My New Neighbors – Chapter 4: Summer School

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My New Neighbors – Chapter 4: Summer SchoolMy New Neighbors – Ch. 4: Summer SchoolThe summer went on and my infatuations became inflamed. To say I was friendly with the neighbors was the understatement of the century. Yet it wasn’t just sexually based. I actually got to know the whole family and I ended up spending a lot of time with them, whether it was outings to the beach, dinners on their back patio, or an amazing trip to the amusement park where I ended up getting a blowjob from Jesse while riding the Ferris wheel. The view was amazing but the sensation on my cock was even better. And now with Faye’s attention and attraction, knowing that my cock had explored her teenage vaginal depths, my spirits were high and I was feeling extremely hot, like the breeze on those summer nights. The Samsons were awesome. Very close-knit, very outgoing and fun, and all very passionate. We played Cards Against Humanity one night and I don’t remember ever laughing as much as I did. The interplay between Faye and Jesse was astounding. They knew each other like a book and that meant they knew which buttons to push and how to get a rise out of each other. Yet they typically used that symbiosis to increase the energy in the room. Whether it was harassing their mother in a cute and loving way or teaming up against me with some sarcasm or a made-up story, they worked seamlessly together. They were so fun to watch and still that image of them pleasing my cock side by side was imprinted in my brain. I had already fell for Jesse and now I was falling for the entire family. One muggy night out on their porch, I sat with the father Scott having a couple of cold beers. We were both fans of IPA’s and so we had started a theme of buying different ones to try. The latest was an IPA called Flower Power based out of Ithaca, New York. It was as hoppy as I was horny, sweet as Jesse was sensual, and cold as… well there wasn’t anything that was cold those days. My life was aflame and I was living it up! Scott and I shot the shit about life and about how we were getting older. Scott had 10 years on me, putting him at 48. He admitted to me how happy he was with his wife Tanya and yet how he was starting to feel the years creep up on him, especially in the bedroom. He said that Tanya kept him young as best she could but that he just didn’t get hard as often anymore, even with his beautiful wife. “Between you and me Rich, Tanya has a gorgeous body. I’m sure you’ve noticed.” I chose not to remark on that. “She has this birth mark on the inside of her right thigh that is in the shape of a heart – it drives me freaking crazy. Every time I go down on her I make sure I pay special attention to it, licking and massaging the area. Her thighs are so tight too… I love sticking my hard dick between her legs and feeling her muscles constrict against me. Yet sometimes I feel like I’m going through the motion, ya know? Like my libido has kind of checked out or something,” as Scott explained this, he looked out on to the front yard grass and sipped his beer, sort of in a daze. “How is your sex life if you don’t mind me asking?” I forced myself to take a long breath before answering and then said “It’s been pretty good as of late to be honest. There had been a big lull in my life after I divorced my ex where I didn’t get any action. Funny too, thinking that since I was a bachelor I would be getting all this pussy, yet it didn’t happen like that. But recently I’ve been able to enjoy some sex… kind of been rejuvenating ya know? Maybe you should try to spice things up Scott. Do you and Tanya try new things?”“Oh shit Rich, you have no idea how sexual Tanya is,” Scott responded and as he said that I let out a bit of a snicker. Why was I not surprised to hear that, I thought? Some ‘peaches’ didn’t fall too far from the tree. “The other night I woke up from a dead sleep feeling her down under the sheets licking my balls. It felt so good. I made to reach down and begin to stroke her head but then realized that I couldn’t move my arm at all,” he said, grinning at me. “More than just a little tongue-tied, eh Scott?”, grinning right back. Scott went on, “I found myself in bed at 2 in the morning, all of my limbs tied to the bed posts! She lathered my balls up so wet and then proceeded on to my cock, giving me the best blowjob I think I ever had. I’m telling you Rich, she’s a wild one. Sometimes I feel like I’m just too old for her and that she yearns for a lot more than what I can give her.”I did my best to assuage him that night but I couldn’t help thinking about getting woken up by Tanya, her mouth over my cock and balls, pleasuring me with her muscular thighs and swimmer’s bod. How nice it would be to have those still-perky tits bouncing up and down before me… Suffice to say, I jerked off that night with the thought of Tanya riding my cock, her experienced gaze filling me up with lust while her nipples brushed through my chest hair with every thrust. In my dream, of course, Jesse was sitting in the corner jerking off again like he did with Faye on top of me. This family had me in a whirlwind.—————One Wednesday morning I got a knock on the door and Tanya and Scott were standing on my stoop. I noticed how fresh Tanya looked, her hair pulled back in a ponytail, a slender string top on with a sports bra underneath, and short and tight jogging shorts on. Her bronze and muscular legs beckoned to me. I had to stop myself from drooling. It was amazing, too, how much both Jesse and Faye took after their mom. I could see it very clearly now with so much of her body uncovered. “Hey Rich, we’ve got a favor to ask of you,” Tanya said. “We’re going away this weekend to Scott’s parents house in Bend and we were hoping you could just kind of keep an eye on the k**s and the house. We obviously trust the twins beyond any doubt, but it’s always nice to have someone else watching out for us. I think they would enjoy your company anyway.”“Of course Tan, it would be my pleasure,” I said with a smile. I happened to notice Scott give me a wink too. What was that about? “I’ve got off this weekend so I’ll be sure to stop by and say hello.” Tanya came forward and gave me a close hug. “Thanks sweetie.” I could feel her taught body press up against mine, noticing how warm she felt. I felt goosebumps all over my body, thinking about my jerk-off session last night and Scott’s story of his wake-up call. Scott shook my hand and they headed off. I had to immediately go take a cold shower after they left, as my thoughts started to spin in all sorts of wonderful ways. I purposefully chose not to masturbate, thinking that I wanted to save every ounce I had for what possibly awaited me in a couple of days. A couple days seemed to take forever that week. I went out and had dinner with some work friends on Friday night and as I was heading home I slowed down in front of the Samson’s house. The lights were on so I decided to stop by and do my neighborly duties and check in. Before I could get to the front door, though, I was cutoff from around the side of the house by Jesse. “Rich, hold up!” he yelled. “You can’t go in,” approaching me and out of breath. “Do me a favor and come back in a half hour.”“What’s up Jesse, is everything ok?” I said, with actual concern and angst rising up. “Yes, my love, I promise. Just come back in a half an hour. Come through the back door. Please, just trust me,” Jesse said, with his boyish and innocent grin ever-so-slightly forming around his perfect mouth. He called me his love, which made me feel warm all over and also serving as a distraction. I wondered if he planned it that way or if he was genuine. I still had doubt about our age difference and whether what we had was something more than just sex, regardless of what my heart said. So I decided to do just that, trust him and come back in a bit. I couldn’t help feeling anxiety though, as I knew something was up and I had no idea what it was. My imagination ranged from them covering up something bad to them preparing something really good. I tried not to let my thoughts wander too much as I went home and took a quick shower. As I headed back over, I followed the instructions and entered through the back. Once I stepped inside, I noticed how the air was still. Something was definitely up. It was far too quiet. Was this one of their surprises again? What was I in for this time? I proceeded into the kitchen where I saw a note on the table with writing in big letters saying “RICH”. I opened the note and read, in elegant handwriting that I thought must have been Faye’s: ‘I am sorry Professor, but we have to own up to our mistakes. Not only did we skip out on all of our classes this past Wednesday, but we decided to skip our exam on Thursday and we didn’t do any of our homework for Friday. We acknowledge we’ve been bad and we have decided to accept whatever punishment you think is fair.’ Underneath the fancy cursive were several first names. Faye’s and Jesse’s names were first and then underneath, all in unique styles, were others that I didn’t know. Patrick, Tina, Fatima, Laurie, and Jordan. What the hell was this, I thought? It had been years since I actually taught and I knew Jesse wasn’t taking any summer courses before he started in the Fall. Underneath the names was more writing: ‘Please take this’ with an arrow pointing to a little blue pill next to a bottle of water. I guessed the pill was Viagra and yet my mind still played dumb, trying to reason with this note. Thankfully it didn’t take long for my dick to see clarity though. My thick cock emerged to its full seven inches of attention through my gym shorts, creating a canopy. My lower head took over and I grinned, popping the pill in my mouth and swigging some water, now wondering where to go next. I didn’t have to search too long, for as soon as I walked out of the kitchen, I heard shuffling in the den. The Samson’s den was their lounge and TV room. It was basically a man cave designed for complete comfort. A big soft sectional sofa with even softer pillows decked one of the far walls and lush carpet spanned the whole space. A pool table, large screen TV on the wall, and even a hammock hanging from ceiling beams provided a relaxing scene. I had spent many times in this room over the past month and now I could tell the space was occupied. I headed that way but was stopped from behind, soft hands covering my eyes. A soft voice that I had heard in this very same way before whispered in my ear, “Professor, like I said we accept whatever punishment you think is fair. But before you go into class, please put this on.” I felt Faye’s hand disappear behind me but before I could turn around and gauge what was going on they returned, this time with a blindfold. The blindfold wrapped around my head and was tightened securely. I saw only blackness. I felt Faye’s hand again, this time around my own hand as she led me forward. “Right this way Professor.”I was led across a threshold and immediately I felt the softness of the den carpet. I also could hear stirring and giggling. The air was hot and alive in this room, even with the air conditioning blaring out the vents. I could feel the pulsing and pounding of excitement, even though I couldn’t see anything. It registered that my cock was still fully erect and pulsing it’s own steady lustful beat but I was much too distracted to feel any sense of embarrassment. I was eager to see what waited for me on the other side of the blindfold. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long. First my lips were greeted by my sexy boy. Jesse’s full and sexy lips brushed up against mine and I felt his tongue pry ever-so-slightly apart my lips to breach their way inside my mouth. His tongue lingered there for a second, swirling slowly, until he pulled it out and then did that same motion on my earlobe. “This night is for you Professor, but don’t forget who’s heart you have,” Jesse whispered. My heart rocked in my chest at his words and I let out the smallest of sobs, feeling so encompassed with love and lust at the same time I barely could contain. He then proceeded to slowly lift up my blindfold. As my eyes adjusted, I first took in my boy. He stood in front of me with his shirt off, his nipples hard and eager, and his lean body looking superb. He always seemed to glow with a certain radiance to me, and tonight was no different. Jesse stood aside and allowed me to take in a sight that I never thought I would see. I was too baffled to say anything or to even move. I just feasted with my eyes a scene beyond any imaginings I dared to dream. On the sectional before me sat several k**s, all sitting on the couch with their knees together and their hands clasped in front of them. I noticed that they all had their own blindfolds on and their hands were bound with rope around their wrists. Fatima, Tina, Laurie, Patrick, and Jordan. Five names on the note and five people on the couch, three girls and two boys. Holy shit, what the fuck was this. As if to sense my doubt, I felt Faye’s presence behind me and to my left. Again, she spoke with her sweet soft voice into my ear, this time a bit louder. “We’ve been bad Professor. We are all here, on our own volition, to suffer any consequence you see as fit. Isn’t that right everyone?” speaking now to the bounded teens on the couch. In unison, they affirmed with a “yes Professor”, and then a red-head in the middle said “Professor, we’re all students and we’ve all been bad. We realize that we need to learn a lesson and we’re willing to do whatever it is you ask.” The red-head was fair-skinned, freckled, and foxy to put mildly. She had jean shorts on that hugged her hips tightly. She had her hair in pigtails, pink lips, and a spaghetti-strap light blue shirt on that left little to the imagination. I could see the outline of her perky tits, which had to be at least a C-cup. I imagined that her areolas were as pink as her lips and wondered if her bush matched the canopy atop. “I’m Laurie, 18, and in need of a strong figure in my life to teach me the right ways,” she said, licking her lips after she was done. She seemed like she was pretty wild and experienced, ready for the night. My loins were aflame, matching the color of her hair. Now another chimed in, a black boy on the far right that was absolutely beautiful, a little chin and mustache hair speckled his otherwise smooth and clean face. Lips even fuller than Jesse’s and looking ever-so moist opened up as he said “Please Professor, teach us. My name is Jordan, I’m 18 too, and I am here to do your bidding.” He was athletically built, his pecs nicely shaped beneath a green t-shirt. I gawked at his smooth legs and thighs and an incredible bulge that was pressing against his shorts, as if he was smuggling something under there. Now the one on the opposite side, far to the left, got my attention. “Yes sir, please show us how to be. My name is Fatima and I am at your service.” This one was gorgeous, as they all were, but her look was so very unique and exotic. She had long dark hair that went down behind her back. The shirt she was wearing couldn’t conceal rock hard nipples that seemed to be breaking through the fabric. She was slender and even though she was sitting, I could tell she was tall. She had high cheekbones and a feminine yet prominent jawline. Her neck was exposed, revealing a large playground of skin that I immediately wanted to nibble on. Her skin was dark – much darker than Jesse or Faye’s tanned hues – telling me she was perhaps Middle Eastern. “I’m 20 and ready for my lesson.”Next to speak up was the one on Fatima’s left. She was lighter skinned, was short, and blond haired. She looked younger than any of the ones there and shy as well. She had small tits, with really just the shape of her nipples showing through a light purple top she had on. Yet while she was unassuming in many ways, she had this allure that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. When she spoke, her voice was angelic, soft, pure and innocent. Her words were gracefully spoken and light to my ears, with a timidity that again attracted me in a way that I couldn’t quite place. “Professor, we’re here to own up to our bad ways. My name is Tina, I’m 18 and a virgin, and I’m here to learn.” As she said that last word she drew it out, letting the “n” reverberate through her lips with a yearning that I could now taste in the back of my throat. She nervously swallowed then and I could see her whole body lightly tremble. My cock leapt on its own accord in my shorts, a new part of me tingling with excitement. “I’m Patrick Professor. I’ve been very bad and I need you to discipline me,” the one yet to speak said. He was older, looking well-built and jock-like. “I’m 20, a college tight end, and open to whatever you demand of me,” he said with this deep baritone voice. Patrick was scruffy with dark hair that was messed up in an organized choas, and buff. His arms were bigger than mine and I could illegal bahis see his massive pecs through his shirt. They were clearly outlined, as was his muscular calves and thighs. This was a stud if I’ve ever seen one. I had never been with such a macho guy like him, making me excited and ever-so-horny. I could taste the testosterone emanating through his skin. There they were, five young and attractive people, all lined up on the couch before me. And there was I, gazing down upon them like a hungry fat man looking at an all-you-can-eat Las Vegas buffet. A part of my mind kept expecting the prank to be up, for someone to come out of the corner and say ‘okay, let’s go home. This isn’t really happening.’ Yet one look at Jesse to my right and Faye to my left told me that this was real, that this was going to happen, and that my neighbors were so wanting to please and satisfy me. I thought for a quick moment about what I had done to deserve such love and then put that thought away just as quick. I had a feast before me and I was going to eat every bite. I grinned at Faye and then grinned at Jesse, staring into his eyes while I covered up my heart with my right hand, hoping he knew how much he meant to me. And then I began to eat. I started with the jock, kneeling in front of him and lifting off his blindfold. I waited a second for his eyes to adjust to the light in the room and then I greeted him with a grin. “You’re going to listen to your professor, yes?” I saw him swallow and say, with just a bit of nervousness, “Yes sir.” Even though I had never done anything remotely like this in my life, and even though I would never have labeled myself as a dominant in the bedroom, I played the role that was put upon me and I played it to my fullest. I felt a sense of bravado flowing through me and I was raging with my own testosterone and excitement. I grabbed the jock Patrick by the neck, feeling the strength and muscles even there and pulled him forward into me, into a powerful kiss. I wanted to let him know that he was mine and that I had no intention to play lightly with him. I took off his blindfold and then raised his shirt up over his head, exposing his muscular torso. I reached down and pinched his right nipple hard. I felt him squirm and heard a whimper escape his throat, belying his masculinity. I moved on to the far left, Fatima, and instead of removing her blindfold I decided to eat up her long dark-skinned neck. I ran circles all over her neck with my tongue, nibbling here and there and soaking up her exotic juices. She was vocal too in her pleasure, moaning with a deep silky voice and crying out when my teeth pressed into her. I lifted her top up over her head then, revealing her slender body. Dark areolas centered her still-hard nipples and I proceeded to suck on them and nibble, allowing her moans and cries to guide my tempo. I couldn’t help running my hands up each side of her slender torso, her smooth skin luxurious under my fingertips. I kissed her then too, long and deep and passionately, my tongue working its way into her mouth. She tasted of cinnamon. I moved down the line from Fatima. Tina. The virgin. It had been a long long time since I had taken someone’s virginity and I felt a unique feeling inside of my body as I looked down at her blindfolded innocence. It was a mix of lustful eagerness and a warm tenderness. I wanted this to be special for her and at the same time I wanted to rip her open and have her remember me forever. I knelt down in front of her and decided to let her feel my presence without touching. I breathed warm on her neck and around her mouth. I allowed my hands to surround her, as if I was a reiki master adjusting her energy field. I saw her tremble. I could see the goosebumps stand up on her skin. I could feel her excitement and timidity, equal parts, consuming every ounce of her being. And yet I had to stop myself for now, allowing her to soak in these feelings. I didn’t mean to tease her but I wanted to go very slow with her. I leaned down and whispered into her ear: “Because you’re a new student, I am going to go easy with you. But I still expect you to do everything I tell you. Do you think you can do that for your professor?” “Ye ye yesss, sir. I am yours,” she stuttered, raising her chin ever-so-slightly up towards me. I met her lips with a very soft and sensuous embrace. I then whispered again into her ears, “Your professor will take care of you, I promise.” Next was Laurie, the red-head. After my tiptoeing with Tina, I was feeling a rush of aggression. I lifted up Laurie’s blindfold with one hand, grabbed her throat in the other, and pushed her head down towards my pelvis. I pushed her head against my cock, humping against her face and forehead. I pulled her away and gave her a rough kiss, grabbing her throat again and looking into her eyes. “Are you going to behave for me Laurie?” “Yes sir,” she said with a smile. “Good girl,” I said, now starting to get into it. “Take off my shorts and suck on your teacher’s cock like a good little girl.” Laurie did as she was told, taking off my shorts and unleashing my thick cock right into her young face. She wasted no time at all, taking my head into her mouth and swirling her tongue. I could tell immediately that this was not her first time. She was eager and aggressive, grasping my balls with her still-bound hands. I allowed her to work my cock for a good minute and then I grabbed each side of her face and made her stop. “Don’t move Laurie,” I said sternly. I proceeded to fuck her mouth then, slowly working my full seven inches in and out of her pale mouth. Sweat started to glisten on her forehead and drip down over her freckles on the side of her face. I moved faster now, running my cock in and out and feeling the back of her throat. I went until I had her gagging in front of me, my lust and power unleashed before this young red-headed college student, with my precum dripping down her lips. I had to stop before I came too quick – there was so much more that I wanted to do. I looked over at Jesse, who was standing there watching me with a big smile on his face. He gave me a wink, telling me to continue. And so I did. I moved over to Patrick and unbound his hands. “I want you to go over to Fatima and I want you to get her completely naked for me, bending her over and getting her nice and wet for me. Can you do that?” Patrick the jock wasted no time, nodding his head and moving over to my left as my attention remained to the right where Jordon still sat, the bulge in his pants seemingly bigger. I pulled him up and on to his feet, watching his covered cock awkwardly shift inside his shorts. I wasted no time then, pulling his shorts down and letting them fall around his ankles. Before me was a thick cock, at least eight inches in length. It had to be at least six inches around too. I knelt and sucked on that black cock with an eagerness of my own, feeling his sweet juice inside my mouth and on the back of my throat. Ever since watching the sexy black guy on the beach jerk off I was craving a black cock of my own. After sucking on him for a bit, I stood up and quickly turned him around. I bent his head forward and raised his ass cheeks in front of my exposed penis, letting the head of my cock rub up against his hole. “Laurie, get over here, now,” I said, beckoning her over and gesturing for her to get down on her knees in front of Jordon. Now you do what Patrick is doing to Fatima, getting him ready for me.” As I surveyed the couch, seeing Patrick eating Fatima’s pussy inside and out and watching Laurie now swirl her tongue around Jordon’s hole, I took a moment to watch my loves. Faye was standing still on the left and Jesse on the right. They both looked at me and smiled, each in their own sensual and sweet way. I walked over to Faye first and embraced her passionately, kissing her deep and mouthing thank you before walking away and over to Jesse. I took him into my arms and kissed him as well. “You know you’re too good to me, right?” Jesse looked at me with his green eyes and just smiled. He placed his hand over my heart and just stared. I felt such a rush of emotion in that moment that I couldn’t hold back, saying “I love you Jesse”. He smiled again and looked down in an innocently sweet way. Looking back up he said “I love you too Rich. Very much. Now go enjoy.” I let him go and gave his hand one last squeeze as I turned back to the couch. My students were still completing the assignments that I had given them. Patrick was devouring Fatima’s pussy, moans escaping her as her hips and stomach undulated. Then there was Laurie, her face hidden in between Jordon’s ass cheeks. All I could see was her red hair bouncing up and down as Jordon remained bent over. I could tell he was really enjoying himself. And then there was sweet and innocent Tina, still bound and blindfolded, sitting between all this sexuality. I went over to her and whispered again in to her ear. “Are you ready to watch a bit?” “Yes professor,” she said. I removed her blindfold and tilted her chin up and into my eyes. I smiled at her and gave her a kiss. She tasted so sweet and pure, still trembling a bit too. “Now I want you to watch your teacher, okay?” I moved over to where Patrick was eating Fatima out and I slapped Patrick hard on the ass. I rubbed my hands over his ass hair and then wound my fingers through and inside, rubbing around his hole. I could tell by the feel of his asshole that he had never been played with there or fucked – and yet there was no time like the present. Faye tapped me on the shoulder and came around in front of me, bending down. At first I didn’t know what she was doing but then realized that she had a condom in her hand and some lube. She proceeded to place the condom over my throbbing cock – her hands felt so good. She then squirted a bit of lube out on to her hand and rubbed my cock lengthwise starting from the bottom, covering it. “Okay Daddy, you’re good to go,” she said and gave me a wink. ————Part 2After Tanya and Scott asked me to check up on their house and their k**s, I had started out with the intent to do my moral ethical duties to the best of my ability. I had grown quite fond of all the Samsons and so it was important for me to be there for them in whatever they needed – yet the devil on my shoulder had priorities too. It didn’t take long to find myself deep inside some sexual delights, yet I truly had no idea what it was, or who it was, that I was going to be getting deep into. Jesse and Faye set up a bit of a classroom with several students there to do my bidding. Three girls and two boys were bound and blindfolded, all of legal age, all horny as fuck, and all ready to listen to whatever I had to teach them. And so there I found myself on a Friday night in one of the hottest and sexiest summers that I ever had in my life, framed on either side by the twins Jesse and Faye, looking onto a scene that no porn director ever had the imagination to create. Faye had just put on a condom for me, and so I tried out my new coat by stroking myself, making sure I was secure. I wasted no more time, going up behind Patrick as he continued to eat out Fatima. I circled the head of my cock around Patrick’s tight hole. I could feel him squirming too with hesitation and nervousness. He stopped eating Fatima out and started to look back at me. I slapped him hard on the ass and said “No Patrick, keep your face forward and your tongue inside her.” He did as he was told and I went back to rubbing my cock head around his hairy hole. Slowly but firmly I pressed up against him and dipped my tip inside, breaking his anal cherry – I heard him moan and saw his glutes and hamstrings flex. I pressed in a little further and louder his moan became. I pulled out almost all of the way and then went in again, this time a little quicker and a little deeper. His moaning became consistent now. I looked up and Fatima was moaning herself and now looking at me, visibly aroused by what was going on. Her slender torso still undulating and her hands now on Patrick’s head, moving him up and down against her clit. I continued to press further in with each thrust now until I stood with my entire seven inches inside of Patrick. I continued to press too even though I was fully inside of him, pushing into his depths and hearing his moans reverberate off of Fatima’s exotic and teenage cavern. I stood there, literally balls deep inside of him, arching my back and looking at Fatima moan with her own pleasure. I looked over at the clock on the wall and it was only 8:30pm. The night was as young as the students in my classroom and I had a lot of teaching to do! I spent time on Patrick, giving him my entire cock and attention. He was so tight yet now that I had broken his anal virginity, I could feel it giving way to my girth. Once his ass had taken my entire cock enough times, to the hilt, I went rough on him. At this point he was completely naked and his back and shoulder muscles were prominent and flexing. Every inch of him I could tell had been manicured at the gym – probably a lot of sweat and hard work to get his body that way. If I had seen him on the street there would be no way I would ever think he would be taking a pounding from a guy. I had a feeling that he was not comfortable having others know this either, that idea of discretion making me hard up for him and very lustful. I pounded Patrick’s ass as he continued to eat away at Fatima’s pussy. She continued to moan and feel up and down her torso and tits, her dark skin now glistening with beads of sweat. Every so often I slapped Patrick’s ass too, reminding him who his master was, as a jockey to a horse. I had to slow down and altogether stop, not wanting to blow my load yet. “Patrick, come up here,” I told him. He did as he was bid, straightening up and facing me. I got a great look at his naked front now too, which was fucking hot. He had chest hair, although not nearly as much as mine. Six pack abs and a thick package with big balls that dropped low. His treasure trail was thick and wound its way into a nice thick bush, overlaying his muscular pelvis. I grabbed his neck again and pulled him into another kiss. I whispered into his ear then, “I want you to unbind Jordan and then take Laurie over there and I want you to fuck her hard, as hard as you can. You got that?” I could tell I was giving him a more typical role that he was used to, looking at him grin as he looked over at Laurie who was still face-deep into Jordan’s ass cheeks. As Patrick walked over and removed the binds in order to dominate the red-head, I focused my attention on Fatima. I slid my hands up her body, starting with her calves. Her skin felt smooth yet firm, seasoned in a way. Up her hips, the inside of her thighs, up over her dark bush, up her flat stomach and circling around her boobs. I pinched her dark nipples, making them stand up even straighter than they were before. Both of my hands then went around her neck as I positioned my body inside of her legs. The tip of my cock pressed up against her clit and I heard her make a surprise start. Because Patrick had gotten her so wet, my cock easily slid right inside of her pussy, easing past her projecting labia. She felt so good and so smooth, much wetter and looser than when I was inside of Patrick’s tight hole. I made dramatic swirling motions, moving my hips around, trying to caress the inner walls of Fatima’s vagina. I worked my throbbing cock in and out, around and around, continuing my circular motions to change up my thrusts. I knew that it was satisfying to Fatima too, as she moaned loudly. I realized then that her moaning had been a consistent sound for the past fifteen minutes at least. Like a broken record, Fatima was on nonstop play. I squeezed her tits, both overflowing my hands, which were firm yet malleable. I worked her young pussy with my middle-aged cock, timing my thrusts and circles with her moans. I picked up speed to match her sounds. Both continued to accelerate, as I felt her climax approaching. Mine was not far behind either and so I decided to break the seal of my ejaculation and get the first one out of the way. There was no way I was going to stop after one tonight, no matter what I had to do. I let loose then, pumping long and hard into Fatima. I heard her cry out in ecstasy, so loudly that I am positive the neighbors next to us heard. If I was in my home, I am sure I would have heard her, even with the television blaring. I continued pounding her, well into her cry until I could take no more. I pulled out and immediately called Jordan over. “Get your face down here Jordan, now!” He did as he was told but not quick enough before my load began hitting Fatima’s tits, running down her slender body. My cum looked so good on her dark skin. After the initial explosion, Jordan’s face took the rest. My cum went over his eyebrows and dripped illegal bahis siteleri down his nose and on to his cheeks. Feeling emptied, I aggressively grabbed his face and pushed it down against Fatimas tits and then stomach, letting my cum spread like butter on bread. I felt so good and so spent, I had to sit down. I went over to the lazy boy that was in the corner and I pulled Faye with me. Jesse walked over too and I grabbed them both and pulled them down on top of me. Jesse’s shirt was off but he had on basketball shorts. Faye was still dressed, in shorts and a light string top with a skinny bra underneath. “You both are amazing, you realize that?” They clung to me with sensuousness as I took a breather. Meanwhile, I realized that I had given Patrick some homework. He was doing his work diligently too, pounding away at Laurie. She was bent doggystyle and he was fulfilling his macho-ness as best he could. Jordan still lay by Fatima’s side, his cum-covered face resting on her stomach. As I caressed Jesse’s back with one hand and Faye’s with my other, we watched on as Patrick began to get vocal. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuckkkkkk”, he growled. Laurie was taking Patrick’s jock cock like a champ and even though she wasn’t that vocal, she expressed aggressively with her hands. They rode up Patrick’s heavily muscled arms, pounded against his chiseled chest, and even reached up and grabbed his throat, just like I had done to him. I whispered into Jesse’s ear, “She’s a wild one, isn’t she.” He nodded at me, gave me a kiss and a caress on the side of my cheek with his smooth hand, and turned back to the show. Patrick was still ranting, some curse words, some ‘oh my gods’ and ‘holy shits’ and other random noises that could be found in no dictionary I was aware of. Then the room fell silent for a second, the first time I could actually hear the ticking of the clock on the wall. Patrick reached up and grabbed Laurie’s perky tits with each hand and then let out a groan even louder than Fatima’s. If I closed my eyes, I easily could have imagined a grizzly bear in that room, warding off another male from his territory. That groan was followed by a high pitched squeak that was so stark compared to his previous noise that it was comical. Patrick pulled out of Laurie and positioned himself up by her red hair. His ass cheeks clenched almost into themselves and his cum poured forth in spurts, one after another. Laurie seemed insatiable as Patrick unloaded himself on to her hair and around her face. She gathered up as much cum as she could collect with her fingers and fed herself, licking each finger to ensure she got all of it. As I watched this, I noticed my own cock starting to get hard again. After what seemed like five minutes of Patrick ejaculating, I felt Faye again down on my cock, putting on another condom. “Ready for round 2 Daddy?” she said sweetly. I was really getting used to Faye calling me Daddy. “You bet honey”. I kissed Faye and then Jesse, tenderly and lovingly – I really felt so much awe and warmth towards them both it was unreal. Then I headed back into the ring. I went right over to Patrick and looked him into his eyes. “Such a good little bitch you are for your Professor. But you know class isn’t over yet, right?” “Yes sir, whatever you want me to do,” he said, still out of breath from his porn-class pounding. “I want you to take care of my twins Patrick. Not sexually though. They are only for me, do you understand?” I said, feeling all of a sudden very territorial about them. “I want you to give each of them a thorough massage. I want you to treat them like the God and Goddess that they are and pamper them. Can you do that Patrick?” “Yes sir, of course sir.” He came in to kiss me then, yet there could only be one alpha in the room. I slapped him across his face instead. Not too hard but enough to get the point across that I was the lead dog and in charge. “You do as I say and nothing more Patrick, do you got that?” “Yes sir, I’m sorry sir,” he eked out, looking abashedly down. I lifted up his chin with my fingers and then kissed him on the lips, letting him know that he was still cared for but that this wolf was leading the pack. He got the message and traipsed off to take care of Jesse and Faye. My eyes immediately went to Laurie as she laid half on and half off the couch. She was covered in sweat, with her red hair now darker in random spots from Patrick’s cum. She was licking one of her fingers and giving me this devilish look. Her knees were angled up and together, closing off the view of her red snatch – yet one look at her and then down south was enough to send the message that I wanted her to open up to me. And so she did, spreading her legs wide and revealing her sex. I took her in, pale skin now glistening with sweat, freckles all over her body, closely-shaven red hair that covered her pelvis, and pink vaginal lips that called to me: ‘take me Professor, take me now. Fuck me, fuck me hard.’ I didn’t need to hear the call out loud and so I responded with a ferocity that was unlike me. I went to her and took her knees in my hands and spread her legs even wider. I pressed my face close up to her, looking her dead in the eyes. “Do you want my cock inside of you Laurie?” “Yes Professor, I want you to fuck the shit out of me,” she said with a grin. Fuck she was wild. And so I wasted no more time. Already opened up by Patrick, I entered into her easily and ferociously, ramming myself all the way up into her with one powerful thrust. I grabbed her nipples while my ass clenched and my hips plowed ahead, pinching hard and twisting until I saw her visibly react. She took it, she took me – with an a****l passion I haven’t seen. And she was 18 for fuck sake. “Jordan and Fatima, get over here,” I mustered, already out of breath, as I continued to pound the redhead’s pussy. The two came, still both naked, both looking eager for more. I stopped my mounting for a second to position Laurie up on the armrest of the couch, elevating her. As soon as she was aloft, though, I drove my cock back inside of her, as if it belonged there, had always belonged there, and to vacate was to neglect. The last thing I wanted in that moment was to abandon this redheaded teen’s pussy.“Jordon, I want you to my right, fucking Laurie’s mouth. Fatima, I want you to my left, stretched out on the couch and down here, licking her clit.” They followed the instructions to a tee, now with all three of us ganged up on Laurie, pleasing her every which way. Laurie took it all too, permeating this desire through her every pore. She took Jordan’s huge thick black cock in her mouth and devoured it. I could see her throat expand as she deep-throated his monster. Jordan was enjoying the blowjob very intensely, his hands feeling his toned body up and down, rubbing himself with his eyes closed and taking his cock’s sensations fully in. I looked down and saw Fatima, face down on top of my thrusting groin. I reached down and moved her long black hair out of the way so I had a clear view of the side of her face, my penetrating dick, and Laurie’s red snatch. This was so fucking hot I could barely contain myself. Yet I was feeling energized and powerful. Each thrust I rammed Laurie’s pussy harder. I allowed my eyes to eat up Jordan’s perfect body while doing so. And then I looked over and saw Tina. I had neglected her for too long now. She had been sitting on the couch, perfectly still and cooperative, just like I had told her to do. I could tell she was fighting so many urges, being bound like that. She looked over at me and I could see an innocent and wild lust in her eyes. She wanted to play with her Professor, very badly. As I looked at Tina, maintaining eye contact, I became wild; even more wild than I had been if that was possible. Seeing this virgin looking at me with an inchoate wonder, her hands bound, was more than I could take. I picked up the speed of my pounding, going all-out kamikaze style on Laurie’s pussy. The viagra had my cock stone hard and I could feel it scr****g the walls of Laurie’s insides, like a fat finger around the inside of a tuna can. I kept my eyes on Tina’s. Her bottom lip was trembling and her breathing was becoming loud. I continued my pace, sweat now pouring down off of me, dripping on to Laurie’s tight pale stomach. My thrusts were so forceful that I made Fatima’s head rock. At this point, I could have given her a concussion and I would not have cared, I just kept ramming the redhead – and staring into Tina’s eyes. “You’re going to watch your Professor cum inside of Laurie now Tina. Watch Tina. Watch.” Tina licked her lips and stared while I penetrated Laurie’s hole. Just when I thought I couldn’t pump any harder I picked up speed again and this time I climaxed – so hard I felt it throughout my whole entire body. I had no strength left to even consider pulling my cock out and cumming on her stomach, which is what I wanted to do. Instead I let go; let go of everything I had left, all of my power and passion that was coursing through my veins. My entire world and the universe it existed in came out through the tip of my cock and exploded into the condom. I am shocked as all hell it didn’t break inside Laurie’s delicious depths. And all the while, I stared at Tina. She didn’t look away for one second. I don’t think she even blinked. I could tell she was panting at this point too, looking from Laurie’s face down to my pelvis. I pulled my cock out and called Jordan over. “Jordan, take off my condom for me. I want you to take the cum and pour it over Fatima and Patrick’s stomach and then I want you and Laurie to lick it up. You got that?”“Yes sir…”, Jordan said but before he could finish there was a whimper – soft and barely audible. I looked over at Tina and realized she was mouthing something. “Please,” she whispered, over and over again, looking up at me. I made the word out more from watching her lips than hearing her, as it was but a mere squeak. “I want your cum on me,” she said, now a little louder and still staring directly into my eyes. “Okay Tina. Come here.” I watched as Tina got up from where she had been sitting this whole time and made her way in front of me. She was short, perhaps not even 5 foot, skinny, and average in looks. Yet there was a certain grace about her. The way she walked was as if she was walking on a cloud, tender, deliberate, smooth. Her eyes never left mine and I could see a passion there, a passion of wonder and curiosity, of pent up days wanting but never getting. As she stood before me, I could smell her fear and excitement. I felt like a wolf sniffing my prey. I could see her tremble too, her legs shaking ever-so slightly. She was wearing a cotton t-shirt, pink, with no writing or markings. She had on light blue pajama bottoms that cut off right below her knees. No earrings or tattoos – nothing tainting this innocent, seemingly fragile, and tender soul. As I stood there naked, my cock softening to the point where my cum-filled condom was drooping down to my balls, I reached out with one hand and I caressed her face. I pulled back her dirty blond hair behind her ear and then trailed my finger down to her jawline, across the ridge towards her mouth, and then down to her neck. I saw her close her eyes and tilt her head towards my finger, embracing it as if her neck was a blanket to a flame. “Tina, are you sure about this? Last chance my sweet.” “Please Professor. Pleeeease,” she whispered again, this time keeping her eyes shut, continuing to allow her neck to trap my finger where it rested. I slowly and deliberately pulled my hand away and started at the bottom of her shirt. Inch by inch I raised it, exposing fresh skin that was flawless, supple. As her shirt crested the bottom of her boob line, I noticed all eyes were on us. Jordan and Fatima, both standing close by and to my right, and Laurie still laying on the couch – all staring with anticipation and lust. I turned and saw Jesse and Faye behind me, both were laying down on their bellies on the carpet, with Patrick perched atop of Faye, working his hands into her shoulder blades. I noticed him looking too but I didn’t have the heart to tell him to focus on the massage – it felt hot that every set of eyes in the room were on us, were on Tina. I paused another split second before continuing the slow undr****g of Tina’s shirt. It rose above the bottom of her bra line, exposing a simple white bra – what looked like to me as a training bra with extra padding around the cup. I removed the shirt, up her shoulders and over her head. As she stood before me with just a bra and her pajama bottoms on, I felt a slight twitch in my groin. While I had taken a viagra pill, I am not sure if that would have even mattered. Tina was really turning me on with her innocence and naïveté. I reached my hands around her back and with one swift move I undid the bra. Moving the straps from her shoulders, I let fall the tiny bra, exposing her tiny tits that showcased the prettiest little nipples. They were so unassuming, so simple, yet they rocked me with a rage that actually made me drool. I caressed those tits with those perfect light brown nipples, slowly and patiently. I could feel her breathing quicken in her chest. I traced my fingers one more time in a circle around each boob and then worked both hands down to her stomach. She had a piercing there on her navel – perhaps the most ironic piercing I’d ever seen. Yet in a way this fit the passion and lust that was wading inside this petite and unassuming girl. My hands worked themselves further down, tracing the rim of her pajama bottoms. I slid them off, down to her ankles and looked up at white cotton panties. They hugged her skinny pelvis tight, neatly outlining the mound of her pelvic bone, as well as her camel toe. The narrow gap between her thighs let in the light from the other side of the room, calling me forth. I started kissing her inner thighs and working my way up to navigate the outskirts of her pantie line. My hands found around back, grasping lightly her ass cheeks. My hands were big enough to encompass each cheek fully. While my hands massaged, my mouth breathed warm air on her inner thighs and then up towards her mound. Tina was breathing harder now and trembling even more than before. “Tina, I want you to lay down on the couch now and spread your legs for me.” With her panties still on, I watched as she lay down on the couch. I took off the condom that was continuing to droop lower, still filled with my heavy load. I took the condom and I emptied my cum on Tina – first on her stomach, then around her tits, and some on her neck. “Jordan, Fatima, and Laurie, come over and I want you all to take your time licking me off of Tina.” They moved in position and I wasted no time, getting on my knees and directing my head right on her panties. I grazed my mouth on top of the cotton, along her lips and then up, nudging her clitoris. Tina was wet, with her juices already soaking through the cotton. I breathed warm air all along the trail that I was making. As I was doing this, the k**s surrounded her. One from above, and two on each side. Their mouths lapped my cum off of Tina’s supple skin. I glanced at Tina and she had her eyes closed and her mouth in the shape of an 0. I focused back on Tina’s cotton-covered, soaking wet, and yet-to-be-touched pelvis and then slid my fingers around her pantie line, pulling them down slowly. As I slid her panties off, I breathed deep, smelling her sex and teenage innocence. I was the first to get a whiff of her intimacy and I was ecstatic about it. After her panties were taken off, along with the pajamas that had been hanging around her ankles, I got to work slowly but surely, using my tongue to explore her virgin pussy. I ran my fervent tongue around the border of her pelvic bone, down where her inner thigh met her pelvis, and then up around her bush. Yet a bush was not what it was. It was dazzling to be honest – soft fuzz covering her skinny pubic mound, with a birthmark on the upper right quadrant in the shape of a haphazardly drawn star. I allowed my tongue to run all over that mound, soaking the top of her vagina to match the wetness that was there around her hole. I glanced up and saw Jordan, Fatima, and Laurie all doing their jobs – Laurie had attacked from overhead, her face upside down as she licked around Tina’s ear and cheek. Tina’s face remained in a state of pure bliss, her eyes still closed and her mouth opening and closing, looking as she was mouthing ‘ohhhh’ over and over again. I refocused on Tina’s wet pussy and darted my tongue around her clit for the first time. I slowly swirled around the edges and then allowed it to dart again, this time directly on to the center. Tina’s reaction was a body shake, vigorous and dramatic. I continued like this for a good twenty seconds and then allowed my tongue to venture down into her canlı bahis siteleri opening. I tasted the sweet juice of Tina’s young pussy: It was like lemonade on a hot summer day; like the taste of fresh snow from the first snowfall of the year; like cotton candy at the circus – no, no, no. What the fuck was I saying. It was unlike anything I’ve tasted. It was like running naked in a field of wildflowers. It was like laying in the surf on a white sand beach. It was like feeling freshly washed satin sheets after a long day of work – it was like all of these things and none of them at the same time. It was one of the best things I’ve experienced, eating out this 18 year old girl’s virgin pussy, as three other k**s swarmed her top half, drinking up my cum from her supple skin. I ate Tina out for at least 10 minutes. Feeling her constrict and contract and pulse with every sensation. She had several orgasms during those 10 minutes and I could feel every one, deep within me. I had been completely empty before after blowing my load fucking Laurie – now I was filled up again to the brim. I wanted this girl so bad and I was going to have her. As if sensing my overwhelming urge, I felt hands from behind run up and down my sweaty, sex-coated hamstrings. I now could easily tell Faye’s hands apart from others and hers were on me again now, running up and down and then on the inside of my legs. I felt her crawl underneath me and knew immediately what she was doing. I spread my legs a bit to give her access and then felt her soft hands again on my cock, which was hard again. I felt the feel of the condom again go over my dick, followed by another couple of strokes from Faye’s hands – the lube was applied. I was ready. But I wanted this to be a bit more intimate. “Patrick, come here. Jordan, Laurie, Fatima, all of you line up for me,” I said. They did as they were told, now behind me and lined up in a row, all naked and all absolutely gorgeous in their own right. Patrick had been massaging my twins yet even he was standing completely up and at attention, in more ways than one. “Patrick, I want you to fuck Fatima but I want Fatima to choose the position. Jordan, you do the same with Laurie and Laurie, you pick how you want it. When you both are ready to cum, I want you to let me know and wait for me. Do you all understand?” ‘Yes Professor’ was uttered by all of them, not quite so in unison this time but their compliance was had. I turned back to my sweet girl still lying down on the couch. She looked at me with these adorable and desirous eyes. I bent down to her face and gave her a long kiss and then whispered in her ear, “You are mine my dear.” I stood up and then reached down and picked her up. All my years of working hard at the gym provided me a dominance that I displayed with this young girl. She was so light I could have tossed her across the room if I wanted. Yet there was only one place I wanted her at that moment and that was sitting on top of my cock. I turned around with her in my arms and sat down on the couch, having her straddle me. She was eye level with me and I soaked up her innocent face. My hands caressed her entire body, moving up her lengths and petting her supple and tender skin. It turned me on how I could feel beneath her sensitive and soft skin the bones on her body: her hips, her ribs, her pelvis. I rubbed my thumb up along the inside of her thigh and then moved it up and around her clit. I saw her moan and close her eyes but I quickly corrected her: “I want you to look at me Tina. Don’t close your eyes.”“Yes sir,” she stuttered.My left hand went down to my cock, making sure the condom was on and I was ready. A couple of quick strokes and my loins were on fire. I raised up Tina by her ass cheeks and the underside of her thighs and then angled my thick cock up to the entrance of her virginity. Slowly I dipped my tip inside of her. Slowly I pulled it back out. And in again until I felt resistance. I felt her hymen standing in the way of her youth, her innocence, of her c***dhood days of immaturity and no responsibility. I was about to break her of all of that; to enter her into a new phase of life. I was about to take this young girl’s ripe cherry. Before I pushed past her wall, I surveyed the room. Fatima had taken up residence on the hammock that was to the far side of the room. Patrick was standing, with knees slightly bent and crouched so his cock was level with Fatimas wet opening. He was slowly working his dick in and out of her, with Fatima’s slender body arched back and loose on the hammock. I saw Laurie to my left, on top of Jordan, both on the floor. She was riding him up and down, aggressively and passionately. Her hands were working around Jordan’s biceps and chest as she rode him quickly up and down, her pelvis riding low with each thrust so that her clit felt the friction. The contrast between the pale-skinned Laurie and dark-skinned Jordan was pretty fucking hot. It was like night and day enmeshed with one another; the sun fucking the moon; dawn riding atop twilight and ravaging. And then there were my twins. Both were still laying down, now on their backs with their heads on pillows rested up against the wall. They were both smiling and watching me. Jesse was casually stroking his cock through his shorts and Faye was rubbing her clit through her leggings. What a sight to behold. In that moment, I wanted to go to them and be with them, to drop everything else in my world and have them fill me. In that moment, I felt that they were all I needed. I felt wrong for messing with these other k**s, ashamed that I had been so distracted from the ones that I really wanted – yet that was almost immediately nixed by Jesse. How he read that in me I don’t know but he did. He made a slight frown, winked and blew me a kiss, and then nodded his head up and then towards Tina, as if to say ‘finish what you started’. In that moment I didn’t deserve what he was – no one did. In that moment, I racked my brain to figure out how I had become so lucky. His subtle prodding turned me back to what I was doing, to Tina. I refocused on her – on this gorgeous young specimen – with a new determination; to finish this night so I could get to my boy. I grabbed her ass cheeks and felt the weight of her tiny body. She was so light I had complete control and I used that to angle her up and above my rigid cock that was standing at 12 o’clock. I set her down on it, her labia giving way to allow my cock entrance between its folds. I set her down further, feeling my cock head searching until it pressed up against her wall again. I looked up into Tina’s eyes and I smiled. She nodded emphatically to me, her eyes begging me to take her now. And so I did. I moved one hand on her hip and then pressed her down firmly. My cock feeling the resistance in one second and then breaching her hymen in the next. A shudder went through Tina and a startled ‘aaah’ escaped her mouth. I continued pushing her hip downward, her pussy riding the length of my cock. As she sunk lower, I gently twisted her hips in a corkscrew fashion, allowing my cock to navigate every corner and crevice of her teenage vagina. Tina continued to make noises, now higher pitched than before, as I slid her down on top of my pelvis. I let her sit there, her fully engorged with my rock hard cock, to feel what it was like to be filled up for the first time. She maintained eye contact with me and made faces with her mouth, reflecting the moans that were still escaping her. I felt her petite body up and down, pinching harder on her nipples and sliding my hands up her throat, on her face, down her arms, and to her stomach. I imagined my cock on the other side of my hand, as it rested there against her soft skin, below her belly button. And then I fucked her. I moved both hands up on her hips and I guided them forcefully up and down along my shaft. Steadily at first and then more rapid, penetrating her very teenage fabric. Her moans turned into squeals as my cock explored her depths. And the whole time she looked me in the eyes, not turning away for a second. What a good little girl she was and what a happy ass professor she was making me. I continued to pivot her up and down, up and down, her ass cheeks bouncing on my upper thighs with each shove downwards. My arms were getting a great workout as I bounced her up and down. As sweat poured from my skin, my biceps flexed with a zeal and vigor that I had not known in any gym session. I saw Tina look at them and I led her hands to feel my guns, feeling my power. I continued guiding her up and down on my cock until my arms felt like they were going to break. Now it was her turn to ride me. I picked her up off of my cock and led her to stand, noticing the vibrant virgin blood on my condom. I got down on the carpet, lying flat on my back. “Let’s see what you can do my dear,” I said. She got down and straddled me again, this time with her doing the maneuvering. I actually clasped my hands up over my head and took in the sight – this once-virgin teenage girl spreading both of her legs on either side of my body and grabbing my cock to angle it inside of her. She learned quick, finding the right angle and swiftly engulfing my cock up into her. And then she rode me with an expertise that impressed me. Her rhythm was steady and strong at first and then she began to change it up. Short bursts of speed followed by longer drawn-out cycles where the tip of my cock almost came out, but not quite. She kept this up and I closed my eyes, enjoying this moment, this girl, this night. I took it all in as she took me all in.“Professor, I’m going to cum,” Jordan said from my right. “All of you, over here now,” I said loudly. I was ready to have Tina finish me off but I wanted a panoramic view of all of my students. Patrick led Fatima over from the hammock and Laurie led Jordan. Each couple stood on both sides of me. Yet this felt like a far too normal of a way to end a far too abnormal night. “Patrick and Jordan, I want you both together on my right. Fatima and Laurie, you both on my left.”They positioned themselves as I had instructed them. Meanwhile, Tina was keeping a steady pace on top of me. “Tina, get up and then get on all fours for me,” I instructed. She did as she was told, now exposing her pink asshole to me and her now-loosened pussy, also pink and pure in the light. I got down on my knees behind her and then pulled her into me, my cock sliding in to her as if it lived there and was ready to be home. “Jordan and Patrick, I want you both to cum – but one at a time, on each other’s faces.” I continued my positioning, feeling like a football coach setting up the final play in overtime. “Fatima and Laurie, rub each other’s clits and make-out for your Professor.” With the pieces in place, I proceeded with my girl Tina. I fucked her from behind, grabbing her hips and forcing her back into me. I didn’t relent, even when I heard her gasp and at one point let out a scream. She was too far into this to have second thoughts and I wasn’t about to go easy. So I fucked her hard – hard enough for her to remember me for the rest of her life. I heard increased moaning from Jordan as he was getting close to cumming. Patrick was on his knees in front of him, the tip of Jordan’s cock centimeters away from his nose. His tongue extended out to lick the bottom of his shaft as Jordan jerked himself, now faster and faster. Jordan let out a gasp as cum flew out from the tip of his thick black cock. His cum flew on to Patrick’s forehead and into his greasy jock hair. Cum dribbled down his cheek and stubble, alongside his mouth. Jordan continued to spurt too and Patrick took all of it, licking up what he could. I saw the girls on my left look over and rub harder and quicker on their own genitalia. That made me pump faster as well, taking in the shower scene from Jordan and feeling the wet tightness of Tina’s pussy, even through the condom. I grabbed the back of Tina’s neck with one hand and her hair with the other and leaned all of me into her. “You want your Professor to cum Tina?”“Yes sir,” she replied, out of breath and panting. I gave her my whole weight, allowing my cock to devour her insides. I drove myself into her, as if I could break out through the other side. “Yeah, Tina, give yourself to me. Yeah baby,” I nearly shouted. As I was entrenched, Patrick was now jerking his meat above Jordan’s face. His low-hanging balls swaying back and forth, hitting Jordan’s chin. He was making circles with his fingers along the underside of the head of his dick as he moved his hand up his shaft. And now he began to moan, the intensity starting low but then quickly accelerating. I watched as he continue to stroke, then circle, stroke, then circle – and so without even thinking I started making those same movements with my hips, my cock thrusting and swirling inside of Tina. I felt the moment of climax approaching for Patrick, and for the rest of us – the air stilled for a second in which all of us felt, as if a the eye of a hurricane came over the house, the room, this small patch of carpet with six naked bodies reaching a sexual crescendo together. Laurie made the first scream as Fatima’s whole hand was cupping her groin, creating a heat on her clit that was now too hot to put out. It was quickly followed by another one of Patrick’s groans as his cum shot at Jordan’s face, blasting inside of his mouth and spraying around his chin and down his neck. Fatima was next as she moaned loudly, clinging on to Laurie to stop herself from falling over. And then I followed suit, feeling my orgasm coming on at full blast, ripping into Tina’s vagina. I bellowed loudly, a culmination of the night’s events which in its own way was a culmination of the summer’s events. I was overflowing with a vigor and lust and sex that was breaching every wall that stood close. And then there was Tina. The wall that was breached inside of her was now a thing of the past. My cock inside of her provided an opening in more than one way – she was a different person now, both figuratively and literally. The scream that she let out was magnificent and otherworldly, reflecting this new organism as she had her first vaginal orgasm. “Oh my fucckkkkinnnngggggggg Godddddddddddd!!!!” she screamed, releasing her teenage years up into the ceiling, dampening every other sound in the room, and bringing to stillness the intensity that this eager, wild, and lustful group of k**s brought into class. I lay like a dead man on top of her, my cock still inside, feeling my heart pound into her own, feeling the other bodies that lay near. Heavy breathing filled the room and then that even settled, the sexual mist finally clearing after what seemed like four days. I looked up at the clock and it was five minutes till 11:30 – almost three hours had passed since this class went into session. And I was spent. It took another half hour for us to really get moving that night. Slowly, each in our own time and turn, we collected our clothes and assembled ourselves to part. I hugged and kissed each of the k**s yet talking seemed not only unnecessary but inappropriate. I am unsure what I would have said even if I tried. Thankfully, we were all on the same page and no one uttered a thing. I did linger a little longer with my kiss to Tina though, giving her a nod of approval and a long tender smile. It was returned, along with a wink. Finally it was just myself and the twins in the house. I felt so spent as if I had been running for days. Again, as if they were tuned into my brain waves, they picked up my thoughts without saying a word and led me upstairs into Faye’s bedroom. There they guided me into the bed and under the sheets as they undressed and joined me, one on each side. Jesse to my left against the wall and Faye to my right. They both laid on their side facing me as I laid on my back, my arms around each hugging them close. They made their way around my body with their loving hands, feeling my chest chair, stroking my neck and face, massaging my legs, and tussling my hair. It didn’t take me long to fall asleep that night, cradled by my gorgeous twins. When I awoke that next day, late in the morning, they were still by my side, clinging to me. Their love for me was now no more of a possibility or a wonderment. It was alive and breathing – my heart knew as well as my head now with a certainty. I wasn’t sure exactly how the relationship was defined nor did I care. I was in love with both Faye and Jesse and I wanted to tell the world. I would have quit my job, sold my home, and melted down my car for metal right in that instant if I knew it would have kept them there by my side forever. I didn’t have to vocalize any of this either, as my hands did the talking, caressing each of their bodies in loving and affectionate ways. We shared a moment in that bed, a moment that lasted all day and night, in which I am forever changed and my summer was forever imprinted on my mind. And yes, I made love to both of them that morning too, sweet, sensual and compassionate love. That sex, though, is not to be written about – that love making was ours and ours alone.

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