My Sister, Home for the Summer Pt. 03


There were six of us in the pool; me, the two kids from next door, my sister, and two of her girlfriends, who were staying overnight before the three of them drove together for the start of their sophomore year in college the next day. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, with a fair amount of splashing and raucousness. I found myself wistfully glancing over at my sister every chance I got.

She was outgoing and gregarious, while I had a more solitary, quiet disposition. So, even though I was eighteen and had just left high school, she still was able to get me to do what she wanted, just like she always had when we were younger.

You may recall me telling you about some of the things that had happened between us that summer. It seemed that, as the vacation drew to an end, she had distanced herself from me.

It was now a couple of weeks since she had let me touch her, and, although she still teased me with occasional glimpses of her body, she hardly paid me any attention.

There was just one bathroom on our side of the house, which we shared. She had insisted early on that summer that I not lock the door when I was in there.

This meant that she often barged in one me while I was shaving, brushing my teeth, or even showering or taking a piss. A lot of people would find this annoying, and think me quite lame for putting up with it, and perhaps they are right. But what they might not realize is that my sister was usually wearing the skimpiest garments when she came into the bathroom, and these would afforded me the most tantalizingly exquisite sights I had ever seen.

My sister was the first one to climb out of the pool, and I got out soon after. While she lingered outside, chatting to the others, I made my way to our bathroom, which, with its tiled floor, served as a good place to get out of wet swimming clothes, and change.

I grabbed a towel and had just started drying myself, kağıthane escort when the door opened, and my sister walked in.

“Oh, I didn’t realize you were in here,” she said. She made no move to leave, but scooped up her long hair in a towel and set about kneading it dry.

I was running the towel down my legs, when I looked up to see her that she had dropped the towel and was able to undo her bikini top. I felt like there was an enormous pressure on my chest as watched her take the straps off her shoulders and let the garment drop away. I gazed at her breasts incredulous.

I had seen them before, but never had she exposed them to me so completely, so openly. She seemed oblivious, because the next moment she was hooking her thumbs into the waist band of the bikini bottoms.

With one quick movement, she had them down to her knees, and then, with a little cajoling, they fell to the floor.

She looked up at me.

“Aren’t you going to get out of those wet swim shorts?” she asked.

I was trying to take my eyes off the hairless mound between her thighs, yearning to catch sight of the top of her slit before she went back to drying herself, obscuring my view.

By now I had a complete erection and I never knew what her reaction would be to my nakedness. I felt embarrassed to take them off, but just plain silly keeping them on, so I slowly slid them down, hoping my hard-on would subside in the process.

As the sopping wet shorts hit the ground, I picked up my towel again and held, bunched up in front of my groin.

She looked up as she stopped drying herself and studied me pensively.

“Are you dry yet?” she asked, stepping towards me, completely, wonderfully naked.

I nodded vaguely.

“Come here,” she said, reaching her hand out towards me. Thinking she meant to help me finish getting dry, I handed her the towel, but she kartal escort just let it drop to the floor, and took hold of my hand instead.

My hand in hers, she slowly stepped backwards, till she settled back against the low cabinet between the shower and the sink. She rested one hand on the counter top.

“Now,” she began, still holding onto my hand, “I want to be quite clear. This is only going to happen once.”

I wasn’t sure what to think, but I nodded uncertainly.

“You must not think this will ever happen again,” she added sternly.

And as those words left her lips, she lifted herself, wriggling backwards onto the counter top, so she was perched on the edge.

I had no idea what would happen next, but my heart was pounding in my chest.

Reaching forward, she gently took hold of my swollen cock, and drew it, and me, towards her. We were so close, my chest was only inches from her tits and those lovely pink nipples.

With a wave of her fingers, she beckoned me to step closer to her, permitting her to bring my hard cock right up to her body.

Lightly, she brushed its tip against the soft skin at the edge of her outer lips, tracing the neat slit between them. Very slowly, she drew the engorged head up and down and up again. I was enthralled by this fantastic sight.

Then she paused, raised her other hand to her lips and dampened the fingertips with saliva. As she reached down between her legs, she said, “You can play with my tits if you want.”

I brushed her left nipple with my fingertip at just the same moment as she slid the head of my cock between her now wet, and parted lips. I gasped.

She pressed the swollen tip of my cock into top of her slit, then to slid it slowly down the juicy cleft a little way, then up again; I could feel the soft inner lips caressing me with each upward movement.

Then she guided my cock down, küçükçekmece escort down between her thighs. Leaning back on the counter top she lifted her legs a little, She pushed my cock down a little further, and I felt myself at the entrance to her pussy.

“Now” she admonished me, “Easy, easy at first.”

Then, having applied a little more saliva to the opening, she positioned me there again and I found myself slipping inside.

“That’s right,” she said, “That’s right.”

With her encouragement, I slid very slowly, just a little way in, then out again.

“Ok,” she said, lifting her legs higher, and, as she did so, I found myself going a little further inside.

“Ok, let’s get it all the way inside now.”

I pushed a little bit further into her, but she told me impatiently, “Come on, Get it all the way inside, all the way in” and she hooked her ankles behind my ass, pulling me to me into her.

I found myself suddenly completely buried inside, feeling the soft wet skin inside her body wrapping itself around my aching cock, my pubes pressing up against her fat gaping outer lips.

At that point we could hear her friends outside, I looked up at the window above us, in the direction of the voices.

“Ok, come on,” was my sister’s response to the intrusion. “Let’s make this a nice quick fuck,” Then she dug her ankles into my ass cheeks again, like a rider spurring on her horse.

I pushed deep into her then pulled back and thrust in again. It probably only took two or three motions, pushing my hard dick as far into the soft inside of her body. Then, as a strange groan escaped involuntarily from my throat, I started come inside her.

Oh my God, it felt good. I pressed myself up against her for a moment, then, very soon, felt myself subsiding, shrinking back out of her.

Impatiently she pushed on my chest, and I slipped out altogether, our combined juices coming out of her, dripping to the floor.

She grabbed a towel and started to mop herself up.

Standing up, she reached for her robe and, pulling it on, turned to me and said, in the sternest of voices, “And remember; don’t ever expect this to happen again.”

And with that she left.

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