My Sister’s Pajama


( awkward incident with his sister, pushed him to explore the forbidden side of their relationship)


It started after that Saturday’s incident. I’ve never lusted for Nikki or thought of her in any sexual way. Don’t get me wrong, she was adorably beautiful, the typical cheerleader blonde; green eyes, flowing hair, shapely legs, heavy bosom, smooth skin, but she was my older sister, and I was her younger, 18 years old respecting brother.

Respect, this is the word. It really describes how I used to look to my older sister. With respect, there’s no place for sexual thoughts or desire. It’s just not right. When your older sister leans down to pick a fallen key while walking with you in a mall, it’s not right to stare at her ass. Close your eyes, look around at people or shops, try to push away the forbidden image of your sister’s tight bottom.

Respect is a good thing between siblings. I always wondered why all my friends don’t get along with their sisters. Billy used to call his older sister a bitch. Sam was beaten up by his dad after breaking his little sister’s arm. No such things between me and Nikki, only respect, love and adoration, until that incident in Saturday’s night.

My parents were outside. Nikki invited her friend Sarah to sleep over at our house. I didn’t have any plans for the night. Billy and Sam called, and asked me to meet them in a coffee. I changed into a black t-shirt and jeans, and walked to Nikki’s room to tell her I was going out with my buddies. The door was closed, but we never knocked each other. It was too formal for us. We used to push the door and just walk in. And when I walked in, my heart stopped, I stood shocked by the door, out of breath, trying to comprehend what I saw then..

Nikki was naked, completely naked, shamefully naked. Her friend was naked too. They were both on Nikki’s bed. Their clothes and undergarments were scattered under the bed. My sister was squeezing a pillow between her arms and breasts. Her bare ass was arching back towards her friend. Her eyes were closed, her hair was scattered over her face, and she was biting the sheets with her teeth. Her friend, Sarah, was bumping a small green dildo inside her pussy, my older sister’s pussy!


Nikki gasped in horror and pulled the sheets over her exposed body. Her friend Sarah stood there silently, holding the dildo with her right hand, not trying to hide or to cover her nakedness.

“Jack! What are you doing here?” Nikki asked, almost sobbing from embarrassment. The bed’s sheets pressed against her large breasts, covering her front, and leaving her back exposed towards her friend.

“I just wanted to tell you I’m going outside with Billy and Sam. ” A struggle to find the words. My mouth was dry, painfully dry.

“Sure” Nikki answered, simpering a coy smile.

I turned my head, trying to avoid looking at sister, and couldn’t help noticing the thick bush between her friend’s legs. Sarah smiled casually.

My face blushed. I looked down, trying to gather my wits, to say something, anything, to make them feel better. My mouth was dry, my mind was blank, there’s nothing to say, nothing at all. My presence was awkward and embarrassing to them. My heart was beating forcefully: Leave. Leave. Leave.

I turned around, reached halkalı escort for the door’s knob, and pulled the door behind me. Next time you knock the door idiot, always knock the door, this is what mom taught you.

“Enjoy your time, Jack” I heard Nikki shouting after me, a hopeless attempt to sound casual. Nothing is casual after this. Nothing would be the same. I closed the door, eager to escape the tension and awkwardness, and my world crumpled behind me.


“Jack! Are you listening to me? “

Sam slapped me on my face. Billy exploded in one of his loud laughter.

“What’s wrong pal? You don’t seem alright tonight? Anything wrong at home? “

“Jessica dumped him last week. He couldn’t get over it.” Billy said in his annoying stupid way.

“No she didn’t. You know well I’m the one who dumped her”

“Then, what’s wrong Jack?”

“Nothing, I’m just tired. I didn’t sleep enough last night”

“Then go home and have some sleep, we don’t want you to be in this depressing mood when we go skiing tomorrow”

I was happy to get rid of them. I needed time, time to be alone, time to think, to decide. How can I face my sister when I go home? What should I say to her? What should I think of her?

I’ve never seen my sister naked before, not even in underwear. And now, all of a sudden, her image was printed in my mind; naked, exposed, her knees pulled under the pillow, her breasts dangling on air, and her friend is violating her privates with a green small dildo!

A small erection pushed its way under my jeans. Damn! Am I getting excited thinking about my older sister? What kind of pervert am I? No, I’m getting hard because of her friend. It’s got to be her friend. She was the one I saw her privates, the thick black bush between her legs. Does my sister shave her pubic hair or keep it like her friend? The forbidden thoughts again, Go away, go away.

Is Nikki a lesbian? Gosh, no, I don’t want my older sister to be a lesbian. She had a boyfriend. Yes. His name was Tom. She can’t be a lesbian. But she was naked with Sarah on her bed! Her friend was bumping her pussy raw, with a dildo, for God’s sake!

And why, why did she cover herself when I walked in? Why was she welling to be naked with her friend, but not with me? Sarah didn’t hide from me; she smiled when I stared at her pussy. Does my sister like Sarah more than me? Is it because I’m not a girl like Sarah? No silly, because you’re her younger brother. You’re not supposed to see her this way. You’re not supposed to think of her this way.

Endless thoughts in my way home..


My parent’s car wasn’t there in its parking place. I wished they were back by now. I pushed the main door nervously. No one was in the living room. I climbed the stairs stealthily, wishing not to meet Nikki in my way. I heard a loud music coming from her room. Her door was ajar. Her giggles and Sarah’s reached my ears. I closed my eyes trying not to imagine what they were doing. I sneaked quickly to my room and locked the door behind me.

Endless thoughts in an endless night. The haunting images of my naked sister didn’t leave me in peace; she was there, on her knees, hugging the pillow, biting the sheets, panting with pleasure, a green dildo between harbiye escort pink lips. I found my hand inside my pants, stroking my hard erection, having only one wish, my penis were a small green dildo.

I heard the loud sound of the garage sliding up, thanks God, my parents were back. I could leave now this voluntary prison I put myself in. I felt coward but couldn’t help it. I didn’t have the courage to be left with sister alone, not now. What would I say? You don’t need to be embarrassed because I saw your friend fucking you with a dildo?

I changed into my sleeping clothes. When I heard my mom’s loud voice, I opened the door and walked out.

“Hey honey, have you spent the night at home?”

“No, I hanged out with Sam and Billy.”

“Did you have fun?”

“Yes, we did”

Why you don’t ask Nikki if she had fun. It seems I couldn’t think of anything else other than my sister that night. Closing the bathroom’s door behind me, I sat on the toilet, pulled down my boxers, and started stroking my penis. I needed badly to relieve myself. Usually I would carry a model or a celebrity picture with me when masturbating, but not for this night. This night, I had only one picture in my mind, a forbidden but very exciting one.

I turned my head, and saw the hamper full with clothes. On top of them, there was a folded purple thong. For the first time in my life, I had a thrill looking at my older sister’s underwear..


I reached out for the small piece of satin. My hand was trembling. This was definitely incest. Touching my sister’s underwear with the same hand I used to stroke my penis. I felt guilty but excited, dirty but thrilled, curious to examine this intimate thing my sister wore next to her privates.

I picked up the lacy thong, and unfolded it. God, how smooth and comforting it felt against my fingers. A girl ought to be proud of her privates to cover them with these delicate expensive things. And it was not any girl’s underwear; it was my sister’s underwear.

I rolled my fingers along the narrow strip witch was buried inside her ass crack, before she took it off. A thrill filled my loins. I was violating my sister’s privacy, her femininity, her forbidden untouchables.

I opened the thong and examined its crotch. A faint yellow hue was there; my sister’s secretions, her forbidden stains, her sweat and juices. I was hard, hard beyond belief. I stretched the crotch against my nose and sniffed. It was the sent of heaven. It was my sister’s private smell.

I rubbed the crotch against my face, smearing my skin with her secretions. My skin was burning like hell. My dick was hard, achingly hard. I needed to touch it, to stroke it, to caress it with this skimpy underwear.

I wrapped the purple thong around my penis. The smooth material felt heavenly around my dick. I covered my balls with the waist band and stretched the crotch against my shaft. I’ve never been so close to my sister’s pussy like this. The same material was stretching against our genitals. Her sweat and juice, my sticky semen, I was dirty, dirty. I came like I never did before, filling the small crotch with my thick cum. When I finished, I unwrapped my sister’s thong and examined it. A small lake of semen was filling its crotch and ikitelli escort dripping through its thin material.

What did I do? I ruined my sister’s expensive lingerie. I couldn’t put it back in the hamper. Not like this. I should hide it somewhere and try to wash it sometime later. If it gets ruined I can’t put it back in her drawer.

One night can change your life. I saw my sister naked, masturbated with her thong, and stole her underwear, all in one night, a night of guilt, a night of lust..


Next day, I woke up early, ate my cereals, and walked out to Billy’s home. I was so relieved to have this skiing thing arranged one week earlier. I wasn’t ready to face Nikki, not yet.

I spent a good time with the guys. The air was cold and refreshing. The snow was white, purely white, the color of innocence, the thing I lost last night. Everything was lost, my cum filling my sister’s underwear, a green dildo inside her pussy, my sister was a whore; she deserved every thought I had of her. Stop feeling guilty about what you did.

When I came home, my mom was in the kitchen, preparing some sandwiches. She asked me to sit in the living room. the sandwiches would be there in a minute. I took off my jacket, turned on the TV, when my sister, Nikki, came down from upstairs.

“Hey, Jack”

I looked up, gasped in awe, and stared helplessly. Nikki was still in her sleepwear, her hair wrapped in a ponytail, her face looked fresh and clean. She was wearing pink pajama pants covered with spongebob pictures, which looked sexy and cute. Her breasts filled the small triangular cups of a white tight camisole. My face blushed, noticing the dark imprints of her large nipples on the sheer fabrics. Pink lacy trim surrounded the cups of her flimsy top.

“Hey, Nikki”

“Did you have fun?”


“Skiing with Billy and the guys, did you have fun?”

“Yeah, a lot of fun”

Damn, she looked so casual and confident, like if nothing at all happened last night. I felt angry and stupid, a guy who’d been cheated. I was dying there, anxious not to embarrass her, dreading this moment of meeting her, and here she is, acting like there was nothing wrong at all. I was so angry, and I didn’t know why!

“So, where’s your friend Sarah?”

“She left two hours ago; she went home to change into other clothes. Tom and Greg are taking us tonight to watch a movie…. Have you seen my songs’ CD?”

She asked, bending down, searching under the TV stand. Her tight pajama stretched against her large firm ass. I was breathing hardly, staring at the panty lines which showed clearly under the thin material of her pink pajama. Actually, the upper part of a blue cotton panty was showing above the pajama’s waist band. I sneaked a peek into the kitchen, making sure mom wouldn’t catch me staring at my older sister’s sexy ass.

“Jack! You haven’t answered my question. “


“Have you seen my CD?”

“No. “

“I wonder where I left it last time. I better look again though my stuffs. “

She stood up, and walked upstairs, back to her room. A small erection was playing inside under my pants. This was not good. I was starting to get horny in the presence of my sister. This is not normal. I stood up, and walked upstairs to the bathroom.

“Jack, where’re you going?” My mom’s voice sounded behind me.

“One minute, mom, don’t worry. I’ll come back to eat all the sandwiches”

But for now, I needed to relieve my tension with a handy fresh pair of my sister’s underwear..

To be continued very soon..

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