My Mother’s Daughter Ch. 02


My blaring alarm woke me up for school. I rolled over to turn it off and jumped in surprise with my naked body hit the cold crusty toy. I moved it, turned off my alarm and got out of bed. My legs felt weak and a little sore from last night. Putting my robe on I hid the toy in the large pocket and went to the bathroom to shower. I took the toy in with me just thinking to wash it off only but when I was doing that the texture and feel in my hand aroused me slightly and tempted me to practice my sucking again. I stuck the toy on the side of the shower at head level to simulate a cock from a standing man if I was to be kneeling in front of him. Before I started to play I knew I needed to wash up and did it quickly so I had a few minutes to practice before getting ready for school.

I think I did a little better at taking the toy deep. I tried very hard to control my gag reflex and at least didn’t panic this time. Satisfied with my skills for this morning, I moved the toy lower, turned around and eased back onto it with my pussy. It slid in easily since I was wet and horny from sucking it. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to spend. But I took what time I did, moving off and onto it as if I was being taken doggy style. I was almost ready to cum when I heard my mother yell through the door to hurry up, effectively killing the mood. I washed the toy again, turned off the water and got out. In my room I dressed and hid the toy for some reason. I don’t know why since my mother said I could borrow it. I think it was because I didn’t want it to disappear before I got to use it again.

At breakfast, Drake was grinning at me. I knew what he was thinking. I did my best to ignore him until my mother left the kitchen leaving us alone.

“So did you enjoy the toy last night? If you get tired of it I’ve got something bigger just waiting for you,” he said.

This was the first time he had ever been so blunt in wanting to do me. I glared at him and said, “In your dreams, sicko.”

He just smiled and said, “You know you’d love it,” just before Mom came back.

The honk from outside saved me any further words. I grabbed my stuff and ran out the door to my friend’s car, giving Fuckface Drake a nasty look.


During school I had a difficult time focusing. All I kept thinking about was sucking the toy and getting off. I kept wondering what a real cock would feel and taste like and daydreamed most of the day away. It wasn’t good for me to be this distracted. I wasn’t a great student, actually on the verge of not graduating due to bad grades. One class in particular was math, my last of the day. I hated math and was doing poorly enough that my graduation could depend entirely on the last test for the year. And it was today! When I was this distracted.

I tried my hardest, but when time was called and I looked down at my test I knew I had failed it. I was in deep shit and didn’t know what to do. I sat in my chair until the rest of the class had left and then went up to Mr. Gilles to talk to him.

“I don’t think I did very well and I’m worried about graduating?” I said.

He knew my history, knew the kind of student I was and was well aware what I needed to do to get a passing grade in his class. He was older, probably in his forties or early fifties and never much liked me. He paused before responding.

“Well, let’s see, shall we?” he said finding my exam in the stack.

He removed the answer key and started going through my test right then. After about five minutes of pure torture I saw the amount of red on my paper and knew it wasn’t good.

“You’re correct. You didn’t do well. Less so than I expected. What happened?” he asked.

“I’m having issues at home and I’m distracted. So what can I do? Is there some extra-credit or something to make up some points?” I asked.

“I’m afraid not. It’s too close to the end of the year. Nothing can be done?” he said.

I don’t know why I did it. I think it was panic and I just acted on what I had been thinking about for the last hours. I walked around his desk and stood next to him.

“Are you sure there is nothing I can do?” I asked, reaching out to his shoulder and bending over him.

He was so taken aback he didn’t respond besides widening his eyes at me. I let my hand run down his button down shirt as I bent lower until I was on my knees. When my hands found his belt he finally reacted, grabbing hold of my wrists and yanking me upright and standing himself.

“Get out of here! How dare you!” he screamed, throwing my hands away from him.

I was committed now and knew I couldn’t stop without doing something or I was doomed for sure. Moving forward I looked him in the eyes and said, “Come now Mr. Gilles I’m sure there is something I can do for you to help my grade. No one has to know, it will be our little secret.”

“Young lady if you don’t leave my classroom this instant I’ll be forced to remove you myself!” he yelled again.

“Oh my, so strong and forceful. You seem to have some pent up aggression. I could release some ortaköy escort of that for you. What do you say?” I asked, reaching for his crotch.

He reacted too slowly and I got my hand cupped around his package holding it there, feeling his penis and testicles through the material. His resolve wavered, he still grabbed my wrist and was going to yank my hand away but I moved my fingers, caressing his manhood stopping him from pulling me away.

“Yes… see that’s nice, isn’t it?” I asked.

He didn’t respond but didn’t move away either. I continued rubbing him, noticing rather quickly that he was growing in his pants. His grip around my wrist lessoned but he didn’t let go. With my other hand I went for his belt again and this time he allowed me to unbuckle it since I was rubbing his hardening shaft. I had him now; his hand fell from my wrist giving me access to him. I was going to put to use what my mother and Drake had taught me. This was their doing. If they wouldn’t have made me watch I wouldn’t have even thought about this. They enabled me. It was their fault.

Once Mr. Gilles belt was undone I slowly unzipped his zipper and popped the button until his slacks fell down to the floor in a pile. His penis was hard and I noticed much smaller than both Drake and the toy I had practiced on. Yanking his boxers off of him I pushed him down into his chair and fell to my knees. Reaching forward I took his small penis in my hand feeling the warm throbbing shaft. It was so much different than the toy. The excitement of getting to touch a real one had me stimulated and not wanting to stop or even think about what I was really doing. I grabbed his shaft hard and stroked like my mother had taught me the night before, moving the loose skin on his ridged shaft with just two fingers and my thumb. That was the first time Mr. Gilles moaned. He liked what I was doing. My other hand cupped his balls, rolling them in my hand as I stroked up and down his shaft.

I could smell his musty odor and it wasn’t long before a shiny drop of liquid appeared out of his slit. Leaning forward I touched it with my tongue and he started wigging out as I spread it around, teasing the tip with my wet tongue. It was a little salty and his aroma was much stronger licking his head. Letting go of his cock I took him into my mouth. Deeper and deeper I descended on his rod. He was much shorter and narrower than the toy and I didn’t have any trouble taking all of him in my mouth. It felt much different than the toy, alive, warm and moving. I could feel the throbbing and contractions as I slid my mouth down the shaft. His pubic hair tickled my nose and the smell was stronger.

Just as I reached the base, his penis started to convulse much more and hot thick fluid rushed down my throat almost choking me. Somehow, probably by instinct, my throat closed quickly before I inhaled the semen. Instead I had to swallow because more was coming in small little bursts from his head. He had cum so fast it was surprising to me and I didn’t know what else to do. He was so far back that I didn’t even taste most of his cum, not until I finished swallowing and started taking him out of my mouth did the leftovers find my taste buds. It was a bitter musty flavor and not pleasant at all but I covered my disgust and licked him clean before looking up at him.

His face was twisted in what looked like pain but I knew it was pleasure because of his breathing and moaning. His eyes were wide and he was staring at me shocked and stunned about what had just happened.

“See, I knew you had something building up. I know you’ll do the right thing and pass me. Maybe that test can get ‘lost’ or something.”

“Umm… sure fine, just go!” he said, obviously flustered.

“I’m glad we could come to an agreement,” I said, standing up, wiping my mouth and hurrying out of his classroom.

The halls were empty, I went to my locker grabbed my things and ran out to the parking lot, hoping my friends hadn’t left me. I didn’t have time to think about what I had just done. That would come later. Right then I had to act normal and give nothing away. By the time I reached the car I had my excuse for being late ready and my friends didn’t think anything of it. It wasn’t until I was in my house, leaning up against the closed door that the reality set in. I had just sucked my math teacher off and swallowed his cum for a passing grade! What kind of person does that? Me! I did that! I couldn’t believe I was one of ‘those’ girls now. I blamed it on my mother and Dickhead; they had turned me into this overnight! The taste of Mr. Gilles semen was still in my mouth. The memory of his hard shaft in my mouth came back, the surging flow of his ejaculate spurting down my throat. I had enjoyed it! What was wrong with me? All I could think about was doing it again.

Drake and Mom weren’t home, not until later around five-thirty when they both got off work. I had two hours by myself that I usually did homework but I couldn’t stop thinking about sucking a penis. Try as I might the otele gelen escort thought wouldn’t go away, even with the TV. Frustrated, I finally got off the couch and went to my room, locking the door. Taking the toy out of its hiding place, I stuck it to my desk and watched myself in the mirror practice sucking it while both hands were between my legs. I was turning into a slut, a sex starved nympho and it scared me but it was all I wanted.

I sat on my chair, just bobbing and spinning on the toy and grinding my little clit raw, imagining the cock throbbing and pulsing in my mouth, wishing it would erupt down my throat. I became so horny, needing more than my fingers and looking at the clock had another hour before my mom was home with Drake. I got out of my pants, stood on my chair facing away from the toy. Squatting down, I eased the long cock into my wet pussy and proceeded to fuck myself by rising and falling over and over on the toy. It felt amazing and when I looked over my shoulder I could watch it sliding in and out of my very wet hole in the mirror.

Thick white secretions coated the toy the more I moved and the longer I continued to fuck myself. I began to get worried I might fall off the chair because my legs began to shake and fatigue but I was so close to cumming I didn’t stop. If I bent the toy just right it hit a spot above my clit inside me that sent intense pleasure rushing through my entire body. Only a few inches of the toy were needed to go in to hit the area and I alternated between that and taking it deep. Both felt wonderful but different, bringing me to the verge of my climax when I heard the door to the garage open. Fuck! They were home. I looked at the clock in disbelief but the hour was gone. I had delayed my orgasm too long and now I was going to be interrupted twice in one day.

Not wanting to get caught I quickly got down, popped the soaked toy off my desk and hid it in my sock drawer still covered in my juices. Next I found my wet panties and put them back on with my pants. Unlocking the door I rushed out just as I heard my mother and Drake walking into the kitchen from the garage. Not much was said while Mom and I fixed dinner and Dickhead had a beer and watched Sports Center.

During dinner, though, the subject of my next lesson quickly came up. They had obviously discussed it on the drive home.

“Have you been practicing with the toy, Suzy?” my mother asked.

“A little,” I admitted.

“Good, keep it up. When you think you have something to show us we’ll be happy to critique you. In the meantime Drake and I have been thinking about what next to teach you. You have the basics with the handjob and blowjob and combining them. Practicing now is all you need to get proficient with both. So now we were thinking about sexual positions to teach you so you’re not surprised by anything a young man wants to try. Young men are almost always well versed in positions because of watching porn and will have more experience because of that, so it’s important you learn from us.”

The thought of watching my mother screw her new husband should have made me gag. But something had changed overnight and in math class. The thought intrigued me, raised my blood pressure and cause my clit to tingle. I’m sure they had no idea what they had done to me in such a short time. I was sick of pretending and fighting with her. I needed to just embrace what I was and what she had made me.

“Great, can’t wait. I hope you guys show me some good ones,” I said, and it sounded so sincere that my mother was speechless.

“Awesome, I’ll be on the couch waiting while you two clean up,” Drake said pushing his seat out and taking his beer into the other room.

“That was a nice change, Suzy. No argument for you and a genuine desire to learn. Why the transformation?” she asked.

“I’ve just come to the realization that what you can teach me can come in handy. I’m sure I can find ways to use it to my advantage,” I said.

“Very sensible of you. You’re growing up and becoming wiser.”

“I’m learning.”

We cleared the table and washed up the dishes together before joining Drake in the front room. He was watching basketball but turned it off as soon as we arrived.

“Suzy, why don’t you get the toy so you can practice while you watch,” my mother said.

I hurried to my room, got the crusty toy and quickly went to the bathroom and washed it off. When I rounded the corner my mother was on her knees sucking Drake. The image of his long hard cock instantly turned me on, making my mouth water and arousal spread through me. I took up my place in front of the glass coffee table and stuck my toy to it. Mom was sucking Drake deep and moaning to vibrate his cock. He had his hands on her head moving her a few inches back and forth on his shaft and also moaning.

While she sucked him he started to undress, tossing his shirt on the floor and unbuckling his pants around the cock sticking out of the fly. My mother helped him pull them down and remove his underwear before otele gelen escort continuing her blowjob. I began practicing my own blowjob and noticed if I concentrated on not gagging and really focused I could keep the toy longer down my throat this time. Drake must have noticed because he pointed it out.

“Linda, she’s getting better, check it out.”

My mom opened her eyes and watched me before taking Drake out of her mouth to comment.

“Very good, Suzy, you’re learning very fast. I knew you would.”

With that she stood up and Drake started helping her out of her own clothes. My mother was attractive, she kept herself in good shape and had a very pretty face which was one of the reasons she attracted Drake. She naturally had small breasts like me but since her enlargement surgery she was now sporting fake D cups but they looked good, making me slightly jealous. She had the same color hair as me, dark brown but hers was much longer. I kept mine in a pixie cut, short and messy. We shared blue eyes and very similar body types and facial features other than the chin I got from my dad with a dimple. As soon as her shirt and bra was off, Drake went right after her breasts, fondling and sucking on her nipples and licking every inch of her plentiful bosom.

It made me a little uncomfortable, watching this man I dislike do this to my mother. It was something a child should never see her mother do. The discomfort was mixed with arousal, imagining what it would feel like to have someone lick and nibble on my own breasts. When Drake fell to his knees and finished undressing my mother I was surprised to see she had no pubic hair. I never knew she shaved it off and I wondered if I should do it too. Maybe guys like it better shaved. When Drake started sucking and licking her pussy it wasn’t difficult to imagine how the lack of hair would contribute to that. I made a mental note to shave mine off the next time I shaved my legs.

My mother backed toward the sofa and sat down, spreading her legs. Drake followed and proceeded to lick and suck, nibble and finger my mother like he was starving. This of course made Mom scream and thrash on the couch the entire time. I was entranced, forgetting about the toy and just watching him eat her out, imagining what it felt like. He focused most his sucking and licking on her clitoris and used his fingers to penetrate her vagina with rapid thrusts. I called out in surprise without thinking when he stuck his thumb in my mother’s butt with his fingers still in her pussy. They didn’t hear me because Mom was screaming and apparently loving everything he was doing. She didn’t even mind the thumb in her ass, which surprised me as I said.

About five minutes later I knew she was cumming, just from the reaction her body was making. It became increasingly difficult for Drake to get to her and he eventually stopped using his mouth and finished her off with his hands. Her orgasm impressed me, it seemed more intense and longer than anything I’ve experienced and I wished for the same thing but knew I would have to find someone to do that to me for the same effect. Before they noticed me staring I began to practice on the toy again while my mother recovered from her climax.

“Oh, my, wow, Drake that was enjoyable. Suzy, now that’s what a good man can do and why it’s worth finding one and exactly why we’re being nice enough to teach you,” my mother said.

I smiled, taking the toy out of my mouth before she continued.

“Now for some positions for you to learn. Since I’m already on the couch and Drake’s kneeling in perfect position this will be the easiest to show you first. All Drake does is scoot forward and enter me like this,” she said.

I watched Drake move forward, bend his long cock down and slip it into my mother’s very wet pussy. A smile appeared on her face as every inch of Drake’s extensive rod effortlessly disappeared inside my mother. His girth spread her wide, folding back the lips of flesh so I could see her engorged clit shining above his shaft in the light. When he pulled back out his shaft was equally shiny, saturated with my mother’s insides. He slammed his cock into her so fast it made Mom scream and her fake breasts roll up her chest before trying to retain their position except Drake was already pulling out and thrusting back in equally fast.

It looked painful, animalistic and angry but Mom loved it as Drake continued to pummel her. I had never moved the toy or my hand inside of me that fast. Again I was intrigued, wondering what it would feel like to be done in such a manner. When Drake stood up and bent my mother over so her legs extended over the back of the sofa I stopped sucking the toy again to watch. He bent his cock down, put it back into her pussy and proceeded to pile drive it deep over and over while my mother was pushed into the sofa head first on her upper back and neck.

Drakes muscles flexed in his legs and butt each time he drove down. I couldn’t help but admire how sculpted he was and nice to look at. He had strong shoulders and impressive back muscles that rippled as he held my mother’s legs up and bent back. His stamina was impressive; he never slowed or seemed to get tired for ten minutes of continued slamming. Loud slaps echoed from the collision of his body into my mother’s butt and beads of sweat appeared the longer he worked.

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