My Mother in law Joyce


My Mother in law JoyceMy wife Susan and I both work. We have a nice home, and live a good life. My job a while back required me to work the 3-11 shift. So when I’m home, my wife is already in bed asleep. Some times I slip quietly in bed and fuck her, but my wife does not like being awakened an hour or two after she’s fallen asleep.My wife’s Mom Joyce lives in an apartment complex, and for the last two years she has brought her laundry over to the house and did some light housekeeping during the week. Once I changed shifts she’d be really quiet. Then one day things changed.I was off that day, slept a bit later and did not know she was there. I woke up hard and was horny so started jacking, I guess I got lost in thought and did not know she was there watching me. When I opened my eyes there she was just staring. I had no idea how long she was there.I just froze and then Joyce said “Do you need a hand, Danny”?Before I could say anything she was in my bedroom and she was jacking me. She grasped my cock and stroked it, switching hands. I was hard but was having a bit of trouble cumming. I was not sure if I should or could cum with my mother in law.Joyce stopped izmir escort and stripped down to her panties and rubbed her cute C cup titties on my cock and began to suck me. She felt so good. She did not take me deep like my wife Susan, but she used her hands and her mouth. She was not gorgeous or anything, but was in pretty good shape, and I was enjoying it.I asked her to get on the bed so I could touch her, and as she did her panties had a wet spot. I pushed her elastic aside and slipped two fingers into her hairy cunt, and she moaned loudly, her moan vibrating my cock, as she never stopped sucking. I slipped my fingers in and out of her pussy when all of a sudden, she got up off me.“Let’s do this Danny” she said as she kicked her panties off, and got on the bed and straddled me.I reached for her wrinkled, curvy belly and her titties as she guided my cock to her pussy and rubbed my head up and down her wet slit before she forced her large labia aside and she slid down on my cockIt was so hot, so wet, and so naughty.Joyce moaned and began to rock and I began to thrust and Joyce began to shudder. I felt her contractions on my cock, as she cum. It izmir escort bayanlar was not more than a minute when her body was racked with convulsions again and she said “Oh Fuck!”“Are you OK Joyce” I asked, still fucking her“More than OK Danny. You have a lovely cock and I have not cum like that in so long.” She said as she rode my cock. Up and down on my cock, telling me to cum. “Cum Danny. Cum for me, fill my cunt” I thrust back at hers and filled my mother in law’s cunt with my cunt. Squirt after squirt my cum filled her pussy. We lay there a bit, her on top still until my cock softened and she rose up of me and kissed my cock. Then she licked up my cum and sucked our combined juices of my cock.I said “I gotta piss and shower”Joyce said “ go piss, I’ll run the shower”I stood there pissing as Joyce got the shower going and stepped inside. After I flushed I I joined her and we soaped each other and we kissed and rubbed. My fingers were in her cunt and ass and she was jerking my cock.Joyce spoke saying “ Fuck my ass Danny. I have not had a cock in my ass for so long and you fingers got me worked up”Joyce was a real freak. She was wilder than izmir bayan escort I ever imagined. I reached over and poured some crème rinse on my cock and pushed the head into her ass, as she said “Fuck me Danny. Give it to me hard”So with Joyce’s hands on her knees, I shoved my cock deep and fucked her hard. Sh yelped and said “Fuck me “ I squatted and thrust each thrust lifting Joyce onto her toes. Bam bam bam I fucked her ass so savagely . Joyce cum hard if her moans and curses were an indicator. Soon I had cum in her ass, and Joyce turned around and kissed me “Thank you Danny” she said and dropped down and sucked the last bit of cum from the cock that was just in her ass . We showered and got dressed, Joyce put on her short without her wet panties, and offered to make me a sandwich. As we went into the kitchen, she stopped into the utility room to move clothes from the washer. I stood in the doorway and said “ That was great Joyce, but what about Susan”?Joyce put a finger on my lips. “Nothing happened.”She comes over once a week and every time she does, we have sex and she is a freak she loves it all. Some times she comes early to wake me up with a blow job. Other days she comes later and teases me with a short skirt and no panties. She’s watching porn at home and comes by with things she wants to try, like DP, with my cock and a dildo. I hope they never change my shift back to day shift

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