My Little Girl All Grown Up


Ah, where to begin this sorted story of affection and love. As it was my practice to masturbate at least 5 times or more a week, unless I was having sex with some woman that night or day, you can say that I had quite the habit. I guess it all started at the ripe old age of 11 or 12 when I first started, and now being in my mid 30’s I have yet to stop.

As life goes I got married, I already had a daughter, so as it turned out I never had kids with my wife. After a few years, we divorced when my daughter was 11. My daughter Never had lived with me, she only visited during the summers and Christmas. So, the story continues, I had forgotten what it was like to get stoned, it had been many many years from my teens, since I had smoked pot. So I tried one night, it was funny I was out of town, and I found a half smoked joint in the hotel room. So I lit up and got toasted. Now this hotel had the soft porn, and I masturbated till I could not do it cum any more. I was sore for days. But I was hooked on that wild feeling again while I was stoned.

So, its now summer again and my daughter at the ripe age of 18 has grown and is growing into a beautiful woman, she stands 5’6″, 110lbs, 34c pert little breasts, and An ass to kill for. Over the years she has always gone about the house in little to nothing, and I never said anything about it. It didn’t really bother me. I never thought about it much. She was always my little girl and that was that. It was not until this fate full night That I had gone out drinking with my buddies that I came home pretty toasted, and I was surfing the web, and I saw an add for a hidden cam. I thought of something so wild, I could watch my little girl, I wondered if she masturbated? If she did, how often? So I purchased 3 of them. 1 for the bathroom, and 2 for her bedroom. I picked a night When she was spending the night over at her friends house to install these camera’s. They also had microphones, so I could here everything. The next night I waited and waited for her to go to bed, I could hardly wait. As soon as she kissed me good night, I told her that I would be up for awhile on the computer working, so I had an excuse.

She had taken a shower first, but the damn camera lens was all fogged up, so I didn’t see a damn thing. So I had to wait till she had gone to her room, to my luck, she turned on The big light, so I could everything. All she had on was a towel, and my dick started to get hard, just waiting, my heart was beating so hard I thought it would explode, then she Dropped her towel, and I got the shock of my life. My little girl, had shaved every bit Of her pussy hair off, she was bald as the day she was born. The camera’s that I had purchased – all cam with a zoom, and panning ability. So I could follow her, and zoom into the most vital area’s.

I was totally amazed how beautiful she was, how tight her body had become, no more baby fat, I could tell that she had been working out, and that her tan was getting even better by the tan lines she had. She grabbed a bottle of baby oil, and started to slowly put in on her whole body, starting with her arm, and then her legs, missing the most vital area’s of her pussy and tit’s. Then she moved to her bed and laid down, still having the baby oil, and this was the great part, I had put a camera at the foot of her bed in the wall.

This is when the good action started, she first started to rub the baby oil into her nice pert round tits, slowly messaging her nipples till they were nice and hard, I could see how red, and hard they were getting. Putting more and more oil on her tummy, she took her legs, And did something to this day that still astounds me. She took her legs, and her feet, and Put them up by her shoulders, and under her arms. So her little pussy was completely exposed to me and her. She took the oil, and started at her inner thighs, and moved to her pussy bostancı escort lips, rubbing them, spreading them apart so I could see right inside that tight little hole. I could see that she was in that zone, that masturbation zone. At this point I had to have my cock in my hand. I matched stroke with stroke with my daughter, I could not believe I was finally looking at a woman again while I was able to pound my cock.

Then she started fingering herself, and rubbing her little clit, was not all that little, I could see it sticking out like a nipple. She was in fully action now, all fingers rubbing, going in and out of her pussy, I could see on her face she was ready. Then I her it, the moaning, and did I hear that right, I thought I heard the word “daddy”. Well I think I was hearing things again, so I kept on jacking myself, when I could feel the cum rising up, she had hit her peak and was going in to a huge orgasm, and I followed right behind her shooting my cum all over my chest.

Now after watching all of this I could not believe what I had just watched, so I had to hurry in case she came out her room, and wanted a drink after that, so I closed up everything, hid all the pictures I had in a passworded directory. I was off to my room To clean up.

Well the next day was like any other day for a weekend, she wanted to spend the night over at her friends, damn the bad luck. So I thought to myself, that what the hell, I could get stoned and watch a movie or something. As it turned out I had gone to the bar that night to find a friend of mine who I always knew had some good pot, but it took forever, so I didn’t get home till pretty late, about 1am or 2am. I had smoked my joint on the way home, so I knew I would have a great buzz by the time I got home. I got home all was quite, so I cruised into my bed room, stripped down, got my favorite lube, and went out to the living room, where the big screen TV was.

If I had not been so damn stoned I would have thought about it, but when I turned on the TV, it was already on to good porn channel. Which in my state was great for me, my cock was rock hard. Now as cocks go, God granted me with the gift. Its 9in long, and if you measure around its 7 or 8 inches around depending on where you measure.

So I plop down on the couch in my totally stones hard on state, already stroking my cock. I had gotten in the habit, of not turning up the TV, so I left in a bit on the quite side, so I could just hear it. So there I am going at it, when goes who pops up and says excuse me. My daughter!!! As you can guess I was totally freaked out. Well after an awkward minute, I asked her what are you doing here? She told me that her friend had gotten sick, so she came home. Then she asked me that fateful question.. Daddy what were you doing? Well I was between a hard cock, and not knowing what to do.

So I told her the truth, I was masturbating honey, I’m sorry that you had to walk in like that on me. Then she surprised me, by sitting down at the other end of the couch, all she had on was her night shirt, and I could see just a little bit of her pussy and her nipples were rock hard already. Then the questions started.

Dad, are you drunk… No, I told her, I was stoned. She did not like that one bit, but I told her that I was old enough to know better, blaa blaa blaa, but I don’t know why I told her this, but I told her I love to masturbate when I’m stoned. I basically got an “oh”.

Then I get, why where you doing it. Basically I like the way it feels, when I cum, and It relaxes me, but more on the feeling good part. Then I had to ask her back, do you masturbate, I could see the red in her face already, and while looking down she said yes. Then I said, well then you know how good it can feel right. And she just shook her head yes.

Then after a few minutes of silence çeliktepe escort she put her head up, and looked me right in the eyes, and asked me if she could watch me. Well being in the state I was already, I was floored. My cock had never lost it hardness, I was only hiding it under a pillow at the time.

I asked her are you sure, this wont freak you out? She then began telling me everything, how the other girls talked about sex, and boys and their cocks, and size, and even a few of the girls have given hand jobs, blow jobs, and even had sex. But she had not done anything like that, she even emitted that she had never even seen a dick before.

Well I was lost at that point, my cock had taken over, and I told her that yes, it was ok. She about busted with a smile and said you are the coolest dad in the world. So I removed my pillow, and her eyes when straight to my cock., and she asked me if all cocks were that huge. I told her no, that I was one of the very lucky few that have this big of a cock. So I started to stroke it again. We both watched the movie, and all during it I would see her watch me, and watch the movie. Then she started to move a little closer, till she was right next to me. Then she asked me, if it was all right if she masturbated with me. At that point I was up for anything. Her night shirt flew off, and I told her that she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. And that if I died now, I would be the happiest man alive.

So we started together, both of us watching this movie, and masturbating. Now I could feel that I was going to cum soon, so I told this to her. She was all excited about this, and she moved so close to me that we were touching, her one hand had stopped playing with her pussy, and landed on my leg, very very close to my cock, I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my arm, driving me even more crazy with lust for her. Then she looked up and asked, daddy, can I do it? I want to make you cum, please pretty please.

How could I say no. I told her what to do, and she gripped my cock like her life depended on it, so I told her to ease up a bit and start to stoke it, I showed her with my hand over hers. At this point I was out of my mind, having my little daughter stoking my cock. She had both hands on me now, and with one hand she started to feel my balls. I knew I could not last much longer at this rate, I could start to feel that all to familiar burn in my balls.

Now I had to do something with my hand, so I started to rub her back, and moving slowly down to her ass, I was rubbing each cheek, she moaned and told me that it felt great. Then I had to push my luck, I needed to feel that little wet pussy, so I let my fingers stray down over the back of her legs, and to her pussy lips, just brushing them. Then she said, oh my god, yes daddy, let me feel you fingers, please please…

Well that’s all it took, from that point on, they were wet with her pussy juice, she was so tight, I actually felt her hymen, she was moaning, alone with me, we were both in bliss.

Then I could feel it, I was going to cum, so I told her so and she said; oh this is going to be so cool I want to feel it all over me, and then it hit, my orgasm was huge, I shot and shot my hot cum all over her tits, stomach, her hair, her mouth, all in all 7 huge shots of cum. It was that hot sticky thick cum, I had Covered my baby girl in cum.

All she said, was oh my god its so hot, and she then took her cum coated fingers, and put them into her mouth and sucked off the cum. Mmmmm that really tastes good, I really like it. Then she started to rub all my cum over her body. I was in heaven, my cock never got soft, and was still very very hard. Then I had to ask her, but honey you didn’t have an orgasm, that’s no fare.

Can I give you one like you just gave me. Then I got this cihangir escort look, like oh how cool can this be and she plopped back to the other side of the couch and said I’m ready!!!

I had to laugh a bit, and said ok, ok… just wait a sec there kiddo. All in good time.

I knew that my cum was all over her, but at that point I really didn’t care, so I started working on her nipples, teasing them, biting them just a bit, her breathing was getting heavier and heavier, and her moaning was getting louder, then I let my kisses travel down to her pussy, so I was just at the very top of it. I could see in her eyes, that I was going to so something she had never seen or heard about. And she asked me, well honey you just sit back and tell me if you like it. So close you eyes. Which she did. I let my hands roam over her inner thighs for a bit and I put little kisses getting closer and closer to those Wonderful little pussy lips.

As she had already been clean shaven, I was able to slide my tongue all along the top of her pussy, this was driving her totally crazy, at this point she was whimpering please daddy please, I need to cum, please make me cum before I just explode. So how could I not please my baby, I then ran my tongue down the sides of her pussy lips, each in turn. Then taking each one sucking on it. My hands always roaming her body, caressing her breast, pinching her nipples, rubbing her tummy, and inner thighs. When I knew she was golden and worked up to that very point, I started my assault on her clit, which to my surprise was quite big, as large as her nipples and sticking straight out at me. I took it in my lips and started to suck on it, taking my tongue and flicking over the top of it as fast as I could, then just biting it ever to gently with my teeth, and alternate each thing.

I could tell by her breathing that she was totally out of control now, she could not talk, couldn’t moan, she was almost hyper ventilating. The it began, she could only utter 3 words at this point which were – oh my god!! And then it hit her. Her knees clamped down on my head, ringing my ears, but I didn’t care, I was giving my baby her first real orgasm. Her face and chest became red almost like a rash, she started to shake, she even stopped breathing for a moment. Then I felt the flood of pussy juice hit right in the chin, all thick sticky almost like my cum, but to me it was sweet as sugar. Her hips started to buck, and then it ended. All was silent, I could just hear her light breathing, I lifted my head up now, as she had totally gone limp. I just smiled at my baby, I had just given her a beautiful orgasm. It took almost 10 minutes for her to recover.

I asked her, so how was that? She gave me those big beautiful eyes, and started to tell me that she had never ever cum like that by herself, and that she loved me, and that I would always be hers, and then some thing that really shocked me. Daddy would you make me a woman, I want you to make love to me. I don’t want to be a virgin anymore. I just sat there and could not say anything at all. Then the parent gig hit me, and I asked her, wouldn’t rather have a nice man that you love or care about do this? And she said yes, you are a nice man and I love you with all my heart.

Well I could not get around that one, she had me hooked. So I told her that I would but we would need to do a few things first, like get her on the pill, as she had already started her period a few years ago. Then she got this huge smile on her face, and told me that I was the coolest dad in the whole wide world. But then I had to have the serious talk with her. You know honey, that what we did was wrong in the eyes of the law, and that I could go to jail if anyone ever found out. So this must and has to stay just between us. You cant tell your friends, not even your best friend, you cant even write it in your diary. Which she wrote everything in. I got this ok dad, what ever you say kind of answer. Then we both went to bed, but this time my baby asked me if she could sleep with me.

The very next day we made an appointment with the doctor, to get her pills. The rest is another story, and it even gets better.

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