my love for masturbation


my love for masturbationI first learned about masturbation when I was in my early teens from a friend in the neighborhood! I started masturbating somewhat regularly, probably just a few times a week but eventually was masturbating at least once a day when I went to bed but eventually I started masturbating as soon as I got home from School and then sometimesin the shower or before bed!Lived at home for about 3 Years After High School so I was still only masterbating about once or twice a day!Eventually I got my own apartment and was able to start masturbating a lot more usually about 2 to 3 times a day sometimes 4 or five!I’ve always been a little kinky but eventually I started getting a lot more kinky and a little perverted at times, so at one point I started keeping bursa escort track of how often I masturbated, I did that for about a year and 9 months or so! I loved seeing how many times I could masturbate in a day, week, a month, 6 months Etc. Would always see if I could break a previous record for how many times a day, a week Etc. Eventually the most ever in one day was 8 times, 15 times in 2 days, about 45 times in one week, 150 times in one month and about 1,700 times in a year!I’ve always loved public masturbation also, public restrooms were always fun and changing rooms in department stores! There there is a Goodwill near where I live and I love going in there to look at clothes just so I could use the changing room! I would always try to use the bursa escort bayan same changing room so that would be my spot! They also had a unisex bathroom and sometimes I would go in there and get naked and masturbate. Sometimes I would get naked in there for a little bit and then go look at clothes and go in the dressing room and and get naked and masturbate! I used to go to a laundromat early in the morning, because they weren’t busy then usually, I loved getting naked there and masturbate usually in the restroom though, a few times I masturbated in the restroom while other people were in there doing their laundry! There’s a few restaurants near me whose rest rooms were single restrooms and you had to lock the door and of course I would sometimes escort bursa get naked in there and masturbate! Public parks are always fun to! I always loved going for a walk in the woods and getting naked and masturbating at some point or another sometimes I would masturbate in the woods naked near a busy road, not sure if anybody ever saw me!Sometimes when I would be visiting at a friends or relatives house I would ask to use the restroom and go in there and masturbate really quick if I could!I loved masturbating in the restroom at different places I worked at, there was one job I had it was night shift and we weren’t busy all the time and they had to rest rooms. So sometimes I was able to masterbate in both restrooms in one night!As of now I’m usually able to masturbate one or three times a day. I am also currently disabled so I do not get out much anymore at least not by myself so I am not able to masturbate in all the places that I used to and I really miss it but oh well that’s life I guess!!

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