My Mother in Law Surprise


My mother-in-law (Louise) is over 60 and she is really fit. She trains all the time. Her husband is a very good guy, but at various times in family reunions, she complains to my wife (Linda) and my daughter (Kristina) about her husband’s inability to satisfy her and that her libido has not decreased, but for him it’s almost non-existent. She keeps complaining about being frustrated and they all laugh at this situation. My 19-year-old daughter finds it very funny and tells Louise that she hopes to be like her at this age and keep her libido.

During a conversation, I heard Louise say that she was going to look for a fuck boy soon, just for the sake of trying. Kristina told her that’s what she did and that she had a good time. Louise told them that she had many opportunities since her husband always goes to the cottage for quad rides and stays there for several days. The conversation led Louise to tell them that she was seriously thinking about it. Louise asked Linda questions and Linda responded with reservation that she was not at her best with the onset of menopause and that I was always ready and in need. Then she confirmed that it created fears. My daughter laughed and said, “I’m not surprised that Daddy is always ready because I hear him complaining all the time, then he gets up and goes to the computer. I wonder what he’s doing on the computer at that time.” They all started laughing and Louise said, “Probably a little masturbation to remove the frustration, like I do hihihi!”

That’s the breadth of what I heard from the discussion. I have always found Louise attractive; she is about 5’6 inches, a slender waist and a lovely breast. Nice round ass for a woman of 60 years and over. I fantasized that I often kissed her when I fucked my wife.

Often, I must go help Louise with her computer, because she is not too computer friendly. She called me and told me that her computer was infected with a virus and asked if I could help her. “Of course, what happened?” She replied that she did not know. So, I confirmed that I could go during lunch to check. She accepted and that’s how it all started …

When I arrived home, she said that her husband was away and she did not want him to discover that the computer was infected with a virus. It was strange, because it does not matter to get a virus and it can happen to everyone, so I laughed a little. When I opened the laptop, I saw the warning, but it was just a fake antivirus program. So, I deleted it. Then I opened the browser and saw that she was on a porn site for sex movies with Mom and son. She blushes so much and says, “You will not tell him I’m watching porn?”

“Of course not, but I did not know you still loved sex” I played dumb, then I said, “I hope I keep my libido like you when I’m old, you’re lucky! “

She laughed shyly, blushed and did not know what to say.

“He’s not giving you sex anymore, Louise?”

“Not a lot, no!”

“Louise don’t feel bad, because Linda’s libido does not works much more. Menopause affects it a lot! So, I also watch a lot of porn. I have an idea! Do you want me to show you how to navigate safely and which sites are almost safe? “

“I’d like that, but we can’t talk to anyone about it!”

“Of course not, you see this new browser can be downloaded and we will hide it in the folders, then we will make favorites for you, that way, he will not know and you will have your favorite sites!”

“Ok let’s do it, but make sure you keep it hidden!”

“Now, tell me what you like to watch, is the mother / son video page I’ve seen is something kurtuluş escort you normally like!”

“Yes!” She replied, blushing and a bit overwhelming.

I reassured her and told her, “Little devil! Hahahaha, By the way, I have a good one, because I like that type of video too. I think an older woman has a sexiness in her and just the idea of making love with an older woman has always excited me. That’s why I watch this type of tubes! “

“Really, you think older women are sexyyyy! Have you ever fantasized about me?”

“Hmmm, yes! sometimes!” Then I blushed in my turn. Also, this conversation began to affect my cock because it became erect. This time, I did not try to hide my bulge either, because I liked the direction of the conversation and I became really excited. I also saw that she was getting horny as she moved a lot and did not seem to know what to do with herself.

“Louise look at these sites that I added as favorites, here are some of my favorites. This film is probably the one that excites me the most, it is about a son-in-law who fucks the mother-in-law and it’s so erotic!”

“It looks interesting, don’t you think she looks a little like me!”

“That’s why I like it, you see, I find you really sexy Louise!”

“I can see it in the reaction cock takes in your pants! I find you sexy too. You know that this conversation really makes me question my feelings now!”

“Louise, you don’t get sex, okay I get that! I don’t receive some either, you like this type of video and me too. Listen, I have trouble understanding what’s going on right now, and I’m sure if I check your pussy it is wet! Am I right?”

“I’m not going to lie, I’m excited!”

At these words, I catch her by the arms, draws her to me and sits her on my knees. She followed easily but with an uncertain step. So, I looked her right in the eyes, I approached her and I gave her a French kiss that was so sexy. She answered and she began to rub her pelvis on my lap.

I grabbed one of her breasts and her nipples were hard and long, she was not wearing a bra. I was surprised because I had not imagined long nipples on her. The mind plays tricks on you when you fantasized, but now it was real. So, I pinched her and rolled the nipples between my fingers over the clothes and she went crazy rubbing the pelvis on my lap.

I said, “Louise, let’s go to your room, I want to fuck you!”

She got up suddenly and as she headed for her room, she began to undress. I followed her undressing exactly like her, by the time we arrived in the room, we were naked with a trail of clothes in the hallway. I was surprised to see that she actually had a tight body at her age. It showed that she was a sports person. When I say tight she did not have a 20 years old body but it could have easily pass for a late 40 body. Before she reached the bed, I grabbed her from behind, I stopped her and brought her back to me. My hand passed in front of her and went straight to her pussy. I slip my fingers directly between the juicy lips of her pussy. She was so wet.

“Louise! You’re so wet, do you feel my cock on your ass! Tell me how much you want to be fucked by your son in law! “

“Please, fuck me with your big cock, fuck me now!”

I pinched her long nipple with one hand and rubbed her clitoris with each other as she rubbed her ass on my dick. I kissed her neck and said, “Bend over now!” She did it, while laying her arms on the bed. I aligned my cock with her pussy and with a big push I penetrate deeply. My cock slipped so levent escort well. She cried with pleasure. For me, I could not believe that I was fucking my mother-in-law. I started pumping her pussy so hard, holding her by the shoulders, pulling her towards me. She breathed hard, pushed her buttocks against me and went faster and faster. Suddenly, she shouted, “Do not stop, I’m already starting aaaaa MMMMMM CCUMMMIINNGG!”

I continue to pump faster and faster, she convulsed on my cock, then she relaxed, we could see that she was almost done with her orgasm. She slowly turned her head, looked at me and said, “Don’t worry! I have not finished yet, because I am multi orgasmic and I will cum often and easily before you are ready to cum!” She was so wet.

She turned around, grabbed my cock and started to suck as if she had been hungry for so long. I was right to want an older woman; they really know what they want and how to please. She sucked my dick cleaned and then she started to push it into her throat so deep! Wow! What a sensation! It was the first time a woman had made a deep throat and it was so good. She took out my cock and took it back looking at me, it was so erotic. I did not want to cum for now, so I took it out and pushed her back onto the bed.

I knelt in front of her, took both legs and pushed them apart. I approached her creamy pussy and saw the sight of her pussy lips that were so wet and open in the shape of a butterfly. She had long pussy lips and her clitoris bud was big and bulging. I began to lick her lips from bottom to top, then sucked her sweet juice. The more I sucked, the more juice came out, it was incredible.

I grabbed her clit with my lips and started squeezing it as my tongue barely touched the tip of it. She swung her pelvis against my mouth trying to push me to put more pressure on her clit. She was breathing harder every time and suddenly, both her hands grabbed the back of my head and pulled her on her pussy as she screamed, “I AM CUMMMIINNGGG AGAIN! Do not stop please!” She came for the second time in a few minutes.

My mind was going crazy as I fucked my mother-in-law and I never thought how fucking hot she was in bed. I watched as she enjoyed and her eyes rolled, opened and closed. She looked at my face as if she did not want to forget that moment. I must admit that I will never forget that moment either. I drop her legs and began to pull on her long nipples. They were so hard, my dick was about to tear as it was so hard, it was what I felt, you know how you feel when you fuck someone you want so much for the first time.

She grabbed my hair and pulled me up and as I climbed, I kissed her belly, then I sucked her breasts and her nipples and they were so hard in my mouth. She pulled harder on my hair brought me to her mouth and began to kiss me passionately. As she kissed me, I placed my cock head at the entrance of her pussy and I entered slowly, you could feel it enter so easily because of its moisture. Of course, she was not tight like a young woman, but the way she contracted her pussy on my dick was different. I could feel she knew tricks and applied them.

I broke the kiss and said, “I’m going to cum soon if you keep going like this!”

“Go ahead cum for me, fill me, I want to feel your hot cum in me!”

I pushed very hard in the back and I started to cum. She grabbed my hair again and pulled me for a French kiss at the same time. It was so overwhelming, the feeling mixed up. I collapse beside her and pull her towards me and begin to slide my finger maçka escort all over her body slowly. I said, “Thank you Louise! It was so good. You just realized my fantasy!”

She replied, “I have not finished with you, and it’s been so long since I have cum like that, take a break and we’ll start again. Will you be my lover when I need it occasionally, this way, I will be sure I will not find someone who wants more than good sex? I do not want someone to get attached and want more than just plain good sex!”

“Louise, yes I will be your lover. You will have to tell me what you have never had the opportunity to try, your fantasies and that you would like me to help you accomplish!

“I have so many in me! I would like you to make a video of your cock coming in and out of my pussy and you will hide it in my computer so that I can watch it when I need it! “

We then began to talk about her desires and fantasy a little more which she had not yet had the chance to live. I was so surprised to see that she always wanted to enjoy with another woman and a man at the same time. I started laughing and asked her if she had a type of woman, she liked the most. She began to describe a small, almost frail woman with a sexual appetite and an experience with a woman. She also stated that she had no woman in mind. I asked if someone like Kristina was the kind of woman she could love. She looked at me strangely and said, “Sure, that would be a perfect kind of woman.” Then she asked, “Do you have someone in mind? Who to your knowledge, would be suitable for this type of meeting!”

I told her “Maybe”

“Now, you still make me wet talking about that! You realize that it’s been so long for me that it does not take much to make me wet again! “

“Yes, I have someone in mind and you know her! But before talking about it, I will have to be certain that what I say here will stay here! “

“What do you mean, of course I’ll keep your secret, how can I start saying it and explain that I found your secret after we fucked! It’s silly … “Then she kissed me slowly.

“Louise, the woman I have in mind has done it many times with me and it’s a bit complicated. I know she is Bi. I had fun with her and one of her girlfriends the other weekend. She is a bit my little slut slave and will do what I order.”

“Now you intrigue me! I know this lady? “

“Yes, promise me not to panic!”

“I promise?”

“It’s … Kristina!”

“What, you and Kristina, really!”


“And you think she would agree with what we just discussed, with me, my own granddaughter!”

“I bet she will agree! if she says yes, she will lick you like no tomorrow and make you cum again and again! Do you want me to prepare the ground and ask her? “

“If you think she will say yes, I agree with that because I always look at her and love her body, she reminds me of me at this age!”

“Louise, if you really want me to try, then get on all fours, lift your ass and let me fuck your asshole! This will prove that you really want it!”

Immediately she got into position and said: “Look in the drawer of my dresser, you will find lubricant, fuck my ass, I love it!”

My mother-in-law, who I thought was a prude, is actually a sex toy. I fucked her in the ass, she was tight. While I fucked her, she masturbated. She enjoyed hard pushed, she pushed so hard on my dick that I started to cum in her ass, but I pulled out my dick and I finished cumming on the bottom of her back. She took her hand, brought it back and grabbed some of my cum, brought it to her mouth and said, “UMMMMMMMM! I love sperm, now go work on Kristina and plan a meeting as fast as possible!”

We kissed, I got dressed and she said she was going to bed and to let me out. I kissed her and savored my cum on her lips. I told her I was going to call her soon …

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