My Secret Admirer Ch. 02


I was soaking in a nice warm bubble bath. I’d started my period the day after finding out my siblings, Josh and Becky were actually my secret admirer, and that they were living together as husband and wife. Now though, my period was two days behind me, and I was feeling naughty. It was Tuesday evening, and Wednesday was my day off.

I reached for my phone, “Hi Tina, its Dallas”; I said when my friend answered. “I’m wonderful, thanks. The reason I was calling—yes” I said with a giggle as she’d guessed my reason. “I’ll see you at ten then. We’ll get some sun and then do . . . whatever comes to mind. See you tomorrow.”

My next call was to Becky. I wasn’t surprised to learn that she’d just gotten past her period as well. We’d always been on the same schedule—and the same as our mom’s. I told her I was thinking about taking a few days off work in two weeks, and she assured me she and Josh could manage the same, although he’d have to remain on call. He was team leader on one of the local Geek Squads.

While we were talking, I slid my hand down to my pussy and began gently teasing it. “Just thinking about all the fun we’re going to have is making me horny. I’m in the bath right now, and I’m playing with my tingling pussy.”

She giggled, “If I was there, you wouldn’t need to do that. I’d do it for you, and more . . . a lot more.”

“Then it’s too bad you’re not here, because I’d surely let you.”

“I can be there in forty-five minutes. I just need to take a quick shower.”

“What will Josh say about that?”

“He won’t mind . . . if I promise to give him a detailed account of everything when I get home.”

“Then screw the shower. We’ll take one together when you get here.”

* * *

While I was waiting for my sister to show up, I got an idea and made a mental note to see what she thought of it.

It wasn’t a long wait—perhaps thirty minutes. I went to the door still naked. The door hadn’t even closed before her bikini top was off. Her shorts and thong were on the floor seconds later, and we started kissing immediately.

“Whew!” I gasped when we came up for air. “I guess I’m still new to the girl-girl thing, and the kissing blows my mind.”

She showed me a grin, “I know, but you’ve been with Tina, and that’s one more than me. I’ve never–“

“Oh my gawd!” I gasped. Are you telling me when I was at your place, that was the–?” Her nodding head stopped me in mid question. Her grin grew even wider. “Gawd! I never would have guessed that in a million years. I was your first girl-girl kiss . . . ever?”

She bit her lower lip and nodded again, so I asked her, “Well, what do you think?”

“I’m here, aren’t I?”

“I guess that’s my answer then.”

She got a very serious, lustful look on her face, “Dal, I’m dying to experience the rest of it. I’ve been fantasizing about being with you for so many years . . . I was beginning to think it would never happen. And then you let Josh work on your laptop at the store, and . . . here I am.”

So that’s how they found out about my stories. I’d forgotten all about him working on my laptop. “But that was over a year ago.”

She nodded, “It took us that long to come up with a plan.”

I took her hand and led her into my den. “Do you have to work early tomorrow?”

“No, I can spend the night if you want. I don’t have to be at work until two.”

“Perfect.” I said. “I’m meeting Tina at the beach at ten. Vodka Seven okay?”

When I looked over my shoulder, I could see her staring at the carpet in front of her, and then she said in a timid voice, “I guess you could feel me shaking, huh?”

“No, not at all. My first time wasn’t that long ago, so I can still plainly remember how nervous I was—hell, I’m nervous now.”

Her mood finally lightened, “Then make mine a strong one.” She said with a giggle.

I remembered back to how slow and patient Tina had been with me. We’d just sat and talked for a while before going upstairs to her bedroom. I sat on the sofa and patted the place for my sister to sit next to me. “Just relax and let the alcohol help calm your nerves. It’s early, so we have plenty of time.”

After we’d each taken a couple of sips from our glasses, I asked her, “Do you know what I enjoy most about the kissing?” She just shook her head, so I told her, “When we’re standing up and I get to feel your breasts pressing against my nipples. That really gets my motor running.”

“I like that too.” She said, “It’s so different than with a man—well, with Josh anyway. He’s the only man I’ve been with.”

Her admission didn’t surprise me, since they’d already told me they’d been lovers for so many years. They must have started very young. “Has Josh been with anyone else?”

She shook her head again, so I asked her, “So, how are you going to feel about that—not only knowing it, but seeing it and even participating in it?”

“Gawd! That’s going to be fucking awesome! We’ve been talking about that for so, so long. We both really want it to happen.”

“You’re that sure?”

“Gawd şişli rus escort yes! I wish he was here right now—but not really, I guess. I’d like my first time to be . . .”

“Less complicated?”

“Yeah, I want to take my time and enjoy it with just the two of us.”

I was only half finished with my drink when she drained the last of hers. “May I have one more?”

I let out a chuckle, “Okay, but I won’t make this one quite as strong. I want you to be able to remember everything we do clearly tomorrow so you can give Josh what he wants to hear.” And then I suddenly remembered the idea I’d had earlier. When I told her about it, she laughed for a long time, and then eagerly agreed.

I teased my fingers along her thigh and then slid my hand up to gently cup her breast. “Ummm” She purred, “That feels nice.”

I leaned over and kissed her, our tongues doing a slow waltz together. When I finally withdrew, she said in a lustful tone, “Can we stand up and do that again . . . and then go to your bedroom?”

I responded by standing up and placing both our drinks on the table. Then I helped her to her feet and moved close to her, feeling her nipples brush mine. I kept her at that distance for some time before pulling her to me and kissing her passionately. It was a very long kiss, sensual at first, and then very lustful and needy.

When we broke our kiss, she surprised me by taking my hand and leading me to the hallway, “Which one is—shit, I didn’t take a shower.”

“Then let’s. It’s the last door on the right.”

When we stepped into the shower in the master bath, she pulled me close and kissed me again, this time running her hands over my already taut nipples. “Mmmmm, I love your nipples. I wish mine were that long.”

I chuckled, “I’ll trade you—but not just our nipples. You get my nipples, and I get your tits.”

I washed her slowly, making sure to get all her cracks and crevasses. Of course, I spent a lot of time on her breasts. She finally giggled, “I think they’re clean.”

I didn’t realize just how alike we were until I tried to lay her on my bed to make love to her. She stopped me, “May I? I’ve been dreaming of this for so long, I really want to enjoy you for a few minutes.”

Dutifully, I lay back on the bed and propped my head up with a pillow. She sat beside me and looked at my body for a long time before reaching out to trail her fingers over me, starting at my cheek and working her way slowly downward.

When she got to my breasts, she leaned over and kissed me for a long time while gently kneading them. Then she moved lower and began kissing them and licking them, taking my long nipples between her lips and flicking them with her tongue.

She kept that up while her hand moved lower and teased my pussy. She found my clit and softly rubbed it before moving lower and inserting a finger inside my already wet tunnel.

“I want to taste you now.” She said in a lustful tone, “Gawd, I’ve wanted to taste your pussy ever since I learned what oral sex was.”

I answered by pulling my feet up and spreading my knees. She walked to the foot of the bed and crawled toward me very slowly, never taking her eyes off her prize.

She began by kissing and licking my inner thighs. Finally though, she slid her hands between my feet and butt and lowered her mouth to my pussy, first kissing it softly, and then licking between my lips, swirling her tongue over my swollen clit.

I didn’t take much of that to build me to my first orgasm. My pussy and thighs twitched uncontrollably. There was no mistaking what was happening, so she quickly dove her tongue into my pussy, sending me over the top. “Oh Gawd Yes, Baby, Yes!”

Two orgasms later, I made her stop. I couldn’t take anymore—couldn’t breathe. She did stop, but showed me a pout as she crawled up beside me and hugged me.

When I was calmer, she purred, “It was everything I dreamed it would be, Dal. I could do that all night.”

I chuckled, “Yeah, but couldn’t take you doing it that long. It’s hard for me to believe you’ve never done that before. You’re so fucking good at it.”

“Oh, I’ve done it thousands of times . . . in my mind.”

Something finally dawned on me. “We forgot about Josh.”

She laughed, “Well then, I guess you’re just going to have to let me do it again.

I laughed with her, “Okay, if you twist my arm hard enough, I guess I can endure a little more of that torture. But I need a few minutes. Let’s grab another drink.”

* * *

Before returning to the bedroom, I got my IPad from my computer room. When we were ready, I touched the “Facetime” icon and put in Josh’s phone number. When he didn’t answer, I called their home phone from my cell phone. “Didn’t you get my Facetime request?”

“Uh, no, sorry. My cell is in the other room. Give me a minute to get it and try again.”

I tried again, this time he answered. I switched the camera view to the rear so he could clearly see Becky eating my pussy. She stopped long enough to show him şişli türbanlı escort a wide grin and wave at him.

“Can you see what she’s doing?” I asked him.

“Fuck yeah! Holy shit Beck, that’s steaming hot.”

I decided to tease him a bit, “Yes, it is steaming hot. My baby sister is eating my pussy, and she’s very good at it. She’s already made me cum three times. Right now, she’s moving her soft tongue over and around my clit. Gawd yes, baby, right there, shit, right . . . right there. I’m . . .GAWD! FUCK! Oh Gawd!” And I panted loudly for him. Becky showed me a wink. She knew I wasn’t cumming, but just putting on a show for Josh. “Oh Gawd, Josh. Now she’s got her tongue buried deep in my pussy. She’s licking my cum from inside my hot throbbing pussy.”

Becky looked up from what she was doing long enough to lick her lips and show him a naughty grin, “Ummmmm I love her cum. It’s sweet and slick and oh so yummy, Mmmmmmm.” And then she went immediately back to eating me.

“Are you hard yet, Josh? Is you cock hard from watching your Becky eat my pussy? Do you need to stroke your hard throbbing cock and cum all over your hand?”

“Uh, actually, I am.”

“Oh Gawd, let me see. I want to see you stroke that hard cock.”

He moved his phone lower and he was indeed stroking his hard cock. “Oh, Becky, he is, he really is jacking off from watching you eat my pussy. And he has a very impressive cock too . . . of course, you already know that. Ooooo I can’t wait to get it in my mouth and have him fill my pussy and ass with that beautiful hard cock. I want to taste his cum. We can suck that cock of his together and share is delicious cum. Cum for me Josh. I want to see you cum from watching your sweet innocent little Becky eat your big sister’s pussy. Cum for me, please. I desperately want to see you cum. I’ll probably cum again just from watching you shoot your marvelous cum out into the air. Please.”

It didn’t take long, and my brother did what I asked. He spurted cum through the air for almost half a minute. When he was done, I told him, “Now go clean yourself up. It’s time for me to eat my sister’s pussy, and I want to give her my full concentration. I love you. Bye.” And I ended the Facetime call.

Becky and I both burst out laughing. “Damn!” She said when she could. “It didn’t take him long to cum. He usually lasts a very, very long time.”

I giggled, “He’s never watched you eat pussy before.”

“No” She corrected me, “Well yes—but no, he hasn’t seen me eat our big sister’s pussy before. Just any old pussy would have made him jack off, but because it was yours is surely why he came so quickly.”

* * *

We lay there for quite some time, me on my back, her head nestled in my shoulder. We were just enjoying being naked together on my bed. “It’s my turn.” I purred and started to move, but she grabbed me, her eyes pleading.

“Please don’t—not yet, I mean. I want to do it some more. Can I, please?”

I’m sure most women would enjoy having their pussies eaten a lot more often and for longer than they actually get it done to them. And I’m not sure I would have even said this about myself before being with Tina, but aside from my clit growing a bit numb from too much direct attention, I could enjoy having my pussy eaten for hours on end. When you remove the option of getting all worked up and begging for a hard fucking, it would be insane not to want more of it.

“I’m all yours, Sis, for as long as you want. Two things though: First, go easy on my clit or you’ll make it numb, and second, before we’re done, I want to taste you and feel you cum into my mouth. Okay?”

A wide grin crossed her face and she let out a naughty giggle, “For as long as I want, really?”

I chuckled, “Well, I’ll probably need a break now and then.”

“Yeah, I really need to pee.”

“I’ll make us another drink.”

* * *

My little sister really put my earlier statement about being able to enjoy having my pussy eaten for hours on end to the test. I lost track of how many times I came, but I’m sure it was a dozen, or damn close to it.

When it was finally my turn, I spent a long time touching and kissing her breasts. Gawd, I loved feeling breasts, first Tina’s and now Becky’s. When I felt her pussy, she was dripping wet, so I went right to it.

My sister came very quickly, and I was rewarded with a healthy portion of her slick cum. “If you’re going to keep that up, you’d better go get a towel. I cum a lot sometimes.”

I didn’t quite know what to think about that, but I got a towel and spread it under her. Then I started where I’d left off. Her second orgasm came after only another five or so minutes, this one causing her to pant and quake for a good while.

It took a long time before I felt her pussy and thighs start to tremble again. This time, I lifted her a bit and began teasing her ass with my tongue, “OH GAWD!” She screamed and grabbed my head, holding me tight to her. I took that to mean she was okay with what I was şişli ucuz escort doing, so I wiggled my tongue inside her tight puckered hole. “FUCK YES!” She screamed again, and then “OH MY GAWD!”

I knew she was right there, so I worked my tongue farther into her ass, and then it happened. I was showered with her cum. It covered my face and shoulders. My hair was wet with it, and when I finally raised up, I could feel it running down my body.

After several seconds, she opened her eyes. She was still gasping for air. When she saw me, she got a horrified look on her face. “Gawd, Sis, I’m . . . I’m so, so sorry.”

I stood up and looked down at my chest. Her cum was still trailing down my body, so I began rubbing it into my bare flesh. I used the back of my hand to wipe my face. “Whew! You warned me about it, but Holy Shit. I never expected that much.”

“Dal, I’m so sorry. I . . . I usually only gush that much when Josh is fucking he hard from behind. I don’t know why . . . I guess it was what you were doing. Josh has never done that—not with his tongue.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll know what to expect next time.” I said as I stepped into the bathroom without closing the door and turned on the shower water.

Becky joined me in the bathroom before I got in the shower and pulled me to her. She kissed me passionately, then giggled and licked my cheek. “I love the taste of it.” She told me. “I always suck Josh off after I cum like that.”

“Next time, when you think it’s going to happen, let me know and I’ll get plenty to share with you.”

“Now that would be fucking awesome.”

* * *

The next morning, I was awakened by my sister’s tongue on my nipple. Then I moaned and opened my eyes, she giggled, “Time to get up, sleepy head. If you’ve got to meet Tina at ten, you’d better get a wiggle on it.”

I looked at the clock. It was just after nine. “Damn” I said as I gave Becky a quick kiss and crawled out of bed.

As she was leaving, my little sis had only one thing to say, “Dal, can we do this again . . . before we do it with Josh?”

* * *

Tina was waiting for me in the parking lot. She’d brought two reclining chairs. After undressing, we each carried one to our favorite spot.

Half reclining, half sitting, I told her all about Josh and Tina, and I spent a long time telling her about the previous evening and night. “She’s a squirter?” Tina gasped.

When I nodded, her hand flew to her chest. “My gawd, what I’d give to be eating her when that happens. I’ve heard about it and seen it on the internet, but I’ve never experienced it.”

“Trust me, it was quite a shock.”

“You loved it though, right?” She asked me.

“It was okay. It tasted just like when she didn’t gush like that, but I just wasn’t ready for it—that’s all. I had my tongue elsewhere at the time.”

“In her ass?”

I nodded again and she let out a chuckle. “It seems the three of us have a lot in common.”

Becky had shared one of Josh’s fantasies with me. I’d questioned her seriously about whether his fantasy should stay a fantasy, or if she thought it should become a reality. She insisted that she would love to give him his fantasy, and he’d love us for doing it.

When I told Tina about it, she got all giddy. She said she’d have to discuss it with Jay, of course, but she was sure he wouldn’t mind. She pouted a bit when I told her the rules, but she still agreed.

* * *

I was enjoying a nice hot bubble bath, gently teasing my pussy lips while I thought about the adventure that was going to start the following day. Josh, Becky and I all had taken a week off from work, and I was going to spend it with them.

I planned to be at their house by two the following day, so I wasn’t going to get myself off tonight. I wanted to wait until I was with them. In fact, except for having my sister over for another night of steamy hot girl-girl sex, I hadn’t done anything sexual with anyone—not even with myself.

When they came to the door naked, Becky took my bag and Josh started helping me out of my clothes. His hands were shaking, so I chided him, “Someone needs to calm down.”

“You’re right.” He said as he pulled my tube top over my head, “It’s just that I’ve been waiting for this for so long—years.”

I reached out and gave my brother’s semi hard cock a playful squeeze, “Well, I’m here now, and I’m going to be your sex toy for a full week—for anything your deviant mind can dream up.”

“Oooooo, I like the sound of that.” Becky said as she rejoined us. “You’d better be careful though, he has quite the imagination.”

“Besides” Josh said, “You two have a big advantage. You’ve already been together twice, and I—hell, I need a drink.”

Becky and I both let out loud laughs, and then Becky elbowed him and asked playfully, “Is my poor baby suffering a little performance anxiety?”

His face turned red, “Uh, maybe a little.”

“Then go mix us all a drink. We’ll be in the living room.” And then she added, “Oh, by the way, Baby, if you take really good care of us tonight, Dal and I have a special treat for you tomorrow.”

“Yes we do—a very, very special treat.” I said with a naughty giggle.

In the living room, Becky said so only I could hear, “Oooo I looked in the bag. I never would have thought of that. He’s going to die, but he’ll love it.”

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