MY PROMOTIONSo I work as a teller at a bank.It’s a Friday about 1 O’clock pm.I looked up and there was this well dress guy,even kinda cute for a black guy.I’m a Bi-sexual,Latino female in my early 30’s.i noticed that my co-workers all women was moving a little fast to get this man at thier booth.after he made his transaction,with someone else.he could have went out of the door,but he came back to me,and spoke HELLO BEAUTIFUL,i smiled and said Hi.and he left.My co-worker said,he went out of his way to speak to.He likes you.The next Friday like clock work he was in the bank again.this time he was with my supervisor/friend/mistress (actually I’m her personal Slut)but thats getting a head of the story.He came out and got in line.he kept letting other people get in front of him,I’m guessing he wanted a perticular teller.So he came to my line.How may I help you.He said will you have lunch with me.Before i could think about it I said No.He walked out of the bank (no transaction)My co-workers looked at me and said with thier eyes (WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?)My phone rang next to me.IN MY OFFICE NOW says my supervisor.Close the door she says.She is black.She says you know my girl,we go back to college.If you was anyone else you would be fired.I going to show you something,look at this account.ok thats alot of money.yea and this the interest we pay on that account.(90,000.00)so what business is that.She said thats a individual acct.this is the person who came in here this morning and ask me can he ask you out to lunch,the same person you just turned down.In my defense i said he’s married.She said I dont care.we need his money and his I’m going to call him and see can i smooth things over with him.I’m going to make you an offer which includes an PROMOTION,your own office bakırköy escort and you will be the supervisor for those sluts out there.of course a pay raise.I want you to seduce this guy,Fuck him,suck him do what ever it takes to make him happy.Plan B,I will transfer you to bank #13.i said that banks in the ghetto,hell they get robbed every week,shit the robbers should be on our payroll.i will take plan A.she said good now lock the door.she pulled her panties off and said come here you know what i want.i got down between her legs in search of pussy.i found her clit and started licking and sucking it she was already wet.I started lapping up her cunt juices.she held my head in place and started fucking my mouth with her pussy until she squirted in my mouth.she helped me up kissed me passionatley,she said go clean yourself i was walking to the door she smacked my ass.I went the bathroom and took a piss,and rubbed my pussy for some relief.I pushd 2 fingers in my pussy to find my G-spot and rubbed it til i came.I clean myself up.fix my hair and make up and went back to work.The next Friday he was in line again I said to him can i help you,he walked up to my line and said No and walked out of the bank(once again no transaction)My phone rang GO GET HIM,my supervior I ran out of the bank his back was facing me i called out to him.He turned around.and said Ms.Sanchez I’m sorry for embarrassing you by asking you out for lunch,in front of all those customers and your peers,I promise i will never bother you again.I said wait,Its me I dont know what i was thinking,I’m sorry let me make it up to you,let me buy you lunch,His eyes litup like a x-mas tree REALLY i said yes.i called my boss and said taking lunch,she said take your beşiktaş escort time.we laughed and joked had a good time.He drove me back to the bank and ask will i have dinner with him.I quickly said yes.we went to a 5 star ***** hotel,the place was elegant to much for my taste,the food here would cost me a months salary.after dinner,desert,and a little dancing all in the same Hotel.He said before i take you home i want to show you something.I said ok.He said follow me.we got into the elevator and went to the top floor.went into his room this suite was lavish.he sat down, take a look around i said very impressive.He said I’m waiting for my Divorce,and I’m staying here temperarly.He said I’ve waited 3 years for this moment,i have something I want to ask you.If you say No I understand ,there will no hard feelings.I said what you want to ask me.He said Can I Make Love To You.I bent down and kissed him with great passion.and said yes,please do.he started un-buttoning his shirt,unbuckle his pants and took his clothes off,I took off my dress,no bra and I’M wearing Crotchless Pantyhose.I started kissing his chest and navel,worked down to to his harding member.i was licking and sucking him,i even sucked his salty balls,i spit on his dick to lube it up for my tight pussy.he pulled me up .I sat on his throbbing dick.we kissed as i humped him,he was squeezing my ass.I know pussy was leaking juices all over his cock.i started using my pussy muscles,he whispered i’m about to cum I really humped him then and said me to. cum with me and i felt the first jet stream hit the back of my womb.He held me in place and finish shooting his load inside me.I got off of him i was laying inhis arms when my cell rang.Damm i forgot to turn it off.the caller beylikdüzü escort Id saidit was my boss.i said every things going well,yes he is a lot of man,i will ask him.I said to how do you feel about a 3-some?,he said he will try just about any thing once.I told her where to come.i said to him how do feel about ANALSEX, why i said I like it alot.I kissed him and we took a shower together.I washed his body,and i soaped up my ass,and gave hima sample of my ass.I was enjoying it when the hotel phone rang.he said send her up.we quickly dried off,he sat on the couch,in his robe.i opened the door butt naked.i welcomed her with a kiss.I led her over to him and she kissed him. i started taking off her clothes and told him to enjoy the show.I layed her downon the bed.and started sucking her tits,licked my way down her navel.worked my way down to her twat.found her asshole.and licked it.worked up to her slit to taste her juices.lapping and slurping her pussyhole.I stopped for a moment and looked at him stroking his dick.i said to him come and finish what you started in the bathroom.i held my cheeks open.he put the head in every so gently.and then pushed inside my bootyhole.I was rubbing my clit.I went back to sucking that pussy.He was fucking my ass nicely,and my ass was loving it by farting with every stroke.I found her clit and was sucking it like it was a small dick.I pushed her legs up to chest pussy wide open,i put that clit between my lips and did not let go,his pace had picked up, he grunted and felt him shoot his load in my bowels my hand was soaking wet,from me cuming and she grabbed my head and fucked my face with her pussy,we all came together.she got up got dress and kissed us both and left.The next Friday I was called into her office he was there.He said ladies thank you for everything,i had a great divorce came thru,and I’m moving I heard FLORIDA is great this time a year.I found out that you have banks in that state.Make sure she gets A PROMOTION.if you ever in my neck of the woods look me up.i would love to make love to the both of you again.THE END.

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