My Niece Suzy


It’d been a rough few months for me; my wife had left me, taking my kid with her. And now it was fucking Christmas. I wasn’t exactly in the best mood at the family get-together that afternoon and decided to leave early.

“I’m gonna go home and watch Die Hard,” I told everyone.

“Die Hard?” My mother asked.

“Yea. It’s a classic Christmas movie, you know.”

“If you say so,” she half-chuckled.

“Can I come?” Suzy, my 18-year-old niece, asked.

“Yea. Sure,” I shrugged.

“You want me to stop by and get her later?” Her mother, my sister, asked.

“Naw. I can bring her home later.”

“Unless I spend the night,” Suzy volunteered.

“True,” I agreed.

Me and Suzy had a unique relationship. Since I was only nine when she was born we were less uncle-niece and more like cousins. She seldom even called me “Uncle,” and I never insisted she did. So, her wanting to join me, and possibly staying the night, was normal. In fact we’d spent a lot of time together since my wife had left. She was fun and comfortable company for me, and I provided her unrestricted time out of the house.

We got to my place, nuked some popcorn, cracked open a couple beers, and put in the movie. We each half-sat/half-lay at opposite ends of the couch, sipping our beers and snacking on the popcorn. About halfway through the movie I started feeling cramped.

“Hey, you mind if I stretch out?” I asked.

“Not if I can join you.”

So we settled in, spoon fashion, with my back against the couch and her in front of me, the top of her head inches below my nose. Like I said, we had a unique relationship so this kind of casual snuggling wasn’t unusual. As we lay there it was only natural for my one hand to rest on her waist. Like a lot of girls her age she had a habit of wearing shirts that were just too short to tuck in, and when they raise their arms a bit of flesh shows. This day it was a long sleeved sweater, since we live in the north and it was December, but it still rode up as she lay with her hands up under her head. This meant my hand settled partially on her flesh.

To my surprise I felt two very distinct things with that initial contact.

The first was a familiar surge running through me. I say familiar because I’d felt it many times before with women, but never with Suzy. Not with my niece. No. Our casual snuggling had never been anything more than harmless comfort.

Or had it? I asked myself because of the second thing I felt.

That was her body kind of shimmying back against me, including her ass near my crotch.

Had she been any other girl, I would have instantly taken it as a signal. One that I wouldn’t have hesitated to follow-up on.

But she wasn’t any other girl.

Now I want to be clear. I had never thought of my niece in that way, but I did recognize that she was very pretty, and the number of boys chasing after her the last few years supported this belief. She had long brown hair which she liked to pull back in a sporty ponytail, so that her fresh features with sparkling eyes and delicate lips weren’t hidden. She stood a few inches over five feet with a body that wasn’t rail thin, nor plump, but had delicate curves at the right spots.

Just put it away, Jay. I told myself. She did not just rub back against you for any reason other than she was getting comfortable. She is not putting any moves on you and, more importantly, YOU are not putting the moves on your niece.

With that I turned my attention back to the movie. Or more correctly, I tried to.

I lay there, unable to ignore the aroma of her shampoo. Or the firm pressure of her supple body against mine. Or the warmth of her flesh under my palm. A couple times I shifted, my hand moving this way or that, and each time I swear I felt her flesh quiver with the renewed contact.

So I lay there, torturing myself through the remainder of the movie. An ache building in my body that would have been completely natural had she been any other girl, while my mind cursed me for having that ache because she wasn’t any other girl.

It was even worse when she would shift, her body rubbing against mine for a moment as she settled into a slightly different spot.

Even with all that torment it depressed me to watch the McClanes get into Argyle’s limo and ride off, signaling the movie’s end-credits. That depression bothered me, as again, it didn’t seem appropriate given the circumstances.

But, none the less, it was there.

“Let’s watch another,” Suzy said.

“Ok, what?”

“Let’s find something on Netflix.”

I felt yet another pang of shame over my reaction to this suggestion as it appealed to me for a couple reasons that were . . . well, wrong. For one, it meant that we didn’t have to move. We could stay right where we were, our bodies snuggling together, while we used the remote to make it happen. For another . . . Netflix and chill. (Yea, it won’t be long before that single reference will date this story.)

I let Suzy take control etiler ucuz escort of the remote, letting her select the movie while I actually started to consider how I might make a move.

No! I scolded myself. I swear I did. What the fuck are you thinking? She’s your niece!

At that exact moment she shifted. She rolled back slightly, rubbing her ass against me in what I tried desperately to tell myself was an innocent act.

She’s just trying to get comfortable while working the remote. I told myself. But I guess I wasn’t convincing, because this thought was immediately followed by a much different one. But what if that’s not it? What if she does want to? Then I nearly stripped my mental transmission as I quickly shifted gears again. Wait! What? No! Don’t! Are you fucking insane man? This is your niece your talking about! Fuck!

I was so wrapped up in this private argument that I didn’t notice which movie she’d selected until it was a few minutes in. That was when I realized it was a foreign one I’d recently checked out during a particularly dark and lonely night. To my surprise it’d proven to be rather risqué, falling somewhere just short of porn.

“Um, Suze,” I stuttered. “Are you sure you wanna watch this?”

“What’s the matter, Uncle Jay, can’t you handle it?” Her tone was both playful and challenging.

“No, um- I’m good. As long as you are.”

“Mmm-hmm,” was her only response, as she shifted back against me again.

So what the hell was that?! Again I couldn’t decide if I was misreading innocent miscues, or ignoring actual signals. And even if they were actual signals, did I actually want to do anything about them? I mean, she was my niece. God, this is worse than my first time!

We lay there, watching the movie unfold, our individual body heats mingling. As the first sexual scene played out I heard Suzy’s breathing grow shallow, indicating that it was having some effect on her. I noticed it was also affecting me. Blood was pulsing to my cock, making it grow within my jeans. Realizing that my niece might feel it against her backside I felt my cheeks redden a little and started to consider extracting myself from our position. But then her body shifted again, her hips rolling slightly as she . . . I SWEAR . . . rubbed herself back against my growing member.

Alright. So maybe I’m not imagining things here. Damn it, let’s see what happens. I told myself, summoning a courage I’d never thought I’d need . . . or want. But then I stopped myself. Wait. Just fuckin’ wait man. Again, she is your NIECE. Even if she is open to the idea, that kind of shit’s wrong man. And what if you are misreading it all? What if she freaks out on you ’cause you try something? What then man?

So I kept myself in check and once again tried pushing aside any such notions.

It wasn’t easy though. While that first scene soon ended, it wasn’t long before another began to unfold. Like I said, it wasn’t an actual porn so it didn’t show a lot of things. But it sure as hell showed enough.

Again Suzy’s breathing changed as the couple on the TV got further and further into it. I swear I also heard a couple of quiet sighs come from her. Then she moved again. Only this time it wasn’t a simple shift. It was an intentional wiggling of her entire frame, firmly pressing her ass back against me. This caused my hand to slip forward, my outstretched fingers brushing her abs. She inhaled sharply and her entire body shivered.

Ok. Ok. So THAT happened.

I now felt certain about one thing; my niece was aroused.

Lying there with me on the couch, our bodies pressing together, my sweet 18-year-old niece was becoming sexually aroused.

I knew this. Yet I knew so little else.

Was this all a result of the movie? Had she not realized just how . . . involved it got? Or how it might affect her? Plus, what, if anything, did she intend to do about it? I’d gotten blue-balls enough to know women didn’t always get laid when they were aroused. Of course it was still a mystery to me why this was, or what they did instead, but I knew it happened. And it seemed to me that this situation would certainly qualify as an example. I mean, I was her uncle. Not a boyfriend. Or a date. Or . . . or anything like that. I was her fucking uncle.

For all I knew she was at that very moment trying desperately to figure out a way to extract herself from the situation while protecting her pride. After all, she’d been the one to choose the movie and kind of challenge me.

That’s right, she did, didn’t she? And she’s not extracting herself, I thought. She could just sit up and move to the end of the couch, or even to the chair. But she isn’t. She’s staying right here . . . snuggling back against me . . . rubbing her ass against me. Ok. So, what the fuck are you gonna do about this? Come on, Jay. What are you gonna do?

How she chose that exact moment to kind of shimmy against me again, I don’t know.

But she did.

And again she rubbed her ass etiler üniversiteli escort firmly back against me . . . and I do mean FIRM-LY.

It was the signal my male hormones wouldn’t allow me to ignore. They drove me to make a move, one from which I would have had a hard time extracting myself from, but one that I needed to make . . . to get clarification about what was happening.

I scooted down, bringing my mouth level with her ear. I also slid my hand completely onto her belly, my fingertips dancing back and forth over her flesh.

She inhaled sharply. Her abs quivered.

“You okay?” I whispered, her ponytail allowed my breath to swirl within her ear.

“Mmm-hmm,” she breathed.

For a long moment I did nothing more, just let my fingertips dance lightly over her flesh. Then I began to gradually work them upward. As they crawled toward her chest she forced herself to remain still.

“You sure you’re okay?” I whispered as I reached the bottom edge of her bra.

“Mmm-hmm,” she nodded slightly.

“Good,” I sighed.

So this IS happening.

Suzy remained still as my hand moved up to fondle one of her bra-encased breasts. It was so firm . . . so full. I splayed my fingers out to cover the entire mound and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Mmm,” she mewed.

I leaned in and lightly nibbled at her ear.


I fondled her tit for the next couple minutes, my fingers cupping and molding her pert mound . . . tensing . . . relaxing . . . tensing. Under my palm her nipple swelled, poked at me through her bra.

I nibbled at her ear, my teeth nipping gently, my breath swirling.

“Oh yes,” she panted, her body relaxing and once again rolling against me.

My hand moved to her other breast, my palm flattening its swollen nipple while I cupped and fondled this lovely mound. With each passing moment my fingers tensed a little harder . . . squeezed with a little more determination . . . fondled with more hunger.

“Mmm,” she mewed, her body shimmying against me.

I shifted down a little further, bringing my lips to gently kiss her neck. Within my pants my cock pulsed, blood rushing to it. I pressed myself against her.

“Uncle Jay,” she panted, her hand reaching down and back to claw at my pantleg.

Hearing her call me that . . . in that moment . . . shocked me. Like I said, she rarely called me “Uncle,” so for her to do it at that moment was . . . exceptionally odd. But it was also very arousing. It spotlighted who we were . . . what we were doing. It asserted the indiscretion of it . . . the indecency . . . made it so much dirtier . . . lewder . . . sexier.

Reflexively my fingers tensed hard, squeezing her tit and my teeth nipped at her neck.

“Oh, Uncle Jay” she gasped.

I kissed her neck, my lips moist, soft. My hand massaged her breast.

She lay before me, panting. Her supple body pressing back against mine, her nails scratching at my jeans.

Eventually I dropped my hand from her tit to suggestively tug at her side. She responded immediately, rolling over to face me. Together we worked ourselves into a new position, with her bottom arm up under my head and her other hand grabbing at my shoulder. She tilted her head back and I cradled it in my free hand. Below our waist I slipped a leg between hers, pressing my thigh against her crotch.

Then for a brief moment we stared into each other’s eyes.

And in that moment, I believe we both nearly lost our courage to continue.

I know I nearly did . . . Nearly.

Gazing down on her face . . . somehow it brought the whole thing . . . the idea of what we were about to do . . . Uncle and Niece on the verge of . . . of . . . of fucking . . . It brought it all into a new reality.

Maybe I should stop–, I began to think.

But the hand I’d kept under her sweater through the repositioning was still moving and in that millisecond of hesitation it once more cupped her breast. My fingers squeezed.

Suzy inhaled. Pushed herself into my grasp.

And with that, the hesitation was forgotten.

I lowered my lips to hers and she raised hers to meet them. We kissed . . . deeply . . . passionately. Our lips pressed together for a moment before opening to allow our tongues to swirl and writhe over one another. My hand molded her tit, my fingers squeezing her pliant mound. Her nipple swelled more and more, poking harder and harder at my palm through her bra. While we kissed and I fondled first one tit, then the other, Suzy’s body rolled against me with growing intensity, mashing her crotch against my thigh.

After a few minutes I forced myself to release her breast, dropping my hand down to the bottom hem of her sweater and pulling it upward. Suzy didn’t need any more clarification. We broke our kiss and she helped pull the sweater off over her head so I could toss it aside.

It’d been a few months since I’d seen her in a bikini, and now I saw just how lovely fatih escort of a vision my puritanical mind had kept me from enjoying. She had a beautiful young woman’s body with perfect, luscious breasts cradled in a simple, cotton bra, her swollen nipples clearly outlined.

“Beautiful,” I breathed, deciding in that moment to see what else my puritanical mind had kept me blind to. I reached down and quickly popped the button of her jeans loose then drew the zipper down.

Again, my niece understood. She rolled onto her back and pushed her jeans down off her hips and along her legs until they were tossed to the floor with her sweater. Then she laid back and looked up at me with a shy nervousness.

While she’d been removing her jeans, I’d removed my own shirt. Now I leaned up on one arm, hovering above her, my eyes crawling down over her body. Her belly transformed into a soft waist that dipped smoothly down to a delicate crotch. Her panties matched her bra; simple cotton modestly covering her sex while inchwide strips rode high on her hips. The material was so soft and thin I could tell that she didn’t shave down there, but trimmed her natural fine feathering. From there her supple legs stretched downward, laying slightly open.

I drew my eyes back up along her body, relishing the image of her firm tits quivering ever so slightly with her shallow breaths.

“You are so beautiful,” I sighed.

Her lips curled into an appreciative little smile.

I dropped my lips to them again, kissing her and sending my tongue delving into her mouth. She raised her own tongue in greeting.

Shifting around I slid my leg back between hers, pressing my thigh to her crotch once more. My hand once again closed upon a tit, squeezing and molding the pert mound. After a couple minutes I switched to her other breast. We made-out like this; me fondling her tits while pressing my thigh against her crotch. Her breathing grew shallower. She pushed her chest into my grasp. One of her feet dropped to the floor and her other kicked down into the couch cushion giving her the stability to lift her hips and rub her crotch against my thigh.

For several minutes we lay there, kissing . . . fondling . . . rubbing. The heat of our bodies mingled . . . our passions building.

Then I pulled my lips from hers to kiss her chin . . . her cheek . . . her jawbone. I kissed my way down onto her neck and she turned her head, providing me easier access to kiss and nip at her flesh. Slowly . . . gradually . . . I moved down . . . off her neck to her collar bone. Then further . . . further. My lips left a trail of moist kisses down . . . down . . . down to her upper chest . . . down to the tops of her breasts.

Suzy panted quietly.

I rolled myself between her legs, and she spreads them wider, the one pressing back against the couch. I cupped both of my niece’s firm tits as my lips danced across their tops . . . kissing their soft, milky flesh.

“Mmm,” she mewed.

Using a couple fingers I hooked the tops of her bra cups and pulled down, revealing her rock-hard nipples. The dark areolas contrasted beautifully against the lighter, surrounding flesh. My tongue flickered across one then traced its dark circumference.

Suzy inhaled sharply, then her breath fluttered with desire.

I lowered my lips to my niece’s swollen nipple . . . kissed it . . . sucked it into my mouth and swirled by tongue over it.

“Oh God, Uncle Jay,” she gasped, her chest pressing up at me.

Suckling on her nipple, I slid one hand away from her breast to reach behind her. Suzy arched her back, assisting me in reaching the bra clasp at her back. A moment later her bra joined her other clothes on the floor. My hand returned to her tit. Fondling both her lovely mounds as I continued to suckle on her nipple.

“Oh yes, Uncle Jay. Yes.”

After a long minute I pulled my mouth away from that nipple and lowered it over her other, giving it the same loving devotion.

“Yes, Uncle Jay.”

Fondling her breasts, I switched from one nipple to the other several times . . . suckling . . . licking . . . loving. Her pliant mounds gave and folded under my squeezing fingers. Her swollen nipples grew harder under my attentions.

And she kept panting my name.

Hearing her do that stirred my own building lust . . . stoked the fires raging inside me.

But as much as hearing her was affecting me, I swear her saying it was affecting her even more. Her body was shifting under me, her back arching up to press her tits into my clasp . . . her nipples into my mouth. Her legs lifted her crotch and rubbed it against me.

After a few minutes I pulled my lips from atop her nipple and shifted down. Laying a new trail of moist kisses along her flesh I worked my way down . . . down from her breasts . . . down across her belly . . . her abs quivering under my gentle kisses.

“Oh, Uncle Jay,” she panted.

Down . . . down . . . down further I slid, kissing past her bellybutton . . . and lower . . . lower . . . down to the top edge of her panties.

“Mmm,” she mewed.

Releasing her tits I brought my hands down beside her hips so I could lift myself up and gaze down on her panties-covered crotch and the dark spot her juices had made at their center. Leaning down I kissed that spot . . . pressed my lips against it.

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