My Neighbors and Family didn’t Know


I want to start off saying that I love enjoying what I do and the benefits that I have received from it. We have been living in this apartment building for quite a few years and have enjoyed it from the beginning. My parents, myself, and my brother are very easy going people and we make the most out of any situation that comes around. My neighbors are super nice and very energetic. We used to have another couple but I like our new neighbors better. We finished High School and invited our neighbors for a graduation dinner with the family. We have a laundry room on the other side of our apartment which makes it easy to do laundry when needed. Mind you these machines are old but works just the same.

The best thing about our apartment is my bedroom and sharing a wall with our neighbors master bedroom. One night they were getting frisky and started humping each other quite rapidly because before I knew it, my pictures I have hanging on my back wall was shaking in rhythm with each and every thrust. This lasted about 10 minutes and things got quiet. I guess they were changing positions because they started back up again. This time though my bed started to shake. It wasn’t an earthquake shake but I still felt it and of course it woke up need to start stroking.

After a little while I heard a knock on my bedroom door and then my mother came in wondering what I was doing. She told me that the entire apartment was shaking and to knock it off. After she said that, she noticed it wasn’t me but also noticed I was butt naked with my boner acting like a seismic meter from our neighbors continuing thrusting. She turned bright red and said sorry for intruding and left.

The neighbors continued for quite a while and I enjoyed every last bostancı escort moment except I think our neighbors heard me as well since I was going at it myself. I heard on the other side of the wall that they want to give me something soon but never told me what it was. I said ok and left it as that.

Saturday came around and I heard a knock at the door. I went to go answer it and there our neighbors were standing there with two brackets of some sort. They also had a tape measure and a drill. I asked what was all that and they explained this was a gift for me. They went to my bedroom and asked me to help them pull the bed from the wall. I was so confused at this point and let them continue. They drilled two holes through the wall and pushed the poles with brackets through the holes they made. Then they attached the brackets to my bed. I asked what was that for and all they did was smile. Shortly after they left and at this point I was confused as I can be.

I had homework to do so I took my shower and put on the looses clothes I can find to get comfortable with. I sat on my bed and started to do what I had to complete today. Shortly after, I noticed the bed jiggling a lot more then what was happening when my neighbors were pounding each other. I first thought they were attaching something to the poles and then my suspicion was wrong. They already attached what needed to be attached and my bed was shaking and bouncing like a 9.0 earthquake.

At this point, I was already in the zone and hard as a steel rod. I didn’t want to take my shorts off since my parents will be home shortly and I need to help unload everything. I got so wet in my shorts just from the constant shaking of my bed I thought for çeliktepe escort sure I was going to splurge when I heard a knock on my door to come and help. I was thinking here I am with a boner that won’t go down getting ready to cum and my parents want me to help with the groceries.

I got out of the room and tried to hide my boner as much as I could and started unloading everything. I quickly finished about 10 minutes flat and my parents looked at me like I was crazy. They asked me if there was any problems and I looked up asking why do you ask? They looked down in my shorts and I noticed I was soaked with pre-cum. I was so embarrassed and went to my room.

I got back on the bed and our neighbors were still going at it. About ten minutes later my bedroom door opened up and my father came in. I was butt naked, my bed was shaking crazy, and my boner was flopping like a palm tree in a hurricane. My father asked what was going on and I told them that our neighbors are at it pretty hard today. I explained to my dad that sometimes it is pretty easy and other times they go at it hard. He sat down on the bed while all this was going on and said no worries. This is perfectly normal for this age.

In my mind while he was talking and I was getting ready to explode all over the place, I was thinking right dad as though I already knew all of this. He then left and I didn’t hear from them until dinner. Luckily our neighbors finally finished giving me orgasms. Dinner time came around and my parents called me and my brother to the table. The food was good and a weird comment came out of my mother’s mouth. She told me my dad told her everything that happened and I am old enough to make my own decisions. cihangir escort She said that I can wear or not wear anything I wanted to while in the home.

I was so confused on that comment until my dad explained what she meant. Basically if me and my brother wanted to walk around naked that we can. Both me and my brother looked at each other with a grin and nodded. That night my parents turned on the tv and turned down the lights to watch a good movie. All we were wearing was silk boxers and nothing else. We got on the couch and the movie started.

About twenty minutes into the movie I noticed my dad started to shake his legs. Both of my parents have restless leg syndrome and doesn’t take long for the couch to start bouncing. My mother followed along and besides the couch bouncing, the difference of shaking was causing the couch to jerk as well. I quickly got aroused thinking about our neighbors shaking my bed and got really stiff. I also noticed my brother was having the same problem next to me. Dad looked at us and seen our awkward stares and told us if we want to take our shorts off to go ahead. This is what we meant by wearing what ever you want. I was reluctant but with the bouncing, I wouldn’t last long.

I took my shorts off sitting on the couch with my cock bouncing around and my brother became brave and did the same thing. During the entire movie the shaking continued and by the time the movie was done, we were both soaked. My mom looked over and asked how was it? I was dumb founded by the question and she asked if we were more comfortable naked? I looked at my brother and we both looked back and said yes it was.. together in sync.

That night I went to bed from all the excitement today and very thankful of the changes within our home and outside of our home. We both stayed naked unless we went outside and I finally told my brother how all of this came about. That morning around six, our neighbors came up for another round and many times after that. I never regretted the gift our neighbors have given me.

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