My Lunchtime Shopping Trip


I work in a cavernous room, no windows but cubicles as far as the eye can see. It’s tedious but it keeps the bills paid so I can’t complain too much.

I’m enjoying the sight of my cigarette smoke dancing in the breeze one beautiful spring morning when I get a text from a friend.

“We need to get the cables to hook up my new tv. Feel like going at lunchtime?”

I love spending time with her so naturally I say yes and I’ll pick her up a little after eleven. As I make my way back into the building my phone vibrates again.

“Yay! You should take the afternoon off. This could take a while ;)”

Hmm… work or hanging out with my beautiful friend? Not a very tough decision, I immediately reply that I will. A quick talk with the boss and it’s all set.

An eternity and a half later, eleven o’clock rolls around and I’m on my way to pick her up. Windows down, music up, I make the short drive and get to her house in just under ten minutes.

She answers the door looking amazing as always, wearing a blue shirt and a shorter skirt than I usually see her in. I can’t help checking out her ass as we walk to the car and I’m pretty sure she catches me but she doesn’t say anything.

As we get settled in the car we decide to get Chinese before we hit Walmart for the cables. I glance over as she’s buckling her seat belt and notice her skirt has shifted slightly upwards. Those sexy pendik escort legs are going to make it hard to keep my eyes on the road!

The restaurant isn’t far so we manage to survive the trip despite the oh so pleasant distraction. Walking from the parking lot she takes my arm and whispers softly. I’m sure she didn’t say what I think she said so I ask her to say it again. This time, she puts her lips to my ear and says “I’m not wearing panties.”

I stop immediately and, her arm in mine, she is forced to stop as well. Giggling a little, she says “Come on, I’m hungry and we have shopping to do.”

It’s a good thing the restaurant isn’t busy because I needed to sit down. We talk through lunch about work, life, the cold she just got over but all I can think about is what’s under her skirt.

Her leg occasionally brushes mine; my pants grow tighter with each touch. My right hand is busy with chopsticks but my left is unoccupied and I let it slide under the table and rest on her thigh. She doesn’t remove it so I slowly rub, enjoying the feel of her leg beneath the smoothness of the skirt.

My hand finds the hem of the skirt and continues, fingertips easing over silky skin. She shivers at the touch but grabs my hand and places it on the table.

“Let’s go shopping!”

I am desperate to see where this all leads so I agree. We pay and I’m thankful my button up work maltepe escort shirt is long enough to cover my too obvious bulge as we walk out.

Settling in the car once again, I see her skirt has risen even more this time. If it gets much higher, I’ll get a good look at whets been on my mind through lunch. This thought naturally makes my pants even tighter. Somehow she must know about my difficulty, I see her glance in that direction and grin.

By forcing myself to concentrate on driving, I return to some measure or normalcy before we get to Walmart. Naturally the parking lot is full so it’s a bit of a walk but on a beautiful day with an amazing woman on my arm, I don’t mind a bit. Shortly before we arrive, she drops the next bombshell.

“I’m not wearing a bra either” she whispers in my ear, her breast touching my arm as if to prove her statement true.

My breath catches and I am incapable of speech. Who would have thought a normal, boring work day would become this long, drawn out, glorious festival of teasing?

My arm wraps around her as we enter the store, acutely aware of the way she feels beside me. We make our way to the electronics section and I quickly locate what we came for. Suddenly, she spots something on the bottom shelf and asks “Are you sure those aren’t what we need?”

She bends over to grab the package, her skirt rides up and I have a wonderful kartal escort view of her perfect ass and long legs. As I stand amazed, she slowly straightens and says “No, I think you have the right one.”

I take her in my arms, pull her close so she can feel the affect she’s had on me and whisper “Are we done shopping?”

Her eyes widen with surprise at the force of my reaction and she nods. I take her by the hand and lead her to the center of the store where the dressing rooms are. No one is around so we sneak all the way down to the last one in line. I close the door and push her up against it.

Kissing her fiercely, I pull her shirt up, revealing her exquisite breasts. She’s tearing at my pants as my mouth explores; licking, sucking, biting. My pants hit the floor revealing the results of all her teasing and I pull her skirt up as far as I can.

Grasping her ass, I pull her close for another kiss, our shared passion ready to explode. I quickly spin her around, her hands grasp the hooks on the wall and I press my hardness against her. One quick move and I am in, luxuriating in the feeling of her wrapped around me.

Fast and hard, I slam into her, knowing we don’t have much time before we’re caught. I grab her hair, pulling her back into me, as we get closer and closer to release.

She stifles a moan as her orgasm overtakes her and I can’t contain myself any longer. As we come down from the passionate high, she realizes she’s holding the hook, ripped out of the wall during our encounter. We share a laugh and get dressed, taking the hook with us to remember the occasion.

The tv didn’t get hooked up that day.

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