My Love Ch. 01

Double Penetration

It was late in the evening, I was done with a day work and had holiday’s now so I thought to go to the country to visit my boyfriend tangoracer, I packed my stuff and jumped into my car driving to the country in my new cowgirl clothes.

I turned on the radio where I was listening the song I’m So Excited.

I Finally came on the country and ride to my boyfriend’s house and knocked on the door. he opened with only a towel around his middle, I walked in. he gave me some wine and we talked and before I could say that I love him he grabbed me and start kissing me intense.

While I sucks his tongue in my mouth he unbuttoned my shirt and bra, then he was starting to massage my boobs and I rip his towel off and played with his nipples, then I start to stroke his big erected cock, I start to give him kisses everywhere from his mouth to his belly to his dick to his balls and back up till I was by his dick again.

I start to put the tip in my mouth just the tip to tease him, he pendik escort moans loudly then I massages his balls, to make him moan more, then I shove his dick deep inside my throat.

He is going crazy and starts to hump in my mouth, I moan for him then he grabs me and pushes me on the bed and starts licking my pussy deep, I start to get crazy and start melting for him, I moan so full of pleasure.

He then starts to put his finger inside my pussy – I scream of pleasure. I kissed tangoracer while he was finger me.

Then he took me to the shower and puts the shower on and starts to soaping me in, I moaned he starts to kiss me again and I feel pushing his dick against my pussy, I moaned, he starts rubbing his cockhead against my clit I was loving the feeling of his dick rubbing my clit, I start to beg him for more, I wanted him to fuck me so hard and rough but he told me to wait till I am ready. I didn’t know what he means with that, So, I was start to sucking him again, maltepe escort I moaned and slurped on his cock while I sucking him under the shower. I begged him again for his big cock, but he told me I need to be patient and wait more, so I turned the shower off and dry myself off, I started to cook because he told me to wait before getting more so I cook the dinner. I was baking fish, then after the diner we were going to the pub with some friends. We got some beer, and a second one, and much more after that. We were going home where he starts to undress me slowly, after he undressed me he started to kiss me he tasted like beer. He slowly starts to nibble my nipples, then he lays me on the bed and pushed his cock in my mouth while he fucks my mouth he licked my tits and then my belly, then he flipped me around and starts to slowly rub my clit with the tip of his finger, he licks my tit and rubs my clit, he softly nibbles my nipple I moan while he does that, he was standing kartal escort up and start to fuck my mouth with his big cock, I was liking the way he fucks my mouth. He lies on me in pose 69 and he licks my clit and slowly my pussy I moaned of pleasure, my body starts to shaking and my breath becomes faster and before I know it I squirted much in his face.

Still recovering from the intense orgasm I had he starts to kissing me again with his tongue, I was kissing him with passion, he carried me to the shower where he turned the shower on and was soaping me in with a nice smelling soap while he was kissing every part of my body he was pushing his finger in my pussy, I let go a scream of pleasure he was slowly moving his finger inside my pussy up and down and moving his fingertips inside my pussy he was going a bit faster after some movements with his fingers.

I was so horny again, I started to stroke his hard dick again he pushes me on the knees and he started to fucked my mouth again. He began to shook and breath heavier then he shoots much streams of thick cum in my mouth I swallow it and he showers us off and carries me on the bed where we felled asleep

This was part 1 of 3 want to read more of this, it is coming soon!

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