My Sister – the Perfect Ingenue


Kalyn was lounging seductively on the “living room” set. An expensive black silk negligee was draped across her body, it fit her almost as if it belonged there. Kalyn was a natural model. Whenever I gave her instruction, she would strike a pose. From every angle, she looked like the perfect lingerie model. The blue lingerie she wore underneath the lingerie, the stockings and the high heels, she moved in them so naturally, most would assume that she had posed like this a thousand times before. In fact, she had not. This was her first time posing, although she had been assisting me in my studio for several years.

Kalyn DeClerk is perhaps one of the most beautiful women I have ever known. She’s a smiling, good-natured brunette with a lovely figure. Her measurements are a lovely 32B-26-27 on a petite 5’4″ frame. Her alluring blue eyes draw you in and her personality holds your attention. She looks good in everything and with this session going so well, I had to keep asking myself why I had never suggested that she model for me before. I asked the question, despite my knowing the answer. I would be sorely tempted to try and bed her and that was something I dared not do.

My name is Robert – although Kalyn has always called me “Robbie” and I am her older brother. I’ve been working as a professional photographer for the past 5 years, specializing in swimwear and lingerie. I’ve made it a point to avoid sleeping with the girls I use as models, although I am far from a saint. I make it clear to any woman I sleep with that there will be no quid pro quo – if I sleep with a lady, we both know where we stand. I’ve slept with some wonderful women and I’ve resisted the allure of my share as well.

I’m much different from my kid sister in looks and style. I’ve been told I’m – intense. I stand 6’4″ and my eyes are green/ Many of my former paramours have described me as “brooding” and “sinister”, although to some women, that intensity is fascinating. I happen to know that neither description is true. I’d describe myself as “focused” because without focus, I’d spend half of my time in bed getting laid. Don’t get me wrong, I love sex, but a pay check is very important to me, especially if you do want to get a hot and attractive lady into the bedroom.

Our older sister started me on this road. Caitlyn had been modeling for a few years and one afternoon, a photographer came down with a nasty bug. Caitlyn refused to work with the guy, even though he claimed to be fine. My sister has a thing about germs. Because of that, she flat-out refused to shoot unless they found another photographer. When one couldn’t be found, Cait suggested me. I’d done a few small catalog shoots, nothing as big as the La Vie En Rose ads Caitlyn was working on. Stammering like the 23-year old novice I was at that time, I accepted the gig. Shooting my older sister was a bit nerve-wracking. Part of that was the fact my older sis is a bit of a diva. Caitlyn can be a ball-buster and she didn’t spare me any of her usual angst. The other reason is the same issue that I have photographing Kalyn. Caitlyn is a sexy, pouty-lipped brunette who is very easy on the eyes. It was hard to watch her prance around in lingerie and high heels and keep my libido in check. At that time, I had a regular girlfriend, thank God. Our mattress got quite the workout that evening. I never did tell her – I wouldn’t have dared – that the cause of my raging hard-on was my hot-as-hell older sister. It is my cross to bear that all of the women in our family, my sisters and my mom, are hot and sexy brunettes with incredible bodies. I allow myself to fantasize about them, but I’d never be dumb enough to make a move on any of my sexy kinfolk.

“How am I doing, Robbie?” Kalyn asked me in her soft, girlish voice. It brought me back to the here and now. I checked some of the shots and my first instinct was to tell her that she might well be one of the hottest models I had ever photographed. The camera loved her, from every angle. I was so glad that Gia, the model I had originally booked for this session, had been snowed in. The pictures I would capture this afternoon would fuel some of my most lurid masturbatory fantasies when we were all done. I was moving myself about so that my sister could not see the burgeoning hard-on that was breaking my concentration. She had been a pretty girl, a lovely teen and was now, a hot young woman. I knew once the client saw these photos; they would ask her to model again. I hoped they would be pleased with the work, although I also knew it might be in my best interests to assign one of my protégés to shoot her. I didn’t know if my poor old heart would be able to stand the strain.

Caitlyn had been coaching our younger sister, who had a keen eye for photography as well. I knew that because Cait had allowed Kalyn to shoot her during some of her down time. Now that she was engaged, she was cutting back on her modeling. It was just as well, because I was starting sarıyer escort to wonder if Caitlyn, despite our familial relationship, was trying to seduce me. My older sister’s moral code is just left of center. She would probably say she’s a “libertine” but I’d almost describe her as a bit of a slut. If she finds someone sexually attractive, she lets them know and doesn’t worry too much about anything else. More than a few of my more attractive models have found themselves in Cait’s bed and not 100% sure how they got there in the first place.

Kalyn and Cait were different in one way. Caitlyn worked at being sexy. While an attractive woman, my sister could turn it on – or off. Kalyn was sexy 24-7, fresh and appealing and energetic. She was a vivacious girl that genuinely didn’t know quite how sexy she truly was – or so I thought. Watching her pose for the past several hours, I realized I might have to rethink that position. She was really coming up with the heat and I knew that tomorrow’s shoot, with other models, was going to be like the trials of Job. I would be tested in ways I could not even imagine as yet.

As I continued to instruct and pose my delicious kid sister, I thought I’d be checking my phone as soon as we completed the day. I have a few “friends with benefits” on Speed Dial and I knew I’d be needing some relief tonight. I wondered who I might call to help dial back all of these urges I was feeling at the moment.

At first, I thought I might call Cindie. She’s one of the newer models I’ve been working with, she’s only 5’0″ but her appearance is deceiving. The half-Thai blonde beauty looks innocent, but she’s a nasty little fuck. Once we got past the subtle flirtations, she let me know in no uncertain terms not to underestimate her.

Cindie looked tiny and petite, but she had the personality and sex drive to match any girl I had ever been with. The little doll almost slammed me to the bed when she got ahold of me. I was almost rendered immobile as the tiny beauty smothered me with kisses while ripping the clothes from my body. I actually lost one of my best shirts that afternoon, but it proved to be totally worth it.

Cindie gave me one of the best blowjobs of my life and even after I orgasmed in her soft, sucking mouth, she didn’t let up. She spun her doll-like body around and despite our height difference; she managed to get me off again while we were doing a hot sixty-nine. She was practically insatiable and when she made me cum again, she still kept demanding more. I gave her one of the best performances of my life in bed that day. She got on top of me and almost fucked me senseless. Her body moved into positions I would have thought impossible. She was still screwing the hell out of me hours later and didn’t seem to tire. She even let me – no, make that begged me to – fuck her ass. Cindie was so sexually insatiable that I almost had to push her out the door , claiming that I had an early shoot the following morning. I did have a shoot, but not until noon. I was so exhausted that I every nearly missed it. Every occasion we’ve had sex since has been like that. If a true nymphomaniac is indeed possible, Cindie would be the textbook definition.

I kept snapping pictures of my sister while trying to remove vivid images of her from my over-active imagination. Knowing my sister was sexually active was making matters worse. I found myself envying those who shared her bed, wanting to be in their place. I let my mind drift to what she sounded like in bed. How did she move? Was she a talker? I couldn’t imagine Kalyn using the word “fuck”, despite her being an adult. She could be so demure; it didn’t fit my image of her. I knew I’d have to distract myself again or we’d never finish the photo shoot.

I kept one part of my brain focused on Kalyn and getting some great shots. Another part of me was weighing my options. By the time we finished this photo shoot, I was going to be horny. I would need to get my rocks off. I couldn’t fuck my own sister, but had no objection to participating in incest with someone else. That’s when I thought of Anna and Lisa.

Anna and Lisa Heckert are two blonde twins that were sent to me for a specific shoot. It wasn’t love at first sight, but it sure as hell was lust – in every direction. The girls interacted throughout the shoot and I got the vibe that they weren’t exactly strangers to one another. They flirted with each other, with the camera and with me. I wanted so much to fuck them, but if I chose one, the other would be offended. The twins dealt with that in an obvious way – they both asked me to dinner.

Dinner turned out to be a quick meal, just pizza and a few drinks. The sisters had something else they wanted more – a sandwich. That is, a sister sandwich with me as the “meat”. They didn’t have to twist my arm to go back to their apartment. They had been teasing and messing with me all throughout our meal. When we silivri escort got back to their place, Anna tugged my pants to the floor while her gorgeous sister slid my cock right into her mouth. Anna proceeded to join her and I got two sets of lips working on my rod. In between, they would swap tongues and I picked up on the fact that they were entirely comfortable sharing each other. Not only would the night be my first experience with a threesome, it would be my first experience with incest. I wasn’t troubled by it. They weren’t my sisters and with both being girls, nothing sexually risky would come of it.

I got another amazing BJ from the sisters, who shared my cum between them. Then, leaving me standing there with my pants around my ankles, the two giggling twins ran off to the bedroom. I’m sure I stood there for a few minutes, wondering just what the hell was going on. I kicked away my pants and threw my remaining clothes to a nearby chair. I followed the sound of raucous laughter to the nearby small bedroom. If I hadn’t already surmised that they were lovers, the size of their bedroom would have confirmed my suspicions. It didn’t offer up a lot of room but was big enough for what they had in mind.

I entered the bedroom and discovered two blondes wearing black lingerie and spiky high heels. I couldn’t tell one from the other at that point, but one of the sisters was face-down in her sister’s pussy and she was really going to town. “Go on, yeah, like that,” the other sister was moaning loudly. “Show our new friend just how much you love eating your sister’s pussy, you fucking whore!”

Over time, I would learn to tell one sister from the other. All I knew at this point was the sister-sister interaction was both incredibly kinky and highly arousing. Despite their having got me off just minutes earlier, my cock was already at half-mast. Still, this was something new to me and I thought it best to take my clues from Anna and Lisa.

It was really an incredible sight to see one hot blonde doing such nasty things to her identical twin sister. A gorgeous, pert bottom was wiggling in the air and under normal circumstances; I would have gotten behind the girl and just fucked her doggie style. These were not normal circumstances. I decided that I would bide my time until a clear invitation was offered up or I got a very obvious signal. Err on the side of caution in situations such as these. You don’t screw things up by trying to be a team player.

The girls seemed intent on putting on a show for me to get things started. Either that, or they were really into each other. For a time, my presence was as if I was just a bystander, a voyeur. Their bodies moved in a synchronized rhythm and their lips and hands appeared to know just where to touch and caress. Murmurs turned into loud moans and the scent of aroused womanhood filled the tiny space. Only when I got a clear signal from Anna – I think it was Anna – did I insert myself into the proceedings.

The girls liked to mix it up and I followed their lead. At one point, Anna was on top of Lisa and they were kissing and playing with each other. Lisa suggested that I fuck them both, which is what I had thought I was doing. It wasn’t what she had in mind. Lisa had me switch from one pussy to the other, alternating my fucking of their very talented pussies. Apparently, it was one of the kinks that got them off, being fucked in this manner. When one of the gorgeous blonde twins had her orgasm, the other followed. Then they took me on until I had a huge cum of my own. The rest of the evening is still a bit of a blur but when I woke up, I got a nice surprise. My considerate dual lovers had prepared us a nice, large breakfast – well, more of a brunch. We spent the rest of that weekend having sex until they had to leave for a different shoot Monday morning.

They weren’t my only experience with twins, although the next set I didn’t get to enjoy a threesome with – not yet, anyway. I had the opportunity to photograph a vivacious pair of redheads just a few short months ago.

I had worked with Roberta on several previous occasions. Her friends called her Robbie as well, so I teased her and called her “Robbie Two”. She laughed at that and suggested I call her Bobbie. We had worked together about a half-dozen times before a few drinks and some hot photos led to the inevitable. This time, I was almost attacked. Bobbie was one of the wildest fucks I had ever known. Put her and Cindie together and a normal man likely wouldn’t survive the experience.

I had shot Bobbie for a fetish-style lingerie catalog and she seemed to have a real affinity for it. In bed, she was still wearing the high “fuck me” boots and some of the kinkier black lingerie. She wanted me to fuck her slender body like a rag doll and really toss her around. After a sloppy, hot blowjob, she chose to forego foreplay and just have me fuck the hell out of her. Bobbie almost şirinevler escort wanted to be mauled and despite it not being my cup of tea, I obliged the lady. I tugged and yanked her long red hair. She wanted to be spanked, so I let go on her ass and she wanted it harder. I actually left red marks on her gorgeous ass. I threw her around the bed and didn’t stop right away when she asked me to. I sensed that Bobbie liked the man to call all of the shots and I was right. I’m sure that they heard her orgasm in the next apartment and she laughed when I told her that. “I hope she did,” she said as she nibbled on my ear. “The girl next door is a hot black bitch named Nahtasha and I’d love it if she came over here to check things out. I’d love to get freaky with her, too.”

I had a few more encounters like that with Bobbie. You never knew what to expect with her. She’s fun and makes each experience a novelty. She’s also a true professional and could spend a night fucking a soccer team and still be on time the next morning, looking like she’d had 10 hours rest. It came as a surprise to me when she cancelled the next shoot we had together. “You’re not going to believe this,” she said and sounded horrible saying it. “I have the mumps.”

I was surprised and hoped I didn’t get it, although my main concern was the shoot. “Don’t worry about it,” she informed me. “I lined up a replacement, another redhead. She doesn’t have as much experience as I do, but she should do fine.”

“Who is she?”

“My twin sister, Nicole. We’re fraternal twins, not identical, but we have similar builds and we’re both redheads. Go easy on her Robbie, but she knows what to expect. I’ve told her all about you,” Bobbie said to me before hanging up. I wondered if Bobbie did indeed mean everything.

Nicki showed up at precisely the right time, with a great attitude. She apologized for her lack of experience, but she needn’t have bothered. Like her sexy twin, the camera loved her. She looked great in lingerie and she took direction beautifully. I had already decided I’d pair her shots with those of her sister and play the contrast. Bobbie did the fetish material and her sister did the more straightforward lingerie shoots and bikini pictures. I spent the afternoon with Nicki and decided I would use her again if she was willing. I have worked with several more experienced models that were nowhere near as cooperative as Nicole.

I offered to take Nicole out to dinner as thanks for bailing me out of a jam. Nicki had a different type of reward in mind. “Bobbie said that you are a terrific fuck,” she informed me. “We don’t usually go for the same kind of guy, but I just broke up with my boyfriend and I’m between girlfriends and Bobbie can’t help me out, obviously, so …?” The little minx was still wearing the skimpy green bikini she had worn for our final shoot and tossed it casually to one side as she entered my bathroom. I could hear the shower running and as it had been a while since I’d enjoyed shower sex, I thought I could oblige the lady.

I got into the shower and it was a tight fit, as Nicki is around 5’8″ in height. Cramped or not, it was worth the effort. She had the hot little body that could really grind on a man’s dick and she was up for anything. She made love in a totally different manner than her twin, she admitted that she wasn’t quite as free with her favors as Bobbie. “I have to really like a guy if I’m going to bed with him,” Nicki informed me and then added “Although with a girl, it only matters if she’s hot and kinky!”

I kept thinking all of these things while I was focusing part of my energies on taking great pictures of my sister. It was no easy task, because Kalyn was quite the distraction herself. My sister was perfectly suited to this shoot. She had the right combination of sweet young thing and naughty little seductress. I knew that a guy is not supposed to think of his sister in that manner and yet, it was almost impossible not to. In one photo, Kalyn was in a sexy little black number and perched on a stool. One sexy black high heel dangled from her foot and she had on really sexy red lip gloss. Had she not been my sister, I would have ended the shoot early and then, invited her to screw my brains out or some other lewd proposition.

We finally finished the shoot and to my surprise, Kalyn got up from where she had been sitting. Wearing a robe that threatened to open at any moment, she proceeded to throw herself into my arms, pressing that incredible body firmly against mine. She kissed me in a most un-sisterly way and when she finally let go of me, her face wore a huge smile. “Are you made of steel or something?” She looked at me and tapped her foot on the floor. “I have been doing my best to seduce you and you’ve resisted every effort. I decided I would finally throw caution to the wind, but you are a very tough nut to crack!”

“Hold on, you wanted to seduce me?” I sputtered, my head reeling.

“Well, duh!” Kalyn said and thumped me on the forehead. She wore a look that seemed to indicate she had finally gotten through to me.

“We can’t do this, I’m your brother and siblings aren’t supposed to have sex with each other,” I protested, although evidently, not strong enough.

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