her perky, medium sized breasts moving around freely within, and they were erect and very visible through ataşehir escort the thin material. Then, moving down, I took in the site of her smooth, wonderfully shaped thighs, and the bubbled fullness of her butt that laid just beneath her robe. I tried my utmost to recall what her butt looked like in a pair of nice tight jeans, but couldn’t remember. I guess I’d never really took notice before. Well, THAT was going to change!!

The glass of milk still full in front of me, I continued to ignore it and focused entirely on my mom’s ass! I watched the way it bounced seductively as she walked from counter to stove, and the panty line visible through the thin robe made her ass look even more seductive than it already was! I loved a good panty line, and the one on mom was one of the best I’d ever seen! I couldn’t believe I’d never noticed her sexual appearance until now! Where the hell had I been?!

She engaged me in conversation after a while and I was careful not to let her see me taking my sneaky-peeks at her breasts and ass while we talked. And then, something I found to be incredibly arousing happened when she was setting my plate of food down in front of me. She cut a little stinker! It was short lived, and when I looked up into her face I could tell she hadn’t meant for it to make any noise at all.

She returned my look of shock with a sheepish one of her own, and said, “Sorry. That one slipped out.” then turned around and walked back to the stove to fill her own plate.

On impulse, I leaned over in my chair to where she’d been standing when she’d cut her little fart, and I inhaled deeply, in search of the odor it may have left behind. And I found some too! It had a deep but mellow quality to it, and it sent a shiver of arousal through me so strong that I knocked my silverware off the table when I shook! Again, acting on impulse, I dove to the floor and retrieved my eating utensils. When I stood up, it was to find her looking at me with a puzzled look on her face.

“You okay sweety?” she asked, genuinely concerned over the odd behavior I’d just displayed.

“Y-Yeah! I’m fine.” I replied quickly, feeling my face flush. “Just dropped my silverware is all.” I said, holding up the items like an idiot. Feeling uncomfortable under her quizzical look, I looked away from her and walked to the sink to discard the dirty spoon and fork. I took a quick glance at her when I went to the drawer for some clean ones, and I saw her looking down at my groin again. And yes, this time I was sure that was what she was looking at! I didn’t want her to know that I’d caught her looking at my fully erect cock I was displaying so noticeably in my shorts, so I looked away from her and didn’t look back until I was once again in my seat at the table and she’d come over to join me.

My face still hot with embarrassment, I waited for a couple of minutes before looking across the table at her. When I finally did, my embarrassment only increased when I saw the small but noticeable knowing grin on her face. She wasn’t looking at me, but was instead looking down at her plate of food, that knowing little grin on her face staying in place even as she ate. Jesus! She knew! I felt embarrassed as hell knowing that my mom now knew I liked the smell of her farts!! She was nice enough not to say anything about it though, and I silently thanked her for that!

It wasn’t till we were nearly finished with breakfast when she broke the silence by asking, “You going to come out and keep me company while I sun-bath after while?”

“Yeah sure!” I replied. Her knowing grin was gone, but there was another look on her face that I couldn’t quite comprehend.

“Good,” she stated, smiling. “It’s suppose to get up to 90 today and I’d like to get out there and enjoy it.”

I realized then that I was going to be given the opportunity to see her in a bikini, and the thought of it excited me immensely!! I helped her clean up the dishes after we were done eating, which again caused her to give me a puzzled look, probably because I NEVER helped her with them before. She didn’t say anything though, and once we were done cleaning them all up, she went to her bedroom to change. I was so excited over the fact that I was about to see her in a bikini that I was actually shaking in anticipation! I couldn’t wait to see what her ass looked like!! And let me tell you, I wasn’t even close to being disappointed when she finally came out of her bedroom!!

“You ready to go out?” she asked as she flung a big towel over her shoulder.

I nodded stupidly, and for the life of me, couldn’t pull my eyes away from her breasts. They were really nice and full, and a bit bigger than I’d initially thought! I could just make out the dark quarter-sized circles of her nipples through her white suit, and even as I stared at them, I saw them both become erect.

“Well quit staring and let’s get going then!” she said playfully, smacking my ass as she walked by me.

I felt my face flush again avcılar escort at having been caught staring at her, and I grinned sheepishly to try and hide my embarrassment as she walked by. Turning around to follow, I was given my first look at her ass. WOW!! Man was it round and shaped beautifully!! It was full and firm looking, and her whole cheek shook when she walked!! She carried a little extra weight on her, but it was dispersed so evenly throughout her body that it didn’t take away any of her sex appeal at all! If anything, it enhanced it!! I gladly followed her out to the back yard, then sat down on the ground beside her once she was stretched out on her towel. I sat down so I was pretty much right beside her ass, and immediately looked down at it once she was situated. The thin material of her bottoms had worked into her crack a little when she’d bent over to lay out on the towel, and it gave me a perfect description of how long her crack was. It looked deep too, and outright delicious for that matter!!

“Are you listening to a word I’m saying?” I heard her ask.

“W-What?” I asked, quickly looking away from her ass, not realizing she’d said anything at all yet. She was looking back at me, so I kinda figured she’d seen me staring at her ass just now. I could see that small knowing grin back on her face, and she just looked at me for a few seconds before repeating herself.

“I asked you if you were going to stay home today,” she finally said.

“Oh, uh, yeah probably.”

“Good,” she stated, then laid her head back down and faced the other way. “I could use the company today.”

Not understanding what she meant by that, I asked, “How come?”

“Oh, no real reason I guess. I just don’t feel like being alone today, that’s all.”

Glad that she wanted me around, I said, “I’ll keep ya company mom. I don’t mind.”

“Thank you David,” she mumbled. “That’s sweet of you.”

I immediately went back to staring down at her ass. I really felt like jacking off!! Then, unbelievably, she farted again! It wasn’t like the little stinker she’d let earlier either! This one was an outright fart!! I felt my eyes widen as I stared down at her ass as she let it rumble out of her in a long, deep song of butt music.

“Sorry hunny,” she said softly.

“That’s okay mom.” I replied, then quickly leaned down to breath it in. Oh God was it good!! Really thick and rich!! It was incredible!!

“It doesn’t stink does it?” she asked conversationally.

I kept sniffing the air just above her beautiful ass and replied truthfully, “No, no! Not at all!”

“That’s good,” she said with a sigh.

We stayed out there for about an hour and a half all together, and I was fortunate enough to witness another good sized fart from her! That made it 3 farts she’d left so far today, and that was something to call Genus over! I’d rarely heard her fart so much in one day! I fucking loved it!!

Once we went back inside, I told her I was going to my room for a while and if she needed me to just call. About three minutes after I entered my room I was cleaning up the mess of one of the biggest orgasm’s I’d ever had!! The first blast of cum had actually flew over my right shoulder!! God damn, that felt good!! I cleaned up the mess and then grabbed all my dirty clothes and went down to deposit them in the laundry room. Not having seen mom when I’d come down stairs, I went from room to room in search of her. I was just passing her bedroom door when I heard her call out to me from within.

“David, hunny.”

“Yeah ma?”

“Hunny, can you come in here for a second and give me a hand?”

I pushed the door open and stepped into her room. She was sitting up on her bed applying a lotion to her stomach and chest. She was still in her bikini.

“What’s up?” I asked as I stepped up and sat down on the side of her bed.

“Will you be a doll and put some of this lotion on my back for me?” she asked, offering me the bottle.

“Yeah sure!” I replied quickly, excitedly.

I saw that small grin of hers show itself again as she handed over the bottle. I think I’d put a little too much enthusiasm into my answer and I’m pretty sure she knew why.

“Uh, mom, aren’t you suppose to put this stuff on BEFORE you lay out?” I asked.

“No. This is for after you’ve laid out. It’s an after tanning lotion. It helps keep your skin from tightening up from too much sun.”

“Oh.” I said, looking down at the bottle.

Instead of just turning around so I could apply the lotion like I’d thought she was going to do, she instead laid flat out on her stomach and pulled her long brown hair out of the way so I wouldn’t get lotion in it. I crawled up and sat down beside her, then nervously began rubbing some lotion into my hands and looking down at her beautiful ass at the same time. I’d just got done jerking-off not fifteen minutes ago and already I was getting hard again! Oddly, I didn’t feel guilty at all now for some reason!? Somewhere avrupa yakası escort deep underneath my arousal I knew what I was feeling and thinking about was considered wrong, but then, who in their right mind WOULDN’T be turned on by my mom?! She was fucking HOT!!

I was just about ready to start applying the stuff when she reached around and untied the top to her suit. This made me delay even longer! I just sat there and thought, “Jesus! I can see the sides of her tits! She’s practically nude now!”

“Something wrong hunny?” she asked, propping herself up a little and turning around to look at me.

Her left breast came into view when she’d turned around far enough to look at me, and after a couple of seconds of fucking gawking at it, I looked up to her face and saw a genuine look of concern there. “Uh, no! Nothing!” I replied, and tried hard not to look back to her breast while she was looking at me. I failed! As if they had a mind of their own, they drifted right back to her perfectly visible left boob! Damn, it was really nice looking! Her nipple was extremely hard and stuck out more than a quarter of an inch! She didn’t say anything about my staring, and for nearly fifteen seconds, she let me do just that!

“Does my nakedness bother you?” she asked, finally breaking the silence.

I could see that she was truly concerned about this, so without hesitation, I replied, “No!”

“Are you sure? I could cover myself if you want me to.?”

“No, you don’t have to do that!” I declared almost pleadingly.

That look I’d seen on her face earlier this morning was back on her face again, and for the life of me, I STILL couldn’t comprehend its meaning! Not knowing if she was considering covering back up or not, I said, “Really mom. I don’t mind at all.”

She waited a few seconds, looking into my eyes, searching for I think my sincerity. “Well, if it ever does bother you, you just let me know, okay?”

“I will.” I answered, looking back to her boob before she decided to turn back over.

Giving me a quick smile she finally turned and laid down again. I breathed a sigh of relief and set to work applying the lotion to her back. I was busy working it into her and looking once again at her adorable ass when she asked, “Do you think I got very much sun today?”

I looked her over and smiled to myself. I said, “Yeah, you got a little.” Then with humor, I stated, “The crease under your butt is pretty white yet though.”

“Well that’s because I have a big fat butt and the sun couldn’t get to it!” she replied lightly.

“You do not have a big fat butt!” I stated seriously. TOO seriously! To cover my mistake, I lightened my tone and said, “You have a nice looking butt mom. You can ask any guy and they’ll tell you the same.”

She propped herself up again and turned around to look back at her ass and said playfully, “Oh I don’t know… Looks pretty big from here.”

I chuckled a little, but was also looking at her naked breast again too! Not wanting to make a spectacle of myself, I looked back to her butt and said lightly, “Well, it looks pretty good from where I’m sitting!”

“David, how can you say that!” she cried playfully, still looking back at her ass. “It’s big and fat!”

“Mom, trust me!” I said seriously, looking at her ass right along with her. “Your butt is beautiful!”

Reaching back and giving her left cheek a squeeze, she said, “No, it’s big and squishy. Here, feel it once. You’ll see.”

Looking to her face again, I declared, “Mom! You’re my mom!”

With a disheartened look, she sighed and said, “Well, if you don’t want to, then don’t.” then took her hand off her ass and started to lay back down.

“No! I will!” I cried out quickly, then reached out and gave her ass a quick little squeeze, then just as quickly pulled my hand back to my side.

“Jeez!” she said playfully. “You call that a squeeze?!”

“Fine!” I exclaimed, feeling nervous and excited at the same time.

I reached out with both hands this time and grabbed each of her full, round cheeks and gave each one a good hard squeeze. Oh man were they firm! They felt wonderfully warm and dense in my squeezing hands! I didn’t pull away this time, but kept right on feeling my moms magnificent ass!! My cock got so hard I could’ve drove nails with it!!

“Mmmm that feels nice,” she sighed. “So do you think it’s fat now?”

“No way!” I breathed, keeping my squeezing right on going.

After a few seconds went by, she exclaimed quietly, “Damn David! That really feels good! Would you mind massaging it for a while?”

I swallowed hard and croaked, “N-No I don’t mind.”

Wanting a better position than the one I was in, I pulled her legs apart a little, then crawled up between them. She hadn’t objected at all, and had even helped me get them moved. Putting my hands back on her beautiful domes, I started massaging them again, only this time with a lot more feeling! Her suit was worked into her crack in no time, and placing my thumbs in line to where I thought her asshole was located, I squeezed and pushed outward, making her suit go even deeper into her crack. It wasn’t long when I saw the big dark patch of skin that surrounded her sphincter come into view. The site of it made me push and squeeze all the harder!!

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