My Megan Addiction Ch. 02

Big Tits

I arrived home shortly after lunch the next day. When I got home, nobody was there and I had no idea where they were or when they’d return. Anxious, upset and bored, I went to my study and fired up my computer to see if there were any other images recorded from the hidden camera. There was nothing else to watch but that one episode of my wife giving Jeff a blow job. As I watched it again, I became aroused but was imagining the girl was Megan and the guy was me. I then logged off and ran up to Megan’s bedroom closet. In her hamper, I found a pair of little black cotton panties trimmed in hot pink and a navy g-string which I held up to my nose. I inhaled Megan’s musky pussy scent and removed my stiff cock from my pants and boxers. Standing there in Megan’s closet with her tiny g-string pressed against my nose, I began to jerk myself off with her little cotton panties. It couldn’t have taken me more than a minute to fill her little cotton panties with an enormous load of cum. I nearly collapsed from the euphoria of my orgasm. As I was compiling myself in her closet, I heard voices coming closer. I froze. Megan and her boyfriend Jeff entered her bedroom. Not knowing what to do, I stood perfectly still and peeked through the slight opening in the closet door. Fortunately, Megan’s room was large and the door to her closet was in a little hallway that led to her bathroom.

My heart raced as I feared getting caught in this situation and I had to try very hard not to breathe too loudly despite my increased heart rate. They entered the room and Megan closed the door behind her. When she spun around, she and Jeff began to make out very passionately. It was then I realized that my dream of watching my step-daughter in action might just be coming true.

They continued kissing for a minute or two and then Jeff commanded Megan to strip. She stepped back from him and began to remove her clothes. First her top and her tight tank top which, once removed, revealed to me for the first time the most perfect C-cup tits I had ever seen. Firm, even and round. She then removed her shorts keeping on her little black lace thong panties. At this point, my cock stiffened completely, pushing against my boxers and pants. Finally, Megan slid her panties off and tossed them on the floor. She stood naked in front of Jeff, her long dark hair pulled up in high pony tail. Jeff removed his shoes and his shirt.

“Take my dick out.” He told her.

Again, Megan did as she was told. She stepped towards him, unzipped his pants and removed them. She then undid the button on his boxers and fished out his semi-stiff cock. When she had pulled out Jeff’s penis, I nearly gasped at the size. I’m 7 inches long at full mast and quite thick. Jeff’s semi-stiff cock appeared to already be as long as that and it was thick.

“Get on your knees and put in your mouth.” He ordered.

Never saying a word, Megan kneeled down in front of him, lifted his cock and took him in her mouth. Her mouth slid back and forth over the head of his penis. Jeff reached etiler eve gelen escort down and grabbed her tits. After a minute or two, Megan pulled back to give her jaw a break. When she pulled back, I saw Jeff’s cock completely erect. It had to be 10 inches long, easy, and thick. It was monstrous. Megan spit into the palm of her right hand and began stroking his shaft rapidly. Jeff tilted his head back and moaned in pleasure.

“Try and take it all in,” he told her.

“It’s too big, Jeff. I’ve tried before and I can’t.”

She put the head of his cock back in her mouth and began sliding it back and forth, back and forth while her hand worked his shaft. Jeff grabbed both her hands in his and slowly pushed his hips forward, trying to get as much of his dick in her mouth. She tensed up but didn’t resist. He had half of his cock in her mouth and held it there.

“Look up at me with those pretty green eyes.” He said to her.

She tilted her head upward and looked right at him.

“Oh, God, you’re so beautiful. You’re so hot. You make me want to cum so much!”

I was so hard I wanted to jerk off again but was afraid of making noise, getting caught, interrupting the show. I had a perfect view and this is what I’d wanted to see for such a long time.

Still holding Megan’s hands, Jeff began to push even more of his huge pole into her mouth. After he had stuffed about 6 or 7 inches of cock in her mouth, she murmured loudly. Jeff than began to slowly pump his dick in and out of her mouth and then picked up speed. Soon, he was fucking her mouth. Megan just knelt passively, allowing herself to be his hole. He began to get vigorous and soon must have pushed his giant cock too far in her mouth because she gagged loudly and moved her head backward. “No more.” Megan pleaded and some tears began to roll down from her eyes. I assumed this was a reaction to gagging on his huge penis stuffed into her mouth.

“Fine, get up.” Jeff said. His tone was bothered.

Megan stood up. Jeff drooled some saliva into his palm and reached down to her pussy. He rubbed her for a few seconds to make sure she was wet.

“Bend over the bed.” Jeff instructed Megan.

Again, she did as she was told. She bent over the bed, resting her torso on the bed while her perfect little ass stuck out towards Jeff. Instinctively, she spread her legs. Jeff spit into his palm again and lubed up his 10 inch cock. He then grabbed Megan’s hips and slowly began to sink his huge erect penis into Megan’s pussy. He had only pushed in about 5 to 7 inches of cock when Megan called out.

“That’s too far, it hurts!” She said.

Jeff then began to fuck Megan from behind in a steady moderate rhythm, while she just lay there, still. She murmured and I could not tell if it was pleasure or pain, or both, that she was feeling.

“Oh, baby, your pussy is so tight! You know that don’t you? You know I love fucking you, don’t you?” he asked.

“I know. I want to please you, etiler grup yapan escort Jeff. I love you so much.” She replied.

Jeff began to pick up the pace and began fucking Megan furiously. He was sliding his cock out so that only the head was buried inside her snatch and then would shove it back inside her. Soon, it appeared that he had nearly his full 10 inches of hard cock inside her tight little pussy.

Megan began to whimper and moan as Jeff fucked her mercilessly. The sound level of the bed squeaking and rocking as Jeff fucked her harder increased. Not only was I impressed with the size of his manhood, I was also impressed with his stamina. He managed to fuck Megan for several minutes.

“Oh, God I’m close, baby. I love fucking you!” Jeff shouted loudly.

Suddenly, Jeff grabbed Megan’s long pony tail and yanked her head back with one hand while the other hand pushed down on her ass. Megan whimpered some more and it was now clear to me that she wasn’t necessarily enjoying this. As Jeff began to cum, he slowed his pace but thrust his cock harder inside of her while pulling hard on her pony tail.

“Oh yeah, fuck, your pussy is so tight. I’m cumming now, baby, cumming in your pussy.” He called out.

Jeff grunted and groaned loudly as he pushed his entire 10 inch cock all the way in Megan’s tight pussy. He held her still by the pony tail as he finished pumping his cum into her. Megan just lay there, silent, motionless. From where I was, I could not see her face. Jeff was breathing loudly. I felt very sorry for her. Megan is a sweet girl who was obviously being used by an older man. But, not having had a father for most of her life, she probably assumed she needed to please her man at any cost, her own pride or pleasure be damned.

Just then, I heard Megan’s mother’s voice in the bedroom.

“What the hell is going on here?” Eve demanded.

Jeff and Megan each jumped up, trying to shield themselves from Eve. I began to think of some excuse I might give if I were found.

“Mom, get out of my room!” Megan yelled back.

“Jeff, get your clothes and get downstairs. Megan, you stay here and don’t leave your bedroom until I come talk to you, do you hear me!” Eve yelled back angrily.

Now I began to panic about getting caught, getting out of there. Jeff grabbed his underwear and pants and put them back on. He grabbed his shoes and shirt and left Megan’s bedroom trailing Eve.

“I’m 18 years old, Mom. I can have sex with my boyfriend if I want!” Megan called out to Eve.

Eve did not reply and I guessed that she was already on her way downstairs. I had to get out of there. Megan found her cell phone out of the pocket. Sitting on her bed naked, tears streaming down her face, she called a friend. When the friend answered the phone, Megan blurted out the story of getting caught having sex by her mom. She asked the friend if she could come over in a little while, she didn’t want to stay here. She got up and etiler masöz escort approached the hallway where the closet door was located. I held my breath. She made her way into the bathroom and I could hear the sound of her closing the bathroom door and then lifting the lid to the toilet, the sound of urine streaming into the bowl. This was my chance to escape. I silently slid out of the closet and tip-toed out of her bedroom.

Once safely out of Megan’s bedroom, I realized that nobody knew I was home and they’d be surprised to learn if I was, in fact, home and not out of town like I was supposed to be. I was like a ghost in my own house. I then wondered what my wife was up to. I quickly made my way downstairs to my study, listening for sounds of anyone. I did not want to be detected. I managed to slip into my study. I powered on my computer and logged into the secure web site where I could see what my hidden camera was recording live in my bedroom. Although I had suspected it, I was still shocked when I saw the image of my wife, yet again, on her knees in our bedroom sucking Jeff’s giant cock. Now, as it was still day time and sunlight filled the windows of the bedroom, I could see very clearly.

Although I had come home to confront my wife about her unfaithfulness and had an opportunity — here, right now — to catch her in the act, I was paralyzed by curiosity, lust, and voyeurism. I was content to watch and use the evidence later to bust her. I became aroused and my cock began to swell. I turned up the volume, enlarged the screen size and reclined in my office chair, enjoying the show.

In the bedroom my wife, Eve, was once again orally worshipping Jeff’s penis. She still had her clothes on, which was her tennis outfit. That’s where she must have been before coming home. She looked very sexy in her hot pink tank top and black skirt. She even had her tennis shoes still on.

“Do you taste your daughter’s pussy on my dick?” Jeff asked her.

Eve pulled his cock out of her mouth to reply: “I do taste her. Tell me how you fucked her.”

Eve replied and then resumed sucking Jeff’s enormous pole, her pony tail, too, bouncing up and down rapidly. I could tell Eve was enormously skilled at cock sucking.

As Eve worked his dick with her mouth and hand, Jeff began to recount for Eve how he had fucked her daughter hard, from behind, pulling her pony tail, using her tight little pussy, filling her with his cum.

Jeff informed Eve that he was close so she pulled his penis out of her mouth and told him to go lay down on the bed. Jeff, now in the role of the subservient, obliged and got on the bed. Eve removed all of her clothes, climbed aboard the bed and straddled Jeff’s face.

“You made my pussy so wet telling me how you fucked Megan. Now lick it.” She instructed.

With one hand, my wife reached down and spread open her pubic hair-covered labia, making it easier for Jeff to access her clit while, with the other hand, she reached behind her and grabbed Jeff’s rod. She stroked his cock while he lapped her clit. My cock was fully engorged and I desperately wanted to jerk off. However, I didn’t want to leave the live action and, with others in the house, wasn’t going to do it there in my study with glass French doors. I was so mesmerized by the action on my large computer screen that I failed to notice Megan enter the study.

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