My Rich Aunt


I was loading my car with items I had just bought, when I heard a voice across the car park calling my name, “Pete, Peter, over here!”

I turned my head towards the sound and could see a woman waving her arm and looking in my direction, “Pete hi, it’s me.”

It was my aunt, I’ve, well, we’ve never gotten along with each other, she hates me and I don’t really like her that much.

She thinks I’m a lazy slob, and I in turn think she’s a stuck up rich bitch. She does nothing but shop and spends her husband’s money.

She is forty four years old, slim, long blond hair, always wears short skirts to show off her tanned Shapley long legs. Her boobs, I think are around thirty four inches, and her waist is very slim, something like twenty four inches. She is very good looking, although I wouldn’t admit it to her face. She always has a tan. She goes to the gym every other day, has lunches with her friends, and plays tennis at a club, where I think she socialises more than actually play’s.

As for me, well, I’ve just turned nineteen, and I also do work out, but just twice a week. I work in a glazers shop fixing windows, cutting up glass all the usual things you expect in a glazing shop.

Anyhow, I make out that this is my aunt and walk over to her to see what she wanted. I get to her and said, “Hi aunt Catharine.”

She looked at me as if I was the hired help, “Stupid car won’t start, don’t know what’s wrong with it, and don’t care. Put these bags in your car and take me home?”

I huffed, as my shoulders dropped, I looked at her and said, “I have work to go to, I’ll be late, can’t you call uncle or the recovery people?”

“No, I’m not hanging around here, come on, come on; grab that bag over there.”

Looked like I had no choice again, so I picked up the bag on the ground and she was already halfway to my car. I slowly walked back to my car, and by this time she was already sitting in it.

I get into the driver’s seat and she asked, “Did you get the bags from the boot?”

I looked at her with despair, “What!”

“There’s a couple of bags in the boot. Go get them.”

Thinking to myself ‘for fuck sake,’ no please or will you. Just orders, like I’m her personal servant.

I retrieve the other bags and we drove off.

My aunt’s home was a bit off route for me, but as I said, I had no choice. Although a nice warm, sunny day outside, it was a cold air that filled the car, not from the air con either, all the way in the car on the journey to her place, nothing unusual for me; I was used to her being cold and unwelcoming. She never asks me how I am, how I’m doing at work, or anything about me, she just doesn’t care for me at all.

As if in a huff and angry with me she asked, “Why aren’t you at work anyway, have you got fired?”

I had the morning off, and was only required for the afternoon, but my reply to her was just a simple, “No.”

She shakes her head and makes ‘tut tut’ noises. Then everything was quite again, ten minutes later we arrived at her place. I unload the car, placing her bags on the ground.

“Don’t just leave them there stupid, bring them in!” Again tut’ing and walked off to the front door.

I took in the bags, and dropped them inside the front door, where I heard her shout out, “Bring them in here, the kitchen, don’t leave them there.”

I shout out to her, “I’m already late!”

Without even hearing what I said, she called out, “All of them, on the table here.”

I picked up the bags reluctantly, and took them through to the kitchen. Being in a mood and wanting to get out of there I quickly threw the bags onto the kitchen counter, where my aunt was standing across from.

A cry from my aunt, “Be careful with that one, it’s got the wine bottles in…”

As she said that, the bag landed with a crash. And a bottle broke tearing through the bag and splattered over my aunt, covering her top.

“Shit, sorry.” I looked at her.

“You fuckin stupid idiot, I told you to be careful. What’s the matter with you?” Aunt Catharine’s face looked as red as the wine stained top she was wearing.

She started to take her top off, and undid her bra, throwing them onto the counter. Grabbed hold of a hand towel and started to wipe her-self down.

I instinctively looked at her boobs, and thought ‘shit they were nice’. Beautifully round shape, tanned with no tan lines to show. I knew she wasn’t shy, she must bathe topless. The other thing that stuck out like a sore thumb, were her nipples, biggest I’d seen on any woman. She also had a diamond stud in her belly button, and I was pretty sure it was real.

She was wiping herself down almost like I wasn’t there. Then all of a sudden she looked up at me and said, “Have you never seen a pair of tit before, stupid boy?”

Well yes I have, but not hers.

I looked away, and apologised again. She must have stepped onto some glass, and I heard a loud, “Ouch, shit, fuck.”

And she asked, “Come round here, and give me a hand? My toe is bleeding.”

I walked round to her side and she put maltepe escort an arm around my shoulder. Lifted her foot up and picked out a splint of glass and dabbed her toe with the towel.

Her tit was pressing into my side; I could not help but look at it. Aunt Catharine caught me looking again and said, “You dirty little perve, just take me upstairs?”

We got to the top landing and she asked, “Take me into my bedroom, and fetch the first aid kit from the bathroom.”

I took her in and she sat on the bed. I ran into the bathroom to find the first aid kit and brought it to her.

She asked, “Does a stupid boy know how to dress a wound?”

I answered in a raised voice, “Yes, and I’m not stupid. I said I was sorry, okay!”

Aunt Catharine looked at me not in shock, but just amused I think, “My, my, little boy has a voice then,” and lightly patted me on my face.

I began to use the disinfectant and then apply a strip of plaster to her toe. And as I finished, she patted my face again, “Well done, you’re not as stupid as you come across, hey?”

I moved my face away in anger, and said again, “I’m not stupid, okay?”

Aunt Catharine then in a girly voice said, “Ah, there, there, have I touched a nerve?”

I could not help it but my eye’s looked back her tits. Obviously she saw me and said, “You really are a pervert, I’m sure you’ve seen better on your computer, have you not?”

Then out of the blue, she smiled and her hand flashed across to my groin, as she said, “What if I touch you here?”

She grabbed my cock and held on to it tightly, and said, “How do you feel now, stupid boy?”

As soon as she said that, the expression on her face went from a smile to one of amazement. Her eyes seemed to pop out of their sockets.

I could not move. I grabbed her by the wrist, and asked, “Please let go aunty?”

She didn’t let go, she squeezed harder, a broader smile appeared on her face, “Come on, tell aunty how it feels, stupid boy?”

I said nothing, staring at her. Again she squeezed, “Tell aunty how it feels?”

She was just antagonising me into saying something, but I didn’t know what she wanted to hear, so the first thing that came into my head was, “It feels good.” Why did I say that, I don’t know why I said that, shit!

Without letting go, but squeezing my cock in pulses, said, “Feels good does it? And does a stupid boy know how to use this thing?” still pulsing her fist.

My face was feeling flushed, “I said, I’m not stupid, don’t call me stupid.”

My cock was getting harder, and I said, “Yes I have a girlfriend!”

Aunty smiled, “O.. you have a girlfriend.”

Then she said, “Okay, I’ll tell you what, I won’t call you stupid, okay?”

I replied, “Okay.”

Aunt then carried on, “Okay, I won’t call you stupid, if…If, you show me this cock?”

I was stupefied, and replied, “What!!”

“Show me this cock?” squeezing it, “And I won’t call you stupid.”

“No, I, I, don’t think…”

Aunt squeezed it really hard, “I’m actually teasing you, Peter. I’m not asking you to show me this cock. I’m ordering you to. You’ve seen my tits, and now I want to see your cock! Okay?”

Her grip was getting a bit uncomfortable.

“Yeah, okay, okay.” I said.

She released it and then placed both hands behind her onto the bed, “Come on then, get it out?”

Her tits standing proud in front of her, god she looked nice. I kicked off my trainers, untied my belt buckle, dropped my jeans to the floor and stepped out of them. I had boxers on underneath. But because I was hard, my cock-head was sticking out, well above the waistband and beyond my bellybutton. And because I had my tee shirt on, my aunt could not see it.

“Well done, now, okay, take your top off first?” My aunt asked.

I replied with an anxious question in my voice, “But you only asked to see my cock?”

“Don’t be so stupid, just take it off?”

I questioned her, “You said you won’t call me stupid?”

My aunt looked straight into my eyes with a very stern look on her face, “I said I won’t call you stupid if I see your cock! And I haven’t seen your cock yet stupid!”

She then raised her foot in front of my cock, indicating that she’d kick it, and asked, “Do you want this? Or are you taking your top off?”

I stepped back and said, “Okay, okay.” I took my tee shirt off, she saw my cock sticking out above my boxers.

A loud gasp from my aunty as she saw my cock; “Fuckin hell Peter, what the fuck is that?”

She leant forward, and pulled down my boxers, and another gasp, “Shit boy, remind me, how old are you?”

She knew how old I was but I answered her anyway, “Nineteen… I turned nineteen last month.”

Her eyes were straining in their sockets, she kept staring, “Is that you or have you strapped something on?”

I was lost for words, I wasn’t sure what she was asking, “I don’t know what you mean, what do you mean strapped on?”

“Never mind stu.. Just never mind!”

Aunty then grabbed my cock, with mecidiyeköy escort both hands one above the other, and there was still three to four inches still out.

Aunty started squeezing and stroking my cock and said, “Fuckin hell Peter, we’re going to have some fun with this.”

My voice a quiver, “You said you just wanted to see it?”

Aunty dropped to her knees and said, “I did say I wanted to see it. But that was just to make me stop calling you stu.. You know?”

Her hands took turns in moving from my cock-head down to the base of my cock. She licked the front of the cock-head and asked, “Has this been in anyone? Has it been in your girlfriend?”

I have had girlfriends, but we never did anything serious, blow jobs and hand jobs, lots of hand jobs, mainly by me wanking, I suppose not that unusual, so, yes I was still a virgin.

I wasn’t sure if I should let my aunt know this, so I didn’t say anything, but my head let me down, when she looked at me, my head shook from side to side, indicating no.

“Fuck, Peter, you’re a virgin, O My God.”

“Tell me Peter, I’ve seen you looking at my tits, do I turn you on. An older woman, does an older woman like me in her forties turn on a virgin boy of nineteen?”

I was thinking my aunt wanted me, I was not sure if I should, and mentioned, “I have a girlfriend.”

“Fucking hell Peter, so you have a girlfriend, she’s not your fuckin wife. You won’t be doing anything wrong. And anyway, who’s going to tell her? You?”

She was still stroking and licking my cock as we talked. I was getting extremely hard, and I said, “But my uncle…”

She stopped me, “Don’t mention your uncle, fuckin uncle, he’s as stupid as you…” She stopped in mid-sentence.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to say you are…Well, you know…”

She took my cock-head into her mouth and started sucking, stroking my shaft with one hand and playing with my balls with the other hand.

She came up for air, and said, “Your uncle doesn’t appreciate me. A woman, he appreciates money, and how to make more of it.”

She then went straight onto my cock again, sucking, spitting onto it and rubbing it onto my shaft and balls. She had a lot of spit in her. My hands went onto the back of her head and moved with her bobbing head.

She kept sucking at a furious rate, when I said, “I’m going to cum.”

She seemed to ignore me, and her sucking got stronger, she took me in deeper, gagging, coming up for air. There were strings of saliva from her lips to my cock, then she took my cock straight back down, as much as she could.

“I’m, cuming aunty, I’m cumming.” I blew a load into the back of her throat, my hands tightened on her head, forcing her lower as I blew again, and again. Aunty never took my cock out. She stroked me harder and sucked me harder. Drinking my cum, I knew I could cum lots from the wanking I gave myself, and I usually have to do it in the shower, to make cleaning up easier.

I kept blowing, she was doing well in drinking as much as she could, but I felt a few drops falling onto my feet. Her hands tightened, and now she was slowly moving her hands from the base of my shaft up to the head, still sucking. I was still cumming in smaller bursts now.

Aunty was lapping her tongue around my cock-head, as I stopped cumming, it was very sensitive, every time her tongue rolled over my cock-head, my hips jolted.

She came up and let go of my cock, she looked up to me and said, “Fuckin hell Peter, I could have had a bath with that load of cum. Do you always cum that much?”

I looked down, taking in deep breaths, my chest heaving, “Yes, yes mam.”

She slowly rose to her feet and said, “Don’t call me mam, call me Cat, not Catharine either, okay, just Cat!”

I nodded, “Yes okay, aunty.”

“Don’t call me aunty either, unless we are in company, you do know what I’m saying?”

I nodded again, “Yes, aun.. Cat, yes Cat.”

Catharine kissed her fingers and touched my now flaccid cock.

I was stunned, and again I’m not sure why I and said, “You made me cum!”

She looked back at me over her shoulder, and said, “I had to do that Peter, you’re a virgin, and you’ll last longer for the second bit now.”

She jumped up onto the bed and took off her knickers, threw them over to where my clothes were. She asked, “Peter, have you eaten a woman?”

She had a pillow under her elbows, and were perching her up, her legs were outstretched in front of her.

I questioned her, “Eaten a woman?”

She smiled sweetly, “Pussy, Peter, have you licked and sucked a pussy before?”

She pulled up her legs and widened her knees, exposing her clean shaven pussy. God she looked good enough to fuck. Again I could not see any tan lines on her she must bathe in the nude, not just topless.

I have stuck a couple of fingers into a pussy before, but not licked one. I think that’s what she meant. So my answer to my aunt was, “No, I don’t think so…”

She lowered her head and raised her eye’s to me and said, “Son, nişantaşı escort you would know if you’ve eaten pussy before or not.”

With one arm outstretched, she beckoned me over to her, “Come her Peter, god you’ve a lot to learn. But don’t worry, I know the perfect teacher.”

She obviously meant her, and I was not complaining, not at all.

I didn’t know why she had this hold on me. I really didn’t like this woman before today, even though she is my aunt. It was still going through my head, what is it she now likes about me? Just my cock I presumed. I did not like her as a person, but, I suppose if I just think of her as a woman, a woman who wants to fuck me, and is willing for me to fuck her. I could not say no to a body like hers, no matter how old she was.

I got onto the bed, and then on all fours made my way to between her tanned shapely legs. Again she was now perched up on to her elbows and parted her legs even more and greeted me in.

I approached her pussy, I could see it was glistening, she must already be wet. She flicked her head from side to side to get her hair behind her.

“Okay Peter, now you see that there?” Pointing with her eye’s towards her pussy, “The wet patch.”

I couldn’t take my eyes away from her pussy. I had seen girl’s pussies before, but none had bits hanging out. I had only seen this on images and movies of women on porn sites.

“I want you to lick and suck that, tell me how I taste, go on, go ahead?”

I moved closer, she stuck her ass up and said, “Put your hands under my ass Peter.”

I did as she asked, then I stuck my tongue out and licked her slit. I found the entrance and I poked my tongue in as far as I could, dart in and out, slobbering all over it.

My aunt appreciated my work, “Ahh, Peter, nice, ahh, keep going, suck my clit will you?”

I slowly moved my tongue upwards, located her clit and sucked on it, flicked it with my tongue, squeezed and nibbled on it with my lips.

My aunt started to buck upwards with her hips, “Harder, ahh, harder Peter, ahh, ahh.”

I squeezed her ass with both hands each time she bucked up. She was pushing hard against my face. It was like I was eating a Mellon.

Then I slowly lowered her, kept one hand underneath and with the other I stuck two fingers into her. I moved these slowly in and out, and sucked her clit hard as she requested.

“Fuck, Peter, ahh, I’m cumming, don’t stop, please don’t stop, ahh, fuck, yes, yes, fuck yes.”

I lapped up a stream of liquid which trickled out of her and I felt her pussy get wetter.

I was amazed at how sweet her pussy tasted, I didn’t think older women would taste like this, I needed more.

But just then, my aunt grabbed my hair and lifted my head off her, “Get on your back Peter?” She said with her usual commanding tone.

I was enjoying this but also I was very work conscious, I should have been in work by now. I was a bit hesitant as I moved on to my back and I let my aunt know, “Aunty, I have work to go to, I should have been there by now.”

Aunty’s face dropped and looked frustrated, she looked at me and said, “Where’s your phone?”

I pointed to my jeans on the floor, “In my pocket over there!”

She angrily said, “Don’t just sit there, go get it and give it to me?”

She asked me to bring up my work number.

“Okay, now get on your back?”

I rolled over onto my back and my aunt straddled my face and stuck her pussy right into my mouth, I stuck my tongue out and my aunt ground her clit on it.

While she was grinding away she rang my workplace, “Hello, this is Peter’s aunt, Peter won’t be into work today, he’s got something on his tongue. I’m taking care of it…. No he won’t be in at all today, okay, bye.” She rang off, and threw the phone over to my jeans.

I looked at my aunt, “You said all of today?”

Still grinding away as she combed her hair back with her fingers. “Yes peter, your uncle’s away till tomorrow evening, and I’m on my own.”

I looked at her curiously, “You don’t expect me to stay here?”

“Yes I do Peter, we’re not leaving this bed for a good few hours.”

“But, mom will be expecting me home?”

“Call her and tell her you’re with friends, okay?”

“She won’t believe me.” I said, not sounding too convincing.

Aunt looked down and with a sweet smile, “Do you want me to?”

She took hold of my head and pushed it hard onto her pussy, “Suck my cunt Peter, ahh, fuck, fuck, oohhh, yes, fuck yes.”

I was finding it difficult to breath but managed to take in some short gasps. My head was tight between her thighs, she squeezed them tighter occasionally.

I Came back up for a breath, “No, I’ll call her later, she thinks I’m at work right now.”

My face was pulled back in to her pussy, and the heat was amazing coming from her. And she was getting wetter, not just from my licking, but she must have been cumming.

“Ohh, yes Peter, yes, I’m cumming again, harder, that’s it ohh yes, yes, yes, f u c..”

She had cum again, her hips lunged out and more juices appeared to flow out. I knew that was better than honey, so I stuck my tongue out and gathered as much as I could, fuck she tasted great.

“Holy shit Peter that was great, you have a nice tongue.” She stepped off me and to my side, her chest heaving, as she took in deep breaths.

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