My Sister and I Pt. 02


Disclaimer: This story is fictional. That is all.

Part 2


She left me,
Dumped me,
Broke me,
Fucked me emotionally,
Fucked me mentally,
I want to die.
I know that’s fucked up to think but isn’t that how a heartbreak feels?
Wanting to leave this world.
She was wearing a mask this whole time.
Using me, she was the puppet master.
She is the worst of people.
Now she’s manipulating some other guy.
Those type of people, those who manipulate others to get what they want are the worst people in the world.
But the People who look out for another,
Those who really care about that person,
Those who protect the other’s heart,
Are the best of people.

* A journal entry read by Zachary


I woke with my sister’s arm across my chest, her black semi curled hair was covering her face that’s buried in my shoulder.

She was exhausted from the fucking last night which went longer than we thought. It was the best sex I’ve had so far. But waking up the third straight day in my younger sister’s bed made me question the act.

I carefully moved her head off of me and onto a pillow then I got up. After putting on my clothes, I went downstairs to make some tea. As the water heated up, my thoughts flowed through my mind too vividly.

-One time is just a thing, twice is for fun, but three nights now with my sister? All I was going to do was get a handjob and save the story of having my sister jerk me off. But now I’m fucking her, and I like it? Is this going too far? Why keep fucking my nice sister? What the hell is driving me?-

I didn’t have the answers to the many questions brewing in my head. The microwave beeping with my hot water heated got me back to being present. I added the tea and drank it when ready.

A little later Aleahah came down the stairs only in her panties and bra, her boobs bouncing as she walked to me.

“I’m so sore from last night’s sex.” She hugged me. “I enjoyed it though, every minute.” I hugged her back.

“Maybe we ought to take a break tonight.” I said and there was a silence between us.

“Why? I’ll be fine for tonight. You don’t have to worry about me.” She looked up to me, her eyes twinkling.

“I mean we take a break from the sex because we shouldn’t– we shouldn’t make this a norm. I enjoyed the last 3 nights, but maybe we should stop here.” I kept eye contact with her which felt very difficult.

“The act is fine. I’m on the pill, we’re having fun.” She said.

“I know”

“We won’t be able to get a chance like this again. So we should keep fucking.” She slid her hand down to her panties and rubbed her pussy slowly. “I really like it.”

“I do too but I think we ought to stop before something worse happens.” şişhane escort I said to her and looked away, she stepped closer to me.

“I hear you, there could be consequences. But for the week it’s only us.” She gently put a hand on my shoulder.

“But what if we… catch feelings or some shit? The fuck happens then?”

She shrugged and put her other hand around my neck, and pulled me in closer. “I don’t know we would have to see.” She moved closer and her boobs pressed against me. “So will you be in my bed again tonight?”

“Maybe” I placed my hands around her shoulders. “Let me think about it.”

“Come onnn. You had four days to think about it. If you haven’t stopped before why now?”

“I don’t know”

“We were supposed to do this all week.” She rubbed on me more.

“I know”

“Then why stop?”

I looked at her puzzled. “I don’t know. I’m just confused.” She frowned and looked away. Seeing her sad because of my lack of confidence made me reconsider right there. Alright I’ll keep going. I grabbed her ass and squeezed it. “If you want a dicking that bad then I will give it to you.” She giggled and moved her head up to mind and kissed me.

“I’ll be riding your dick later tonight.” She said excitedly.

“You’ll be water sliding with how wet you’ve been these past nights.” I said and her cheeks went red.

“I know, I feel embarrassed with how much drips out.” I brought her in closer.

“I like it, and I like every part of you Aleahah. This I do know.” I kissed her again.

I broke apart from her as it was time for her to get ready for school. She’ll probably sleep in her first 3 classes to catch up on her lack of sleep time. I went to the bathroom as tea runs through me quickly.

“Zachary” she said, I turned around.


“Thanks” She said in a happier tone.


Later that night came as we were both on Aleahah’s bed ready to start fucking again. I felt better about doing it again with her, but I still had that small voice of doubt saying to stop this.

“May I get my dicking now?” She asked while rolling her hips side to side as only her panties was protecting her pussy.

She looked at me, waiting more eagerly than patient.

“I thought about it. Yes I’m down to go again tonight.” I said, she became excited and finished her food quickly.

“Well yeah, that’s what I said earlier.” I grabbed her pink panties and pulled them off, enjoying the sight of her pussy. It my cock very hard and excited. I grabbed my cock and placed it near her opening and around her folds, teasing her until.

“Stick it in already!” She said and was looking to me lustfully.

I dug my cock into her wet opening. I went slowly into her inch şişli anal yapan escort by inch. Fully inside her I started to thrust. She grabbed her tits and squeezed them. Fucking her was easier than before as she was even wetter than last night.

“Ow!” She yelped and I stopped my thrusting.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She went to massage her cunt then looked to me with a bit of disappointment. “I’m still sore from last night.” I backed out of her pussy, my cock slinging up as it got freed spraying her juices on me and the bed. “I’m sorry”

“For what? You can’t control the time to recover.” If she’s hurt then I’m going to comfort her. I got down on my belly and grabbed both of her thick legs to my face. “There’s other ways to enjoy sex with my sister.”

She smiled and rubbed my head. “You’re too nice.”

I’d respond but I already started eating her pussy. Licking her folds and sucking on them until I sucked away her flavor and dried away her juices. That was impossible though as she kept having more drip out, so I only focused on her entrance, reappearing my tongue movement around her small hole.

“Ooh! Yes I like that Zachary. Please keep doing that baby.” She begged, and I happily agreed. I kept the same pace with tongue giving her entrance my best licking and stabbing. Her moans got louder as minutes went by.

When I felt it was a good point I gave my fingers the duty to make her cum. I placed two of them in her entrance as I moved up to her chest and sucked on her big sagging breasts. “AHHH! YEAH! Make me cum! I’m so close.”

After sucking off her breasts I began to moan too, her body was perfection. She moaned more in response to mine. “Come sis, let it out. I wanna hear you come so bad.” She looked down to me with ecstasy written in her face.

“Yes! Yess! OOOHH!!” I could feel her quiver under me and I was proud to see her orgasm. I finger fucked her as she rode it out and after. her juices were even spraying out from coming.

“Oh my god, that felt amazing. Each time is a good one with you.” She went to bring my head up and kissed me heatedly, it was long and I stayed on her lips until she pulled off.

“Fuck yeah that was great.” She signaled to let her get up so I moved aside. She got to her knees then turned to her side.

“If my pussy can’t take your cock then I should let my asshole have a try.”

“I never done anal.” I said but not confidently.

“What? You’ve done all this great fucking but haven’t entered a girl’s butt?”

“No, is it different?” I asked and she shook her head.

“Not really.”

She climbed atop of me and straddled her ass above my hard cock which was eager to enter my sisters ass for the first time.

“Okay şişli bdsm escort let me control the pace on this.” She said and I nodded to her.

She grabbed my cock and slowly guided it into her asshole then sat down on my cock. Both of us moaned in unison. “Fuck yes.” I let out underneath her neck.

“See? Feels the same right?” She said as she slowly rode me.

“Almost, my cock isn’t being poured with your juices.” I mumbled as her riding got me feeling excited to cum already. She giggled.

“I’m a leaky girl.”

“Now fuck me good sis” I gripped her hips to give her better stability. She didn’t pickup the pace, but she did start to have all of my length go into her.

“Easy, I wanna ride you for a bit.” She continued to rock back and forth on my cock, I grabbed her ass as she rocked. Minutes went by then she switched it up to start bouncing on my cock, making the clapping sound as her ass would hit my waist. To help her I began to move my arms with her ass in my hands and moved with her. My cock was fully in pleasure. More minutes went by as She fucked my cock until my primal instincts took over. Sorry sis but I want to fuck you good.

I moved my hand up and over her shoulder and kept the other around her ass. “I can’t help it, I gotta fuck you so bad.”

“Go ahead” she whispered in a loving tone. I thrusted into now and plunging my cock as deep as I could go into her ass. “Oh my god! Yes! Aleahah!” I pounded her ass more. “Fuck your ass is sooo nice”

“Do you really like it?” She asked.

I looked up to her and into her beautiful dark eyes. “Yes you’re amazing I love fucking you.” I plunged into her ass hard and kept fucking it took me more minutes to feel my orgasm coming. “I’m close, I’m gonna blow a huge amount of cum into you.” I said panting, she was moaning as well and resting her head on my shoulder. I liked it when she put her head on me.

“Cum inside me, I want my ass to be filled.” She said. I smiled and kissed her quickly then felt my cum shoot up to my cock. “Ahhh” I felt my white liquid pour into her ass. I left my hard cock in her until I got all of the cum out of me. She also came and moaned my name many times.

When she finished she sat on top of me, her head resting on my shoulder. I squeezed both of her tits, still wanting to feel her smooth olive skin.

“I’m blessed to be with you Aleahah” I said and hugged her as I came down from my orgasm.

After however many minutes passed by she was the first to move. Turning around to face me, my cock left her ass. She smiled and kissed me on the lips.

“So this means you’re okay with doing this for the rest of the week?”

I hesitated, looking at her. “I’m still not completely okay with this.” Her smile went away as did her eyes from looking at me. I reached up and pulled her face back to me. “But I surely don’t want to stop this.” I said and brought her closer to my chest, she did her best to hug me back.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” She grabbed my cock, I felt her ass get stretched as she straddled down onto it and started to ride me.

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