My Sister Annie and Me Pt. 02


All characters engaging in sex are over 18.


After our first, fumbling fuck my sister and I learned each other’s hot buttons gradually. We had plenty of opportunity. Mum was usually already at work by the time I got home, Annie usually arrived just before me. Even on the weekends we saw less and less of our mum, she worked really hard and it worried us a little, even though it gave us the opportunity for unbridled incest.

Our second occasion was the day after our first. Annie had showered and I went into the bathroom. In those early times we were still a little shy around each other naked. Annie had a towel around her while she dried her hair but didn’t leave the bathroom while I showered.


I answered over the sound of water jet: “Yeah?”

“Can I see your cock?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess.”

She slid the shower screen aside and looked, then left it open and watched me shower. Knowing she was looking at me with interest made it grow slightly. She giggled.

“Oh that’s neat! I wanted to look ‘cos I haven’t seen it soft yet, but now it’s warming up!”

“Show me your tits and it’ll go fully hard.”

“I’ll do better than that…”

Annie dropped her towel and squeezed into the cubicle with me. She was so close that my cock grazed her tummy, in its inevitable upward journey. It delighted her: “Oooh, nice!” She cupped my balls and that made me as hard as ever, now twitching involuntarily. Annie touched it, exploring, feeling, gently stroking. She nestled in close and whispered up into my ear: “Like that, my dirty brother?”

“Mmm, very much.”

“Only a few days now and we can do it again…”

“Do what?”

She giggled: “Fuck, mate. We can fuck again.”

I twitched some more when she swore like that.

“Oooh, he likes it when I talk dirty. Can I make you cum, do you think?”

“I’m sure of it.”

“I mean, what if I said, say, ‘would you like to fuck me, Danny?’ Oh yes, he likes that idea!”

He certainly did. I stood still under the shower while my sister masturbated me and teased me with her dirty talk.

“Mmmm, Danny. So let’s be clear. I’m your own sister and you want to fuck me, right?”


“I mean, fuck me again, of course.”


“So, even though we can’t, you can still touch my pussy, right?”

I bent my knees a little and slid my hand down her wet tummy, over her mound, and curled two fingers into her pussy. It was warm, it was wet, and it opened to my touch.

“Oh, nice. You have your fingers where your cock was, remember?”

“Oh yes.”

“Good. I remember too. You had your cock in there, and you fucked me, right?”

“Yesss. Oh fuck, Annie!”

“Right now just imagine we are fucking. You’re on top of me, thrusting…”


“I’m wet. Really wet in my pussy. Imagining that?”

“I’m feeling it.”

“Yes, very good.”

Now she nibbled my ear, and whispered: “Are you going to cum soon, Danny?”


“Good. Oh my, I think your balls just got tighter. So, Danny. Remember what it felt like to fuck your little sister’s pussy.”

“Oh shit, Annie…”

“Yes, come on Danny. Remember it. Feel my pussy now. Imagine that’s your cock in there…”

“Oh Annie, I’m gonna cum!”

“Yes, big brother. Cum. Cum like you did in my CUNT!”

That was it. She’d never said that word before and the images in my mind’s eye and her whisper in my ear was enough. My cock twitched and jerked as it unloaded my cream jets over her hand and tummy. I looked down and saw it all, the jizz immediately washed away under the shower. şişli elit escort I heard Annie giggling even as the last jet sputtered out.

“Oh jesus Annie. You fucking fox! That was horny!”

“Yeah, I just kinda played along. So, note one for future reference. Danny likes dirty talk. OK, you wanna let go of my pussy now?”

“Um, no not really.”

“Seriously. I gotta go pee.”

“Not letting go. How bad you need to pee?”

“Not that bad, Danny, it’s nice. Look, like this…” She showed me how and I began finger-fucking her gently. I knelt for better access. There was little room, and she turned the shower water off so I wasn’t under the jets any more.

Annie played with her tits and cooed while I played with her pussy. She still dripped on me and I watched as rivulets of water ran down her perfect thighs, I kissed them, licked at the water. I wanted to lick her pussy but there was no room, so I pressed and prodded at her clit instead. I was learning what she likes, and it was working. Her breaths became pants, and after a few minutes of this she was moaning with each intake of breath.

Suddenly she quivered, trembled, and swore just once as her pussy spasmed ever so gently around my fingers. It lasted mere seconds, then I let my fingers slide out of her. Annie pulled me up and kissed me gently, then said: “Danny, the minute it’s safe I want you in my pussy again.”

“Count on it. When?”


“Shit. Three more days.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Fuck that. I’m going to get condoms.”

“Good. Go now. I’ll be in my bedroom. Hurry. I want to be fucked.”

“That’s good, cos I want to fuck you.”

“Well stop gibbering and get dressed.”

“I’m already gone…”

I hurried there and back. Sure enough, Annie was on her bed, unashamedly naked. I ripped my clothes off and looked at her. She watched my face as she slowly, tantalisingly opened her legs. Her moist pink slit winked at me, beckoning. She drew her knees up and apart. Annie was completely open for me. I knelt at the end of her bed, fumbled the condom on, and lay on top of her.

“That thing safe?”

“Yeah. It’s on.”

“What you waiting for. Stick it in!”

“Mmmm, delicately put. Annie?”


“Let’s try it slowly this time?”

“Sure, why not. And Danny?”


“Stop talking and FUCK!”

I laughed as I aimed at her open box. We wiggled a bit in our inexperience but as soon as it felt right I pressed and sank fully into her.

“Oh yeah, Danny. Shit! Why didn’t I get condoms before?”




She laughed for a second but I cut it off by pushing inside again. Her calves went behind mine, her arms around my shoulders. Our mouths were beside each other’s ears, and we whispered. She started: “You’re a pervert, fucking your own sister’s pussy.”

“You’re a slut to let me.”

“Oooh, I think I like being a slut for you. Mmm, that’s nice like that. Long and slow.”

“Mmmm. And you’re so tight!”

“And you’re so hard!” She took her hands from my shoulders, lifted my head and nibbled my bottom lip, then said into my mouth: “Now shut up and fuck.”

I did as I was told. Long, luxurious strokes. The condom didn’t seem to interfere with her pleasure much, nor mine either really. Maybe it was because it was only the second time. Maybe it was because she was really tight. But mostly, I knew, it was because she was my own sister and she was loving it too.

After four or five minutes I felt the familiar burning. Annie had already learned how to meet şişli escort my thrusts, fucking at me with her hips. And so my climax approached. She wasn’t ready yet, so she just hugged me to her and whispered: “Cum, Danny. Cum in my cunt.”

Five or six more strokes and I did. I could feel the jetting sensation as I erupted, pushing in and staying there, marvelling at the tightness and softness of that beautiful tunnel.

We used two more condoms that night. Another two the next night. And then it was Friday.

I hurried home. I saw Annie coming down the street in the opposite direction. She smiled when she saw me. We comically squished each other in the gate, silent movie style, and bundled each other through the front door.

I tried to rip her clothes off then and there, but she held me back. She said: “Wait. Wait! I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“What is it.”

“Wait and see. Upstairs. Oh and by the way, you honk. Take a shower!”

It was fair enough. It had been a warm day and the factory was stifling. I showered, but all I could think of was getting inside my sister’s pussy again. I heard her voice, talking to someone. My heart sank as I heard the reply. It was our mother. As it turned out, she’d decided against work, feeling ill, and had returned home. No sister pussy for me that night.

Annie made soup and nursed mum. I moped about trying not to be too disappointed. But my cock ached, constantly becoming erect at the slightest touch as Annie brushed past, or if I looked at her bum too long. For her part she was more concerned about mum so I just had to stay in the background. She was right – mum was rarely ill and didn’t look great at all.

I borrowed the neighbour’s car and took her to hospital. She was admitted at about 11:45 and it was well past midnight when I got home. I was worried, for once not thinking about sex with Annie. She was dozing on the couch and quizzed me when I came back. We slept in our own beds, without any sexual contact.

The next morning I awoke, desperately horny. I wondered whether to jerk off in case Annie still wasn’t in the mood. I did anyway, but despite dumping a load I was still very horny.

I got up at 8am. Annie was in the kitchen making bacon and eggs. She wore a simple one-piece nightdress that just covered her butt. I sat at the table after our morning greetings and looked longingly at her buns, hoping they’d be mine for the asking and soon. Annie brought the breakfast to the table and we ate. She spoke while chewing toast: “We should check in on mum.”


“Wanna fuck first?”

I gulped at her straightforwardness. “Um, yeah. Yes of course.”

“Good. I suffered for your surprise and I want you to see it.”


“Yeah. Look.”

She turned to face me beside the table and opened her legs. Her pussy was smooth, bald, a little pink.

“Oh wow! That’s perfect! How?”

“Girlfriend of mine, lunchtime yesterday. Long lunchtime. She runs a salon.”

I didn’t wait for the technical details. I fell to my knees, pushed her thighs way apart, and kissed her there. She squealed and giggled, still holding her toast to her mouth.

“Like it?”

“Hell yes!”

“Good. Worship it.”

I licked, kissed, nibbled there. Annie tried to go all domme on me, pretending to be pleasured and still eat breakfast, but she soon warmed up and began to pant and groan. She put her toast down and pulled me up gently by the hair.

“Now, Danny. Fuck me now. Here.”

Annie pushed me backwards, pulling my pyjamas down as she forced me back onto my chair. She straddled me, guided me, and şişli eve gelen escort sat on my cock. All the way in. I held her hips as she ground and rode. She still had the nightdress on, so I actually saw nothing of her flesh, but I sure felt it. Her now-familiar wet velvet tunnel slid up and down my pole like oiled machine parts. Her hands were on my shoulders, our eyes locked together.

“How does it feel, Danny?”

“Fantastic, as always. And it looks fucking brilliant.”

“Yeah. It feels good for me, no pubes. Tell you a secret?”

“Only if you don’t stop.”

“Oh, I won’t. So. I’m getting the treatment, it’s done, and the ‘phone rings. Shelley goes to answer it and I decide to touch and see how it feels. I love it! Smooth, tingly, slick from the oils. So I masturbate.”

“Ooh, I’m imagining that.”

“Yeah. And Shelley comes back in.”


“Yes! And she likes girls… See where this is going?”

“Oh shit! What happened.”

“OK, well. I look at her. She says nothing, just reaches under the towel and runs her hand up my leg. She stops just before my pussy. I nod, and… Oh Danny! Your cock just got even harder. I knew you’d love this! Anyway. Oh, fuck it. Long story short. She knows pussies!”

“Did you touch her?”


“Pity. You should have. Did you cum?”

“Big time. I squirted all over her hand.”

“Oh wow. Wish I’d been there to see that!”

“I want you to make me squirt too.”

“I’ll be happy to oblige, only…”

“Only you want to fuck me properly now?”



The riding and grinding went on, but now in silence. I wanted to see her bald pussy again so I pulled her nightdress over her head. Occasionally I looked between our bellies at the split slit that engulfed my cock. There was lots of wet shiny skin down there.

As she had often done before, Annie figured out just when I was on the verge and spoke some vulgarity that sent me over the edge. As I rose to crescendo, Annie’s gyrations signalled she was near too. She whispered in my ear: “Next time I want your cock in my ass. You wanna fuck your sister’s ass, Danny?”

My spurting cock gave her the answer. As it started, Annie’s pussy jerked on my cock. Whatever else happens in my life, I will never forget the joy of feeling my sister’s orgasming pussy spasming around my cock. Rhythmic, sometimes wild, sometimes gentle, but it always makes me cum harder.

Soon it was over. Annie sat impaled on my cock until it softened, slurping out of her and bringing with it our combined creams. She stood, another dribble fell into the puddles on my thighs. She wiped the goo over my legs with her own, laughing, and handed me a bunch of tissues. After wiping up the mess and washing our hands, we finished breakfast.

Our conversation was matter-of-fact. We might have been discussing the shopping list between bites and sips of coffee, not talking about sex. It went like this: “You really wanna try anal, Annie?”

“Yeah. Why not? You ever thought about it?”

“Well yeah, like in the abstract. But not with my sister!”

“Why, who else are you fucking?”

“Nobody. And remember you just told me about getting fingered to orgasm by the lesbo who shaved your pussy!”

“Hahaha. Yeah. You got me there. Um, also. I’ve never given you oral. You’ve done me a lot, but… You want me to?” She popped bacon into her mouth.

“Yeah, but only if you want to. I don’t want you to do anything you don’t wanna do.”

“Awww, thanks big bro! For that you get a special reward.”

“Which is?”

“A surprise. You want more bacon? Swap my last piece for your toast.”

“OK. You want that egg?”

“Nah, you can have it. More coffee?”

“No, thanks.”

Later that day we went to see mum in hospital. She had an infection and would be there two more days, probably. On the way home, Annie got an idea. Read all about it in part 3.

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